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Grand Master of the Demon-slaying Hall had promised to cover Lu Li for 10 years. None of the 12 Royal Families of the Central Plains dared to kill Lu Li publicly. Similarly, Lu Li didn't have the guts to get into difficulties with them, actually.

If he killed disciples of the 12 Royal Families, he would provoke them. If he killed Ji Mengyao right here, the Ji Family would fly into rage.

By then, the Ji Family might not go after Lu Li. But they definitely would send someone to the Northern Desert and Clouds Plains to kill many.

Therefore, as of this moment, the killing intent decreased in Lu Li's mind. But it didn't mean that he would let her go. He thought for a bit and said in a cold voice, "Ji Mengyao, I don't have to kill you. Take off your clothes."

"Take off my clothes?"

Ji Mengyao was stunned. Then she said with anger and shyness, "Lu Li, what are you going to do? I will haunt you when I become a ghost if you dare to defile me."

"Ha, ha!"

Lu Li laughed as a reply. He now was sure that—Ji Mengyao was seducing him on purpose. She had been stressing not to rape her. As a matter of fact, she hoped he would. Lu Li would not believe that there were no traps here.

Lu Li's expressions grew stern. He took out his divine weapon of Dragon King and said coldly, "Die or take off your clothes, your choice. I will give you the time for 10 breaths."

Ji Mengyao was hesitating. Her hoping Lu Li would be seduced to rape her didn't mean that she was fine with him abusing her like this. This was in the wilderness and she would be naked. How could she, a young lady from the Ji Family, accept this?

Ji Mengyao thought about it and said, gritting her teeth in hatred, "Lu Li, if you want to kill me just do it. We from the Ji Family will not stand this kind of humiliation."


Lu Li didn't decline. His psychic power surged out to attack at Ji Mengyao's Soul Pond. As he had expected, there was a piece of treasure outside of her Soul Pond to defend her soul. A blue halo covered up her soul to keep Lu Li's soul attack out.


Strong as this piece of soul protection was, it was pointless as far as Lu Li concerned. He changed the ways of attack. He transformed the attacks into vibration waves and sent them into Ji Mengyao's Soul Pond, striking at her soul.


A surge of sharp pain spread across from her soul. She hugged her head and squatted. She waved in pain and said, "Lu Li, stop it. I, I will undress…"

Lu Li stopped, mockingly. He stood in midair indifferently, looking at her like a cat sizing up a mouse. Ji Mengyao was still groaning in pain. She finally began to untie her belt when she sensed Lu Li was losing his patience…

To watch a beauty undress was a feast for the eyes, undoubtedly. If this young lady was stunningly pretty and was in the wild, undressing shyly, many men would be possessed by desire and animal instinct.

Ji Mengyao was showing bitterness on her face. She looked at Lu Li with her watery eyes, ready to sob on cue. If Lu Li didn't know that this girl was as cruel as Ji Mengtian, he might be fooled again and raped her right away…

As she undressed, a perfect body was revealed. The only piece of clothes left on her was a pink belly band. Her long and slender legs, her round shoulders were all exposed. Her well-developed, l.u.s.trous and delicate b.r.e.a.s.t.s were half-revealed, holding up the belly band.

"Lu Li, let's stop here, okay?"

Ji Mengyao sent him pitiful looks. Her shy expressions could induce the tender affection in any men.

She blushed. Her skin was giving out a pink l.u.s.ter like a ripe peach, inviting people to take a bite.

Lu Li gulped out of instinct. He could not look away. Inside, though, he was sneering. Ji Mengyao had begun to use some temptation skill on him. He had learned something about that from the Hag Race and his soul was strong now. He would not be fooled by Ji Mengyao's trick.

He yelled, swinging the divine weapon of Dragon King in his hand, "No, go on~"


Ji Mengyao bit her tender lips. Her body trembled and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s danced along. After a moment of hesitation, she pulled on the strings at the back of her neck and took off the belly band slowly. But she soon covered her b.r.e.a.s.t.s and the region down below.


Lu Li nodded. Ji Mengtian had a better look than Ji Mengyao. When Ji Mengtian took off her clothes, would she be more enticing?

Lu Li sized up Ji Mengyao aggressively. He even flew around Ji Mengyao on his Fate Wheel to appreciate the splendor of the view.

Ji Mengyao felt both rage and humiliation. She stared at Lu Li. After a while, Lu Li still hadn't jumped onto her. She frowned, feeling confused.

Ji Mengyao was confident about her looks and she majored in temptation skills. She believed that few men in the world could resist her invitation, unless the man didn't like girls, such as Recluse Solar Dragon or a real saint.

At first, she did seduce Lu Li on purpose, luring him to have s.e.x with her. She was confident that as soon as Lu Li had s.e.x with her, not only would she save her own life, she could set Lu Li up.

Lu Li told her to take off her clothes had led her to believe that Lu Li was giving in to temptation. She was waiting for Lu Li to jump onto her like a beast and fondle her all over. But Lu Li didn't come down. Instead, he kept going in circles around her, which confused her and embarra.s.sed her.

After a while, Lu Li finally said again, "Give me your Interspatial Ring."


Ji Mengyao's facial expressions changed. She felt something was off. She glared at Lu Li and said, "Lu Li, don't go too far. Are you going to rape me and hope you can have my wealth as well? I don't have anything of value in my ring."

"Don't waste time!"

Lu Li once again forced his psychic power into Ji Mengyao's mind. The divine weapon of Dragon King glared in his hand as he said coldly, "Either you give me the ring or I will shatter your soul."

"You…you are good!"

Sensing that the surge of power outside her Soul Pond was about to swarm in, Ji Mengyao had to take off her Interspatial Ring and threw it to Lu Li.

Picking up the Interspatial Ring, Lu Li said to Little White in his sleeve, "Little White, get the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d out and put her away."


Between Little White's eyebrows there came off a glare. The Ding of Barbarian G.o.d enlarged in midair. The lid was open and a strong suction force enveloped Ji Mengyao.

"Ah? Lu Li, you are mean. You are worse than a beast…"

Ji Mengyao turned pale with fright. If she didn't understand what was going on by now, she would be a blockhead.

Lu Li never fell for her temptation and had never thought of playing her. She knew the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d. Once, her sister was tortured, half dead and half alive, in there. Once sucked in, what awaited Ji Mengyao was h.e.l.lish suffering.


Her body glared. A fire phoenix mark on her neck showed up. She was about to use Bloodline Skill to attack Lu Li. She flew to the sides, trying to break free from the suction force of the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d.

"Hmm, hmm!"

Lu Li grinned. His psychic power changed into vibration waves and pierced into her Soul Pond. Ji Mengyao let out a miserable cry. She couldn't release Bloodline Skill anymore or resist the force. She was sucked into the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d.


The lid was closed. Ding of Barbarian G.o.d shrank and flew back. Lu Li took it in one hand and inspected with psychic power. He said to Ji Mengyao, who was standing inside with fear, "Lady Ji, what do you think if I capture 1000 strong men and throw them in so you can enjoy a beautiful year?"

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