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Chapter 799: Flying Together.

Translator: Alsey  Editor: Chrissy

Ouyang Feng somersaulted and fell. His wings closed together as though he was doing a fancy dive, spinning in mid-air from side to side. He came cras.h.i.+ng down.

"What a foolish bird!" Pu Lin commented as with squinted eyes. Yet he was still rather vigilant. He picked up his bow and lifted his arm, ready to shoot this black swan dead himself.

In the air, Ouyang Feng was so angry his nose was almost crooked. He really wanted to curse at them; who was this rascal talking about?!

"Little n.o.ble G.o.d, actually this is known as a bird being startled by the mere tw.a.n.g of a bow." To the side, a G.o.d-like archer smiled and explained to Pu Lin. He said, "Little n.o.ble G.o.d, please see this. Even now, the wound on his body is dripping with blood, distinctly pierced by a sharp arrow. It is evident that he is now in panic seeing the bow drawn once again."

Ouyang Feng really wanted to say, a d.a.m.ned frightened bird? He had been pierced by spirit beams when he was obtaining this body, all right?

Pu Lin immediately laughed heartily when he heard this and said, "So there is indeed a bird so easily startled in this world. What a silly black swan, so stupidly cute. Nevermind, I won't shoot him dead. Let's rest and reorganize again. Pluck out all its feathers and roast it, let's eat something!"

Ouyang Feng was extremely infuriated and closed his eyes. He was not too far away, so he was afraid that his murderous gaze would shock them and was restraining it by force.

Yet his body was trembling from the anger, shaking uncontrollably.

One of the knights laughed and said, "Little n.o.ble G.o.d, watch just how terrified this frightened bird is. Its weak body is shaking all over midair and trembling incessantly. Mn, generally speaking the meat of this kind of bird tastes even better while it's extremely nervous, so its muscles are tensed up. It's very chewy when roasted."

Ouyang Feng s.h.i.+vered even more and water almost broke from the surface of his black face. The feathers on his whole body stood upright and he found it unbelievably unbearable!

Another knight smiled and said, "Little n.o.ble G.o.d, look, this is what's so-called having one's hair stand on end. This black swan is so scared right now it can't handle anything and its wings are up. Mn, I reckon it might suffer from incontinence in a moment and faint directly from fear."

"The foolish bird is coming." Pu Lin laughed.

Ouyang Feng fell near them with a somersault, his liver in pain from his fury. Suddenly, he erupted and unfolded his wings abruptly. He used them as arms and was even trying to hold them into fists.

He tried, but he could only use them as palms!


Using his wings as big palms, he directly slapped across them. He had been holding back a bellyful of rage, but now, he didn't hold back one bit as he used his divine beast martial art!

This was the legendary Giant Bird Wing Spread technique!

An adult divine bird could skyrocket ninety thousand miles when spreading its wings. It could rock the world, and the air would be torn by his golden wings, his might shocking the world.

Being so close from them, he suddenly rose in revolt. His attack was so fast he resembled a black bolt of lightning!

It must be said that Pu Lin's innate gift was outstanding and his reaction was speedy. He left an afterimage where he originally was as he burst out.


One of the knights was struck by Ouyang Feng's wing and a gaudy, lightning-like brilliance exploded from that area. At the same time, there was the sound of bones breaking and tendons snapping. That knight flew out and spat out a big mouthful of blood. One could see he was on the brink of death.

The main reason was Ouyang Feng had used more than just the power of his corporeal body. He had also utilized his spirit beam to pierce through the body, directly shattering his opponent's spirit.

In the end, that person disintegrated as he fell to the ground.

"Boom boom!"

Ouyang Feng hadn't stopped at his initial attack. He spun mid-air and swung at another one of the knights who had made fun of him earlier. His spirit beam flew out as it pa.s.sed through his wing!

This was a complicated method of killing. It was a divine beast spiritual art that Ying Xiaoxiao had revealed to him. Besides, it was also inherited within his own blood and spirit.

"KIll him for me!" Pu Lin shouted.

A startling transformation took place and his countenance became dull like water. He shouted for everyone to attack and strangle the black swan right away.


The knight was quite difficult to deal with, but he simply couldn't stop Ouyang Feng when faced with a truly divine technique and the spirit beam attacks from the outstandingly famous Golden-winged Roc Clan.

This was because it was too sudden. He couldn't dodge it even if he wanted to as it was so close. A spirit beam had pierced through his forehead and struck through his skull.


He shrieked miserably as he fell onto the ground, facing the sky as he died immediately.


At this moment, the bowstring made a noise as a G.o.d-like archer beside him decided to operate his bow. He took aim at Ouyang Feng and released an azure blue arrow. It burned with a dazzling blue brightness as it shot toward Ouyang Feng.

This didn't resemble an arrow. It was more like a blue-colored volcano coming to inflict serious damage. With a rumbling sound, the blue-colored radiance was bubbling.

"Dammit, you're treating me like a weak pushover. You have been promoted to your ancestors!" Ouyang Feng hooted.

With a whoosh, he dodged to the side and didn't oblige himself to receive it. He was so excited and worked up. This time, he didn't feel as though the approaching arrow, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with Yang qi, would kill him. As long as he evaded it, he would not be affected.

When he was facing such an arrow a couple of days earlier, he had been set on fire even though it had only brushed past him slightly. It was rather plaintive.


Ouyang Feng waved his wings once again and shook both his wings. Two dazzling and splendid spirit beams flew out at an incline, charging toward that G.o.d-like archer.

After all, this was a golden-arhat G.o.d-like archer and an expert amongst innumerable elite troops. His powers were extraordinary, and in an instant, he evaded the spirit beams. Following this, he drew his bow in succession, firing multiple arrows together.

At this moment, everyone else had finally reacted to this and begun to attack.

In front of their eyes, this black swan had destroyed two of their knights who had almost reached golden-arhat level, and they were infuriated. They were not lacking of genuine tremendous golden-arhat leveled individuals amongst them and they charged toward Ouyang Feng.

Energy surged as he waved his fists, causing this plain of wasteland to explode!

"You came at a good time. Your Divine King Grandfather does like killing self-conceited golden-arhats like yourself!" Ouyang Feng shouted.

In reality, he cast a glance to the side while in midair to see where Chu Feng and the others were. He himself was lacking in confidence.

"Is that you, Jun Tuo's son?!"

At this moment, Pu Lin could finally sense an aura he was familiar with, given what Ouyang Feng said. He immediately erupted with fire exploding from his eyes. His whole face was black, and all of a sudden, his murderous intent rose rapidly.

This was because he had recognized that this was a strange bird with a black turtle sh.e.l.l on its back. To one's surprise, it now had a corporeal body?!

Ouyang Feng also instantly frizzled and was utmostly infuriated. He yelled,"You nonsensical Little n.o.ble G.o.d, get here you rascal. You d.a.m.ned Jun Tuo, you're the one who's his grandson. I can't wait to beat you up!"


He evaded from a golden-arhat archer and swooped toward Pu Lin with his wings spread open. This was an incomplete martial art from the Phoenix Clan where an awe-inspiring blaze gushed out and rumbled forward.

"What a moron, a low and degrading ghost slave. None of you can escape now that I've finally found you. Kill them all!" Pu Lin roared angrily.

He knew that these people had already consumed the holy medicines, otherwise, they wouldn't dare occupy bodies surging with valor. This was the manifestation of exhausting Yin qi.

Blood was dripping from Pu Lin's heart and darkness appeared before his eyes. They had chased them for so long but were still too late in the end. These individuals' efficiency was indeed quite high.

If they were ordinary Yin spirits, they simply wouldn't be able to achieve this in less than half a months' time.

"I'm going to tear you to pieces!"

Pu Lin thundered. He opened his mouth and spurted out a small golden flag. Then he waved it in the wind and increased its speed. It whistled and covered the entire sky.


Ouyang Feng was horrified as that golden flag had astonis.h.i.+ng power. His body tensed at this, and all of his feathers fluffed and stood up involuntarily while a chill ran down his back.

"Boom boom!"

Sure enough, this golden flag displayed terrifying power and influence after it fell into the hands of Pu Lin. It was even more powerful than those golden-arhat experts' attacks.

When the great flag was brandished, the golden mist surging out of it pounded against a mountain measuring more than a thousand meters. The mountain exploded instantly and vanished from its original position.

With only one attack, the mountain was turned into ashes!

If Ouyang Feng was even slightly slower in his evasion, he would have been killed for sure!

"The weapons on this idiot little n.o.ble G.o.d are truly magnificent. Quick, let's attack!" Ouyang Feng shouted, calling out to Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian.

This big flag was not necessarily less powerful than the perfect golden bodied individuals. It was an awful secret treasure and could absolutely kill a bunch of experts!

Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian came swooping down, but several of the G.o.d-like archers were aiming at them. Arrow after arrows came flying out, adorning the sky. The violent energy attacks resembled dozens of volcanoes spewing at them, and even the sky was shaking.

These were G.o.d-like archers, and every arrow was shockingly terrifying.

Chi! Chi! Chi…

Five arrows—red, blue, silver, purple, and gold—interweaved and sealed off the world. These arrows overwhelmed people, and each arrow was enough to extinguish golden-arhat leveled experts!

Now, the five great G.o.d-like archers rose in revolt together. In a flash, more than thirty arrows flew up into the dome of the sky. The sight was scary as the surging energy was enough to overturn dozens of mountains.

The skies were trembling and rumbling with thunderclaps after thunderclaps. Energy surged with the radiance and practically overthrew this area.

What was most terrifying was that strands of the G.o.d-like archers' spirit beams were adhered to these arrows and could chase their enemies. They weren't going to stop until they killed them!

As a result, as far as the golden-arhat individuals were concerned, being capsized by this kind of arrow was a killing blow!

Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian glanced at each other. Without any hesitation, the two people kept close to each other as they swooped down, flying wing to wing. Together, they used the resplendent Wonderful Seven Treasures Technique.


In an instant, a brightly-colored radiance filled the sky and flooded the s.p.a.ce in front of the two people. All of the arrows flying past this area were nullified noiselessly and held in place before they were completely ruptured. Following this, there was a bang as more than thirty arrows were turned into broken pieces.

Then the brightly-colored radiance flew down, sweeping three G.o.d-like archers away. They instantly transformed into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist as their souls were extinguished on the spot.

Two other G.o.d-like archers evaded quickly, but the four people by their side didn't manage to do so. They were melted by the multi-colored radiance at once and disappeared.

The emergence of such power frightened those remaining below them.

Ouyang Feng took this opportunity to dodge from Pu Lin and attack the others, killing two unsettled knights.

Pu Lin was mingled with fear and anger. He was here in pursuit to kill these individuals, but in the end, he suffered heavy losses when they met face-to-face for the first time. Of the five G.o.d-like archers, three had been killed and eight knights perished one after the other. More than half of the dozen or more people he had brought had been killed.

"You ghostly slaves, I'll kill you!" Pu Lin's face darkened and his gaze was chilling. As though he had lost his mind, he used the great golden flag in his hand and chased Ouyang Feng. He was also on alert for the swooping Chu Feng.

Bang bang bang!

He waved the great flag several times. Ouyang Feng made an odd cry as he was truly startled. When the face of the flag unfolded, it covered the earth and sky. It was very hard to evade it, and in a short while, it enshrouded a mountain ahead. Only a pile of ashes remained.


In the end, Ouyang Feng burst open and his flesh collapsed. To be exact, his corporeal body disintegrated. The course of the battle was too intense, and this body wasn't suitable for his spirit.

His spirit broke out as he used the corporeal body to block the attacks from behind.

Pu Lin said in a cold voice, "Yin spirits, go to h.e.l.l you ghostly slaves!" His father had refined this big flag, and its might was even greater than the full-blown attacks from evolvers in the later golden-arhat stages. If it achieved any further, he would reach the realm of quasi-saints.

He glared fiercely at Ouyang Feng. As he chased over, his eyes ran over Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian, who were still in midair.


Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian charged over in a flash. They were startled from seeing Ouyang Feng's corporeal body being destroyed in an instant, and they broke out in cold sweat. They hadn't imagined that Pu Lin the little n.o.ble G.o.d possessed such a terrifying weapon.

They realized that they couldn't look down on anyone!

"You ghostly slaves, get over here!" Pu Lin reprimanded. He abandoned Ouyang Feng and directly soared into the sky to attack Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian.

With his big golden flag in hand as well as some life-saving techniques, he was confident in facing anyone within the golden-arhat level. He could eliminate all of his enemies as long as no extraordinary old geezers appeared.

There was a sound of a cras.h.!.+

The great golden flag fluttered, and in a twinkle, wind and clouds came das.h.i.+ng, covering the sky and transforming into what could be corrosive energy. It was going to swallow Chu Feng and Ying Wudi.

"You should give up!" Chu Feng shouted.

His and Ying Zhexian's white wings blended together as they flew wing to wing across the sky. Again, they used their wonderful techniques. This time, Chu Feng was concerned about the great golden flag and was ready to take it away.

Unfortunately, this time, they weren't well coordinated. What Chu Feng used was the Befall All Things technique as he wanted to seize the great flag. Yet Ying Zhexian used an attacking technique as she wanted to beat the opponents into a fine dust.

This led to their wonderful techniques failing. When that great flag came sweeping, the sudden clap of thunder came rolling on. A yellow mist was churning with alarming corrosive energy, and it almost gobbled the two people up.


As they rapidly retreated and individually produced yin and yang radiances as well as divine five-colored brilliances, the flag came rolling at them. They narrowly evaded it but were still affected. They spat out large mouthfuls of blood and were flown out in a tumble.

The two white swans were stained with blood and almost turned into red swans. The bloodstained feathers withered and even their spirits were trembling. Fortunately, at this crucial moment, they each used their Yin and Yang qis and divine five-colored brilliance to defend themselves. Were it not for this, they could have been fried.

Below them, a vast mountain was shattered by the great golden flag. There were rocks flying throughout the skies and the scene was rather shocking.

"What are you thinking about at such a crucial moment?" Ying Zhexian glanced at Chu Feng.

"As a matter of fact, I've taken a fancy for his weapon. Let's seize it then kill him!" Chu Feng said.


The two people joined forces again and the wings of the blood-stained swans merged together. Their spirit beams resonated together and were also connected. Then they used a terrifying technique.

A small brightly colored tree appeared within their spirit beams. Then, with a 'shua' noise, a divine multi-colored radiance flew out, instantly covering the great golden flag.

"Mn? Come back here!" Pu Lin shouted loudly. He was truly stunned as his great flag wasn't listening to his orders. It was ushered out directly and flew out.

"Haha…" Chu Feng laughed and took it away.

"You cheap alien Yin spirit. How dare you seize my secret treasure? Kill him!" Pu Lin bellowed, his face incomparable gloomy and cold.

At once, a strand of the imprint on the great flag in Chu Feng's hand restored and issued a terrifying aura. An intimidating expert had evidently left it there.


In an instant, the hair on Chu Feng and Ying Zhexian stood up straight. This was the imprint left by an expert they simply couldn't afford to provoke. Fortunately, it was only an imprint, not the real body or incomplete spirit.

"Bang!" Together, they attacked firmly and used the wonderful multi-colored technique again. After the brightly colored radiance pa.s.sed the flag, it stripped away the imprint in no time and tossed it into the distance.

One could see the s.p.a.ce where the imprint was exploding, and an unnerving black fissure appeared. The covered wasteland sunk; smoke and dust torrented the sky within a radius for dozens of miles.

They drew in breaths of cold air. If their reaction was slightly slower, they would've been in danger!

Pu Lin and the knights behind him were shocked. That was, after all, the imprint of Pu Lin's father's the Mighty Spirit n.o.ble. To their surprise, it was stripped away. How terrifying were their wonderful techniques?

Pu Lin and the others couldn't believe that they were capable of separating the imprint from the secret treasure.

"Pu Lin, who are you calling a ghostly slave? I'll make you a ghostly slave today!" Chu Feng shouted.

Then he attacked with Ying Zhexian once again and a multi-colored beam shot downwards. Pu Lin simply couldn't avoid it, and he exploded with a bang. He was transformed into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

"Ah…" He cried out miserably as his spirit beam was reorganizing. His father had bestowed a divine talisman to him, and it protected his life.

"Very well, just enough to find out the state of affairs through you. Pu Lin, you ghostly slave, are you still not bending the knee?!" Chu Feng shouted.

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