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It eventually ended.

The two brothers laid on the ground groaning with bruised faces.

“Motherf*, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d advanced a lot!” The eldest Ji young master, Ji Zhu, took a few deep breaths and gently rubbed the bruises on his face. He did not stop cursing, “You dare to hit me? I am your big brother. It has always been the case that your eldest brother is like your father. You are a d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d with no respect for the elderly or your ancestors.”

With these words, Rui Bu Tong’s stomach was hurting from holding in his laugher: You don’t feel embarra.s.sed saying eldest brother is like a father?

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’ll beat you to death!” Second young master of the Ji clan, Ji Mo, was kneeling on the ground and rubbing his beaten b.u.t.t. He hissed and did not stop muttering.

“Ji Mo, after returning to the clan, I will tell father about all of your actions, from beginning to end. Let him punish you! There will be a meeting of the elders to discuss your punishment… Ooh…” Ji Zhu devilishly counted his fingers.

“Aah! Big brother! Big brother!” Ji Mo immediately wailed, “We are brothers with the same mother. Our hearts are connected; we share the same blood. When the bone breaks, the tendon hurts… I am your brother. You… you… you… you are not that heartless, are you? If you tell the clan, I am done. At the least, I will be locked up in a dark cave for three years…”

“Huh huh!” Ji Zhu sneered, “That’s none of my business!”

“Tell me, what conditions do you have for keeping my secret?” Ji Mo looked up miserably. He looked as if he was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice.

“Conditions… it’s simple!” Ji Zhu satisfyingly looked at Ji Mo.

“Tell me. I will accept it!” Ji Mo said bravely. He like a dead pig that was no longer afraid of boiling water.

“When we get back to the clan, you must put all of the blames on me. You must fiercely tell on me and make the clan strip me of my heir position. I will take the blame for you; that is all.” Ji Zhu blinked a few times and said heroically, “I am your big brother. In such great disaster, how could this big brother not shoulder the blames for you?”

Rui Bu Tong was still restless on the sideline when he heard Ji Zhu said this. He could not help but feel dizzy…

This… this is a condition?

“No!” Ji Mo said emotionally, “Whoever did it has to take the punishment! How can I allow my beloved brother shoulder the blame for me?! I have decided! Even if I have to go to a dark cave, I am willing to accept it!”

“No! Little brother, you are still young! Let me go to the dark cave.” Ji Zhu said sincerely, “I will leave the clan in your hands…”

“No! Big brother… you are the pillar of the clan!” Ji Mo said determinedly.

“Motherf*! Will you be the clan leader?” Ji Zhu yelled angrily. His eyes were filled with fiery anguish and a hint of madness.

“Absolutely not! I won’t do it even if you kill me! Even if you chop off my head, I won’t do it!” Ji Mo said fervently, “Even if you kowtow in front of me, this second young master won’t do it! Heads could fall and blood could run, but this body must be free!”

“Woah…” Ji Zhu rushed up crazily and squeezed Ji Mo’s neck with his two hands. He shook forcefully and ground his teeth, “You… will you do this?”

Ji Mo was strangled to the point his tongue was sticking out, but he still remained valiantly unyielding, “Even… if… I… die… I… won’t!”

Rui Bu Tong was confused from watching the scene. In other clans, the position of clan leader could cause brothers to fight each other to the death. No one could ever imagine that these two brothers were pus.h.i.+ng it toward each other…

It is only the position of clan leader, do they have to act this way?

But thinking it over, he immediately felt relieved. These two punks in front of him were unwilling to sit if he could lie down. With them as clan leaders, that would be a bit rough for people…

With this kind of situation, Rui Bu Tong could only click his tongue. This world truly has everything.

“Second brother, you must have pity on me.” Ji Zhu suddenly dropped his hands helplessly and wailed, “You must love me. You can see how lazy I am; how can I have the ability to become clan leader. I am on the verge of going crazy from all of the pressure from father and those elders. I have to study those d.a.m.n formalities every day…”

Ji Mo also wailed loudly, “Big brother, please spare me because I am still young. My young heart cannot take such devastation. Woo woo woo…”

The two brothers held their heads and cried.

Rui Bu Tong fell to the ground with confusion. He finally could not take it anymore; he pounded on the ground and burst into tears, “Please spare me… I am too pitiful…”

While these three punks were performing their comedic act, Diwu Qing Rou’s Golden Horse Riders Department had gathered their martial experts and surrounded Heaven Reaching Tower.

Jing Meng Hun led the heavily armed group himself!

This mission was to capture King of h.e.l.l Chu!

Jing Meng Hun absolutely believed that this was the biggest mission they ever had in the past few years! This mission was definitely going to be written down in history!

“Is the target still here?” Jing Meng Hun asked in a low voice.

“The target is still here.” One of the Revered Martial Artists in charge of surveillance reported. A look of joy appeared in his eyes as he tried to suppress his excitement, “I have been watching closely. Looking through those curtains, I could see that the person is still sitting at the table reading. He seems to be calculating something and has not moved.”

“You’re sure?”

“I’m sure?”

Jing Meng Hun was a.s.sured. He stood up and smiled, “If this mission is successful, I will give credit for your service!”

“Everything is done under your leaders.h.i.+p, sir!” That Revered Martial Artist happily bowed. He felt as if his body was a floating cloud.

“Attention, all teams!” Jing Meng Hun’s two eyes flashed brightly. He looked sharply over all of his subordinates and said, “This mission is of great importance! There must not be any mistakes! This could affect Great Zhao’s fortune and the Prime Minister’s plan to unite the world! Understood?”

“Is it that important?” An unconvinced ninth grade Revered Martial Artist asked.

“I will not hesitate to tell you. The person in this room…” Jing Meng Hun looked toward that window and lowered his voice making it seem even more awe-inspiring, “is none other than King of h.e.l.l Chu!”

“King of h.e.l.l Chu!” Everyone’s expression changed. Some people could not even control themselves and let out a gasp.

This is too shocking! Too surprising! Too…

I can’t believe it’s King of h.e.l.l Chu! Aaah!

Jing Meng Hun quickly covered the mouth of a Revered Martial Artist who almost yelled out loud. There was immediately slapping followed by a quiet scolding, “Motherf*! What are you yelling for? You’ll startle…”

That Revered Martial Artist who was slapped left and right now had disheveled hair like he had been through a tornado. Jing Meng Hun let go of his hand, and the Revered Martial Artist immediately spat out blood and a few teeth. Unbelievably, he still asked excitedly, “This is really King of h.e.l.l Chu?”

Jing Meng Hun looked at him contemptuously then looked at everyone else. He scolded, “Looking at the bunch of you, you really can’t do great things. It’s just catching a person; is that something to get so excited over? Have we never captured anyone?”

Everyone nodded like pecking chickens, but they could not hide the excitement on their faces.

King of h.e.l.l Chu… This is King of h.e.l.l Chu…

While Jing Meng Hun was scolding people, this King level leader remained as cool as ice; his expression remained unchanged. After a lifetime of rolling around in danger, he also could not help but turn red from excitement.

This… is King of h.e.l.l Chu!

Jing Meng Hun quietly swallowed before saying, “Stay alert and follow my orders!

“Yes, sir!” (Walk the Jiang Hu)

“Team one, team two, and team three!” Jing Meng Hun’s voice was low and hurried. It was filled with pressure like the wind before a storm!

“Yes, sir!” Their spirits were rising.

“Carefully block all exits! From this moment on, not even a mouse can come out!”


“Team four, team five, and team six!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Secretly block the air! Even a fly cannot get out!”


“Team seven, team eight, and team nine!”

“Yes, sir!”



“Wu Tian!”

“Yes, sir!” Yin Wu Tian stepped forward. His eyes were filled with excitement for revenge against the King of h.e.l.l Chu that caused his brother, Yin Wu Fa, to become a handicap. This was a mortal hatred. At this moment, his chance for revenge had arrived.

“Take your people and attack from the window!”


“All of the remaining people, come with me through the main door!”


Jing Meng Hun’s skilled leaders.h.i.+p could not be denied. Within moments, he had appropriately arranged everything. Everyone was in their rightful place!

Everything was ready!

Jing Meng Hun could feel his heartbeat accelerating!

Everyone felt their hearts beating madly! Their hearts were beating so fiercely that they seemed to almost pop out of their chests! They were panting like men who had not been in the bedrooms for a few decades and had just now discovered their beautiful brides…

Gulp… Some people could not help but swallow several times…

Everyone was waiting for the opportunity to make their move; everyone was waiting for Jing Meng Hun’s arm gesture.

In this moment, time seemed to have stood still!

Not a single movement.

Finally, all of the teams got into their appointed positions!

Jing Meng Hun’s eyes suddenly flashed with an icy light!

Everyone’s breathing suddenly stopped.

Jing Meng Hun’s right arm slowly went up…

Everyone’s heart almost jumped out of their throat…

Right after!

Jing Meng Hun forcefully slammed his arm down. A low voice sounded out; it was so powerful it shocked their spirit and made everyone slightly dizzy…


When he said these two words, Jing Meng Hun’s voice was even trembling slightly.

However, no one paid attention to Jing Meng Hun’s emotion. The moment King level leader Jing Meng Hun gave the order, shadows shot up like arrows.

Their speed was extremely fast and definitely exceeded ordinary thresholds! At this point in time, everyone seemed to be excited to the point of breakthrough!

Since the establishment of Golden Horse Riders Department, this mission was the greatest mission ever.

Capture King of h.e.l.l Chu.

Jing Meng Hun flew like a thunderbolt as he led everyone. They flew through a distance of one hundred feet like a light wisp of smoke. They essentially became nothingness as they advanced into Heaven Reaching Tower!

Then, they were like a soft mist as they quietly floated up the stairs!

Swoosh… swoosh… swoosh…


They had arrived!

The closed door in front of them was where King of h.e.l.l Chu was staying!

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