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There were only two cells left, to choose between the two... it was the fateful choice again. Officer Ma swore to clear this game and paid full attention to the screen!

He was playing 'minesweeper' since he was rather free after the vacation with his wife. And w.a.n.g Yuechuan was also out of office recently.


Someone pushed the door and came in causing Officer Ma to s.h.i.+ver---boom, it was game over. "Ren Ziling! I will not let you off... Lin Feng, it's you?" Officer Ma coughed and pretended to tidy up his tie, "Er, what's the matter?"

Officer Lin glanced at Ma Houde... He was wondering if Officer Ma knew that all the officers felt that he was not fated to clear the game. "Oh, Sir, Secretary Liu instructed us to catch the mice throughout the city." Lin Feng nodded.

"To catch the mice?" Ma Houde was stunned and clapped on the table, "Was Old Liu kicked by a donkey? We are the police, not the health department... Catching mice is their duty."

"I thought so too." Lin Feng continued, "The question there are too many mice and c.o.c.kroaches. The traffic police, firemen and our team were all ordered to act! According to Secretary Liu, he may need to ask for more manpower from the defense area if necessary."

Ma Houde frowned and unhooked the shutters. He saw the sky was covered with birds flying by. There were all black crows. The mice ran about in all directions in the parking lot as well.

"d.a.m.n it, is it a... plague of mice?" Officer Ma frowned.

"What's wrong here... a traffic congestion or road works?" Ren Ziling honked the horn heavily. She had been blocked up on the road for half an hour. Her MINI-CLUBMAN hadn't even pa.s.sed a traffic light.

"I don't know." Lizi turned on the radio and shook her head, "It may have happened suddenly since the traffic report on the radio didn't mention anything about it at all."

"We don't have enough time." Ren Ziling shook head and glanced at her watch. The news conference would start soon. "Who knows when it will be cleared... Lizi, did you see something flying by just now?"

"No?" Lizi raised her head and looked at the sky through the winds.h.i.+eld, "It just seems dark might rain soon."

"I saw..." Ren Ziling frowned, "A black crow, a flying crow!"

"A crow?" Lizi was amazed and said nothing.

Ren Ziling shook her head and got off the car for a cigarette, leaning on the car like most drivers did. Then, she heard a dog barking and saw a man walking his dog along the street... However, his dog was barking crazily and it seemed that there also many other animals howling in the neighborhood.

"Sister Ren! Sister Ren!" Lizi was shouting at her.

Ren Ziling was s.h.i.+vering and got back into the car, "What's wrong?"

Ren Ziling looked at the direction that Lizi pointed at the winds.h.i.+eld. She was so shocked that her mouth fell open and the cigarette fell out. "Sh*t..."

Thousands of mice could be seen running among the cars, some even ran into the cars. Ren Ziling took out her phone subconsciously.

"Sister Ren, who are you calling for?" Lizi asked.

Ren Ziling answered, "I didn't see Luo Qiu when I woke up this morning. He usually would not go out so early... I am a little worried about him."

Lizi didn't know to laugh or cry, "Sister Ren, he can take well care of himself as a male adult... how about you have a look over your shoulder?"

"What's wrong with my shoulder?" Ren Ziling turned around. A small mouse was standing on her shoulder with its front legs waving as if saying 'h.e.l.lo' to her.

"Sh*t..." Ren Ziling shook her shoulder and turned back to kick the mouse far away.

"Lizi, give me the baseball bat!! what the f*ck... how dare you tease me!"

Lizi raised her hands to the backseat to fetch the baseball bat. She couldn't help laughing as Sister Ren was the first woman she had met to try and kill a mouse with a baseball bat.

People fis.h.i.+ng along the riverside was gathering to see the spectacle which they haven't seen in dozens of years. Plenty of fishes appeared out of the water and then swam away in groups.

More and more people were gathered together... n.o.body noticed that two strange men came here secretly---Xiang Liu and Kuck.

Xiang Liu glanced at the building across the river. He sneered, "Su Zijun must have hidden here since I can smell her blood."

"Let's go. To finish it as soon as possible."

Kuck said calmly, "The animals felt anxious because of the first seal was removed. We need to take the leyline as fast as we can... we need to prevent any possibility of being exposed to human beings."

"Don't be such a coward!" Xiang Liu said ironically, "What's the difference between you and Long Xiruo? She also claimed to not bother the lives of humans. But we are powerful monsters, there is no necessity to hide in human's world."

"Do you look down on human-beings?" Kuck explained, "This is neither the mid-century nor the feudal kingdom... The technology held by a human can break a powerful monster into pieces."

"Humph!" Xiang Liu snorted and jumped into the river. The black and muddy water couldn't stop him... he emitted a bit of his monster aura to frighten the fish away. then, he moved to a big stone under the riverbed... Xiang Liu broke the stone into pieces with one fist, causing that the water to flow fiercely into it.

Xiang Liu and Kuck reached the end of the river with the help of the rapid current... There, they found a cave glittering with gold. Observing it carefully--- they found out that this place was not complex and the reflection of light off the gold made it easier to look about.

Xiang Liu stepped forward and smiled suddenly, "My princess, I have smelled your blood. Why don't you appear?" However, there was no response.

He continued, "Princess, I have promised... I won't trouble you if you don't stop me. If you leave now, we won't interfere with each other, OK? If you still don't respond to me, I will consider that you agree with my proposal." Xiang Liu moved one more step... but stopped soon.

A red light shot towards Xiang Liu's feet, which pierced the floor leaving a small hole on the ground.

"Princess, what is the meaning of this?" Xiang Liu asked.

Su Zijun's voice was ringing in the air, "Xiang Liu, I should ask this question. This is my place. You should kneel down to me and get out!" Kneel---and---get out! Her voice was becoming louder and ringing about in the cave just like thunder.

"Over there!" Kuck picked up a stone with the stick in his hands and shot it... in one direction at a high speed. The stone struck a big stalagmite and the stalagmite was broken into pieces... Su Zijun walked out of it in her black and red dress with bare feet.

"It has been awhile. My princess." Xiang Liu was checking if she was the real one or not. She was more beautiful than he had imagined. But Kuck indeed shot her... Xiang Liu wondered if she was injured or not.

"Xiang Liu." Su Zijun smiled and whispered, "shouldn't you kneel down before me?"

Xiang Liu was stunned and almost knelt on the ground without thinking. At this moment, Kuck knocked the ground with the stick in his hands, bringing Xiang Liu back into the reality. He was staring at Su Zijun with anger in his eyes but he hid his emotion immediately, "I will kneel down to you when I finish my task today."

"Troublesome human!" Su Zijun snorted and flicked her sleeves toward Kuck.

Kuck put the stick in front of his chest but the force was so strong that it pushed his body... knocking it into the rock. He seemed to be seriously injured with blood running from his mouth.

Xiang Liu was shocked upon seeing this, "Princess, you are more powerful than before!"

"More powerful?" Su Zijun snorted, "Ignorant guys..." Su Zijun emitted a red and fierce monster aura out of her body with her hair flying in the air. Seeing this, Xiang Liu s.h.i.+vered. The monster aura was forming a big and b.l.o.o.d.y lotus flower under her feet, which made her float in the cave.

"This, is the real me!"

Xiang Liu and Kuck looked scared when they saw Su Zijun's power. Kuck said to Xiang Liu as he was trying to brainstorm for a solution. "Xiang Liu, you go break the seal. I will cope with her!"

"Sure." Xiang Liu nodded without any hesitation.

"Dream on!" Su Zijun snorted and stretched her enormous claw toward Xiang Liu.

However, Kuck shouted and threw the stick, slicing the enormous red claw into halves.

Then, he stood in front of Xiang Liu right away.

Su Zijun showed a cold smile, "It was you who attacked me that day... fine, Let's finish you two together!"

"Show me your real power." Kuck wiped the blood off and inserted the stick on the ground, making it stand like an iron tower.

"You, a veritable swine?" Su Zijun stepped forward.

"No!" Kuck took a deep breath. "My partner and I!" Kuck twisted the stick which emitted a strong gold light... and the cloth covering the stick exploded into pieces.

That was a b.l.o.o.d.y lance!

"Fight with me..." Kuck shouted, "Gáe-Bolg" (Thousand-Thorn Spear)

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