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Longevity Immortal took a deep breath and said to himself, "Extraordinary, this Qingfeng Li is truly extraordinary. Even I can't see through his chaotic treasure. It's by no means inferior to Black-and-White Millstone. He is truly a man with an incredible destiny."

Longevity Immortal stared at Qingfeng Li with an unusual look.

He felt this young man was extraordinary and might become the Immortal Monarch in the future.

Longevity Immortal also realized why Red Lotus Immortal Queen would protect Qingfeng Li. As it turned out, she also knew Qingfeng Li's hidden secret.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen was investing on Qingfeng Li. Once Qingfeng Li reached the top among the Immortal Monarchs and Immortal Kings, Red Lotus Immortal Queen would also get a better condition, and her dream of bringing Yin-Yang Planet back into Immortal Land would also be fulfilled.

Longevity Immortal was impressed. He had lived for millions of years, through the Chaos Era, the Desolation Era and the Ancient Era of the Universe. He had met countless geniuses, even had seen lots of Immortal Monarchs, let alone the Immortal Kings and normal Immortals. But no one else had impressed him with the mysterious aura like Qingfeng Li.

From his intuition, Longevity Immortal felt this mystery object in Qingfeng Li's interspatial ring was more profound and mysterious than anything he had seen.

He even sensed the same aura as himself in Qingfeng Li's interspatial ring. It seemed that this object had also reincarnated and was reborn.

Longevity Immortal was a miracle. He had reincarnated for a few cycles.

Normal self-cultivators could only live one life. But some powerful masters who had comprehended the special techniques could transmigrate beyond the common reincarnation.

After the transmigration, they could self-cultivate with the memory from the past life, which provided them with great advantages from birth, and they would get greater achievements eventually.

Qingfeng Li frowned a bit when Longevity Immortal was staring at him. He felt his secrets were seen through and got quite nervous under the observation of this ancient master.

Qingfeng Li knew Longevity Immortal had seen through most of his Dharma Treasures, everything except the Peac.o.c.k Demon Empress in his interspatial ring.

Peac.o.c.k Demon Empress was in the golden cac.o.o.n at this moment and was isolated from everything else.

Qingfeng Li had met countless masters and had practiced lots of immortal level techniques.

He also had a powerful background, but he couldn't see through the mystery Longevity Immortal.

Longevity Immortal was in the Immortal King Level, but Qingfeng Li knew he was more powerful than this level.

There were laws and restrictions in Universe Saint Realm, which forbade Immortal Kings to show up.

One Immortal King once entered the Saint Realm long ago, but he was squeezed into blood mist instantly.

But Longevity Immortal was an exception. He was beyond the restrictions of Saint Realm.

In other words, Longevity Immortal mastered the technique to disobey the heaven. Even the spatial barrier of Saint Realm couldn't harm him a bit.

Longevity Immortal looked at Qingfeng Li, then took a glance at Red Lotus Immortal Queen and Reincarnation Immortal, saying, "The gate of the Immortal Land is about to open. Let's call a truce and stop fighting temporarily. After the gate opens, I won't mind if you want to continue the fight."

They all turned silent after hearing the words from Longevity Immortal.

If other self-cultivators intervened, Qingfeng Li, Red Lotus Immortal Queen, and Reincarnation Immortal wouldn't listen to them at all.

They were the most powerful ones in the Universe Saint Realm. But Longevity Immortal was even more powerful than them as a master in the Immortal King Level. And he was a very ancient and mysterious being as well.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen was the first one to talk in the Supreme Burial Ground. She said, "Since Longevity Immortal asked, we'll show respect to him, but only under one condition, that Qingfeng Li must be safe."

Reincarnation Immortal hummed and said, "Longevity Immortal, I certainly agree with you. I'll let Qingfeng Li off in Saint Realm. But I'll kill him at the second the gate of Immortal Land opens."

Qingfeng Li stood there and said calmly, "Longevity Immortal, I agree."

He didn't care about the threat from Reincarnation Immortal at all. All he needed was time.

There would still be a while before the gate opened. Qingfeng Li could continue his self-cultivation during this time. He wouldn't be afraid of Reincarnation Immortal anymore when he reached a higher level.

Besides, Qingfeng Li got many immortal level techniques, each one of which was very powerful. He needed to accomplish them at this moment.

A battle shocking the entire universe eventually ended under the intervention of Longevity Immortal.

Everyone else felt relieved and was grateful to Longevity Immortal.

"Fortunately, Longevity Immortal showed up and stopped the fight between Reincarnation Immortal and Red Lotus Immortal Queen. Otherwise, the entire Universe Saint Realm will collapse, and we'll all die."

"You're right. Longevity Immortal is the only one in the Saint Realm that can do this."

"I've read from the ancient book of my family, that the great-grandfather of my great-grandfather had met Longevity Immortal when he was alive. I never thought Longevity Immortal is still alive."

"Of course. Longevity Immortal is called the perfect one in Universe Saint Realm. His legends are well-known even in the Immortal Land."

The surrounding self-cultivators kept talking about Longevity Immortal.

Longevity Immortal was a legend in the Universe Saint Realm before, a myth that n.o.body had truly understood.

But at this moment, he showed up in front of them, proving all the legends were true. He could really live this long, which made all the self-cultivators full of eagerness.

The only and ultimate purpose of self-cultivation was to live forever. But even those who had reached the Immortal Level or Immortal King Level still died eventually.

But they saw the hope on Longevity Immortal. He was the lighthouse in their mind.

Of course, other than Longevity Immortal, Qingfeng Li was mentioned most frequently among these self-cultivators.

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