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Translated by Eve

Edited by Wuxian

Although Sui Yuan had temporarily freed himself from the plot, he did not stop making discreet inquiries regarding the development between Dill and Selman. Furthermore, what he heard regarding said development left him immensely satisfied. This was simply the smoothest his mission has ever progressed!

The only thing that was different was the protagonist gong's unceasing efforts to search for 'Yaan'. Nor did he evict him out of his domain, acting unconcerned about him like he did in the original plot. Towards this, Sui Yuan felt a bit of a headache but still tried his best to hide from him. Since Selman's influence was great, this was no easy task. Fortunately, Sui Yuan had a.s.sistance from the props he exchanged for in the system store. Only in this way was he able to barely manage to hide himself, leaving not a trace.

However, Sui Yuan was only worried for a short period of time as hastily, Selman was pressured on all sides and thus, could no longer attend to the matter of 'Yaan'. During this period of time, he also neglected Dill's feelings a bit, making the protagonist shou, who wasn't able to adapt to the life of a blood kin, feel tortured and nearly collapse upon being unable to attain comfort from his lover.

Of course, this didn't have much to do with Sui Yuan. What he had to do next was mediate from all sides on behalf of the protagonist gong who was under great pressure. Later, Yaan would save his life and quietly wait for a millennium to pa.s.s before he and the protagonist gong would open their eyes once more and rekindle their relations.h.i.+p.

With the plot being in his hands was equivalent to having a strategy to clear the stage. Sui Yuan knew who would be willing to be persuaded, how they could be persuaded, and who would be stubborn, so he needn't waste any time. In addition, there was his body's experience. Thus, expeditiously, he had more or less seized control of the hard-pressed protagonist gong's life. What made Sui Yuan surprised was that Zhao Xihe had unexpectedly made quite the contribution.

After all, in this world, the only ones that could contend with the vampires was the human Church. Furthermore, while the Church held a deep-seated hatred and desire for revenge towards the vampires on the surface, they actually had a hidden relations.h.i.+p with them.

After agreeing and signing a non-aggression pact with the vampires, the Church that no longer had any fear of the outside began to rot from the inside. Genuinely pure-hearted priests were no more. The large majority of the higher echelon had already been confused by money and power. This was also why Zhao Xihe had been able to rapidly get involved with the inside of the Church and obtained such precious and sacred weapons. As long as one had money and pretended to be part of the faith, then there would be no problem.

Many members of the Clergy would cooperate with vampires. The vampires would pretend to menace those who did not accept the Church's members and influence. Using this as a pretext, the Church would be able to expand its sphere of influence and scope of authority. The vampires could also use this as an excuse to hunt humans without restraint, drinking blood to their heart's content. From a certain angle, this was a mutually beneficial cooperation that made everyone happy.

As for Sui Yuan's mission, Zhao Xihe naturally supported it with all of his strength. He painstakingly expanded his influence within the human world. Aside from making his and Sui Yuan's life more satisfying, he helped Sui Yuan solve any and all future consequences.

After bribing the Church with a big fat cheque and attaining information that the common people would never be able to obtain, Zhao Xihe began to meddle with the internal struggle amongst the vampires via the human Church. He made it so Sui Yuan's actions in the internal strife between vampires were even more influential than in the original plot.

Of course, during this period of time, Sui Yuan did not appear before Selman and Dill. The two people were currently too busy with their own matters and had probably already forgotten him, tossing him to the back of their heads.

——At least, Sui Yuan naively thought like this.

In reality, the situation was exactly the opposite of what he imagined. If the protagonist gong and shou really got their sweet happy ending, then the shadow casted by Yaan in their hearts would only become increasingly duller. In the end, it would be completely covered by their beautiful love. On the other hand, their love was progressing unfavourably, making Selman and Dill feel pained. Thus, they would reminisce and long for Yaan all the more, Yaan who had always stood at their side in support of them, comforting and helping them out.

As long as one cannot obtain something, it will seem to be all the more beautiful. Things that have been lost will be remembered with greater beauty. Thus, the more miserable reality was, the sweeter and more comforting one's memories would be, making it difficult for one to forget.

Dill knew that the pressure on Selman was extremely great, so no matter how much pain he went through himself, he cleverly bore it patiently, refusing to disturb the other. Dill cherished the memory of the gentle, considerate Yaan. He thought that if Yaan were here, he would certainly console him in a meticulous and patient manner, help him, and personally guide him through this difficult period of time…even if he was his rival-in-love.

This was something that Selman could not do because he had never been detail-oriented nor conscientious. It wasn't that he didn't worry or care about Dill. It was just that his life was that of a prince. After living a pampered and exalted life, Selman, fundamentally, became unable to have this kind of awareness.

Words alone were not enough to ill.u.s.trate this comparison. It was like how a bird that could freely soar through the air with its wings would never understand the hards.h.i.+ps an ant on the earth had to go through. If Dill did not say it, then Selman would never realize that the ideology between humankind and the blood kin were very unlike one another.

Just like Dill, Selman missed Yaan like never before. Yaan had always silently helped him manage everything. He always gently and orderly admonished him for his inappropriate actions and had always told him what actions he ought to take in order to achieve his goals. Selman had fantasized, on more than one occasion, how the current situation would not be so terrible if Yaan were here.

Selman was like an unruly horse, his spirit exceptionally vigorous, appearance impressive, and bursting with energy. Meanwhile, Yaan was like the reins that controlled this unruly horse, telling him which way to run in. Yaan would tell him that he shouldn't rely on his ident.i.ty and status to recklessly handle things. Even though he wanted Dill to be his partner, he needed to employ milder and more tactful methods and steadily make progress. It was just a pity that Yaan had gone missing. And, without Yaan's advice, Selman, who had a reckless, rebellious personality naturally tasted the painful consequences he deserved.

Selman even felt rather wronged. He hadn't wanted to hit Yaan. It was only because Yaan had protected that human named Anson from his attack that he had gotten injured. He didn't even have the heart to say any stern words towards Yaan, yet, why could Yaan steel his heart to abandon him like this, ruthlessly refusing to come out even when he had sunk into this abyss of suffering?

If one said that the original Selman was simply reaping what he sowed after having driven out his right hand man, Yaan, thus leading to this tragedy, then the current Selman would undoubtedly feel a bit wronged. Aside from being unfaithful (?), Selman had not wronged Yaan in any way. Meanwhile, Sui Yuan, who was acting as 'Yaan', still happily tread all over him, not carrying one bit about the shattered pieces of the protagonist gong's heart lying on the ground.

Grievances, depression, doubt, unwillingness—all sorts of emotions mingled together, making the imprint left by Yaan on Selman's heart deeper and all the more distinct. He couldn't help but recall the scene of when he last saw Yaan—when he thought about the emotions brewing in that pair of gray eyes, his heart throbbed with a dull pain.

While Selman was trying to struggle like a trapped beast, the blood kin va.s.sals under his control gradually turned against him.

The Council and the blood kin princess made an enticing promise, the blood kin felt that their pride and honour as a race was trampled on, there was discontent and misgivings over Selman's actions, and there was also Yaan's disappearance which added fuel to the flame… as all kinds of factors mixed together, this lead to an explosion of betrayals. The blood kin's loyalty was an extremely subtle matter. Living for so many years made them cunning and sly. They would only pledge an unbreakable loyalty towards a high level blood kin when they were certain that this individual would truly be able to protect them.

Evidently, Selman, who was endangering himself, did not have this ability even if he was a n.o.ble, pure-blooded prince.

Selman, who found himself utterly deserted by his allies, stubbornly and arrogantly refused to escape like a stray dog, leaving the territory in which he had resided for several thousands of years. In the end, he had no choice but to appear before the Council on his own and receive a final trial.

Before this, Selman forced Dill to fall into a deep slumber, wasting the very last vestige of his power to safely send him out of the dangerous maelstrom, hoping that he would be able to smoothly and steadily live on as he was powerless to protect him now.

Sui Yuan hid in the shadows of the cloister on the second floor, watching with his head hung low as Selman stepped into the Council's great hall. At his side was the beautiful, alluring blood kin princess looking at the fruits of her victory with a satisfied smile.

"How did you know that I would agree to your request?" The princess tilted her head as she watched Sui Yuan, lightly snorting, "There's a genuine animosity between myself and Selman. How did you know that I would agree to let him slumber for a millennium and not want to completely eliminate him?"

"…Where it is possible to let people off, one should spare them. After all, Selman is a pure-blooded prince. If he risked his life, you, who are also a pure blooded royal, would also be unable to escape unscathed," Sui Yuan replied apathetically, "In other words, I believed that the offer I made in good faith would be extremely attractive to you."

"Is it your good faith or is it that of your little lover's?" The princess smiled charmingly, sweeping an eye over the human standing behind Sui Yuan who donned a black cloak, looking like a silent, protective shadow. She suddenly approached him, stuck out a hand to raise Sui Yuan's chin, and whispered a teasing and ambiguous remark, "Only, compared to land, I'm much more interested in you…I had never realized that Yaan…you are unexpectedly such a beautiful little thing. Blood kin and humans are doomed to never have a good end. Isn't Selman's stupidity proof enough? Throw away your little human lover. I will treat you well…."

Sui Yuan exposed a helpless expression. Just as he wanted to refuse, the person behind him suddenly raised his head and his piercing, shadowy gaze directly shot at the princess. The ice-cold murderous expression made her involuntarily s.h.i.+ver and her blood race helplessly, something that hadn't happened for a very long time.

The princess stuck out her tongue, licking her red lips while she directly met the gaze of the human. Actually, compared to the docile and meek Yaan, she was much more interested in this obviously weak but unusually dangerous human being. The princess liked challenges and the process of taming her prey was one. Thus, it was for this reason that she agreed to get engaged with the unruly Selman. Unfortunately, Selman disappointed her too greatly.

Right now, a prey that was much more interesting than Selman appeared. What made her depressed, however, was that this prey's attention was completely placed onto Yaan and he saw everyone else as empty air, completely ignoring their presence. The princess was helpless and could only flirt with Yaan in order to arouse the human's attention. Only then would the other look at her.

As the princess was enjoying the other's gaze, the man in black suddenly advanced, brus.h.i.+ng away the hand she had on Sui Yuan's chin. The princess could sense a formidable holy power coming from the man's body and subconsciously retreated several steps. She furrowed her brows rather resignedly. If she wasn't afraid of that power and worried that she would destroy the relations.h.i.+p between the vampires and the Church, she would have s.n.a.t.c.hed this person and brought him to her own castle long ago!

Inwardly, she warned herself to not be impatient. The princess shook her stinging hand and lightly shrugged her shoulders as she laughed, "Ok, Ok. I was just joking, no need to be so tense."

The princess s.h.i.+fted her gaze back to the great hall, raising her lips into a sneer, "Actually, when I think about not having to see Selman's arrogant, haughty, and stupid face for a whole millenium, I feel that it's quite a pity."

Sui Yuan helplessly looked at the princess who persistently courted death. He had no choice but to clasp onto Zhao Xihe's hand hanging under his black cloak that was getting restless, stopping him from doing some kind of dangerous action.

They had nearly reached the last step of this world. They absolutely could not fail at the finish line!

Zhao Xihe's eyes flashed. He swept a glance at the princess who was in danger but oblivious of the 108 different ways of killing her already flas.h.i.+ng through his mind. Since Zhao Xihe had insisted on infiltrating the vampire's base with his human ident.i.ty, Sui Yuan felt uneasy towards his safety and had straightforwardly made him bring along all the things that were capable of killing vampires.

It had to be said that Zhao Xihe, when armed to the teeth,was genuinely savage. As he even made the most powerful pure-blooded princess not dare act without authorization, there was no need to mention how Sui Yuan, who was just a high level n.o.ble, fared. If he hadn't exchanged the sacred item for a prop that had made it so he wouldn't get injured, he would have probably been burned by Zhao Xihe when he had approached until he was at his last breath.

When the princess saw Sui Yuan placate Zhao Xihe and how they stood together so intimately and closely that no one could come between them, the princess snorted, bored. A sly expression suddenly flitted through her eyes and she ridiculed, "Na, Yaan, how come you think of Selman so much and are willing to bustle about and pay such a large price in order to save him? Could it be that you like him?"

"I am only repaying his kindness." The wrist Zhao Xihe was gripping hurt and Sui Yuan's scalp went numb. He immediately proved his innocence earnestly, "Selman daren had saved me once. I am just very grateful towards him."

Sui Yuan's tone was dripped with earnestness. Although he, too, had also once doubted whether Yaan held feelings towards Selman or not.

The princess laughed, obviously not believing him. The blood kin were all apathetic, selfish creatures. Except for the person they loved, what was worthy of a blood kin's sacrifice? Kindness? That was the biggest joke in the world!

The princess looked at Zhao Xihe who appeared aloof on the surface but whose atmospheric pressure around his body had dropped by quite a few degrees and felt kind of smug. There was no nook that could not be dug, only a hoe that did not put in the effort. No matter if it was having to incite disharmony or use force, she would always be able to get what she wanted.

After making up her mind, the princess became even more high-spirited. She always felt that Yaan's feelings towards Selman were not normal. Thus, she decided to do something good, making them into a couple. Then, the jilted prey would naturally be taken over by her.

The more she thought of it, the more she thought it was feasible. The princess made use of the cloister's railings to leap down and dexterously land by Selman's side.

Sui Yuan did not pay this any heed because in the plot, the princess had also made an appearance before Selman, flaunting her victory and mocking the protagonist gong for his foolishness.

Thus, he completely did not expect that he had let such an annoying existence go, causing his nearly perfect mission to be completely destroyed. If Heaven would give him another chance, Sui Yuan would definitely unite with Zhao Xihe to tie up and shut this dishonest princess' mouth. If there was a time limit, then it absolutely must be ten thousand years!

5237: "The morale of this b.l.o.o.d.y lesson is that you should never underestimate anyone, even if he or she is but a pa.s.serby in your eyes…."

Sui Yuan:"………………QAQ"

The author has something to say:

In the next world, I want to write a father and son plot for some inexplicable reason…the emperor and his son…although this type of plot has been banned recently, the spirit of the text is not the same. For the time being, they are not a real father and son pair? Cough, I want to ask how many little sisters are repelled by this kind of story? If many of you don't like it, I'll change it….

Wuxian: regarding the author's next idea, as long as there's a time skip and the son never really saw the other as his father, or the father was reluctant to take the boy in but did so for the latter's survival, it's all peachy to me.

Eve: Click here for a spoiler about next arc.

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