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Chapter 769: Unstoppable Waves

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

The Leader of the Path of Alchemy had a face full of awe as he collapsed onto the ground. There was a hole between his brows.

He had died.

An master alchemist… an original leveled powerhouse… died just like that.

This turn of events stunned everyone. Even the violent battle above stopped because of this.

Everyone was in pure shock as they stared at the young man holding the sword. Disbelief was written all over their faces.

Logically speaking, the Ling Xian right now does possess capability equivalent to the beginning stage of the original level. It was also true that the Path of Alchemy was not a path that specialized in attacking. Despite all these factors, it was still unbelievable for him to defeat three people solo, let alone killing someone.

At this moment, he actually killed the Leader of the Path of Alchemy, why wouldn’t they feel astonished?

Even the demon, who knew how powerful he was, was shocked to a point of no return. He couldn’t help but to curse “insane”.

The word “insane” doesn’t even cut it. To be able to kill an original leveled powerhouse while still being in the completion level truly is heaven defying.

Since the history of time, out of all the great figures in history, not many people can achieve this!

As everyone fell into a state of shock, Ling Xian’s face turned white and a hint of fresh blood dripped down his chin.

To the outsider, he was brave and courageous and easily suppressed three original leveled cultivators. Reality was that, he was injured during that fight.

After all, there were three original leveled powerhouses!

If he had only one opponent, maybe he could’ve fought with ease. But since three of them were fighting against him, it was difficult for him to handle the fight.

The reason why he was able to suppress all three of them was because he really crushed out every ounce of his strength and really ignited his spiritual energy. The reason why he was able to kill the Leader of the Path of Alchemy was because he burned his ancient majestic blood!

Or else, how could he defeat the original leveled cultivator?

After killing the Leader of the Path of Alchemy, the side effect of his drastic action appeared. Currently, not only was his ancient majestic blood very still, he cannot circulate it by will. Even his organs had been attacked.

In other words, he was very weak right now.

Therefore, Ling Xian did not hesitate. As everyone was still stunned, he flapped around his sleeve and took all the treasures, the ruler, the cauldron, and the green flag into his robe and hurried escaped the stone room.

He knew very well that he was in no position to continue fighting. To have killed an original leveled cultivator was already a glorious war record. Plus, his current condition disallowed him from being any c.o.c.kier.

This made Ji Qian Bai recollect himself. He shouted, “Hurry up and chase after him. We cannot let him leave!”

At these words, the Leader of Array and Path exchanged glances. They didn’t pursue right away because their eyes were full of fear at this point.


Ji Qian Bai cursed silently. His lungs almost exploded from anger. Now, he had lost the Soaring Key and lost the Leader of Alchemy. Ling Xian even s.n.a.t.c.hed all three of the other treasures. Why wouldn’t he be furious?

Therefore, he screamed, “He was injured. There is no way he can fight like before. Why are you two afraid of him?”

Hearing this, the two of them gritted their teeth. Their greed over the Soaring Key overpowered their fear and they sought after him.

Seeing this, the demon frowned. The mountain of corpse and the sea of blood all began to inch forward as he attempted to try and stall the pursuers.

Sadly, as he tried to slow down Ji Qian Bai and the cultivation leader, they were doing the same to stop him.


Ji Qian Bai crazily made a move. Though his cultivation was only of the advanced stage of the original level, he was the Shang Qing Sect’s Supreme Headmaster with much abilities after all. Plus, he had the support of the cultivation leader. Therefore, he easily stopped the corpse mountain and the blood ocean.

“You are seeking death!”

The demon raised an eyebrow and his fury boiled. His terror dissipated throughout the area and shocked everyone!

“You should worry about yourself.”

Ji Qian Bai said slowly, “I admit that you are very powerful and I alone cannot stop you. However, I have already sent messages to our ancestors. Before long, I will get to see you being blown to smithereens.”


The moment the word “ancestors” entered his ears, the Demon’s expression changed drastically. However, he began to attack even more aggressively. What he intended was not to kill Ji Qian Bai and them, but to escape this place.

Because the word “ancestors” indicated fifth level powerhouses!


Inside the dim ruin, Ling Xian was das.h.i.+ng away with all his life. Especially after sensing the two streaks of Qi behind him, his speed fastened even more.

What could he do? The Shang Qing Sect itself was far too powerful. He may be as heaven defying as an original leveled cultivator, but there was no way he could fight face on against this giant monster.

Plus, he was wounded. Especially since his ancient majestic blood was still dormant and he cannot heal himself, he was feeling worse than usual.

Therefore, he could only run. As long as he can escape the Shang Qing Sect, he will be able to enjoy the borderless sky!

“How lucky of me to have remembered the route for the ruins. Or else I would have to leave my life here.”

Ling Xian silently exclaimed. He continued to run in the direction according to his memories as he continued to shoot out rays of swords’ Qi behind him.

Though these light rays from his sword pose no threat to the two original leveled cultivators, but he can at least slow them down. Every single time he slows down his pursuers, his chances of escaping increases.

However, his instinct was telling him that there was no way he would be able to escape smoothly.

Reality has proven himself correct.

After he exited the ruins, he found the Array of the Astonished G.o.ds had been activated. The entire Shang Qing Sect was vibrating with an inhibition force that made even walking difficult.

This made his heart drop. However, since the situation has turned out this way, he had no way out.

He could only hold onto the heavenly sword in his hand and rampage his way out of here!

“How lucky of me to have already reached the grandmaster realm. Or else I really cannot break the inhibition abilities of the Array of the Astonished G.o.ds.”

Standing on the endless field, Ling Xian used his finger as a pen as he drew shapes in the air. Then, the inhibition spell that was slowing him down disappeared.

“Let’s go!”

Without hesitating, Ling Xian called out to the Winged Blitz and dashed towards the exit.

However, he only made it a few hundred inches when another profound and mysterious energy stopped him.


Ling Xian’s expression changed and he exploded with terrifying Qi in an attempt to break free of this chain. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not shake off this energy.

This made his heart drop. After seeing the appearance of two grey-haired elders, his heart fell into a deep abyss.

Fifth leveled cultivators!

The two elders were all wearing white robes and were very sage-like. They were the fifth level powerhouses!

“Take out the Soaring Key. Allow me to plant an inhibition spell inside you to make you a servant of the Shang Qing Sect. Only then, will I let you remain alive.”

An elder with his brows so long they touched his shoulders spoke. His expression wasn’t cold and wasn’t mocking. All there was was carelessness.

It was like he was the G.o.d who could look down on anyone he wanted to. He obviously didn’t think anything of Ling Xian.

The other elder was exactly the same. His gaze was so above the mortal world.

Ling Xian’s expression turned cold. Upon entering, the elder had used an ordering tone to tell him to become a servant for the Shang Qing Sect. Why wouldn’t he be furious?

“You two old son of b.!.t.c.hes. Are you really going to treat me like I am a soft persimmon?”

Ling Xian softly chuckled. He knows that he had no way out now. So why bother ask for forgiveness? He might as well say whatever he wanted to say!


The long browed elder’s expression softly fluttered. For the first time, he looked straight at Ling Xian and said, “You sure are a man with guts. I just wonder how long your courage can last.”

After those words were spoken, another wave of overbearing energy slowly approached. However, it was immediately stopped by one sentence.

“I owe that person. Let him leave.”

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