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It was late in the night. Perhaps it could be said that it was very early in the morning. However, it had become increasingly dark inside the Chill Wind Forest. The chilling wind was blowing with a whistling sound. In fact, it was issuing the sounds similar to that of ghost’s crying and a spirit’s howling!

The shadows of two men arrived at the entrance of the Chill Wind Forest with a flash.

These were the Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder of the Ou Clan!

Both of them went sideways in a flash, and hid behind a boulder. They then cautiously examined the surroundings until they were a.s.sured that there was no danger in the vicinity. [The enemy must’ve entered the Chill Wind Forest.]

"Let’s go in and have a look!"

Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder looked at each other, and it seemed as if they had sensed what was going on in each other’s minds. [It’s true that the Chill Wind Forest is all-black and has no daylight. But, this is advantageous for us. We can’t see the enemy. But, it would be even more difficult for the enemy to see us! And, that’s because the divine sense detection of an Emperor Level Expert is much stronger than that of a King Level Expert! So, the higher the cultivation level — the greater the advantage!]

These two Emperor Level Experts could easily kill the enemy as long as they knew the target’s position. Moreover, they could at least constrain them till the break of the dawn even if they couldn’t kill them. And, they could execute them later once the main team would arrive!

The two of them had made up their minds. So, they went floating inside the Chill Wind Forest, and issued whistling sounds as they moved!

These two had gone inside the forest. So, it would be impossible for the enemy to find their trails. However, these two were Emperor Level Experts. So, they could easily track things in the dark.

Therefore, they weren’t worried even though they were vigilant.

Their self-confidence was completely reasonable because Chu Yang and the others couldn’t find them! But… Chu Yang had an over ninety-thousand years old Sword Spirit within him!

Suddenly, the sound of floating air was heard. It sounded like the wailing of ghosts and howling of wolves. And, these two men couldn’t help but smile in a bitter manner. [This Chill Wind Forest is indeed worthy of its name.]

They launched their divine sense detection, and moved forwards very cautiously…

It was already pitch-dark at the distance of only three or four steps ahead.

Chu Yang made the first move in this dense fog without the slightest hesitation as they entered the Chill Wind Forest! His black robe fluttered as he appeared in the dense fog like a devil G.o.d. His sword then flashed as he made the move without making any sound. ‘What harm is there in slaughtering the whole world’!

The two elders had seen extreme darkness as soon as they had entered the forest. So, they had subconsciously closed their eyes.

There was sudden turbulence in the dense fog up ahead at this time. And, an extremely sharp sword-light suddenly appeared as this happened. In fact, it came head-on so powerfully that it seemed as if it could wipe out everything in a range of five-hundred kilometers!

This sword-attack had come so suddenly that it was beyond the expectations of these two men! In fact, there hadn’t been any sign of the sword-light before it had appeared! However, the sword-light had appeared before their eyes by now!

These two Elders of Emperor Level cultivation had never seen such a terrifying sword blow in their hundred years of experience!

The two of them simultaneously felt trapped in this boundless murderous aura! And, they felt a chill in their bodies!

They bellowed and hastily aroused their fighting spirits to counterattack. Both of them drew their swords out of their sheaths along with two ‘clang’ sounds, and prepared themselves to face the attack of this sword-light! But, they couldn’t produce their best strength since they were in a rus.h.!.+

Besides, they were facing a sword technique that had been present on this Nine Heavens Continent for tens of thousands of years!

Moreover, it was the number-one sword-art in the entire world!

The sword issued an increasing amount of murderous aura!

‘What harm is there in slaughtering the whole world’!

The sword-light issued a sound of thunderclap, and it seemed as if a thunderbolt had come down from the Ninth heaven!

The sword-light suddenly clashed with the swords of these two men like a lightning!

A crackling and rattling sound was heard, and the swords they had been using for a lifetime were reduced to tiny fragments in a spilt second. The sword energy wildly rushed over, and both of them spouted out blood with ‘puff’ sound! However, the sword attack’s power continued to rush over madly and aggressively!

Chu Yang felt a smother in his chest and b.l.o.o.d.y taste in his mouth during this clash with their sword light. And, that was because of the strength of the counterattack of these two men. He almost puffed out blood from his mouth. But, he endured this and unleashed another sword-light. He had ferociously issued two moves in quick succession. ‘A sharp will buried deep will not change’ and ‘Gather wind and cloud to rule over all’!

Chu Yang wanted to use all the sword moves of the Nine Tribulation Sword in one spurt of energy. But, he had just unleashed these two moves, and he was already feeling a piercing pain in his chest! These Emperor Level Experts hadn’t put their entire strength while counter-attacking, but Chu Yang’s cultivation wasn’t high-enough to allow him to take the impact that easily. So, Chu Yang had to give up on his original plan.

However, the advantage was such that these two sword moves had filled the surroundings with sword-lights. And, this had abruptly surrounded them in a seemingly inescapable net!

The sword-light poured like rain. Moreover, the sword energy was moving randomly all across! Countless ‘shua’ sounds were heard as both of them received several wounds on their bodies. In fact, their wounds were so deep that their bones could be clearly seen. And, their blood gushed out like fountains as a result!

Both of them had been scared out of their wits at first! Then, they re-collected themselves and crazily struck out their palms to defend themselves as they retreated in desperation.

Chu Yang would’ve completely exhausted himself if they hadn’t drawn back, and had stubbornly continued to withstand his attacks until the formidable power of those two sword moves had come to exhaust. Then, he would’ve posed no threat to them. Moreover, Chu Yang’s initial arrangement wouldn’t have worked either…

However, they had no other choice but to draw back. The first sword attack had already left them scared, and had managed to damage their courage! In fact, they had become certain, [There’s an Emperor Level Expert on the opposite side! Moreover, it’s a Sword Emperor!]

[Otherwise, how could he have sent out such fierce and swift sword move? And, such an enormous and powerful sword attack at that…?]

Not drawing back while facing a Sword Emperor in the dark would be akin to courting death! Only drawing back at first, and holding their grounds thereafter may turn this defeat into victory. This was the only way their lives would’ve been saved! Therefore, they had no other choice but to draw back at first!

However, this retreat had sent them closer to the edge of the knife!

A bone-chilling ‘sword intention’ was issued out from the left side. The Sword King Gu Du Xing had attacked! The sword came out piercing like a viper before the sword intention. It was targeted at the heart of the Eighth Elder!

Meanwhile, a sword light came out flying like a cylinder. Ji Mo’s body united with the sword light and silently flew up in the sky. Then, he recklessly shot a killer attack from the left side of the Eighth Elder.

The Ninth Elder drew back while stumbling on the right side. He let out a painful cry. But, a tall and st.u.r.dy silhouette jumped up high in the sky before he could react. A heavy black saber slashed down in fierce manner with a type of power that could chop a mountain!

This saber-attack didn’t have any move behind it! It didn’t have any crafty martial skill either! But, it was concentrated with vigor! This was a sure-shot killer attack!

It could be said that the entire sky would’ve been torn apart if it were to stand in this blade’s path!

More and more sword-lights came piercing like vipers from behind! Actually, it was Second Master Luo – Luo Ke Di who had sinisterly blocked the escape routes for this Emperor Level Expert!

Ninth Elder let out a scream in despair. The combination of three exceptional attacks had suddenly been launched on him in quick succession. His body had already sustained serious injuries. So, he was in a state of panic and confusion. So, he would’ve never thought that a mad Sword King would be lying in wait in his retreat route!

He lifted his left hand in panic, and circulated his martial power to defend against the incoming black saber. Then, he hurriedly took out a small and exquisite dagger from his right hand, and lifted it upwards to face the attack! His body also flew backwards as this happened. His arm may get chopped off, but he could save his life from that vicious sword attack as long as he could block the saber attack with his left hand!


The big saber suddenly chopped-off his left hand!

The dagger in his right hand faced the saber-attack. The saber had seemingly hacked down with the entirety of the indifference of the world combined!

Dong Wu Shang looked like a sovereign king with the saber in his hand! It seemed as if he reigned over the world, and no one could dare to disobey him!

This was his innate imposing bearing. And, no one could imitate it.


The dagger broke down!

The forehead of this Emperor Level Expert was slashed by the ferocious power of the big saber! And, blood gushed out!

Luo Ke Di didn’t hold back his sword-attack at this moment. And, it went piercing through the middle of this Emperor Level Expert’s back. The two attacks from the front and the back had taken away the life force of this Emperor Level Expert!

The big saber continued to fall. And, this Emperor Level Expert was chopped into two equal halves from the top of the skull to the crotch with a ‘shua’ sound…!

The Ninth Elder thrust out his palm whilst he was on the verge of his death. But, he had already become powerless by now! Dong Wu Shang kicked him. And, half of his body filled the entire sky with rains of blood.

Dong Wu Shang’s silhouette coldly appeared at this time. His tall and st.u.r.dy stature seemed like that of a legendary G.o.d of War! He looked towards Gu Du Xing’s fight with his saber-like sharp vision.

Gu Du Xing’s Black Dragon Sword rushed like a thunder with a speed that had exceeded that of light. And, the air-friction that had resulted from this short distance sprint of the Black Dragon Sword had managed to produce an incredible heat!


The sword pierced the heart!

The Eighth Elder had the cultivation of second grade Emperor Level. But, he did get enough time to react. And, his heart got pierced by the sword. He continued to draw back as his feet trembled, and didn’t come to a stop!

Gu Du Xing began to draw back his sword as the Eighth Elder felt a pain in his chest.

However, the Eighth Elder exposed a cruel smile of despair on his face. He then suddenly threw himself forward, and the sword penetrated into his heart again.

"Du Xing, leave your sword!" Chu Yang shouted out loudly.

Gu Du Xing loosened up his grip, and fiercely flew back like an arrow. However, the Eighth Elder’s palm hit him with a loud ‘bang’. He had struck on one side of Gu Du Xing’s body with only less-than-half of his strength. However, Gu Du Xing spouted out a mouthful of blood, and his body was left to tumble over.

The Eighth Elder fiercely shouted, and strode forward to pursue and attack.

However, a light magnificently flashed in the air at this moment. Ji Mo’s body united with the sword-light and sped along with that brilliant light. The sword-light then swallowed the entire body of the Eighth Elder!

This second grade Emperor Level Expert didn’t even get the time to let out the final cry as his body got slashed into pieces of meat inside the brilliant sword light!

The sword-light disappeared. Ji Mo jumped up in the air, and grabbed the Black Dragon Sword. He then hurriedly rushed over, "Second Brother! Second Brother, are you alright?"

"Yes, I’m alright!" Gu Du Xing resisted the pain even though he felt as if half of his body was falling apart, and stood up. He stood perfectly straight, and took the Black Dragon Sword.

This fight had already ended even though it had barely started a moment ago! They didn’t get enough time to react, but everything had already been sorted out. Moreover, those two Emperor Level Experts had been ambushed to death in such an unjust manner!

Everyone felt somewhat thrilled as they looked at this scene.

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di were still in a panicked state even though the fight had ended. They had set their hearts out to kill the enemy a moment ago. But, they still couldn’t think how it had come to happen. Their knees suddenly went weak as they recalled everything. In fact, they could barely endure it…

The hearts of Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing were also beating fast.

[Emperor Level Expert! Their existence used to be so aloof and remote. And, we had dared to target such people. And, they’ve died at our hands…? Just like that…?]

"It seems like a King Level Expert can also kill an Emperor Level Expert!" Dong Wu Shang let out a long breath. That indescribable listlessness in his voice had gradually vanished. Instead, his killing intention had grown more and more, and had gradually turned chilling cold.

The saber-energy of his saber became increasingly wild! And, a kind of self-confidence wildly bubbled up inside him!

It seemed that this short fight had untied the Devil of Slaughter in his heart!

In fact, this hadn’t happened to him alone. The temperament of Gu Du Xing, Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had also changed after this fight! After all, these King Level Experts had killed Emperor Level Experts!

It was only an ambush. But, that invincible image of an Emperor Level Expert had begun to collapse in their hearts with a loud rumble!

This wasn’t just a fight… it was a notion!

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