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Chapter 711: Piercing the Sky Translator: Alsey Editor: Chrissy

On the wide platform, a three-legged toad with a bulging stomach and cheeks was glaring indignantly at the crowd.

It was an auspicious beast of great talent and power, capable of spitting out money to drop enemy weapons.

At first, the creature thought the toad would speak nonsense just like the black yak and the old donkey in order to inflate the price.

“I'm not like you, I'm an auspicious beast. Our race is extremely few in number, and whoever takes me away will have to wors.h.i.+p me.”

The three legged toad spoke coldly and with great confidence. It was extremely arrogant.

That was indeed the case. In a battle between evolvers, such creatures would often be invited to the front lines. Once the battle began, saint-level three-legged toads would spit out a rain of money and seize the opponents' weapons.

Because such creatures were extremely rare, their status was high even though they didn't have any evolutionary sects. Every race attached great importance to them.

Hence, the three-legged toad wasn't worried at all. On the contrary, it was arrogant and bombastic, glaring at Ouyang Feng in a sn.o.bbish manner.

However, it had overthought things.

Ouyang Feng's golden-spotted face turned gloomy after getting onto the stage. Without a second word, he began kicking the three-legged toad and then picked it up for another round of beating.

“You useless thing, you're a captive yet you d.a.m.ned dare to glance sideways at me? I get angry just by looking at you. Golden, is it? Golden toad body, is it? Isn't this an affront to my name? People will surely think we're related. I'll beat you to death!”

Ouyang Feng stomped again and again, beating the three-legged toad until it was crying out loud. It was stunned by the unbearable developments because it had believed Ouyang Feng would praise it to drive the prices up. In the end, this was what actually happened.

“Ah, G.o.ddammit! What situation is this?”

The audience was petrified. Why was there a beating instead of a promotion?”

All the guests were speechless. Some began pondering whether this was a new, unconventional way to drive prices up.

Afterward, someone roared.

“The price of the three-legged golden toad won't change even if you keep kicking it!”

Bang, bang, bang…

On the stage, the three-legged golden toad's face was swollen and the golden color on its body had turned dim. Its entire body was twitching as it cried tears of pain, howling for mercy.

“Don't hit me anymore, we're both toads of the same root, why rush to beat each other up?”

The three-legged golden toad was frothing at the mouth and crying out loud. Then, the golden threads on its body fell to the ground one after the other, scattering all over the floor.

Ouyang Feng didn't stop there. “Trying to drag me down? I'll beat you to death, you d.a.m.ned toad. Who told you to transform into my shape? I'm telling you, this grandpa is a divine beast, not a monster like you guys. This form is only temporary.”

“Sob, sob, this is my true body.” The three-legged golden toad burst into tears and decsively transformed into a human.

It was less destructive compared to the others, so it wasn't restrained with chains running through the shoulder blades.

At this moment, it had turned into a young man with bronze lines all over its face. It looked very much wronged as it suffered Ouyang Feng's fists.

Everyone was speechless, especially the holy sons and daughters. They felt that they needed to be careful during transformations.

“Enough brother, the people on the Origin Beast Platform are praising you. You can stop now.” The black yak persuaded the toad, lest he makes the creature unsellable.

The Manchurian Tiger immediately became unhappy and began causing a ruckus.

“What is this? I got cursed to death for trying to sell a cat, but Brother Ouyang received praise for beating a toad up?!”

“Hee-haw hee-haw, this is really not fair. I only tried to sell a mule, but those grandsons from the platformed threatened me and said my donkey eyes couldn't recognize treasures.”

The reason was simple. The three-legged golden toad had great uses in the battle between evolvers. Hence, it had always been proud due to the attention it received everywhere. It was arrogant and bossy, puffing its belly and cheeks as it looked askance at everyone.

Hence, everyone was quite happy to see the genius of this race being beaten up. Naturally, the att.i.tude would change once one of them had won the bid and take the creature home.

Ouyang Feng jumped down the stage with a whoosh.

In the end, the three-legged golden toad was sold at the same price as the heavenly horse holy son. The Elder Ape of the Greatwood Temple knocked thrice with his staff and confirmed the deal!

“We're flouris.h.i.+ng. Who would've thought these goods would be so expensive. If we had known earlier, Brother Chu Feng should've been lenient and let more holy sons live. All of them are equal to Six Path Reincarnation Pills.”

However, the following sales weren't as hot. Their final prices weren't that high, either.

“Hey, that twin-headed golden lion, you look quite fierce, but your actual strength is so weak. You can't even bring back a single Six Path Reincarnation Pill. How can you be so worthless?!” the old donkey shouted.

Zhou Quan, the Bear King, and the others also expressed their understanding. They said that the bidders were actually suppressing the price.

The Golden Lion King immediately felt like crying. It was already embarra.s.sing enough that he had been captured, but now, he was being taken advantage of.

He really wanted to bite the donkey's head off and slap that four-horned human monster to death.

Night on the Eastern Sea was full of waves and the moon was hanging high above it, s.h.i.+ning down on the water surface. From time to time, the reflection would be shattered into fragments of silver amidst the cras.h.i.+ng waves.

The large mountain-like s.h.i.+p was brightly lit as the auction went on methodically.

Chu Feng finally made an appearance—he had just finished chatting with Vajra and also discovered Silver Wing from among the four great mutants. Chu Feng talked quite a while with them.

Silver Wing mentioned Lin Naoi and asked whether Chu Feng knew of her whereabouts. Deity Biomedicals had gone on a steady decline since her disappearance. Not to mention competing with the outer realm beings, they were now toward the bottom among the local corporations.

Chu Feng left after a brief chat and stood on the deck alone. He looked up at the starry sky with a frown, his heart willed with disappointment and frustration.

Lin Naoi had left for such a long time that her memory had somewhat faded in recent days. However, he couldn't help but sigh after really thinking about her.

That was because he suspected whether Lin Naoi was still within this sea of stars. Now that he thought about it, she was in possession of a superstellar inheritance paG.o.da.

That paG.o.da was rather special and could actually split into two halves, almost like the opposing ying and yang.

He had asked Yaoyao and Uncle Ming about this before. That was one of the most important energy paG.o.das on ancient earth. Reportedly, no one could understand it thoroughly even after a long period of study.

A certain major character would spend several years just trying to comprehend it.

After Chu Feng discovered the secret of Yaoyao's grandfather under Mount Zhijin and talking to Uncle Ming, the latter finally told him that the mysterious character who had studied the superstellar paG.o.da was actually Yaoyao's grandfather.

Yaoyao's grandfather had unexpectedly obtained a paG.o.da that could split into two yin and yang halves back in the year. Such an energy paG.o.da definitely wasn't ordinary!

Chu Feng felt that Lin Naoi's fortunate possession of such an inheritance must be due to certain triggers. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to obtain.

Additionally, he had a hunch that Lin Naoi might not necessarily be in this cosmos. Could she be in the broken cosmos of the primal chaos? He couldn't help but think about many things.

That was because Yaoyao's grandfather's study topic was related to the Yang Realm. He had wanted to head over to the Yang Realm!

Then, Chu Feng found Ying Zhexian of the Quasi Immortal Race arrive on the other side of the deck, holding his sister's hand. He was here to watch the sea view of the awakening world.

Apparently, they weren't here just to enjoy the view. There was an old lady beside them observing the spiritual energy of the Eastern Sea.

“Mm, there used to be a good number of underwater cave residences under the sea. I reckon the most famous ones will only emerge after some time.”

The old woman's lips moved rapidly, but no voice came out. Chu Feng had the Fiery Eyes, so he could see everything clearly and read her lips.

“Ah, Demon King Chu, you're also here. What a shock!” Ying Xiaoxiao cried out the moment she saw Chu Feng.

Chu Feng walked over naturally and began conversing with them. He wanted to build up a good relations.h.i.+p with them because he would have to return to the starry skies soon. If he could avoid it, there was no need to make enemies everywhere.

Among the ten greats, the Deity Race alone was already enough to keep him busy.

“Chu Feng, you robbed us before. You even s.n.a.t.c.hed my snacks.” The silver-haired loli cried out, poking Chu Feng where it hurt.

The next moment, her little mouth was stuffed with snacks and unable to speak, almost as though Chu Feng had performed a magic trick.

Afterward, Chu Feng began talking with Ying Zhexian. He was incomparably pa.s.sionate, almost as though he had wanted to meet her for a long time.

The old woman nearby was quite old fas.h.i.+oned. There was no expression on her face as she shot Chu Feng a couple of glances. It was almost as though she was looking at a bush-tailed wolf.

This caused Chu Feng to be speechless!

“Chu Feng, you've loosened sis' belt before. Where is that treasure now?!” the silver-haired loli spoke while chewing on the food in her mouth.

“This… I'll return it to you.” Chu Feng searched through his spatial bracelet but soon began to sweat. That was because there were quite a few of them in there, and he couldn't quite remember which one of them belonged to the third most beautiful lady under the starry skies.

The silver-haired loli was extremely quick to notice. “So many! All of them are ladies' belts. You pervert, is there anything bad that you don't do?”

It was at this time that the Vermilion Bird Fairy walked toward Chu Feng and saw her belt.

Behind her was Yuan Yuan of the Origin Demon Race.

These two were of great origins and high-ranked beauties. Now, the two of them staring at Chu Feng together.

“I still have something to do. Let's chat later!” Chu Feng stuffed the belts made of bound spirits into his spatial bracelet and fled.

He wasn't prepared to deal with so many ladies at the same time. Even though he wanted to bury the hatchet and start anew, he needed to do it slowly one by one. Bad things would happen if they were all gathered up together. It was likely that they would suppress him instead.

“Brother, the first three volumes of the World's End Near at Hand, Divine Foot, and Earth Shrinking Art have been provided!” the black yak said with a smile after seeing Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was greatly delighted. The had two of the three scrolls of the World's End Near at Hand and found the first scroll of the Earth Shrinking Earth on one of the holy sons. These were the few speed-related arts famous throughout the universe, and each would be a divine technique when fully gathered.

He wanted to study them and seek an opportunity to compare them against one another. He was hoping to refine the essences of these wondrous arts.

At this time, Chu Feng was scanning the guests with a divine glint in his eyes. He had been guarded against outer realm people coming here to cause trouble and casualties.

That was because there were true experts among the people here. For instance, Yuan s.h.i.+cheng, Ying Wudi, the Destiny Immortal Physique, the Undead Silkworm Prince, Ji Cheng of the Peac.o.c.k Race, etc.

And that was on the surface. There were even more who had hidden their ident.i.ties.

“Eh?!” His Fiery Eyes could see through all falsehoods. He was frowning at the moment. Could something be up?

He sensed a number of people with odd energy auras. They seemed normal on the surface, but his Fiery Eyes could clearly see that their bodies were like b.a.l.l.s of fire inside. They were as resplendent as the sun, hiding terrifying energy within!

As the auction reached its peak, Chu Feng found an opportunity to turn his back to them, giving them an opportunity to attack.

Meanwhile, he was secretly holding the treasure he had robbed from the Origin Magnetic Holy Physique—the Divine Magnetic Mountain Seal.

This thing was extraordinary rare. It was mainly composed to divine magnet with a portion of magnetic marrow attached to it. To domain researchers, this was an extremely powerful weapon that could control and empower domains, as well as strengthen origin magnetic energy.

He had long since remodeled this s.h.i.+p by laying down a large number of origin magnetic stones throughout it. All of this was prevent outer realm evolvers from causing trouble!

“Oh heavens, it's actually a Deity Relic!” someone shouted.

At the climax of the auction, the relic left behind from the Deity Race's dead holy son was actually brought out for auction.

“Unfortunately, the essence in this relic has been sucked dry. It's more or less useless to me, but it holds significant value to the Deity Race because only powerful saints would leave relics upon death.”

At the same time, the black yak said, “This broken pearl is quite useless. It's something we picked up while sweeping through the battlefield. It's good as a keepsake. Who wants to bid on this? It's quite cheap. The base price starts at eight six-path reincarnation pills.”

Everyone was speechless and cursed inwardly at the dirty play. They knew that this base price was set to defraud the Deity Race!

The black yak said, “No one wants it? Quite unfortunate. Then we'll consider it a failed auction. I'll be embedding it on my combat boots, later on. How good looking is this bright pearl?”

This had nothing to do with good-looking! Everyone thus criticized him in secret. How many top-saints had each race produced throughout the years. A relic was equal to that saint's remains.

How could an orthodoxy like the Deity Race bear such humiliation, especially from one they had conquered before.

“This old man will join the auction!”

In the end, someone from the Deity Race spoke up on the internet, bidding eight Six-Path Reincarnation Pills. This was indeed a blood spurting price.

This caused a huge ruckus!

It was when everyone was at the height of excitement that Chu Feng felt the three behind him starting to move!

One of them quietly approached Chu Feng like a hunter in the night!

The others revealed intense emotions just like the other bidders and approached Chu Feng while producing noise.

There was one more person who spilled the wine in his hand and was pretending to clean his clothes. In fact, he was bringing out a great killer weapon, a pile of Lightning Amethysts, to blast Chu Feng.


In the blink of an eye, the entire s.h.i.+p began to sway.

A dense array of domain runes isolated these people. A golden furnace made of runes appeared and engulfed the three within it.

Afterward, they rose into the air in the blink of an eye and hovered in the sky a good distance away from the s.h.i.+p.

The three men were petrified because they had been trapped in the divine furnace made of domain runes, unable to escape. The most terrifying part was that one of the Lightning Amethysts had been ignited.


The next moment, a ma.s.sive explosion took place in the air!

“Ah…” The three cried out misery as the numerous Lightning Amethysts continued to explode. The three had nowhere to run in that narrow s.p.a.ce and was engulfed by the devouring energy.

Toward the end, the golden furnace itself disintegrated. One could see just how powerful it was!

Three people soon became a c.o.c.ktail of flesh pieces and turned into corpses. They had been blasted to death.

“What? What happened?!”

Many people began crying out in panic.

“Demon King Chu is attacking us. Everyone, we should retaliate immediately. Jump out with us!” Someone took advantage of the chaos to stir everyone into action.

Chu Feng understood that it was two of the fiery men inciting people to attack with them.

After all, there were top experts like Ying Wudi, Yuan s.h.i.+cheng, Destiny Immortal Physique, and more. If all of them were to fight Chu feng, they might be able to finish him off!

Chu Feng's voice shook the entire Eastern Sea. “Everyone, don't be alarmed. It's just a bunch of small fish looking to disrupt the auction. Now, they want to stir up havoc even more. There's no need to be shocked, just take your seat and I'll take them down!”


It was at this time that a fiery red divine furnace appeared and engulfed the man and woman, bringing them high into the air.

At this moment, Chu Feng was holding the Divine Magnetic Mountain Seal. He said while staring at the sky with a cold expression, “You're courting death!”

He used all of his methods to refine the two people in the sky. The woman immediately turned to dust amidst loud cries.

Everyone was astonished because they could sense that this person was at the cloudeater realm. In the end, she couldn't even last a moment before being killed.

Immediately, everyone became quite fearful of Chu Feng!

The red furnace made of domain runes still contained a black-robed person. At this moment, he looked up with a long howl and a pair of black wings appeared behind his back. Black mist surged into the sky as he erupted with might, just like a fallen angel.

“He's almost at the golden body realm. How terrifying!”

“That is…” Someone was shocked upon seeing the insignia on the black-robed man's sleeve, a black spear piercing into the firmament.

“Oh heavens, this is a hunter from the Sky-Piercers!” someone shouted in astonishment.

These words caused everyone to tremble. They felt a chill was.h.i.+ng over their bones and pores.

Sky-Piercer was an organization of the cosmos, a powerful orthodoxy with a long history. All of its members were and, as they were better known as hunters.

They would hunt down all kinds of bounties and targets to improve themselves.

Everyone in the universe knew how powerful they were!

That was because they even dared to accept missions to kill saints!

Moreover, they had succeeded in beheading a saint before. This kind of outcome came as a shock to all the sects. Who wouldn't be afraid of them?

At the moment, Chu Feng had become a target. Additionally, it seemed like a seedling-level hunter was leading the entire team.

As expected, this person was incomparably powerful. He didn't die in the flames of the red furnace and was trying to charge out.

But his attempts all failed, and he didn't manage to break out.

Afterward, he produced a bronze tablet and waved it at Chu Feng. There was a single word “Pardon” written upon it.

Many people gasped!

“What does this mean?” The black yak didn't quite understand.

“This is a seedling-level hunter of the Sky-Piercers. This is a token issued by a major character of their race. If he were to be captured, showing this token could preserve his life.”

“F*ck, they came to us, but now they want to keep their lives by showing us a token? Dream on!” The black yak, Ouyang feng, the old donkey, and the others were all furious.

“The bigshot of Sky-Piercer is a terrifying existence in the cosmos. He can hunt down quasi-saints and easily saints,” someone whispered.

“Releasing the person after seeing the tablet, it can be considered a form of respect for that bigshot…” Someone started speaking.

It was at this moment that the seedling-level hunter waved the token at Chu Feng once more.

Chu Feng replied, “You try to act so detached and n.o.ble after trying to kill me. You keep waving that bronze tablet at me, are you trying to command me or hypnotize me? Such disdain, are you courting death or are you courting death?! So what if you're a part of Sky-Piercer!”

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