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The Sand Country was a country that rose from the ends of the desert situated to the east of the Empire.

This country was ruled by the Sacred Fire Order, and although it was called the Sand Country, it was an aggregation of countless tribes, ethnicities, and small countries.

The size of the entire Sand Country was about double that of the Empire. However, as most of the regions were situated in a desert environment where it was hard to survive, the Sand Country's population, resources, and capabilities were all inferior to those of the Empire.

Despite this, the many ethnic groups across the desert had produced several thousand years worth of civilization and developed a powerful base that would not lose out to the Empire.

In particular, as the country was situated in the desert, the folk customs here were very tough and the people had powerful battle prowess. A great number of people lived on the edge, so their aspirations for martial prowess were greater.

Right now, there were tens of thousands of martial arts pract.i.tioners and countless high level members of the Sacred Fire Order gathered in the Sand Country's capital.

Almost at the moment Fang Xingjian and the Fifth Prince arrived in the sky above the capital, someone had detected an abnormality.

Then when Fang Xingjian dealt the Fifth Prince with a serious injury in a single sword attack, the countless experts soared into the sky.

The first person to charge up into the sky was a muscular man who was covered in blonde hair and had marks all over his face and chest. This man gave off a feeling like that of a sandstorm in the desert. Before he got close, he already emitted a sharp and hot feeling.

Someone immediately cried out in surprise, "That's the Golden Sand Tribe's Erupting Sand King."

"The Erupting Sand King has arrived. That kid is dead meat."

"Is that kid in the sky someone from the Empire? To think that he would dare to single-handedly a.s.sault our capital... He's really seeking death."

The Golden Sand Tribe was a well-known bellicose tribe in the Sand Country. Killing, robbing, and enslaving others were things that they believed in doing. Many small countries and tribes would s.h.i.+ver in fear before the Golden Sand Tribe, fearing their battle prowess. The Golden Sand Tribe wiped out the families of countless people and also seized their livestock, women, and children.

The Erupting Sand King, who was the strongest among the members of the Golden Sand Tribe, was also one of the seven great Divine level experts in the Sand Country. His cultivation allowed him to dominate the desert, having annihilated numerous ethnic groups and civilizations in the desert during his lifetime. He was an existence that could even stop children from crying in the middle of the night.

It was said that he had over 100,000 slaves in his kingdom alone, with over 5,000 female slaves in his harem who were all top notch beauties that various tribes and countries offered to him in tribute. He was the most feared and most infamous out of the seven great Divine level experts in the Sand Country.

However, the Erupting Sand King was not the only one who had appeared. At the same moment as when this beast-like man appeared, a beautiful young married lady soared into the sky from the other side of the capital.

She wore extremely revealing clothes that only covered a small area of her chest and b.u.t.t, leaving large areas of her snow-white skin exposed. Her pair of well-rounded softness, her thin waist, and her slender thighs emitted a lethal female seduction.

When the woman appeared, countless people in the city gasped at almost the same instant. Many men looked dazedly at that beautiful figure in the sky. It was as if drool was going to flow out from their mouths.

This was especially because that woman's every action was extremely charming and capable of turning everyone's feelings upside down, scratching at the hearts of everyone who saw her.

"It's the Heavenly Dance Monarch!"

"She really is an outstanding beauty. As expected of the number one beauty in our Sand Country."

"Ahh, to think that I have the good fortune of witnessing the great beauty of the Heavenly Dance Monarch today... Even if I'm told to go and die right now, I'll be willing to do so."

In the bustling market situated in the northeast of the Sand Country's capital, a few men and women who had come from the Empire also looked at the situation in the sky with great astonishment.

One of the ladies said, "Team Leader, what's that Heavenly Dance Monarch's background?"

The person who was called 'Team Leader' was a middle-aged man whose face revealed that he had been through a lot of hards.h.i.+p. When he heard the young lady's question, he exhaled and said, "The Heavenly Dance Monarch is one of the seven great Divine level experts in the Sand Country. She is also the the oldest and most mysterious one of them all."

"What?!" The young lady's face was in disbelief as she looked at the extremely charming Heavenly Dance Monarch in the sky. She felt that her brain was being overloaded.

This group of men and women were members of the Empire's intelligence group that had been stationed in the desert for many years. They disguised as merchants, probing and collecting the Sand Country's information.

The young lady was a new member sent there by the Empire. She had just reported for work, so she was not familiar with the situation in the Sand Country.

The team leader sighed and said, "No one knows what secret arts the Heavenly Dance Monarch has. Her age is over 250 years old but she still hasn't died. This is an age that has exceeded what a Divine level expert should have.

"Her stories have always been spread across the entire desert, and countless people in the Sand Country view her as an actual G.o.d. They even built temples for her and offer up sacrifices every year."

Saying that, he raised his head and looked at Fang Xingjian in the sky while saying, "The Heavenly Dance Monarch and the Erupting Sand King... These two people are both exceptionally strong. However, this isn't the most dangerous thing. The most dangerous thing is that this place is the Sand Country's stronghold.

"Why is it that this person doesn't know what's good for him? To think that he would charge straight into the Sand Country's capital like this? How many experts are there here? Even if His Majesty were to come, it'll probably still be hard for him to be able to retreat safely thereafter."

"That's Fang Xingjian!" The young lady had set off from the Empire half a month ago, crossed the desert, and then arrived in the Sand Country. She had clearly heard about Fang Xingjian before. However, it had been a long time after all, aso she was not too certain.

"Fang Xingjian?" The team leader's eyes lit up. "Our number one sword arts genius? The genius who consecutively defeated The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief, the Undying Xia, the Blue Sacred Moonlight, and even the First Prince?"

Although the team leader did not understand Fang Xingjian's latest battle results, he had heard stories of Fang Xingjian's great battle achievements of defeating a series of Divine level experts earlier on even in the Sand Country.

However, at the thought of this, his brows furrowed even deeper. "Why has he barged in here single-handedly? He's too rash. Even if he's extremely talented and has reached the Divine level, he is hopelessly outnumbered. Putting aside the fact that the Sacred Fire Order's Patriarch is also in the capital, even the Heavenly Dance Monarch and the Erupting Sand King aren't easily to deal with. Moreover, the entire capital is still protected by the Sacred Fire Order's formation..."

Hearing that, the others also looked at Fang Xingjian worriedly. As the Empire's intelligence agents, they naturally were more inclined to support Fang Xingjian, who also came from the Empire. They could not bear to see such an outstanding genius from the Empire fall here.

Still, they also knew that their team leader's a.s.sessment was right. The Sand Country's capital was filled with experts and was even protected by a formation which was an acc.u.mulation of experience spanning over several centuries.

Their communications had been exchanged through information currents and completed almost instantly.

Simultaneously the Erupting Sand King's martial will was also sent out explosively like a sandstorm. It contained his extremely arrogant disposition.

"How dare you, someone from the Empire, hover in the sky above our capital by yourself? If we let you return alive, our Sand Country won't be able to face others in the future." With that,the Erupting Sand King clenched his fist, and his body showed signs of turning into sand. "Kneel down and become my slave. If you do so, I can give you an opportunity to lick the soles of my feet."

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