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Chapter 1079: Troublemaker

On a morning with beautiful suns.h.i.+ne, lazy clouds drifted amidst the blue sky.

A black eagle spread its wings and soared next to a towering mountain range. The wings spanned thirty meters long; the feathers were s.h.i.+ny lime metal.

Its eyes scanned the ground, seemingly looking for prey. Suddenly, a shadow appeared above its head - a ma.s.sive palm.

It became alarmed and tried to dodge to no avail. The captured bird was then taken back to a ghost s.h.i.+p.

“Haha, it’s been a while, look at how fat and meaty it is. Saintess, you want some?” Feng Feiyun pushed down the eagle with both hands, wanting to rip out its feathers.

The eagle let out a female shriek and turned into a teenage girl. Her armor has been torn off in two places, revealing her white skin.

“The audacity, humans! Don’t you know that this is Heavenly Ghost, eat me and my tribe will obliterate you!” The girl covered her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, looking frightened.

It turned out that the feathers pulled off by Feiyun were part of her armor in humanoid form. He tossed them down to the ground and smiled: “Haha, so we’re in Heavenly Ghost now.”

The girl saw that he had no intention of eating her. She turned back to an eagle and flew away with haste.

He had no interest in eating a demon so he let her go.

She stared at the s.h.i.+p for a moment with anger before disappearing into the horizon.


The ghost s.h.i.+p continued onward with extreme speed. It looked like a red ray coursing through the sky.

“Not far from the market then.” Feiyun murmured.

The Evil Woman who was cultivating opened her eyes and said: “You’ve been there before?”

“Of course not.” Feiyun smiled: “I’ve only heard rumors about it being the largest market. Cultivators from all over the world come to buy their desired items or sell stolen items. It’s the perfect black market.”

She nodded and said: “A great black market indeed, I’ve been there several times.”

Feiyun thought about how she had stolen the Dao Ancestor Scripture before. She must have stolen many great things back then and knew about the immemorial evil land.

He had his own goals as well. For example - medicine of the tribulation affinity, Soul Spirit Stone, and the true blood of a grand saint. This was the only way to revive Hongyan completely.

Moreover, since he wanted to reach Heaven’s Emergence, he needed to buy a few treasures as well.

He had been here in his previous life but there was no point in instigating suspicion from the two women.

Xuanyuan Yiyi tagged along as well, looking as holy as ever in her white dress.

He wanted to lose her but she insisted, leaving him helpless.

“Experts from all races will show up soon. I think we should hide the s.h.i.+p to avoid further complications.” He suggested.

The Evil Woman agreed with this and put the s.h.i.+p away. The three flew instead at high speed.

However, black clouds with demonic energy suddenly appeared before them.

The sky turned dark as thousands of black eagles surrounded the trio.

“Grandpa, that’s him! This human bullied and even wanted to eat me!” An armored girl pointed at Feiyun.

The eagles flapped their wings and glided to the sides, revealing a nest spanning several hundred miles.

It was made from piles of special vines woven together with golden runes on the surface.

“A demon monarch from the Wise Eagle Tribe.” Xuanyuan Yiyi’s sword released nine waves of energy in order to stop the demonic pressure.

This was a powerful tribe, far stronger than the white spiders or tiger-wolves. Though it wasn’t on the same level as the immemorial tribes, it wasn’t weaker than the humans.

“Ahem, little sister, I only borrowed two feathers from you, is this necessary?” Feiyun said.

“Capture him, I want to eat him!” She declared.

“Screech!” Gigantic eagles flew for Feiyun. Their beaks resembled blades while their claws were sharp like hooks.

Feiyun’s expression soured, regretting letting her go.

“Whoos.h.!.+” He summoned his weapon essence and turned it into countless blades, piercing through the incoming hordes. Feathers and flesh scattered downward.

Alas, there were too many of them. Both women were surrounded as well.

“Die, all of you!” The Evil Woman summoned her tower and sucked in tens of thousands of eagles, clearing the sky again.

“A saint artifact!” An old demon monarch saw this and couldn’t believe it: “Haha! Today is my lucky day, the heaven is bestowing this treasure to me!”

He shot out two swords from his eyes, black and red. His cultivation was incredible so Feng Feiyun and Xuanyuan Yiyi immediately fled in two different directions. Alas, eagles kept on chasing them like a swarm of locusts.

“Lucky indeed.” The Evil Woman’s eyes turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y color. Her evil energy surged as she empowered the tower.

Feiyun was completely surrounded and eventually killed his way out of a pile of corpses. He kept on running.

It was dark and chilly now. He could hear the roars of ghosts and specters from a distance.

Rumor has it that Heavenly Ghost was the closest place to h.e.l.l. At night, some of these creatures might appear to absorb yang energy, hoping to gain a physical form eventually to walk on the earth.

They didn’t do so during the day because the yang energy was too strong then. They couldn’t handle the energy influx.

If they were to meet any male with strong yang energy, they would turn into beautiful women in order to suck his life force.

“So unlucky, I gotta remember to never pluck a girl’s hair or an eagle’s feather.” Feiyun complained while being covered in blood.

He looked around with his heavenly gaze but due to the strange atmosphere here, his vision was limited to several miles.

He eventually came across a river and wanted to take a bath. Alas, when he got close enough, he was that the water was actually blood.

During his moment of disappointment, he heard beautiful singing from the river and the sound of a paddle hitting the water.

There was a small boat drifting closer among the mist. On the deck was a woman in blue leaning against the wall.

She was beautiful and had perfect skin. The dress was tightly fitted and displayed her curves.

Beautiful voice, gorgeous appearance.

Feiyun stared at her with great interest while standing by the sh.o.r.e. The turtle said: “She’s definitely not normal, don’t even think about it.”

“Men always like girls who are different.” Feiyun rubbed his chin and smirked.

The turtle and the fruit thought that men might all be idiots.

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