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Chapter 769: Heaven Flipping Seal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The spirit of Heaven Flipping Seal smiled slightly. “Since he asked this senior to deal with you, this can only be considered as this senior showing a little kindness toward him.”

Li Yunmu sneered at him. “Both of you are indeed birds of the same feather! Even your words are similar!”

“This senior has killed many devils as Spirit Void, and you are a demonic devil, so this senior simply cannot let you go.”

Li Yunmu subconsciously tried to move the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword, but what made him somewhat flabbergasted was that there was no reaction from the devil punis.h.i.+ng sword and G.o.d slaughtering sword. What exactly was going on there?

Yuan Biyao shook her head. “It’s useless! This is the s.p.a.ce inside Heaven Flipping Seal so we cannot use any weapons. We can only rely on ourselves to defeat them.”

“Ha ha ha ha… This girl has some experience. You are quite naive if you think you can take out your swords! Demonic devil! I have killed are countless devils, so even if I need to kill another little devil like you, it’s not a huge matter for this senior.”

“You really are savage! I want to see your crying face!”

The many energies inside Li Yunmu’s body were suppressed, but after having experienced them for so long, the power in his body had experienced a quant.i.tative leap. Li Yunmu had already broken through his original half step G.o.d cultivation and officially become a G.o.d level expert.

“Heaven Flipping Seal is extraordinary so we still need some strategy to defeat it!” Yuan Biyao said nervously.

“What strategy?”

“I will be responsible for attracting the attention of the spirit beast while you go deal with the spirit of Heaven Flipping Seal! You must quickly kill the spirit of Heaven Splitting Seal since I can’t take care of the beast for long.”

As soon as Yuan Biyao finished talking, she suddenly attacked the spirit beast. It didn’t have a human’s brain, so when it saw Yuan Biyao suddenly rush at it, it roared at her.

When Li Yunmu saw that Yuan Biyao was using her body to guarantee that he could deal with the Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit, he knew he couldn’t disappoint her.

He promptly circulated the power in his body. Although the demonic energy in his body had already been suppressed, he could still move his power. Energy constantly converged in his body before gathering on his fist, which he launched at the enemy.

His punch didn’t hit the body of Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit, but the energy fluctuations it away. His power could crush mountains and rivers.

The spirit of the Heaven Flipping Seal was slightly startled since it simply hadn’t sensed the change in Li Yunmu. Since the energy inside his body was suppressed, his strength was also hidden.

In the beginning, the spirit of Heaven Flipping Seal though that Li Yunmu was only an ordinary mortal and didn’t have any fear toward him. But when he attacked with such a terrifying punch, the spirit of Heaven Flipping Seal suddenly realized that it had made a mistake and underestimated his strength.

The power of that punch was definitely not at the level of a mortal!

The spirit of Heaven Flipping Seal looked at Li Yunmu with some astonishment and indifferently said, “You… What exactly did you experience? You definitely aren’t a simple and ordinary mortal who fell into the devil path. There’s even the saint pill of a divine beast in your body! What exactly are you?”

Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit again noticed the change in Li Yunmu’s body, but it was already too late. It could not believe having discovered something, which should never be in an ordinary devil’s body, and it was the saint pill!

They were found in divine beasts’ bodies, while devil beasts had internal cores. The third type, the spirit beasts, cultivated spirit pills.

Yet Li Yunmu had a saint pill inside his body while he was only a mortal. How could Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit be an opponent for someone who had the power of a divine beast?

“What I am isn’t important! Tell me, how do wet get out of here? Quickly speak!” Li Yunmu calmly said.

The Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit burst out laughing. “Get out? Without this senior, you will remain trapped inside this Heaven Flipping Seal for all time, never able to have a day of peace!”

When Li Yunmu saw that the Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit had no intention of letting them go, he unleashed the Explosive Thunder Kick. It blew the spirit far away.

The fiend and vile energies in Li Yunmu’s body were gradually dissipating, but the devil energy increased, and his eyes started to turn black.

[Quickly wake up,] the system howled at him.

However, Li Yunmu had again been contaminated by the devil energy, and a sinister coldness appeared in his eyes.

“Since you are sure that you won’t let us go, I will personally destroy this s.p.a.ce,” he said in a cold voice.

Heaven Flipping Seal’s spirit looked at him with disdain. “This enchantment is the result of this senior’s lifetime effort. You think a little devil like you can destroy it?”

But Li Yunmu didn’t care about it, and his eyes filled with fury. As long as he lost control of his emotions, the energy inside his body would go out of control as well.

When fury took over his mind, the vile and fiend energies in his body also began to circulate. At that moment, he seemed to have returned to the terrifying state when he had destroyed the Primordial G.o.d World.

“Heaven Falls and Earth Rends!”

Li Yunmu hadn’t used that skill before. After turning into the devil, he kicked and punched the enchantment of the entire Heaven Flipping Seal while energy fluctuations were left his body one after another.

Those shockwaves caused cracks to appear in the surrounding enchantment, and the spirit of the Heaven Flipping Seal looked at Li Yunmu with bloodshot eyes.

“This is impossible!” it said with astonishment in its voice.

The next instant, the spirit of the Heaven Flipping Seal was suddenly devoured by the power of Heaven Falls and Earth Rends.

Yuan Biyao strived her hardest to defend herself, but her body was still thrown away. At that instant, the ancient secret method lit up with a bright light.

Yuan Biyao was absorbed inside it, and the red-haired lion spirit beast was forced to retreat before being swallowed.

Cracks appeared all over the s.p.a.ce as the enchantment collapsed. After the spirit of Heaven Flipping Seal was devoured, no one could even find the spirit of Priest Spirit Void.

After Li Yunmu destroyed the s.p.a.ce of Heaven Flipping Seal, Priest Spirit Void’s body appeared in front of him. The man suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood, and his eyes focused on Li Yunmu with a hint of dread in them.

His cultivation had already been destroyed when he was defeated in the Heaven Flipping Seal, who even lost its spirit.

The s.p.a.ce of Heaven Flipping Seal, which he had created after a lot of time, was destroyed as well.

“You… What exactly are you?”

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