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Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian

The 'elopement' proceeded extremely smoothly as Sui Yuan had prepared according to the plot early on. As for Zhao Xihe, aside from changing into his poor-youngster-from-the-slum's stage costume, he didn't need to do anything. He only had to act according to Sui Yuan's arrangements, casually hold hands, and look at each other with teary eyes like the 'childhood sweethearts/friends' that they were.

Of course, like in the plot, they were 'smoothly' caught red-handed by the infuriated protagonist gong who had pursued them.

Selman had never been this angry before. Not only did Dill escape from his side, but more importantly, Yaan had betrayed him.

He had never thought that Yaan could betray him. Yaan, who had always silently stood behind him, managing everything on his behalf without a sound, would unexpectedly betray him! Selman knew that Yaan had always paid Dill a special kind of attention, but he never expected that Yaan would so boldly do such a thing.

Selman's eyes were red. Anger, disappointment, and an ineffable fear mingled together, making him unable to calm down. When he saw Yaan lying askew on the floor from having been struck by himself in his rage—  complexion becoming increasingly pale, blood dripping down the corner of his pale lips—Selman did not have the heart to unleash the attack that had been brewing within his hands.

This short period of hesitation was enough for Dill, who had been scared silly just now, to react. He quickly rushed in front of Sui Yuan, stretching out both arms to block him with his body and denied loudly, "It's I who asked Yaan daren to help! If you're angry, directly unleash that anger onto me! Don't make things difficult for Yaan daren!"

Selman gnashed his teeth as he looked at Sui Yuan who had lowered his eyes. The pair of crystal-like gray eyes were tranquil, offering no explanation, refutation—quiet like a shadow, just as it had always been in the past. These eyes however made his heart hurt fiercely and incessantly, unable to stop.

Selman didn't want to look at him again. He s.h.i.+fted his gaze onto Dill, questioning him like a wounded creature, "Why did you leave me?!"

"Because I don't want to be your pet! I love you! But you don't love me! I can't bear it anymore!" Dill finally spat out the words that he had planned on keeping hidden for the rest of his life, speaking with an intention to simply destroy it all, "So I wanted to leave you; get far, far away from you; never see you again—"

"Shut up! I won't allow it!" Selman fretfully interrupted Dill. The burning hot emotions within that pair of tearful, limpid eyes instantly knocked down the guard around his heart. The candid words of love made him suddenly realize why he always cared about Dill, why he could not be apart from him. A pet was but an excuse that he had made up for himself. An excuse to indulge and dote on Dill.

Selman deeply sucked in a breath and extended his hand towards Dill, "Return with me."

"No," Dill stubbornly shook his head.

"Return with me," Selman repeated, his eyes softening, "I will…properly love you."

Dill froze in place. He could not believe his ears. While he was feeling incredulous, he was unable to resist in time and ended up being carried into Selman's arms.

Dill stiffened from head to toe. Selman painstakingly tried to act more gently, trying to placate him. His gaze, however, uneasily landed on Yaan who was still on the ground. Soon after, he directly met the other's eyes.

The heartbreak, disappointment, and worry in that pair of gray eyes made him unable to help but step back. Selman subconsciously felt that he had no way of facing Yaan for some inexplicable reason. He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but quickly turned around and left with Dill in the next second instead, disappearing without a trace.

Sui Yuan:"……………………"

——What happened to the agreed beating and expelling, ne?! Protagonist gong, you shouldn't play halfway only to suddenly disconnect, ah?! Quickly come back and finish off the latter half, ah! [Er Kang hand]

Zhao Xihe, who had been a prop piece from beginning to end and ended up forgotten by everyone, walked to Sui Yuan's side, gaze complicated, "Selman's target this time was also me. Why did you take the blow for me again?"

"In any case, it doesn't affect the plot whether or not you take the beating, right?" Sui Yuan replied without a care. He furrowed his brows and coughed several times, spitting out the blood in the depths of his throat, "Anson has always been a bystander. He has never been in Selman's line of sight. It's fine if you just obediently stand by, la! This time, the one that definitely needed to be beaten up was me. It doesn't make much of a difference if I help you endure one more strike. No need to worry about owing me one! If you don't get injured, so be it. After all, you are currently a weak human being. What should we do if you accidentally die off?"

Sui Yuan stood up with Zhao Xihe's help, not paying any heed to Zhao Xihe's doting and gratified expression and instead, worried about his own problem, "However, why did Selman play out half of the scene and then suddenly leave? He didn't spit out his order of expelling me either, ah? What should I do?"

When the current Zhao Xihe heard Selman's name, he wanted to pull out his gun. Only heaven knew how much effort he had consumed to control himself. When he heard Sui Yuan mention this, he couldn't help but chuckle, "What, do you want to return to his place and continue acting?"

Sui Yuan did not understand the protagonist gong's final complicated expression and reaction. However, Zhao Xihe, who was spectating on the side, saw it more clearly than Sui Yuan who was in the midst of the situation. In addition, there was the innate alertness one had towards their rivals-in-love. Thus, he could understand what Selman's expression had meant then.

Selman had developed goodwill towards the Yaan Sui Yuan was acting. Only, seeing how sluggish he was towards Dill, he most likely was unaware of this point. If one were to say that the feelings between Selman and Dill was like fire, so scorching it made people unable to ignore it and would hurt both the other person and oneself, then the feelings Selman had towards Yaan was like water, silently wetting things but easily ignored when compared with the raging inferno.

The plot's inertia was formidable. Selman and Dill had an innate gravitational force towards one another. Furthermore, his conflict between Dill and him had caused him to place the majority of his attention onto Dill, causing him to realize his feelings towards Dill. Therefore, Yaan was neglected. Only, even if he was neglected, these feelings made it so that Selman was unable to act the way he had in the original plot: impulsively beating Yaan half to death and then evicting him from his land. Instead, after he confirmed his feelings with Dill, he subconsciously felt that he couldn't face Yaan and fled.

Zhao Xihe sneered and ridiculed Selman, this fellow who really didn't get it. Fortunately, he did not realize his feelings towards Yaan. Otherwise, if he tried to have both beauties at once, even if Sui Yuan would hold a grudge against him, Zhao Xihe would beat that fellow to death!

Of course, Zhao Xihe did not want to explain Selman's train of thought at all. He would let him stay puzzled to the end, ba! In any case, the protagonist gong and shou were already together and most likely, there won't be any future hiccups.

0007:"…Hehe, this FLAG was planted really well. I seem to be able to see the scene of my host getting his face slapped."

Zhao Xihe:"……………………"

"Are you going back there?" While Zhao Xihe's imagination was running, Sui Yuan was also muttering to himself. Only, he very quickly came to a decision, "I can't go back yet. The scenes Yaan has by Selman and Dill's side have already come to an end. What will I do if I go back? Be a third wheel? Although the protagonist gong did not expel me, I'll act as if he did so, for the time being!"

Zhao Xihe was evidently very pleased with Sui Yuan's reply. He rubbed Sui Yuan's head with a smile, agreeing with him, "Right now, you should properly nurse your injury."

“You're right,” Sui Yuan touched his chest, coughing lightly. Although the protagonist gong showed mercy, it still really hurt, ah! It was simply fraudulent. No wonder so many Actors blackened and became Destroyers, ne!

“I have medicine. Do you want some?” A small bottle appeared in Zhao Xihe's hand.

“Of course I do!” Last time, Sui Yuan was afraid of Selman catching on so with much difficulty, he resisted using medicine to heal his wound. This time, there was no danger of being discovered by the protagonist gong so naturally, Sui Yuan would not make things difficult for himself.

While Sui Yuan was temporarily given a cheerful respite from the plot, Selman, who had confirmed his feelings with his beloved, was not happy in the slightest.

Because he discovered that Yaan was unexpectedly nowhere in sight!

Selman knew that he had hit him too harshly. Although he still could not dismiss Yaan's betrayal, Dill had vigorously spoken on Yaan's behalf, hoping that he wouldn't punish Yaan. At the same time, Selman also could not suppress his worry over Yaan's injury. In the end, he took advantage of Dill's insistence to take him to Yaan's home to visit.

After arriving, they discovered that since that day, Yaan never returned. He had completely disappeared without a trace. No one knew where he had gone!

Selman and Dill were completely stupefied! They didn't know why things had become like this. They could only do their best to imagine what had occurred, hoping to figure out the reason for Yaan's disappearance and deduce his current whereabouts.

While imagining things, they came up with a very dangerous conclusion.

“You think that Yaan daren likes me so he doesn't want to see the two of us together and thus decided to leave?” Dill's eyes widened as he looked at Selman incredulously. He completely hadn't thought that he was so attractive as to be able to attain a celestial being like Yaan as an admirer. "I never felt this way before…Indeed, Yaan daren is too good to me. He cares about me a lot. But I feel that it is more like the care a brother or father would have. I know what romantic love feels like and Yaan daren does not love me."

——In the eyes of someone who truly understood what love was, Sui Yuan's fake love could not confuse them in the least. Or maybe it was because Sui Yuan had never tried to express his love.

In his eyes, Yaan's secret crush was merely a dispensable, subtextual plot point. Even in the very end, neither Dill nor Selman was aware of it. Thus, in order to prevent Zhao Xihe from eating vinegar, Sui Yuan took the initiative to delete this part of the plot. For this reason, he felt rather proud of himself.

When he heard Dill's certain veto, Selman didn't know why but he felt rather fl.u.s.tered. A little, indistinct voice in the depths of his heart told him the answer but he couldn't hear it clearly…he didn't dare hear it.

"Actually, I think that compared to me, Yaan daren cares more about you," Dill did not take note of Selman's mood and directly plunged into his own thoughts, "It seems that Yaan daren looks after me because he sees that you care about me and is always mindful of things that you don't notice…."

"…He has always been like that…" Selman said in a whisper, carrying an imperceivable absentmindedness, "He has always helped me, making up for my rough way of doing things…."

Dill glanced at Selman, somewhat comprehending, "In fact, Yaan daren…likes you?"

"Impossible," Selman subconsciously refuted, tightly clutching the chair's armrest. He was unwilling to admit it. If he did acknowledge this, he felt as if he would lose something very important.

"I…I was just saying it casually…" Dill was also rather hesitant. When he thought of the resolute and decisive way Yaan had once rejected the possibility of Selman liking him, taking the initiative to help him escape from Selman's control, he felt more and more certain that the feelings Yaan had towards Selman were not ordinary. Dill was clever. Before, his head was muddled by the onslaught of boiling hot feelings of hopelessness towards Selman. Now that the dust has settled, he had calmed down. Presently, he realized that there were details he had missed.

Perhaps Yaan had detected the feelings Selman had towards himself early on and began to act, hoping to break them apart. It had to be said that this line of thought was correct, but the general direction was wrong.

Dill's emotions were rather complicated. Although he realized that Yaan's aid was not pure, his grat.i.tude and natural goodwill towards Yaan made him feel a bit too ashamed to face the gentle man. It felt as if he had robbed him of something he cherished, right out of his hands—s.n.a.t.c.hed him of his beloved.

Dill loved Selman and also deeply appreciated Yaan. If he could not be together with Selman, then he would rather see Yaan get what his heart desired. Yes, Dill was willing to withdraw for the sake of Yaan, only for Yaan.

However, Yaan was missing at present. He had disappeared after he and Selman had confirmed their feelings for one another. When he thought of the heartache and grief the severely injured Yaan had suffered, Dill felt like his conscience was being tortured.

He wanted to explain things to Selman, but he didn't dare do so as he had just attained Selman's love. Dill did not believe that he could compare to Yaan from the bottom of his heart. He did not dare make Selman choose between himself and Yaan because he believed that he'd lose.

Selman could faintly perceive the thoughts that Dill had, so he did not dare think about things too much. He only dispatched groups of servants to incessantly search for Yaan's whereabouts. However, it was like looking for a stone that had sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Yaan became the thorn between Dill and Selman, this pair of lovers. They neither dare touch it, nor ignore it.

In this manner, Dill recovered under Selman's great care and was soon turned into a vampire by him. Afterwards, he experienced all the toppling of world views and pain that came with turning into a blood kin. Furthermore, after Selman proclaimed that Dill would be his partner, he began to face the pressure coming from all directions.

The plot seemed to be very normal…unusually normal. Of course, it only seemed that way on the surface….

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