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Inside the stone room, every person had a change of expression.

To make three leaders step back was something they all could do. But to ask them to do so when they were only in the completion level was something that was impossible.

Yet Ling Xian had done it. This alone was enough to prove that if they were all of the completion level, n.o.body was good enough to be his opponent!

Therefore, why wouldn't everyone feel shocked?

However, being shocked was just being shocked. They still didn't think Ling Xian would be able to escape this place. After all, he was merely a completion leveled cultivator. Even if he can compare to those of the original level he cannot stop all three of them.

"Three path leaders, kill him!"

Ji Qian Bai shouted. His fists moved like dragons as one of them headed towards the demon while the other aimed at the escaping Ling Xian.

At the same time, the cultivation leader displayed his own technique and a wave of energy chased after Ling Xian.

However, all five of these people's attacks were stopped by the demon.

"Do you think I am here as décor?"

The demon snickered. Terrifying Qi rolled out of him and suppressed the entire place!


After another moment of astonishment, battle fires reignited. The demon, fighting as one against five, showed off his prowess!

At the same time, the battle below restarted.

The three paths' leaders all dashed closer and crumbling down the s.p.a.ce with their individual spiritual energy.

Though they were all leaders of profession paths and weren't all that capable, they remained powerhouses of the original level. Every single one of them was heavy like a mountain. Even if they were merely standing there without moving, they created pressure in the room.

At the same time, the three original leveled cultivators began making their moves together. Their stance was astonis.h.i.+ng and terrifying.

"Xian Ling, I will make you understand that even though you have power equivalent to the original level, you are not of the original level." The leader of alchemy snickered and his eyes were full of greed.

The other two reacted the same way. The way they looked at Ling Xian was with extremely fiery.

This made Ling Xian frown. This fueled his anger and his killer's intent intensified. He knew very well that he could kill an original leveled cultivator and that he could easily put up a fight against the three before him.

However, his mission today wasn't to fight, but to run. If he waits till the demon can no longer endure and lures out the fifth level cultivators from the Shang Qing Sect, he will be in trouble.

Therefore, Ling Xian crazily manipulated his golden dan until he was at his optimal state. Then, he pointed his long sword towards everyone and said, "If you don't want to die, then get the f!ck away from me. If you don't, then don't blame me when I begin a rampage!"

"Haha, what a joke."

The leader of alchemy laughed, "Don't think that just because you forced us to stumble a few steps, you have the right to declare ware against us. After all, you are of the completion level and you cannot defy heaven!"

"Oh really?"

Ling Xian glared at this person. He was very aware of his current power level and he knew that if he was up against the cultivation leader, he wouldn't be able to defy heaven.

But since his enemy was the leader of alchemy, he may just be able to put up a fight!

"Make your move, you two. As long as I get my hands on the Soaring Key, I will have the chance to open up the gate to immortality!"

The leader of alchemy had fire in his eyes. Stepping out one step, the wind in the sky growled!

The leaders of alchemy and crafts followed his steps. The terrifying Qi of theirs knitted into a blanket that covered up the entire place.

However, not only was Ling Xian not scared, his desire to fight increased!

"Haha, so what there are three of you? It will not stop me, Ling Xian, from killing you!"

His head snapped back as he laughed, shocking all nine levels of Heaven and 10 levels of h.e.l.l!

Ling Xian, holding onto his sword, charged towards the three grandmasters like a raging bull!


Power from the undefeatable realm exploded as he summoned his best sword techniques. Under the support of the Qi and the technique, Zi Yao appeared as sharp as ever. Like a heavenly sword that was more polished than all its peers, it revealed its ability to slice open the sky!


The sword sliced across the sky curved like a rainbow.

The three leaders' face changed colors. However, they were of the original level after all. Though there was a slight change in their body language, they weren't fl.u.s.tered.

All of their hands danced throughout the air to display their best hand seals in order to stop that sword.

Then, the leader of alchemy clapped. A giant cauldron materialized. Instantly, an unstoppable amount of Qi began to exude and shook up the room.

This made Ling Xian frown. He quickly stepped back.

Sadly, the magnetic force from the cauldron was far too aggressive. He ended up being sucked in.


The leader of alchemy's eyes flashed with happiness. He quickly manipulated his Qi to make the flame inside the cauldron surge. The heat and the flaring flames were acting as if they could melt the universe.

"You think this broken cauldron can burn me down? In your dreams!"

Ling Xian snapped his wrist. The light emitting from Zi Yao was unstoppable. Before the leader of alchemy's shocked gaze, he sliced the cauldron in two!

Once again, everyone was a little taken aback and silently exclaimed over Ling Xian's original level abilities.

But they had no time to exclaim. They continued to call out to their best defensive techniques to defend against the sword's light rays!

Whooosh, whoooosh, whoos.h.!.+

Ling Xian was high off his desire to fight and was unstoppable. He continued to attack with Zi Yao and formed a fist with his left land to use the Disorder Conquering Fist!


The Disorder Conquering Fist made its appearance again. Though it was only at its initial stage, inside the palm of this undefeatable realm monster, it exploded with an unimaginable amount of power!

At the very least, it did not pale next to Zi Yao!

Instantly, the three leaders' expressions changed again. They felt a little strained but at the same time, a little ashamed. Just when did a completion leveled cultivator get the ability to fight those of the original level?

Plus, he was fighting solo against three original leveled cultivators!

Remember that there was a huge gap between each stage and level. The difference between completion and original was especially tough and indescribable!

To put it in context, an original leveled cultivator can easily crush 100 completion leveled cultivators.

This was why a completion leveled cultivator usually just fight against one person and it was also the reason why those of the original level are so heavily favored.

Original leveled cultivators were far too powerful. Attacking? Them unleas.h.i.+ng their Qi alone could kill a bunch of completion leveled cultivators!

Yet now, Ling Xian was fighting against three original leveled cultivators by himself. How unbelievable was this?

This was truly astonis.h.i.+ng!

"Dammit, I am an original leveled powerhouse, why can't I handle an ant from the completion level?" The leader of alchemy was furious. He once again summoned a cauldron in an attempt to turn Ling Xian into shreds.

Sadly, he's been fooled once, so why would he be fooled again?

Ling Xian flipped around his heavenly sword, sending another light ray into the air that immediately destroyed the giant cauldron. Along with it, the light ray teared open the leader of alchemy's clothes.

Immediately, an infinite amount of heavenly lights roared over. Like a violent thunderstorm, it made everyone fl.u.s.tered.

They were now feeling even more embarra.s.sed. They didn't think that as original leveled powerhouses, they would be threatened to this extend.

However, after recalling Ling Xian's experience, they kind of understood. After all, he was at the undefeatable realm and had an undefeatable heavenly sword. Thus achieving both with an undefeatable sword was kind of reasonable.


Ling Xian's left hand was now holding onto his heavenly sword as his right hand turned into the Disorder Conquering Fist. He made his moves continuously and was able to keep his advantage over the three leaders.

Logically speaking, the undefeatable realm of the completion level doesn't lack a whole lot next to those of the original level. That, plus his heavenly sword, made it simple for him to be at the same level as the others.

But that was when it's one versus one, not one versus three!

It definitely doesn't apply in situations like this, where he was suppressing all three original leveled cultivators!

This was basically unbelievable!

What could he do? Ling Xian was not just in the undefeatable realm of the completion level, he had also reached the undefeatable realm of the meditational and foundational levels, thus giving him a great foundation. Today, he had reached the undefeatable realm of the completion level, which naturally makes everyone shake from their head to their toes. But to surpa.s.s these people was heaven defying!

"Dammit, we are original leveled powerhouses, why are we being crushed like ants?"

The leader of alchemy was full of humiliation as he continued to attack, giving his all. The giant cauldron was acting like an exploded volcano with lava that tried to melt Ling Xian.

"Seal it, the Demon Ring!"

The leader of crafts took out a golden ring and slapped it onto Ling Xian's head. The terrifying prohibition strength caused Ling Xian's face to pale.

At the same time, the leader of arrays flapped around his sleeve and set more than 10 arrays around him in an attempt to stop him temporarily.

Sadly, they have all forgotten something.

Other than great battling abilities, Ling Xian was talented in all other areas as well. Therefore, he merely shook his arm before the ring and the arrays left him.

As for that sea of lava, the Fire taming Pearl blocked it.


Shouting, the sword in Ling Xian's left hand hissed and its energy pierced through the wall. His unparalleled fist astonished everything around him.

Once again, the colors drained from the three leaders' faces. They all stepped backwards at an insane speed as fear grew in their hearts.

Sadly, despite their fast speed, Ling Xian was just better. His fist and his sword were unstoppable!


Ling Xian was insanely courageous as his heavenly sword shed down an immense amount of light that engulfed the three of them.

Then, an unbelievable scene appeared.

Ling Xian was attacking with both his fist and his sword like the G.o.d of Warrior – he was unstoppable and magnificent!

As for the opposing three grandmasters – they had the lower hand and were appearing somewhat exhausted.

With his completion leveled Qi alone, he once again suppressed the three grandmasters. One has to admit that Ling Xian was far too powerful and was definitely heaven defying!

"Dammit, this man is far too insane!"

The leader of alchemy gritted his teeth and puked out a mouthful of blood. Then, the flaming red cauldron exploded. Similar to hungry and angry beasts, the cauldron was thirsty for Ling Xian!

Against this terrifying attack, not only did Ling Xian remain calm, he actually revealed a taunting and cold smile.

"Since you are seeking death and want your reputation to be completely ruined, I will grant you your wish."

After he spoke those words, Ling Xian finally unleashed his all. He now realized that unless he kills, he will not be able to escape. Therefore, he began to burn his majestic ancient blood in order to get himself to his best state!

Then, a fist and a light ray roared out. The former crushed the area around them while the latter forced the leaders of arrays and crafts to step back.

The latter pierced through the cauldron and also shot through the leader of alchemy's head!


The leader of alchemy's eyes widened. He unwillingly collapsed onto the ground, silencing the entire stone room.

His death turned into a signal – the signal of one man's reputation and achievements falling.

A man name Ling Xian had just slain an original leveled cultivator while still being at the completion level!

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