Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 987 - Volume 10 – Chapter 14: Gray (Part 1)

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Volume 10 – Chapter 14: Gray (Part 1)


Facing the self-introduction of the man in front of him, Luo Qiu suddenly asked after thinking about it.

Song Haoran was startled. He quickly realized that in the Chinese native language, the second word of his name did have many h.o.m.ophonic characters. Having such a question seemed reasonable.

It was just that he hadn’t encountered such a problem for many years, so he naturally felt a little surprised.

He smiled slightly, “It’s Hao(昊).”

Luo Qiu said, “I see.”

Song Haoran blinked suspiciously.

He had slender eyelashes with thin lips. His complexion was fairer than the average Asian, giving off a feminine vibe.

Feminine but not gloomy, like a jade-like n.o.ble son. He was indeed a beautiful man.

“Are you here to travel?” Luo Qiu put his gaze on the Walking Iris pot next to him again. He reached out to touch the dark blue flower that looked like a b.u.t.terfly.

Song Haoran shook his head.

Luo Qiu guessed, “Are you working here?”

Song Haoran casually said, “Well, you can say that. My company has a bit of business here, sending me here to take care of it. Are you still a student?”

This man seemed to be a person who preferred to be on the initiative side. After answering, he immediately connected to another question with a firm tone.

Strictly speaking, if Luo Qiu didn’t drop out, he would be in the first semester of the university’s third year of study. Moreover, Luo Qiu declared that he would study in a foreign university next year, so there was nothing wrong with adopting a student ident.i.ty.

Luo Qiu didn’t look at the plants that were nicknamed Jade b.u.t.terfly. Instead, he looked at the beautiful man in front of him. He noticed that Song Haoran was scarred by the neck.

But, he was wearing a suit, and his collar concealed it well. Probably he would only show his scar accidentally while walking.

This scar seems to be scratched by a sharp weapon. I wonder how long it is?

Luo Qiu thought for a while and replied, “I dropped out from the university I attended. After Chinese New Year, I will choose a foreign school to complete my studies. My family has agreed.”

“Really?” Song Haoran smiled, but he also found it strange. Even if one were to meet a compatriot abroad, they wouldn’t reveal too much about themselves. The young man spoke in detail. It deviated from the norm. Those weren’t words one would say in the face of a stranger for the first time, but the young man acted as if he was reporting something to relatives and friends.

What a baffling feeling.

In fact, Song Haoran didn’t walk in by accident. He just saw this young Asian man in the flower shop by accident. After seeing the young man’s face, he had the urge to approach.

After this simple chatter, Song Haoran discovered that this young man named Luo Qiu gave him a special kind of intimacy.

Of course, it might also be due to the reason why people spoke in their mother tongue when they met their compatriots. When one was abroad, they would inevitably feel a sense of intimacy with their compatriots.

Song Haoran inquired about the name of the foreign school from Luo Qiu. After hearing it, he was quite surprised and said, “This school is famous. It’s amazing that you manage to enroll.”

“It’s an amazing feat that the company appoints Mr. Song as a spokesperson.” Luo Qiu praised Mr. Song back.

Song Haoran laughed a little. It felt like a close friend at the first meeting.

He waved his hand, “Okay, let’s skip the pleasantries. It makes the chatter meaningless.”

Even on a whim, Song Haoran couldn’t tell why. He pulled up his sleeves, glanced at his watch, and sent out an invitation, “I have some time left. It’s rare to meet my compatriot in this place. Are you interested in having a meal? Of course, I will be treating you, so let me be the host. After all, I have lived here for a long time.”

“Is it okay?”

“Of course.” Song Haoran was forthright, “I like to make friends, which will make me feel that my horizons are expanding. The more friends you have, the more people know you. Then, your presence in this world will become more clear. Even after you die, it will remain in the hearts of many people. Don’t you think this is a wonderful thing?”

“That’s true.” Luo Qiu smiled. “If possible, can I bring a friend along?”

Song Haoran narrowed his eyes and said, “Is it the lady next to me who is buying flowers? Is it your girlfriend?”

“You can say that.” Boss Luo responded.

Song Haoran seemed to have thought of something. He felt that this might be a state of being above friends and not lovers yet. As for the young couple who came to travel here this time, perhaps they intended to advance their relations.h.i.+p.

“What are you chatting about?” You Ye had already gained her harvest. Holding a bunch of sunflowers wrapped by the florist owner, she came to the two of them, “Who is this?”

Song Haoran was stunned, “You’re gorgeous. Luo Qiu, I think you don’t mind introducing me to this beautiful girlfriend of yours, right? There’s a nice Spanish restaurant nearby. I think you will like it.”

You Ye looked at her master.

Luo Qiu smiled and said, “It seems we don’t have to worry about lunch anymore.”

Caroline was worrying about what to eat for lunch.

With a huge amount of money in her hand, she could even enjoy the top-notch delicacies in the world unscrupulously. But Caroline had no interest in this aspect at all at this time. She just felt hungry and needed something to eat, but she couldn’t think of what to eat. Hence, she walked alone on the street in the slum, a little desperate.

Prior to this, and after searching for the mysterious shop last night to no avail, Caroline went to the hospital. It wasn’t so much a hospital but rather a small clinic that didn’t even have a state-recognized license.

But the doctors inside were great. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get Boss Neymar’s approval to do medical business here.

According to the contract, she used her fertility as a female as a transaction fee to purchase the service to get out of trouble and obtain a fortune. So what should be done to make a woman lose her fertility?

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Trafford's Trading Club Chapter 987 - Volume 10 – Chapter 14: Gray (Part 1) summary

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