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Initially, without the Scarlet Fire and the Hibiscus wood, he could still make the Golem Puppets. It was because the Fish Dragon Iron Bone was the main material to make the Golem Puppet. Things like the Golden Earth Essence, First Heavenly Water, Scarlet Fire, and Hibiscus Wood were all a.s.sisting materials.

Without it, he could still get by. Only, due to the insufficient quality, the effectiveness of the puppet would be greatly reduced.

Currently, it was the best scenario because he had all five materials present. Especially when Qin Wushuang congealed the Scarlet Fire, it would be extremely helpful to make the Golem Puppet.

The best part was if another divine venomous puppet soul was put into the Golem Puppet, it would certainly be the vital finis.h.i.+ng touch.

A Golem Puppet controlled by a divine soul would obey all of his commands and would be the most terrifying puppet possessing the greatest combat power.

Or else, if just relying on Qin Wushuang's own divine soul controlling it, the Golem Puppet controlled by the divine soul power alone would at most unleash an ordinary amount of power. On the battlefield, it could only work as a diversionary tactic and could not act as a helper.

However, it would be a totally different story if the Golem Puppet was maintained by its own independent divine soul.

Therefore, to Qin Wushuang, the crafting of this Golem Puppet would also be one of the most important tasks in the next ten years.

He would not be bothered by the change of worldly affairs when he went on this journey. Qin Wushuang knew that it would be the best case scenario if his strength could be increased and unyielding.

Countless experiences already proved to him that it was unreliable to entrust fate to someone else. Regardless of being alone or in a sect, the only person we can rely on is ourselves. We can only rely on our own stubborn and unyielding spirit.

Although Qin Wushuang was thrown behind bars during the trip to the Hibiscus Island, he did not feel the slightest bit of regret. If he were to choose again, he would still make the same decision.

It was because the spiritual wood essence that was congealed at the Hibiscus Island made Qin Wushuang fully realize how important this essence would be to his future training.

Therefore, Qin Wushuang was extremely grateful to the Spiritual Tree Clan.

On the other hand, inside the Aspiring Throne Mountain of the Qin Clan, all the Qin elite warriors gathered. Each one showed a more stern expression than the next.

"Two chiefs, is this accurate news?" Zhi Huai was the first one to ask anxiously.

Qin Yunran's complexion was thoroughly red and his red whiskers stuck up. Clearly, he was extremely impatient as he smashed his fist down on the table.

"Everyone, the message was sent from the Heavenly Emperor Gate to us. About the news that was pa.s.sed, we investigated through our intelligence network. It's true that something happened at the Endless Eastern Sea."

"Third Chief, did anything happen to Qin Wushuang?" The Honored Warriors were all incredibly anxious. Everyone knew clearly that although five or six disciples went out, everyone truly carried the greatest hope in Qin Taichong and Qin Wushuang. Especially in Qin Wushuang who carried a reputation as an ordeal champion with the glorious achievement of killing Lei Ming and attacking the Heavenly Emperor Gate. This made everyone of the Qin Clan have extra expectations of him.

Currently, the Head Chief used his divine soul to seal that great killing machine and slowed down the attack of their enemies. However, the price was that the Head Chief lost his fighting strength.

To the Qin Clan, since the Head Chief lost fighting strength, only Qin Wushuang who had the Graceful Spiritual Bow would have the slightest hope to bear the great responsibility of resisting Xin Tianwen. No one else had the skill to do so.

Even if all the Honored Warriors who received the Supreme Dao Fruit broke into the Supreme Dao Stage, it would not be enough. In actual combat, without an overpowering figure to deal with Xin Tianwen, in the end it would not solve the crisis of the Qin Clan.

Now, only if the Head Chief regained his divine soul and Qin Wushuang returned could they completely lift the siege by coordinating outside and inside maneuvers. Then, they could even make a counterattack.

Initially when Xin Tianwen returned to the Aspiring Throne Mountain, anger sprout out. To the Qin Clan that could not get attacked after a long time, he was also abnormally frustrated. He exaggerated the death of Qin Wushuang and used the method of voice messaging to spread into the Qin Clan. He would use this way to sway the morale of the Qin Clan and to disintegrate the fighting spirit of the clan.

This move was incredibly vicious. Immediately, it threw everyone of the Qin Clan into great disorder. The higher-ups even began to feel anxious.

Because of this reason, the two Chiefs stepped in to investigate. The result of the investigation made them incredibly shocked and also extremely fearful.

When facing pairs of earnest eyes, Qin Chongyang truly wanted to scatter a white lie. However, he knew that if he were to lie, it would not be favorable to the Qin Clan.

On the contrary, it would be better to announce it honestly.

"Everyone, according to the investigation Wushuang was trapped in a s.p.a.ce crack near the Hibiscus Forest at the Rus.h.i.+ng Current Valley. He was swallowed by the disordered s.p.a.ce air flow and went missing. We don't know whether he is alive or not."

"The disordered air flow of a s.p.a.ce crack?" Instantly, the complexion of a group of Honored Warriors became dim. They were all old and experienced figures. The Eastern Polar Region of the Endless Eastern Sea was an extremely active area where the cracks were connected to different s.p.a.ce dimensions. The s.p.a.ce cracks were extremely powerful. Once a person was swept in, it was heard that even Genuine Supreme Dao elite warriors would not have more than a thirty percent chance survival rate. Transformation Supreme Dao warriors would at most have ten percent chance to survive.

For those at the Coagulate Supreme Dao Stage, they would almost die certainly.

"Wushuang, should have already entered the Coagulate Supreme Dao Stage by now, right? Information from earlier shows that Wushuang killed He Ziniu of the Musical Dragon Clan while at the Supreme Dao Stage…"

"Yes, with Wushuang's talent and his luck, now being at the Supreme Dao Stage he should have a fifty percent chance to survive even if he was swept away by that disordered air flow!"

These Honored Warriors all started to find advantageous factors to comfort themselves.

"Yes, now the outside world is spreading the news that Qin Wushuang is a son blessed by the G.o.ds for he inherited the ancient formation. If this is the case, Wushuang is a person with great fortune. Surely he can turn this misfortune into a blessing."

"That's right, the s.p.a.ce crack is still a s.p.a.ce in the end. As long as Wushuang did not get lost, he must have a chance to survive. I believe in Wushuang."

"I also believe in Wushuang."

Each of these Honored Warriors were idealist. They did not mind the dangerous and objective factors. Instead, they firmly believed that nothing would happen to Qin Wushuang.

In the end, Qin Chongyang was an honorable Chief. He also did not wish for anything to happen to Wushuang. However, he must make preparations to accept this bad news.

"Everyone, it's an unknown factor whether or not Wushuang can return smoothly. To the current Qin Clan, everyone must stay motivated. Especially Honored Warriors, you must speed up your training and aim to break into the Supreme Dao Stage as soon as possible!"

Qin Wushuang acquired four Supreme Dao Fruits from the Illusion Heavenly Lake. Plus, with the one gained by Qin Taichong, there are a total of five.

However, it was not announced publicly that Qin Wushuang acquired two fruit from the Ten Thousand Flower Valley. Only three were publicly announced. These were distributed to Zhi Bo, Zhi Song, and Zhi Tong.

Honored Warrior Zhi Huai said that he would not use the Supreme Dao Fruit. He would train on his own to search for the breakthrough.

Currently, these four Honored Warriors were the most hopeful elite warriors to level up into the Supreme Dao Stage.

As one year had pa.s.sed, not one of these four Honored Warriors has shown signs of breaking into the Supreme Dao Stage. Therefore, Qin Chongyang could not refrain from voicing this reminder.

Qin Yunran said, "I also believe that Wushuang will turn crisis into safety. However, as we are a few million miles apart from each other, we cannot worry about him and he cannot worry about us. This being said, everyone shares the same goal. If Wushuang and Taichong return victorious, you do not want to be caught in the same spot as when they left and waste the Supreme Dao Fruit he fought hard to bring back, right?"

These words caused each of the four great Honored Warriors to reveal a grim complexion. All of them nodded. "Second Chief speaks reasonable words, we must not slack off any longer. We must get rid of all distractive thoughts and exert our full force to overcome the Supreme Dao barrier and upgrade into the Supreme Dao Stage!"

"Yes, for Wushuang's sake, we will pay close attention. Once there are any movements, we will surely deliver the good news to everyone," Qin Chongyang also encouraged the moral.

Now, the Qin Clan was hanging on in one breath. If this burst of high fighting spirit and morale falls, the Qin Clan would be in extreme danger.

For tens and thousands of years, this burst of pride and this fighting spirit supported the Qin Clan to pa.s.s countless difficult situations and many crisis!

"Ah!" Qin Wushuang spit out a breath of turbid air joyfully. "The words of the ancient people do not lie to me. Training is really a long and lonely journey. Fortunately, throughout this journey, I am still lucky."

Five years have pa.s.sed and now, Qin Wushuang already pa.s.sed eight calamities smoothly. Only the last major calamity remained. That would be the ninth calamity and also the path one must take from the Coagulate Supreme Dao Stage to the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage.

This threshold would be a qualitative leap. Qin Wushuang was already wandering at this level for more than a year. He also knew that this threshold might be much tougher than the First Calamity and the Second Calamity of the Transformation Supreme Dao Stage. It was because this calamity not only required him to deal with those calamities, but he also needed some comprehension and acc.u.mulated wisdom for what was to come.

The leap between the two stages was equivalent of leaping from one bridge to the other. Certainly, the degree of danger and difficulty would be greater.

If following the prescribed order when walking on the same bridge, the possibility of having problems would not be great. On the contrary, the stepping over process between stages would be the most dangerous.

Usually, at least fifty percent of martial artists would die on this Ninth Calamity.

Qin Wushuang was not in a hurry. He also knew that he had sufficient time. Now as only five years had pa.s.sed, he still had ten years until the Heavenly Emperor election.

Besides, he did not let these five years go in vain. From the Third to the Eighth Calamity, the hards.h.i.+ps within it could not be described by a few words.

The Third Calamity was tolerable. At the Seventh and Eight Calamity, each challenge consumed a lot of Qin Wushuang's energy and effort.

For each stage, the three major calamities were the most arduous. The Ninth Calamity would be extremely difficult, the most difficult of all.

Besides the leap from the Third to the Eight Calamity, Qin Wushuang reaped a great harvest regarding his craft of the Golem Puppet. Through three years of searching, trial, and error, the final version of the first great Golem Puppet was finally finished. Qin Wushuang integrated the divine soul of He Ziniu into it and instantly, the Golem Puppet was bestowed with vigorous vitality.

With the success of the first Golem Puppet, the ones crafted after would be easier as he just had to repeat the steps.

Qin Wushuang collected a great amount of the materials. With his exceptional crafting skills, he was able to save a lot of materials. Initially, the Fish Dragon Iron Bone could only craft three Supreme Dao weapons, but Qin Wushuang extracted nine portions out of it. He still had plenty left when crafting the Golem Puppet.

Of course, the great Golem Puppet was different than Supreme Dao weapons. Since Supreme Dao weapons were used to fight enemies, the requirement of the quality of the material, the density, and the thickness were extremely high.

For the Golem Puppet, the Fish Dragon Iron Bone would only be used as a framework. The amount of Fish Dragon Iron Bone used to model the body of the Golem Puppet in comparison to the hard work and the numerous revisions of condensation to make a Supreme Dao weapon was of course, far less work.

Therefore, with nine divine soul prisoners, it would not be a problem for Qin Wushuang to make nine Golem Puppets. With the remaining material, it would be easy to make three or five more puppets.

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