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Standing in the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d naked, Ji Mengyao was dreadful. She had lost control of everything. Lu Li's words had rendered her bleached.

She was a young lady from the Ji Family. Though not a virgin, known as a social b.u.t.terfly and involved s.e.xually with many young masters, she didn't think herself as a s.l.u.t. Average young masters couldn't even touch her even if they wanted to.

She shuddered with fear, just thinking of being raped by 1000 macho men for a year. This was worse than being killed. After all, she was from the immediate branch of the Ji Family. If the story got out, she would be too shameful to live.

As for how the 1000 macho men would get in here and how average men could rape her, a warrior of the n.o.ble Lord Realm, Ji Mengyao didn't even think about that. She just trembled in fear, feeling everything spinning out of control.

People were wrapped in clothes as soon as they were born. Not only could clothes offer them warmth and a cover, they could provide a sense of security. Ji Mengyao was undressed. Her Interspatial Ring was taken away by Lu Li so she could not make clothes out of thin air. She felt insecure and terrified.

The inside of Ding of Barbarian G.o.d was pitch dark. The darkness itself could induce fear in a girl. Ji Mengyao was unable to keep calm, being intimidated by Lu Li's words. She was filled with dread.

Naturally, Lu Li would not throw in 1000 macho men. He was merely scaring her as a revenge. He hadn't decided what to do with her. He stopped inspecting and left her to toss about in there by herself.


A man flew back from afar. It was Hu Lang. He carried the three young masters in his hands. They were covered in blood and their bones were broken. Their injuries were very serious.


Hu Lang arrived and threw the three men onto the ground. He grinned at Lu Li meaningfully and said, "Young Master Li, why didn't you toy with that b.i.t.c.h? She is a young lady of the Ji Family. She is so beautiful. I was even ready to look out for you."

Hunting down the three n.o.ble Lord Realm young masters was utterly easy for Hu Lang. He had come back a while ago. But he saw that Ji Mengyao was undressing so he didn't come to disturb Lu Li.

Lu Li said casually, "Cruel woman with no heart - I don't fancy this type. You want her? I will give her to you."

"Ha, ha, I don't have the guts."

Hu Lang shook his head no. He didn't even have the courage to kill the three young masters, let alone having s.e.x with Ji Mengyao. Lu Li was covered by some important figure but not Hu Lang. If Hu Lang dared to bed Ji Mengyao, the powerful warriors from Ji Family would go to the Silver Wolf Mountain and destroy his entire family.

Hu Lang looked at the three young masters on the ground and asked, "Young Master Li, what about them?"

Lu Li glanced at them and asked coldly, "What is your name? Which family are you from? Tell me the truth or else…hmm."

The three young masters' legs were broken and they had many fractured bones. They had given up on running away and putting up a fight faced with a Human Sovereign Realm warrior. But they showed hatred and anger, hearing Lu Li's words. They glared at Lu Li, refusing to talk.


Hu Lang was angered. A whip appeared in his hand that had many spurs. He swung the whip downward. Even though he was afraid to kill them, he could abuse them a bit.


Soon, the three young masters' cries of pain were heard. The spurs on the whip made them feel like they were struck by countless steel needles. One of them gave up first and yelled, "I will answer. I am Yang Yu from the Hades Society. My grandpa is the fourth patriarch of the Hades Society, Yang Hu!"

"Yang Yu?"

Lu Li waved stopped and Hu Lang put away his whip. Lu Li asked again, "What is your relations.h.i.+p with Yang Xuan?"

Yang Yu answered frankly after a pause, "Future family patriarch is my younger cousin."

"I see~"

Lu Li nodded but felt tricky. Yang Yu was a disciple of the Yang Family of the Hades Society. The Yang Family would go ballistic if he killed Yang Yu.

Lu Li turned to the other two and glared at them. One of them said at once, "I am Zhao Ge, future family patriarch of the Crystal Palace."

The third one replied instantly, "I am Li Gu, future family patriarch of the Stellar Alliance."

"Crystal Palace? Stellar Alliance?"

Lu Li had learned that those were the two forces at south Serenity Plains. The future family patriarchs of the two forces lost their minds over Ji Mengyao. It must be true, then. Otherwise, the two wouldn't risk their lives to come to the Black Tortoise City with Ji Mengyao.


Lu Li made a move and smashed his divine weapon of Dragon King on Zhao Ge and Li Gu's head. They died on impact. Lu Li didn't have the courage to kill Ji Mengyao and Yang Yu. However, he would not show mercy to those two.

The Crystal Palace and the Stellar Alliance had a friends.h.i.+p with the Tumulus of Universe. That being said, the two forces still decided to invade the Clouds Plains. Those that did so were regarded as enemies. Lu Li could destroy the two forces and Ye Luo wouldn't judge him.

"Crack, crack, crack~"

Two very alive person became two incomplete bodies. Their blood spattered to Yang Yu's face, freaking him out. His teeth were chattering.


Lu Li gave Yang Yu a deriding look. This Yang Yu, a coward, was so much worse than Yang Xuan. Lu Li moved his divine weapon of Dragon King slowly to Yang Yu's neck.

"Don't kill me, no, Young Master Lu. Ji Mengyao, that b.i.t.c.h, made the whole plan. I am only here to hang out. I swear I don't want to plot against you."

Yang Yu begged again and again and pa.s.sed the buck to Ji Mengyao. He looked pale and his teeth struck against each other, terrified.

After considering for a moment, Lu Li said, "To kill you or not, it all comes down to whether you have something useful! If you can offer me something or some information that I am interested in, I may send you back to the Central Plains."

Yang Yu was thinking, almost crying. He was a disciple of the Yang Family but he was a coward nonetheless. He was not valued in the family and there was nothing of value he could offer.

Lu Li held the Ding of Barbarian G.o.d in one hand, a piece of Quasi Relic. What could Yang Yu possibly have that Lu Li would be interested in?

After a while, Yang Yu came up with something and said, "I have a scroll of an ancient skill. It is about souls and I have gained it from a historical ruins site. Young Master Lu, I heard that you are a soul warrior. I hope it can be of use to you."

Yang Yu's ring glared as he took out a golden hide and handed it over to Lu Li. Lu Li put away his Ding of Barbarian G.o.d and took over the scroll. It recorded an ancient skill for sure and the characters were ancient language.

Lu Li took a few glance and confirmed that it was an ancient skill of soul. Though not sure about its power, Lu Li still nodded and said, "This can be useful. But…I have many skills of soul cultivation. This is not enough to get your life back."

"I have nothing more…"

Holy Grade, an inner armor of the Heaven Grade and some pellets, Mystical Materials and Xuan Crystals, which would not appeal to Lu Li…

Sensing the glint of coldness in Lu Li's eyes and his rage, Yang Yu suddenly became smarter. He thought of one thing and yelled, "Oh, I know…Bodhi Fruit. I know where you can find Bodhi Fruit!"


Lu Li's eyes glowed. He didn't plan on killing Yang Yu in the first place and was only threatening him. Little did Lu Li expect that there was a surprise for him.

Lu Li and Lu Ling had sent so many people to search for a long time and yet they hadn't learned anything about the Bodhi Fruit. How did Yang Yu know?

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