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Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian

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While Sui Yuan was nursing his injury, the relations.h.i.+p between Dill and Selman did not gradually change for the better. Of course, Sui Yuan did not count on Selman, this sc.u.m gong, to be able to change—for him to suddenly wake up to reality. He still needed to help Dill and Anson 'elope' before that would happen!

Tsk. Once he thought of the 'elopement', he felt rather unhappy.

Although Selman had decided to treat Dill better, unfortunately, Dill was not appreciative of his kindness. What he wanted was respect, something Selman would never be able to give him, because he was still a mere pet in his eyes.

Likewise, Selman's indulging treatment towards Dill would be unable to persist under Dill's antagonism.

Selman was the prince of the blood kin, a n.o.ble existence. His arrogance and pride was innate. Selman had never meticulously fawned over another person before. Furthermore, his fawning was being rejected. Thus, it was inevitable that this blood kin prince would boil with rage after being slapped in the face like this.

Very soon, the second conflict between Selman and Dill erupted. Sui Yuan was bitterly summoned back and had to listen to his complaints and dissatisfaction towards Dill.

"Say, what on earth is he dissatisfied with?!" When Selman saw Sui Yuan, he immediately spat out the words that had been held in his belly. Soon after, he angrily gripped his own hair, "I currently indulge him too much. I had been spoiling him to the point of allowing him to be undisciplined and out of control. I must teach him a lesson! If a pet is not obedient, then naturally, one should beat it into obedience!"

"You hit him?" Sui Yuan furrowed his brows.

"…No," Selman hesitated, then immediately snorted, "I just taught him a little lesson, that's all. If I really hit him with that physique of his, he would probably die!"

Sui Yuan sighed, "Dill probably can't bear being taught even a little lesson. You're only pus.h.i.+ng him further and further away."

"Then what should I do?!" Selman could not help but stand up, raising his voice.

Sui Yuan stared at this rare scene of Selman all fl.u.s.tered and exasperated. He showed a concerned expression, but couldn't help but cheer and scatter flowers in his heart, "What is Dill to you?"

"A pet," Selman unhesitatingly responded.

"However, Dill obviously doesn't want to be your pet," Sui Yuan persuaded patiently.

"Heh…" Selman ridiculed coldly with disdain, "Then what does he want to be? He's but a lowly human, it's already a great honour to be my pet!"

Sui Yuan opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he heard a series of hurried footsteps from the door, getting increasingly farther away.

Sui Yuan:"………………"


"…That's Dill," Sui Yuan glanced at Selman whose expression had stiffened in an instant with sympathy.

——Accurately breaking his heart once more. Lighting candle.

Selman sat back onto the sofa, expression gloomy.

"Actually, you…don't see Dill as just a pet at all…" Sui Yuan sighed quietly, his gray eyes flickering with equal parts worry, frustration, and relief.

Selman was pierced by Sui Yuan's expression and averted his gaze rather uneasily, "If I don't see him as a pet, what do I see him as?"

Sui Yuan lowered his gaze, as if wanting to say something but hesitating.

The plot has come to this point. Yaan should have already realized the feelings that Selman had that the latter never realized himself. He was frustrated with being unable to speak of it—of course, this feeling was directed towards Dill!—but easily decided to give up. However, he was worried that the feelings between the two people would bring disaster upon them.

Thus, even though he noticed, he did not speak the truth and decided to break the two people apart.

He decided to put an end to these mutually destructive emotions, in order to prevent the tragedy that would very likely unfold in the future should they continue.

"I'm…going to go see Dill," Sui Yuan spoke slowly, "I'll go try to persuade him."

"…That would be for the best," Although Selman still did not want Yaan and Dill to get too close, he could not stop it. Perhaps he indeed held a slight hope that Yaan would be able to change Dill's att.i.tude. Only, his tone was inevitably rather peculiar, "He is constantly thinking about you. Before, he was itching to stay far, far away from me. Once he heard that you had come, he unexpectedly ran over here, probably because he wanted to see you."

Sui Yuan subconsciously raised the corner of his lips because he was happy upon hearing how Dill cared about him. However, he very quickly realized the current situation and immediately dispersed this kind of inappropriate mood.

Selman felt that the expression on Sui Yuan's face was increasingly dazzling to his eyes and hastily waved his hand, sending him out.

Sui Yuan considerately closed the door and let the protagonist gong taste the bitter and astringent taste of what it's like to be disliked by one's sweetheart. Soon after, he questioned a servant and very quickly found out about Dill's whereabouts.

Dill was just like the very first time they met, sitting alone, hidden amongst the red roses in the rear garden. Sui Yuan deliberately made noise as he walked, attracting the attention of the protagonist shou who was in low spirits.

"…Yaan daren," Dill forced a smile, wanting to stand to greet him. However, he was stopped by Sui Yuan who walked towards him and sat down close to him, "Just now…did you hear it all?"

"…Yes," Dill hung his lead, laughing in a self-derisive way. When huddled up, the originally feeble youth looked even more pitiful, "What you said was right. I don't want Selman…Master to see me as his pet. Am I overestimating myself? A lowly human being…heh, to be a pet is already a great honour…."

When Sui Yuan heard Dill repeat the words that Selman had said prior, he knew that these words had deeply hurt Dill. He hesitatingly raised a hand and stroked Dill's hair. Dill stiffened for a second, but did not avoid him, nor did he react.

"Selman's personality is just like that. His ego is big and he thinks that the blood kin are far more n.o.ble than humankind. This is a concept that has been engraved into him for the last thousands of years, unchangeable," Sui Yuan spoke in a relaxed voice. Soon after, he changed the topic, "You. Do you like—or even love Selman?"

Dill's eyes trembled and he bit his lips, not daring to make a single sound. However, when he saw Sui Yuan's confident all-knowing expression, he finally gave up in despair and raised the corner of his lips, "…Yes. I'm really stupid, aren't I?"

"Yes," Sui Yuan ruthlessly replied, not comforting Dill in the least.

Dill looked like he would soon cry, but still tried his best to endure.

"Selman will never like you. Never." Yaan wanted to tear apart this couple predestined by fate, so for the first time, he treated Dill with coldness. Although Sui Yuan deeply sympathized with Dill, he did not take pity on him in the least, "If it's like this, then what do you want to do?"

Dill did not speak.

"…If you want to leave—leave Selman, I can help you," Sui Yuan's gentle tone was like the Devil's whisper, "Anson has always cared about, has always begged me to take you away. If you wish, I can help the two of you escape."

Dill's body trembled violently. It had to be said, he was tempted and was wavering. He loved Selman, but Selman would never love him the same. To escape—this was an extremely enticing proposal. Moreover, the one who had suggested this was Yaan, who he had always trusted and had a lot of goodwill towards. In addition, he could see his good friend Anson once more.

The scales in Dill's heart tilted and he shook his head, in a dilemma: "I…I need to think it over. I…still want to give it a try…."

"OK," Sui Yuan did not force Dill. He stood up, overlooking Dill who was curled up into a ball, expression compa.s.sionate, "When you've made a decision, tell me. I will help you."

"…Thank you, Yaan daren…" Dill replied weakly. As he watched Sui Yuan turn around and leave, he gradually clenched his fists.

He wanted to try once more for the sake of his love. If he failed, he would completely give up then.

After having finally succeeded in pus.h.i.+ng the plot to the point just before the elopement, Sui Yuan's mood became particularly good. As expected, when he returned to Zhao Xihe's place, Zhao Xihe's felt particularly displeased from his brightly s.h.i.+ning expression.

"Do you want me to elope with Dill?" Zhao Xihe snorted coldly, quickly dispersing all of Sui Yuan's excitement.

Sui Yuan was rather embarra.s.sed, "Sooner or later, this would happen. It's not a matter of me wanting it or not."

"But that's not what the expression on your face is saying," Zhao Xihe rested his chin on his hands, "Moreover, both you and I will need to be injured. Have you forgotten?"

When Sui Yuan recalled Zhao Xihe's endless, stormy mood from when he was injured, and how he would soon be beaten half to death by Selman and be driven out of his territory in a sorry state, the feeling of urgency immediately exploded within him, "In the events to come, no matter how severely injured I become, you mustn't do anything unnecessary!"

Zhao Xihe, who had already known that Sui Yuan would say such things, pursed his lips, expression gloomy.

"We're both actors. Getting hurt and even death is a very common occurrence. You're taking it too seriously," Sui Yuan earnestly looked at Zhao Xihe, "Before, you didn't care about these things, no? In those previous worlds, haven't we always died here and there, ah?"

"That was because I didn't care enough about you at that time—I didn't love you enough," Zhao Xihe hugged Sui Yuan helplessly, "But it's not OK now. I can't bear seeing you hurt in any way."

"In the last world, I was hurt. You didn't have such a big reaction," Sui Yuan furrowed his brows.

"That was because I knew that you were only putting on an act," Zhao Xihe retorted, "The poisoning was settled very quickly. You also did not fight with all of your strength. You could only fool the outsiders who didn't know the truth of the situation."

"In short, no matter what, you must bear with it."

This time, Sui Yuan was not appeased nor placated by Zhao Xihe. Instead, he pushed him away, a little indifferent and unyielding, "I'm not a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t. I will do my best to be a good Actor. As long as it doesn't affect the plot, we can protect each other, like last time. However, there is a limit we cannot overstep. I am an Actor. This is the meaning of my existence. Although I don't perform all too well, you cannot deprive me of that."

Zhao Xihe was awed by this seldom gravitas and stubbornness in Sui Yuan. He had always been able to be absolutely unrestrained before Sui Yuan, because he knew that the other didn't mind it and would forgive him. However, it was different this time. He seemed to have touched on Sui Yuan's bottom line. Furthermore, when a doormat who never tries to offend anyone becomes unyielding, this meant that it was impossible to change their mind.

Zhao Xihe did not want  conflict to exist between himself and Sui Yuan, so he stepped back out of necessity, "Then…when will I become the meaning of your existence?"

Sui Yuan saw that Zhao Xihe was not fighting back and his expression subsequently relaxed. He swept a glance at Zhao Xihe, not responding.

Zhao Xihe furrowed his brows, "What does that expression of yours mean?"

Sui Yuan coughted softly: "Probably…means that I don't have the heart to destroy your fantasies?"

Zhao Xihe laughed derisively, tone carrying some indignation and grief, "I really don't know what you're being so stubborn about. Isn't it good to be like me, abandon the plot, and enjoy each and every world to the fullest? Since I've taken you back from your Creator, the shackles on your body have already been removed. Scores no longer mean anything to you. Why must you confine yourself?"

Sui Yuan shook his head. He himself also did not understand but did not need to understand. This was the fundamental, deep-rooted code that was engraved into him by his Creator. He completely could not envision hs life after ridding himself of the plot. It was as unfathomable as his strong attachment to the plot was to Zhao Xihe.

"I like to be with you and I also like living as an Actor. Right now, these two things don't conflict, right?" There was pure doubt in Sui Yuan's eyes, "As an Actor, it is inevitable that I will be injured. I understand that you don't like seeing me hurt—I feel the same. My heart will hurt. However, I don't understand why you would make such a big deal over something as little as this, even wanting to affect the plot."

Zhao Xihe rubbed his hair in defeat. He didn't know how he should explain it to make it clear to Sui Yuan. The more he said, the more Sui Yuan would think he was being deliberately provocative.

It was simply annoying!

Zhao Xihe felt that he should find an opportunity to let Sui Yuan understand. Of course, right now was not the time.

——A lover needed to be trained and broken in: Sui Yuan, especially so. Zhao Xihe believed that given enough time, he could at least teach this emotionally deficient fellow what was love, right?

After their discussion, Zhao Xihe complied with Sui Yuan's request and pledged that he would not do anything unnecessary when Selman was beating him into a miserable pulp. Sui Yuan was very satisfied with this, basically not realizing that his lover was secretly scheming, hoping to use this to burrow himself into his heart a little deeper.

——Once again, he was getting jealous over his love rival, Lord Plot. Zhao Xihe would never tire from it.

A few days later, Sui Yuan saw Dill again. The protagonist shou who was mentally and physically abused again had a haggard complexion, his spirits low. His expression however was resolute.

"I want to leave Selman," Dill said, "Please help me."

"I will do my utmost," Sui Yuan placed his hand on Dill's shoulder, promising in a gentle voice.

The curtain to the great 'elopement' scene had finally open.

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