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Qingfeng Li and the others walked on with heavy hearts. Although the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te was just ahead of them, from the words of the North Profound Immortal, they knew great dangers were still concealed on the planet and the Yin-Yang Sky Roc was not the most powerful being here.

Di… Di… Di…

The dripping sounds grew louder as if they came from the depths of the universe.

Shortly, Qingfeng Li and the others came into a cavern which looked especially creepy in the depths of the ground and the chilling presence came with the dripping sounds from inside gave them s.h.i.+vers.

According to the memory of Yin-Yang Sky Roc, Qingfeng Li knew that the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te was in the cavern ahead of them.

It was ink-black in the cavern and torrents of h.e.l.l presence surged out. The h.e.l.l presence was the combination of evil presence and Yin energy which were different from death energy and could only freeze people.

Circulating Golden Flames, Qingfeng Li emitted radiant flames over his body, driving off the chilling presence while forming a fire-elemental defense s.h.i.+eld to protect Tu Ba, Tiandie Mu, and the others.

Although they were very powerful half-immortals, they were not strong enough to fight underground. After all, the North Profound Immortal had died not far from them.

In the Desolation Era of the Universe, the North Profound Immortal was called the Immortal King and the first master of the Immortal Land.

Shortly, Qingfeng Li and the others finally reached the innermost part of the cavern and saw a pool.

With an area of 100 square meters, the pool was filled with black liquid dripping from the ceiling of the cavern.

Qingfeng Li was surprised when he looked at the cavern since he found it was, in fact, a void connected with the unknown depth of the universe. He could see at least ten thousand stars at the top of the cavern.

Surprised, Qingfeng Li said, "Is it possible that we've come to another world? But we just came down from the Yin-Yang Planet."

By his side, Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu were also dumbfounded since they had never seen such a weird view before.

It was quite weird that as they were crawling underground, they saw stars from another universe. Besides, these stars were continuously dripping black liquid into the pool, forming huge amounts of Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

It must be noted that only one drop of the Million-Year Stalact.i.te would cause a fierce battle among countless saints and half-immortals. If one bottle of the Stalact.i.te appeared, even immortals wouldn't resist the temptation and fight for it.

However, 100 square meters of it stood before them and they could fill 100 big bottles with it.

If they brought it out, even the living fossils, ancient monsters in the Universe Saint Realm would probably fight for it. After all, it would be a great fortune even in the Immortal Realm and would attract some powerful immortals to fight for it, too.

Qingfeng Li withdrew his gaze from the universe void above his head, knowing it was a mysterious unknown world and his current strength was not strong enough to explore it. After all, dangers were always lurking in the unknown world and it was best left alone for now.

He decided to come back and explore it after he reached the Immortal Realm. Right now, his priority was to collect the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

It was an unimaginable great fortune if they could collect all the Million-Year Stalact.i.te.

Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu had heat in their eyes since they also wanted the Million-Year Stalact.i.te. However, they knew it belonged to Qingfeng Li who had killed Yin-Yang Sky Roc all by himself.

From his interspatial ring, Qingfeng Li took out 100 bottles which he had brought from the Crimson Fire Continent to collect the One-million h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

Made with half-immortal materials, the bottles were corrosion-resistant and could contain large amounts of Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

With his will, Qingfeng Li grabbed some Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te trying to put them into one bottle. Then he frowned since he found the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te very heavy and one mysterious force in it prevented him from lifting it.

A trace of surprise entered his eyes when he discovered this unique feature of the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

Again, he reached out his palm to grab it, but the result was the same: it slipped from his hand.

The Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te was so heavy even Qingfeng Li found it hard to lift it.

With a slight frown, Qingfeng Li found it quite unbelievable because according to the ancient treasure books, Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te was not so heavy or so hard to lift. There must be some reasons behind it.

Tu Ba and Tiandie Mu also reached out to help Qingfeng Li grab the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te, but they couldn't get it, either.

Black Puppy and Sky-Devouring Snake tried and failed, too. Helplessly, they walked around the large pool of Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

It was frustrating to look at the treasure but couldn't get it.

Qingfeng Li observed it carefully and suddenly he noticed a huge sucking force below the pool, which meant that someone had built a gravity array here.

He had met many attacking and defense arrays and five elements formations such as gold, wood, water, fire and earth. It was the first time he encountered a gravity array.

However, with his cultivation of gravity technique, Qingfeng Li knew something about gravity.

Obviously, Black Puppy had also discovered the trick. It said, "Qingfeng Li, an immortal built an immortal-grade array which exerts great sucking force on the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te. That's why we can't lift them."

A cold glint entered Qingfeng Li's eyes when he asked, "Little Black, do you mean that an immortal came here a long time ago and left temporarily for a special reason?"

Black puppy nodded and said, "If I'm right, it's what happened. If we take the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te, we will offend this mysterious immortal who I think is very powerful."

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "I don't care who he is. Since he's not here, this treasure belongs to me now. And I'll break his gravity immortal array."

Channeling the clairvoyance ability in his right eye, he released a radiant golden beam with which he saw through the whole array built on the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te in one instant.

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