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Volume 9 – Chapter 7: More Than One and… Real Death (Part 1)

“You Ye! Pour me a gla.s.s of water! I'm thirsty!”

“Yes, Master Tai Yinzi!”
“*Pah!* What the h.e.l.l is this? It tastes horrible! Get my 1993 bottle of Maotai Liquor!”

“Yes, Master Tai Yinzi!”

“En… this is not bad! Give me a ma.s.sage. I'm exhausted by tinkering with the 'G.o.d King' these past two days!”

“Okay, Master Tai Yinzi.”

“Are you dissatisfied? Master said to let you help me! I am now the person in charge of this plan! If you do not do well, beware that I report to Master! I'll say you are not doing well!”
“Ah… Master Tai Yinzi, please don't! I'll give you a ma.s.sage now!”

What was stated above – please don't be mistaken. It, of course, didn't happen. It just existed in the small theater in the head of the club's super newcomer.

In fact, while the small theater was playing, Tai Yinzi was holding a tray with a cup filled with black liquid on it and placed the cup in front of a metal lump.

Its name was Adam, the work of the club's maid. It was an intelligent programming machine with complex algorithms.
“Mr. Adam, your crude oil…” said Tai Yinzi quickly.

Adam's head turned hundred-and-eighty degrees and opened the plate from behind. Two telescopic mechanical arms picked up the cup and poured the so-called crude oil into its mouth. Then, it turned over and continued to work.

“That… Miss You Ye, is there anything that I can help with?” Tai Yinzi went to the maid again.

The maid who was typing something on the keyboard, quickly smiled and said, “No. Tai Yinzi. If you are very free, go and sweep the entrance, or see if any new customers received letters.”
“I… I'll take a look at the mail.”

Tai Yinzi sat down tragically and returned to his position. This was a vacated room from the club's second floor, but it had been transformed into a workshop with a large number of servers working.

Like the corporate slave who had just stepped into society and held the company's lowliest position, Tai Yinzi at least had his place to work- a sixty-centimeter-long computer desk in the corner of the room.

Glancing at You Ye, whose fingers seemed to be flying, Tai Yinzi rested his chin and stared at the motionless screen. Then, he took out a sprinkler from the drawer and sprayed it on a cactus plant on the upper level of the computer desk a few times… then yawned.

The promotion and salary increase that we talked about…

“How is your job going?”
Boss Luo opened the door and came in at this time. With just a jeer, the maid had already stood up directly, quickly shocking Tai Yinzi, who was only half-awake.

“Master, look,” whispered You Ye.

Luo Qiu came to You Ye's side and pulled her to sit down.

You Ye said at this time, “The server of the game company “Jade Fantasy” had been remodeled up to eighty percent. After I added a new algorithm, the guests can have a better feel in it.”

“Feel?” Luo Qiu nodded, “Do you mean hearing, visual, etc.? I'm not very good at this.”

The maid nodded and said, “En, it is implanted with the human senses. After all, there is no algorithm like the sense of taste in the game. Also, the NPC in the game is upgraded to make them look more like the real thing.”

Boss Luo thought for a while and said, “Will the game company find out?”
“The real server is here. After all, if you look at the performance of the game company's server, it would most likely crash.” You Ye whispered, “As long as false data cover it, the game company won't be able to detect it, and everything will be as usual. Also, their original server is just a hub, a springboard. So it has no impact on the game company.”

The Boss smiled and said, “Okay, if it is a problem that cannot be solved technically, let me know. There is always a solution other than technology.”

You Ye shook her head and said, “As long as it is within my ability, how could you suffer any loss? This is the biggest denial of my ability.”

“That's too serious.” Luo Qiu smiled, “Then you should continue working. I'll go in and play for a while. I received an interesting mission yesterday.”


Seeing You Ye sitting back at the original place, Luo Qiu looked at Tai Yinzi, standing upright in the corner, “Tai Yinzi, you seem to be very free?”
Tai Yinzi suddenly stiffened, then he looked at the computer screen, rubbed his chin, and said, “Aiya, it's so strange, Master! I just saw a flash just now. Why did it suddenly disappear? What's wrong? It's so weird, so weird…”

“Alright.” Boss Luo chuckled lightly, “Follow me in. The mission can only be completed by two characters.”

This… is this the Master's command??

Tai Yinzi…

“Tai, Tai Yinzi, will partic.i.p.ate!”

The food seemed to taste better. Qian Xiu enjoyed the food in the hotel restaurant where he stayed.
This kind of taste of strange meat made Qian Xiu feel an unprecedented explosion of taste buds… Just the money earned from simple small tasks allowed Qian Xiu to live a very high-quality life, which seemed to be countless times better than when he was still renting a room.

It's been a week… It's been a week since I came to this world.

He seemed to feel as if he was reborn.

However, Qian Xiu has not actively contacted Gudazi and the team during this period since he teamed up with them a week ago. Of course, Gudazi would occasionally send greeting messages.

Qian Xiu was still not accustomed to actively communicating with others… In other words, for a long time, he had forgotten about this kind of communication, but he didn't care too much.

Only a week had pa.s.sed, he was still adapting to his current life… But in fact, countless things were waiting for him to explore in this world.

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