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The Three-headed Toad reached out its hands and took the Reincarnation Immortal Sword over. It bowed and said, "Teacher, don't worry. I'll definitely cut off Qingfeng Li's head."

Then it turned into a glowing light and instantly disappeared on the sixth peak, flying toward Crimson Fire Continent.

Seeing the Three-headed Toad had left, Silver Horn Devilish Ox stood up on the fifth peak.

The Silver Horn Devilish Ox had a st.u.r.dy body. It already got human manifestation and was a well-known master. As the first disciple of Reincarnation Immortal, it self-cultivated into the peak level of the immortal beast from an ancient ox in the Desolation Era.

The Silver Horn Devilish Ox bowed to the Reincarnation Immortal and said, "Teacher, as far as I know, Qingfeng Li is quite powerful to be able to kill third junior brother. Second junior brother may not be able to defeat him. I also want to go there in case he needs my help. If not, I'll just watch him cut Qingfeng Li's head off."

The Reincarnation Immortal thought for a while, then said, "Silver Horn Devilish Ox, you're right. I'm practicing the Heavenly Reincarnation Technique and can't leave here right now. You go there and help your junior brother in secret, on behalf of me."

"If Qingfeng Li is that powerful, you strike out and help Three-headed Toad. If not, keep yourself concealed."

"Don't let those self-cultivators in Universe's Saint Realm think less of our Reincarnation Saint Sect. After all, one single disciple of us can destroy a galaxy."

Silver Horn Devilish Ox nodded and bowed again to Reincarnation Immortal. Then it turned into a phantom and disappeared. It followed Three-headed Toad and flew toward Crimson Fire Continent.

At this moment, Qingfeng Li was holding a meeting in the royal palace on Crimson Fire Continent.

He knew the danger was on the way after he killed Void Demonic Snake. He needed to complete the Yin-Yang Immortal Array sooner.

Once he accomplished the Yin-Yang Immortal Array, it could resist the attacks of immortals. No one could break the Array unless he reached the level of peak immortal.

Qingfeng Li took out the Yin-Yang Vulture Feathers, Yin-Yang Immortal Crystals and Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te from his interspatial ring.

Yin-Yang Vulture only left a giant dead body there, with its feathers all plucked by Qingfeng Li. Each of the feathers s.h.i.+ned the Yin-Yang Dual Energy and black-and-white light.

The light s.h.i.+ned over the sky, shocking everyone around with its chaotic energy.

They all looked at Qingfeng Li with admiration at this moment. They could tell that Yin-Yang Immortal Vulture was at least a middle-grade immortal beast. But it was easily slaughtered by Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was so powerful that the self-cultivators on Crimson Fire Continent almost treated him like a G.o.d.

Qingfeng Li told the method of making Yin-Yang Immortal Array to Tu Ba, Tiandie Mu, and Blood Immortal, and let them a.s.sist him.

As for Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu and the rest, Qingfeng Li took out some Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te and gave it to them.

Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te was found in the central part of Yin-Yang Planet. They got a hundred bottles of it. There was 70 left after he and Black Puppy refined 30 bottles.

He only needed 50 bottles to make Yin-Yang Immortal Array. Qingfeng Li gave the rest 20 bottles to Xue Lin and the rest. He wanted them to improve their power. After the attack from Void Demonic Snake, he realized they were too still weak.

Although Xue Lin had reached the half-immortal level, she was still far weaker than the immortal beasts. Qingfeng Li could defeat those immortal beasts alone, but it was much harder for him to protect all of them at the same time.

In the worst case, when Qingfeng Li was separated from them someday, they would only become the prey of others. After all, the bloodlines on Xue Lin, Mengyao Xu, and Ruyan Liu were quite powerful and very appealing to other self-cultivators.

Xue Lin showed a touch of delight on her pretty face, saying, "Honey, you've got so much Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te? That's great. We'll be much more powerful with this."

Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xu were also very happy. They realized their weakness in the battle with Void Demonic Snake. If Qingfeng Li didn't come back in time, they would certainly be in great danger.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and let them refine the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te in the backyard of the royal palace.

Then he took out the drawing of Yin-Yang Immortal Array. The drawing was magnificent, with all the details and steps of making the array.

Qingfeng Li wanted to shroud the entire Crimson Fire Continent in the Array. Therefore, he needed lots of Yin-Yang Immortal Vulture Feathers, Yin-Yang Immortal Crystals, and Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te.

He had got all the materials at this moment.

Arrays were different from cultivation techniques. They needed power and vital essence as the source, and it was very important to follow the right directions as the Eight Trigrams and Five Elements indicated.

Qingfeng Li put the feathers of Yin-Yang Immortal Vulture in the northeast corner, the Yin-Yang Immortal Crystal in the southwest, and the Million-Year h.e.l.l Stalact.i.te in the middle. Then he made 9999 array flags.

Each one of the Array flags was made of immortal rocks and the skin of immortal beasts, then forged by Golden Flame.

Qingfeng Li let Tu Ba, Tiandie Mu, and Blood Immortal place the Yin-Yang Array Flags all over the Crimson Fire Continent.

It was a huge project and would take a few days if Qingfeng Li did it alone. But with the help of Tu Ba, Tiandie Mu and Blood Immortal, he completed the array within half a day.


Much Yin-Yang Dual Energy rose up on the Crimson Fire Continent.

The energy had two colors, black and white. The two colors weaved together and formed a pattern of Yin-Yang above Crimson Fire Continent.

The pattern was like the Eight Trigrams of Tai Chi, shrouding the entire mainland with strong defense power.

All the self-cultivators on Crimson Fire Continent saw this and felt the power of the Array. They all got excited and kept kowtowing to Qingfeng Li. They knew they would be safe with the protection of Yin-Yang Immortal Array.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "Blood Immortal, you go outside and try attacking the Yin-Yang Immortal Array. Let's see what will happen."

Blood Immortal nodded and said, "Yes, Master."

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