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Chapter 868: Get the h.e.l.l Out of the Young Master's Way

Translator: _Tat_  Editor: Rundi

The Heavenly Palace was an obstacle that stopped an infinite number of Heaven's Favorites.

In the past tens and thousands of years, only three people have beaten it. The most recent one is the famous Fairy Wu.

Therefore, after the news of Ling Xian getting through the Heavenly Palace circulated, a storm formulated and created turmoil for thousands of miles.

This was just temporary. It was easy to predict that as time goes on, this news will go further and spread wider.

Everyone who's heard this news fell into a state of shock. Then, everyone's reaction became colorful.

"Is he a monster? He used so little time to get through all the levels of the Heavenly Palace." That was to exclaim Ling Xian's powerfulness.

"What a strong one. I heard he is rather good looking. Ah, ah, I want to marry him!" That is someone being lovesick and wanting to marry Ling Xian.

"It's just beating the Heavenly Palace. What's so great about that? I can do it too!" That is someone being jealous of Ling Xian. They used an att.i.tude of contempt to try and increase their personal value.

They didn't know that all this will only make others laugh.

"Interesting. I sure want to see if this person actually is capable or if he is just lucky." That is someone wanting to challenge Ling Xian.

People felt all sorts of emotions after the initial astonishment they felt. But one thing was for sure - Ling Xian was about to get famous.

After his name echoed throughout Yunzhou and Yuezhou, his name once again shook up Tianzhou!

The restaurant server from before, who questioned Ling Xian, found out about this as well. At first, he didn't think Ling Xian was the one who told him he wanted to try and beat the palace.

But after he heard about the way he looked, he realized the guy's appearance is the same as the guy from his memories, so his entire being became petrified.

Then, as much as he was shocked, he also felt ashamed. Especially since he remembered how he once laughed at Ling Xian… his face felt blatantly painful, as if someone slapped him.

"I… I laughed at a talented monster who beat all levels of the Heavenly Palace? That is unbelievable."

After leaving the Library of Fortune, Ling Xian spent three days traveling across the province. He then found a small motel to stay at and waited for the gathering of the Heaven's Favorites to come.

He attended such a gathering before. That was on Trading Island. But back then, he was highly disappointed, because the strongest one there couldn't even defend against his Qi.

Then, he never attended another meeting.

Now that there was an opportunity before him, he naturally wanted to go see. He wanted to see just what kind of powerhouses existed in this prominent Tianzhou.

Of course, he was most interested in Fairy Wu.

Everyone talks about how insanely talented this woman was and how she was out of the world. Out of everyone in the younger generation in Tianzhou, she was considered one of the strongest.

Therefore, of course, Ling Xian was curious.

"Let me wait patiently. I sure want to see how magnificent the woman who's beauty stuns the entire city is."

Ling Xian softly grinned. Then, he closed his eyes and began to call out to the Indestructible Physique.

Cultivation takes time to build up. Since he had reached a small milestone, he couldn't let himself relax one bit.

However, when he called out to the Indestructible Physique just now, he had a realization.

This art is imperfect - he was missing around half of it. In other words, there was no way for him to get this technique to its highest realm. Even getting it to the next milestone was a luxurious wish.

This made him a little helpless.

Honestly speaking, he wasn't willing to let it go so easily. This technique was insanely powerful and suited someone like him very well.

Yet this technique was imperfect, which meant he was fated to be unable to reach greatness with it. Plus, this technique was an inheritance that only direct descendants were allowed to learn.

"Could it be… that I have to go find the Temple of Leiyin?" Ling Xian mumbled and grinned while shaking his head.

What a joke. The Temple of Leiyin is a very famous and strong force. To want to gain the Indestructible Technique was a dream that the oblivious thinks about.

Of course, maybe one day, Ling Xian will grow so strong that the Temple of Leiyin would have no choice but to soften before him. Then, maybe it's possible.

But that day was destined to be far away.

"Well honestly, the Incantation of a Calm Heart was also a secret inheritance. I cannot believe I learned two of their inheritances."

Ling Xian lost his composure and laughed. He remembered the woman who taught him and couldn't help but to whisper to himself, "That woman knew the Incantation of a Calm Heart could it… she is from the Leiyin Temple?"

Then, he shook his head. Everyone from the Leiyin Temple were monks, why would there be a woman?

"She helped me once. I wonder if I will ever get the chance to meet her again."

Mumbling, Ling Xian stopped thinking and continued to practice the Indestructible Physique.

Though he was destined to be unable to reach the highest realm, he refused to be at ease. That was his att.i.tude.

The att.i.tude to walk to the top.

Just like that, Ling Xian calmed himself and practiced seriously.

Time went on little by little.

Ten days later, he opened his eyes. Two gold light emitted then disappeared from his eyes.

Then, he straightened his body. His gaze flickered with antic.i.p.ation.

Li City was a famous ancient city beside the East Domain It was located right at the center of the Domain and was well connected to other regions. It was a place that was highly prosperous and many powerful beings lived there.

The city streets were wide and clamorous. They crisscrossed and were made out of expensive stones, looking grand.

Other than pedestrians, carriages pulled by beasts would howl by. They were extraordinary and very attention s.n.a.t.c.hing.

But to people inside Li City, this was nothing unusual.

The powerful have always been special and different. n.o.body knows when, but from some time ago, it became a trend to have beasts pull carriages. The entire Tianzhou was the same.

The majority of the important figures used beasts to drag on their carts to show off their capabilities. In plain words, it was a way to show off.

After all, not everyone can tame a beast. Especially beasts stronger than the completion level… they can only be tamed by true powerhouses.

Today, there were many battling carriages on the streets. Without a doubt, they were all being carried by gigantic beasts and were all constructed out of expensive materials. Those who were sitting inside were all powerhouses.

This forced the pedestrians to walk away and hide. They were terrified they would be hit by a cart and die so meaninglessly.

All those carts, without exception, were heading towards one direction. As much as this made everyone a little astonished, they were also a little curious.

"What happened? Is there something big happening in Li City?"

"Naturally it's something big. The rumor is that Fairy Wu is inviting heroes everywhere for her Gathering of Heaven's Favorites."

"No wonder all those carriages are insanely powerful. So the Heaven's Favorites from each and every force are riding on them."

"Now there's something for us to watch and some event for us to gossip about. Every time a gathering happens, people fight. This time, in particular, Fairy Wu is there. Those Heaven's Favorites will for sure fight for attention."

Everyone chimed in. They wanted to enter and watch but sadly, none of them had the right to.

"This sure is grand."

Staring at the battle carriages that pa.s.sed by him, Ling Xian softly smiled but did not appear at all jealous.

The real powerhouses are strong in capability. They don't try to show off using these kinds of methods.

Therefore, he marched forward with ease and headed towards the meeting point.

Just then, a loud shout arose. What came alongside the shout was an expensive-looking and flashy carriage.

"Get the h.e.l.l out of the young master's way!"

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