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Chapter 869: A Violent Beating

Translator: _Tat_ Editor: Rundi

“Get the h.e.l.l out of the young master’s way!”

A cold sneer came from afar. A battling carriage made out of expensive and valuable materials headed towards Ling Xian.

Leading the carriage were three handsome looking moon-chaser horses. They were glorious and they had much grandeur. It was clear that they have reached the completion level!

Remember that most beasts are proud and normally see the humankind as sand in their eyes. Completion leveled bests? Even beasts in the foundational level rarely cave.

Yet, this carriage was being led by completion leveled beasts and there were three of them. This was enough to prove how extraordinary the person sitting inside the carriage is.

Not only in terms of capability, but also in background.

Sensing the intense Qi from behind, Ling Xian slightly frowned. He had been strolling by the side streets and was never in the middle of the road. How was he in the way of the carriage?

But he didn’t say anything and merely stepped over to the side.

Then, another cold growl arose and it sounded very unwelcoming.

“Get the f!ck away. If you die because we hit you then you deserve it.”

Hearing this, Ling Xian frowned again. But he didn’t want to create drama so he stepped aside another two steps. He was now completely on the sidewalk.

The result was that the carriage behind him was moving towards his side as well. The distance between them were now merely several inches and the three moon-chaser horses were panting with steam and looking terrifying.

His eyes turned colder and he was now a little angry. He had stepped aside not just once, but twice. Yet not only did the battle carriage not accept that, it actually got more overbearing. Why wouldn’t Ling Xian be furious.

Just then, the three moon-chasers hopped up and their hooves were aimed directly at Ling Xian, threatening to step on him.

That was far too overbearing. Remember that these were three completion leveled beasts. If he gets stepped on, then even if he survives, he will be heavily wounded.

Therefore, Ling Xian was furious. In a flash, he moved to the right and dodged this attack. Then, he turned around with a cold expression.

“You are using your horses to commit crimes. Do you admit to your crimes?”

“Crimes? Do you know who I am? I didn’t kill you, even if I did, n.o.body would fight for justice on your behalf!”

A statement full of disdain came from inside the carriage. The voice was insanely arrogant and sounded very satisfied for being a high leveled cultivator.

This made Ling Xian’s eyes glaze over. “What an overbearing young master. I just wonder if you have the capability to match that att.i.tude.”

“Ayo, that sounds interesting. So you want to fight against me?”

A hand from inside the carriage lifted open the curtain of the window of the carriage. A young man wearing a fancy gown appeared. His face was full of contempt and he challenged, “You are merely a handicap without Qi. You dare to talk to me in such a manner? Do you know how to spell ‘death’?”

“You are far too overbearing, far too arrogant.”

Ling Xian’s expression turned cold. He didn’t offend anyone when he walked on this street yet a carriage threatened to kill him on impact. But even after he moved aside twice, this person continued to push and threaten. How overbearing was this?

Why wouldn’t he be furious?

“Being overbearing is a right that powerhouses possess. Someone trash like you only has the right to wait here.”

The young man smiled with disdain and taunted, “You are unlucky today. I’m not in a great mood and I was looking to kill someone for fun.”

He spoke this statement gently and naturally. It was obvious that to him, killing people was like eating.

“For fun?”

Ling Xian was curious. “Very well. Sadly, you picked the wrong target.”

“Haha, a handicap without Qi dares to talk to me in such a manner?” The young man laughed out loud. “Smash his skull!”

At those words, the three moon-chasers shrieked loudly. Their hooves, the size of bowls, stomped down heavily and with enough energy to flatten a mountain.

“You are seeking death!”

Ling Xian’s expression was cold and he no longer felt like wasting words or time. He moved right away and slammed one fist. At once, his physical energy erupted out of him. As they crushed through s.p.a.ce, the three moon-chasers were flunked out.


After three mumbled thumps, the moon-chasers collapsed onto the ground. Their flesh and skin were now in mushes – they have died.

This forced the young man to leap into midair and his expression changed a little. However, he was not shocked and merely smiled, “So it looks like I have underestimated you. You are someone walking the Path of Physique. But so what? My capability is not something you can defend against!”

Then, his body exploded with heavenly light. Original leveled Qi of the intermediate stage exploded out. His Qi seemed to have surpa.s.sed others of the same level.

Without a doubt, he was a Heaven’s Favorite as well, and he definitely others of the same level.

“Young fella, you will pay for my horses’ lives!”

Sneering, the young man crouched down. His two arms were heavy like lead and they were headed aggressively at Ling Xian.

That terrifying power crushed s.p.a.ce.

However, not only was Ling Xian not fl.u.s.tered, he actually smiled sarcastically. This man was merely at the intermediate stage of the original level. Even if he was a Heaven’s Favorite, Ling Xian can kill him

Reality was just like that.

Against the young man’s aggressive attack, Ling Xian slammed forward a palm and destroyed his attack right away. Then, his fist landed violently on the man’s face.


After a crisp sound, half of the young man’s face was crushed and his entire body fell backwards for several meters. Blood wouldn’t stop flowing.

As much pain as he was in, he shouted angrily, “Dammit, you dare to hit me. Do you not know who I am!”

“I don’t give a f!ck who you are. Even if you are the son of an immortal, I would still hit you!”

Ling Xian’s eyes were cold and he instantly reappeared before the young man and slapped yet again. Then, without pausing, he delivered similar blows one after another. He merely used 30% of his full strength because he wanted to teach this man a lesson using a humiliating method.

Pia, pia, pia!

Slapping noises echoed throughout. Every single sound represented a slap that humiliates and shames the young man.

Normally, he uses his capability and his background to do whatever he wanted. Yet now, he was being violently beaten by someone even more powerful. Why wouldn’t he feel humiliated?

But more than that, he was fueled with anger and terror.

“Dammit, I have to kill you!”

The young man’s anger was not dissipating as he continuously tried to manipulate his Qi to resist. However, no matter how he attacked, Ling Xian broke them.

This made the young man even more fearful. He finally realized that he had provoked someone he never should’ve provoked.

“Kill me?”

Ling Xian smiled and one of his fist landed squarely on the fella’s chest. At once, the young man puked out a mouthful of blood and all the bones in his chest were smashed into pieces.

He felt a heart wrenching agony that twisted his emotions and made tears flow out of his eyes.

“I sure want to see why you say you have the right to kill me.”

Ling Xian coldly snickered. His right foot landed on the young man’s calf. Then, he used all his strength to push.


A crisp bone breaking noise echoed and the young man’s calf was instantly smashed. The pain made him sweat a river and shout in agony. He looked at the person before him in horror.

Of course, he felt much regret. He regretted his blind eyes and how he provoked such a monster!

“Now, I will see how you will be arrogant.”

At this, the anger in Ling Xian’s chest finally dissipated. Then, he walked with his head held high towards the gathering’s destination. He left behind a warning statement.

“I am warning you. Do not come find me again. Or else, I will take your life.”

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