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Chapter 780: The Book is About to Finish?

At Mount Qi in the Central Region, the dark tide surged in silence. Under the faint murderous intention, the two Earth Immortals felt a chill down their spines and shook their immortal heart.

At the critical moment, Bai Ze did not hesitate and said, “Xuan Mo, I’ll use Counter Current while you run away.”

“Counter Current? You…” Xuan Mo was shocked.

“Don’t waste my time, you know the price!”

Bai Ze roared and twelve golden seals appeared around him, and they simultaneously shone brightly.

Counter Current, or rather reverse the flow of time, was the negation of the pa.s.sage of time, and the most powerful form of Bai Ze’s negation. However, any immortal method that involved s.p.a.ce and time had great limitations. Although Bai Ze’s Counter Current had the wonderful effect of time reversal, its effective range was limited and it was impossible to encompa.s.s everything. Instead, it could only be limited to a specific place. However, within the scope of the immortal method, if there were more powerful individuals, the more difficult it was to cast the Counter Current and the weaker the effect. If Bai Ze’s ability was used against an ordinary mortal, the time could easily be reversed back to a hundred years and turned the person into nothingness. However, it was very difficult to use it against an opponent of the same level as him, even defeating it was very difficult.

As for casting the Counter Current against a stronger opponent, the invalidness of the immortal method would be a good outcome. If there was a bit of inattentiveness, the immortal spirit could collapse, the five viscera burned and died. However, in addition to this move, in face of a perfect form Fallen Immortal, they had no other way.

Xuan Mo knew that Bai Ze was determined to sacrifice himself, and the more time she wasted the greater the pressure on Bai Ze… After experiencing the brutal war sixteen thousand years ago, Xuan Mo naturally was not going to argue. She activated her immortal spirit and launched the great immortal method of Yin and Yang Separation and then launched herself toward the ground. She tried to isolate herself from the Nine Regions with reaction force to enter an independent plane. This ingenious use of Yin and Yang Separation was one of the best escape techniques. However, when the immortal method was used, it was like throwing a stone and seeing it sink without trace in the sea. The surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to be locked by some powerful magic, rendering it motionless.

At the same time, Bai Ze let out a m.u.f.fled groan as the Counter Current immortal method was strongly disturbed halfway and thus collapsed.

“You guys are really stupid. You two know that I have locked the s.p.a.ce here, why would you dare it so stupidly? You guys should know that an immortal method is invalid in the face of a more advanced immortal method.”

A beautiful girl as charming as a summer flower walked out from the thin air. She looked about fifteen or sixteen years old, bright and beautiful. Her eyes were vivid, and her lips formed a smile. However, combined with the current situation, it made people shudder.

It was certainly worth shuddering to see a girl talking and smiling as she locked the s.p.a.ce around Mount Qi and forced two Earth Immortals into a dead end. Sixteen thousand years ago, too many of their compatriots in the Earth Immortal camp died in the smile of immortals from the upper realm.

The upper realm ran rampant in the lower realm. Like a hunter on a hunt, each time he drew his bow, he would reap the harvest. As the hunted party, there was no room for resistance.

When Bai Ze and Xuan Mo were thinking about how to burn both jade and common stone, the girl chuckled and said, “Don’t be so nervous. If I really want to kill you, I would have done it. And I can make sure you won’t even have a dead body. So why wait until now? So, relax, would you like some tea?”

Three cups of tea with pleasant fragrance appeared beside the girl’s hand and floated quietly.

“Huh, don’t want to drink it? This is the immortal tea that I brought from the upper realm. It is said that with just one mouthful, it could turn a mortal into an immortal. Of course, this kind of turn into an immortal instantly with tea has been reduced to drudgery even in the upper realm, hahaha. But, you don’t need to worry, this cup of immortal tea is of great benefit to you, and not really that drudgery tea. Don’t you want to try it?”

Bai Ze and Xuan Mo were silent for a long time before Bai Ze took a step forward and asked, “What do you want to do?”

The girl said, “Of course I have something to say to you. Well, before that, I would like to introduce myself. I am Xia Xiaohe, a resident of the immortal world. In your eyes, I’m one of those Fallen Immortals. But, there’s no need to be nervous, I’ve never dealt with your people before, so there’s no deep hatred between us.”

Xuan Mo sneered, “Hmph, even if you didn’t do anything, your companions’ hands were already stained with the blood of Nine Regions’ creatures!”

Xia Xiaohe shrugged and said, “What do those savages have to do with me? Don’t be this unreasonable and make people angry, it will push a friendly party to the opposite party.”

“A friendly party?” Bai Ze tightly frowned and said, “Among you, Fallen Immortals, will there be people who are friendly to the Nine Regions?”

Xia Xiaohe said with a smile, “Why not? You have dealt with us so many times, so you should know that there are all kinds of people among the Fallen Immortals. There are madmen like Baili Tu, and ordinary villains like Canglan. Of course, there will also be beautiful and kindhearted immortals like me, so there’s no need to make a fuss about it.”

Bai Ze let out a grunt but did not answer her. The name Baili Tu that Xia Xiaohe previously mentioned was one of the nightmares of the Earth Immortals in those years. He had powerful immortal skills and cruel and bloodthirsty temperament. n.o.body knew how many of their Earth Immortals comrade that were harmed by him. Indeed, if Xia Xiaohe was like Baili Tu, he and Xuan Mo would’ve been dead by now. How could they have time to chat with each other!

“Your so-called being friendly, what does it specifically refer to?” Xuan Mo asked, “In the past ten years, you have been lurking silently in Nine Regions and your intention is unclear. Is this what you mean by being friendly?”

Xia Xiaohe said with a smile, “It’s much better than taking direct actions like Canglan, right? Compared to him, I have neither killed your people, nor insulted your mother. I even offered you immortal tea. Is that not friendly enough? Do I have to give you children to prove my sincerity? What’s more, if I announced my status as a Fallen Immortal at the earliest chance, I’m afraid I’d be Canglan’s companion in the Netherworld Mountain, right?”

“Then… What exactly do you want?”

“I want to save you all.” Xia Xiaohe blinked her bright eyes and sincerely said, “Actually, I didn’t agree with their great purging plan from the beginning…”

“Great purging?”

“It’s to kill all of you, just as the name implies.” Xia Xiaohe wrinkled her delicate eyebrows, and was a bit unhappy that someone had interrupted her. “I think we are all adults here, so there’s no need to do things like that. As a matter of fact, I actually didn’t know much about your people, so I took advantage of the last time the pa.s.sage was opened and came down to the lower realm behind Canglan. Seeing is believing, so I have to see it with my own eyes to know what kind of judgment is better.”

“So… You hide yourself in Nine Regions for ten years?” Xuan Mo asked with some difficulty.

Xia Xiaohe said with a smile, “Yes. I took the position of the leader of Pingle Sect. I became a Sect Leader in the center of Nine Regions for ten years…”

Hearing this, Bai Ze frowned and said, “Are you that Sect Leader of Pingle Sect who hasn’t gone out for ten years?”

Xia Xiaohe was a bit angry and said, “So what if I don’t go out? You don’t know that an Immortal knows the land under heaven even if he or she doesn’t go out!” After she said that, her eyes suddenly narrowed. “Moreover, if it hadn’t been for these ten years, do you guys think you guys would have a chance to talk freely with me here? Although I am against the great purge plan, that doesn’t mean I have any good feelings for you two. Don’t forget that sixteen thousand years ago, you killed my companions.”

Xuan Mo couldn’t help but say, “Your companions killed more of our people!”

“So what? What does it have anything to do with me?” Xia Xiaohe shrugged and said, “I was just looking around out of curiosity, but by chance, I came into contact with your entertainment culture, like serialized novels, pop music, movies and televisions, cartoons and comics… They’re truly eye openers! Unexpectedly a mere Nine Regions have so much of these wonders!”

With that, Xia Xiaohe raised her eyebrows and said, “It’s a crime that someone intends to purge away such a beautiful cultural achievement! I, Xia Xiaohe is the first one who can’t bear it!”

When they heard this, Bai Ze and Xuan Mo’s jaws were nearly dislocated. A Fallen Immortal obsessed with the otaku culture! What’s more, because of her obsession with the otaku culture, she had the heart to protect the Nine Regions? This-this was really…

When she saw their expressions, Xia Xiaohe sighed and said, “It seems that you are also vulgar people who don’t know how to appreciate the entertainment culture. It’s sad. It’s really sad! But, I still forgive you. After all, without mediocre people, how can I show my superiority?”


Xia Xiaohe smiled and said, “In short, I want to save you now.”

“How are you going to save us?” Bai Ze asked, “Can you persuade others to give up their great purge plan?”

“Of course not.” Xia Xiaohe looked at Bai Ze with the same idiot look. “I told you earlier that there are all kinds of people in the upper realm, but there are only a few people like me who are reasonable, kind and beautiful. Otherwise, there would be no great purge in the beginning… Do you think that a madman like Baili Tu is a reasonable person? Is it possible to persuade him with an argument?”

“Then what are you planning to do? Stand on our side and fight alongside us?”

Xia Xiaohe simply turned her head and didn’t look at Bai Ze. Instead, she asked Xuan Mo, “In those years, did you guys use this kind of IQ to fight us? Truly amazing… Think about it, why should I stand on your side! Do you think a beautiful fairy like me, who is pure and kind-hearted will do something that will be hostile to my family and friends just for the sake of simple entertainment culture?” After a pause, she whispered, “Unless that long discontinued “*****” novels can be revived… But it should be impossible.”


“What’s even more hateful is that your people don’t want to develop a good entertainment culture. Instead, your people want to engage in the construction of spiritual civilization and purify the cultural environment… Purify my a.s.s!” Xia Xiaohe surprisingly exploded out a vulgar word. “All the novels that I followed recently have all been discontinued! If I hadn’t saved a few sets of books before, I would’ve returned to the upper realm and waited for them to come to do the great purge!”

“…” When they thought about how the fate of Nine Regions almost fell into the abyss due to the acceleration of this spiritual civilization, Bai Ze and Xuan Mo were filled with mixed emotions.

After a long time, Xuan Mo slowly asked, “So, how are you planning to save us then?”

Xia Xiaohe said with a smile, “It’s very simple. All of you in Nine Regions submit to me. Be my subjects, and you all will be under my protection.”

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