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Chapter 595: Chapter 595 Meet An Old Acquaintance

After one of the police officers checked a fat man's ID, and when he was about to head toward Old Youling and Lin Shuiyao, a thin, middle-aged man with walked out from behind Old Youling. He took out a green doc.u.ment and placed it in front of the young policeman, pointed to a fat man, who was in his fifties, behind him, and whispered,

“This comrade, I am Zhao Shaohua, the secretary of the general office of the provincial party committee. Our superior is here, please take us to see secretary Sun, who is working for this city.”

The young police did not expect that there would be someone with this kind of background in this group. After taking a quick glance at the green doc.u.ment, he instantly became very nervous, and his expression also immediately changed from cold to respectful.

“Please wait here for a moment, I need to report it to Captain Xiao,” the young police said respectfully.

Seeing this, Old Youling gasped in shock. Then its eyes suddenly moved, it seemed like it was planning something secretly.

Zhao Shaohua's mind was also filled with frustration. He did not expect that they would encounter such a thing after a trip to Shanghai. Although they came to Shanghai using cars, to get back to Nanjing as fast as they could, they wanted to use the high-speed train. However, no one knew what was wrong with the Shanghai's local government, they completely blocked the train station. Even if they had shown them that they were also working for the central government, the Shanghai local government still would not let them use the train. In the end, they could only use cars to get back to Nanjing again.

But because they left in a hurry, they did not bring anything with them. So they almost had not eaten anything in the past two days. Originally, they thought that once they got to Wuxi city, they would be able to contact a few people they knew, who also worked for the local government in Wuxi, the situation would surely be improved, but they did not expect that no matter how they tried to contact them, the phone calls just could not get through. It was as if the entire upper-echelons of Wuxi city government was in chaos now.

In fact, it was also true. Since ten hours ago, the upper-echelons of Wuxi local government have been receiving several different commands and phone calls from different people continuously. There were orders from the central government, notices from the provincial capital, calls from the special department, and even an order from the military. Everyone was saying different things, giving out different orders, it was a complete chaos. At this time, all the relevant personnel had been gathered together for a meeting, and important phone calls were still coming in constantly, everyone was already exhausted, how would they have time to talk to secretary Zhao.

But for this batch of police, Zhao Shaohua's ident.i.ty was still quite important. Even that senior police officer also did not dare to make light of this matter. He immediately stopped what he was doing and went to Zhao Shaohua to shake his hand, and said, “I'm sorry to keep you all here, I did not know that there were superiors in this group.”

Zhao Shaohua and his group were very hungry, they did not want to spend time talking to a small police officer, “Captain Xiao, is there any way that you can escort us to the place where the party committee is?”

They had already gone to the party committee's office building, it was already an empty building when they got there. There were also signs of many people crowding at the entrance of the building before. Based on what they had seen in Shanghai, it was probably that the party committee had temporarily moved to other places to hide. So it was not easy for them to find anyone at the moment.

Sure enough, the senior police had a hesitant look on his face, “I'm sorry, we also can not find them, we are only able to contact them over the phone. Do you want me to call them?”

Zhao Shaohua took a look at his superior and nodded, “yes, sorry to trouble you, but please do it as soon as possible.”

Then the captain took out mobile and hurriedly dialed a number.

However, the man on the other end of the phone only said that they would report it to the higher-up and then he just hung up the phone. Then everyone waited there for around ten minutes, but they still did not get any response. The face of Zhao Shaohua also became more and more livid. Although he was angry, he did not dare to take it out on the police officer. He could only urge officer Xiao to make another phone call.

The rest of the police officers, who were originally checking other people's IDs, also gradually sensed something and slowly stopped checking. Amongst this group of troublemakers, there was someone, who worked for the government in the provincial capital? And it seemed like the status of the person was not low either. This was no longer something that a local government could deal with. At this moment, not many people knew for sure that the end of the world would be coming, the reason why people were panicking was because of the fear of the unknown. Now that they had a chance to know the well-informed people from the upper-echelons of the government, they would only try to curry favor over them.

After waiting for another few minutes, there was still no reply from the other end of the phone call. Zhao Shaohua instantly s.n.a.t.c.hed the phone from Captain Xiao's hand and said, “who are you, which department are you? What? Who am I? I am from the general office of the provincial party committee! Is the secretary Sun there?… What about the deputy mayor s.h.i.+? …”

Just when Zhao Shaohua was talking to someone over the phone while frowning his brows, the sound of the helicopter suddenly appeared in the sky. Zhao Shaohua's face was instantly lit up. He thought that they were here to help them.

Looking at the helicopters in the sky, whether it was the people from the local or the people from the expressway, they were both envious and angry.

However, even if they were angry and envious, they still did not dare to do anything. After all, they were still a dozen police officers standing there.

In Zhao Shaohua's relieved expression, two police helicopters slowly descended from the sky while constantly using the bright searchlights to search something on the ground.

Seeing the two helicopters, Chu Yunsheng suddenly had a crazy idea, hijacking a helicopter!

But in the next second, he immediately abandoned this idea. With his current strength, and with Lin Shuiyao and Yangyang those two people, hijacking a helicopter in front of many police was no doubt a dream, not to mention that he didn't know how to pilot the helicopter.

But as soon as he gave up the idea of hijacking a helicopter, he remembered who the boy was.

Sometimes the way memory works is just strange and mysterious, if you deliberately try to think, you may not be able to remember it. But if you do not want to think about it, it will suddenly pop up in your head.

He was Mo Wuluo!

It was no wonder that Chu Yunsheng could not remember him. He almost forgot about what he looked like when he was still a kid.

If it wasn't for the appearance of Mo Shangyan later on that deepened the memory of Mo Wuluo's pitiful appearance when he first entered the office building with a baby, probably he wouldn't have been able to remember who he was now.

Looking at the woman, who was standing next to Mo Wuluo right now, and thinking that he once told him that his whole family and relatives were killed by the insects, based on the original timeline, this woman, who was probably his mother, would probably not be able to get to Jin Ling city alive.

Before he entered the Pseudo-Monolith, like other people, Mo Wuluo also wanted Chu Yunsheng to pa.s.s a message to his cousin and his mother. He wanted them to know that he lived eventually, and he had a very good life, they did not need to worry about him.

Although Chu Yunsheng, Mo Wuluo, and many other people all knew that this was a simulation, they still could not help but write many messages and pa.s.s them to Chu Yunsheng.

Recalling the piles and piles of the message that was on his desk before he entered the Pseudo-Monolith, Chu Yunsheng suddenly realized a problem, for the people in the Pseudo-Monolith, why should they believe those messages? To them, which world is real?

While he was thinking, several SWAT officers that were armed with a.s.sault rifles quickly jumped out from the police helicopter. With the black uniform, they looked very threatening in the light.

Looking at this kind of formation, even Chu Yunsheng also did not dare to move, let alone the regular citizens.

After Zhao Shaohua's superior nodded his head, he walked toward the helicopter with a smile and said, “comrades, thank you for your help!”

But unexpectedly, the first SWAT officer looked at him in confusion and said coldly, “who are you?”

Zhao Shaohua was unhappy about this officer's cold att.i.tude. But thinking that this officer might not know him, he said, “I am Zhao Shaohua, from the general office of the provincial party committee…”

Originally, he thought that as long as he told them who they were, those SWAT officers would definitely treat them with respect, just like the officer Xiao.

However, the SWAT officer's eyes were still filled with confusion.

As a secretary, being observant was something that Zhao Shaohua was very good at. Seeing the confusion in the eyes of the SWAT officer, his heart suddenly sank, and there was a bad feeling quickly emerging from his mind, “are you from the provincial capital? Or Wuxi?”

He had made a phone call to the provincial capital asking for help before, so he had a glimmer of hope that those SWAT officers were sent here to help them by the people, who worked in the provincial capital.

“We are from Shanghai,” the swat officer said with a frown.

“Shanghai?” Zhao Shaohua was surprised. Why would people from Shanghai give them such a big favor? Was it secretary Lu of the District Party Committee?

At this point, he still thought that the two helicopters were coming for them, after all, no one was more important than them in this crowd.

At this time, another SWAT officer walked past the first SWAT officer, looked at Zhao Shaohua and said coldly, “yes, Shanghai, but secretary Zhao, we have another task, please step aside!”

Without hesitation, he walked past Zhao Shaohua and walked toward the crowd, at the same time, he took out a phone and dialed a number. While making the phone call, his eyes were glancing around the people in the crowd as if he was looking for someone.

“Mr. Chu, there is no need to hide, we are here, and please get on the helicopter!”

In the distance, Chu Yunsheng, who had already seen Yu Jian, came out with a smile and said, “you are really everywhere!”

The phone that he had just dialed was Yangyang's phone. So when Yangyang's phone rang, he had no choice but to come out.

Walking out from the shadow, his appearance soon appeared in everyone's sights.

So they were here for this young man!

Old Youling was the first one that followed Chu Yunsheng obsequiously. While it was following Chu Yunsheng, it couldn't help but think to itself, 'Dark Lord is such a liar, he said that he is not a boss, but why does it look like he is much more important than a boss? I must not fall for his trick. I must not let him notice that I was planning for something else! It seems that if I want to be freed, I have to know what kind of person Dark Lord is!'

Lin Shuiyao knew Chu Yunsheng. However, even if she was very smart, she still couldn't help but gasp in shock and disbelief. Especially after she saw Old Youling was following him obediently, she didn't know why, all of sudden, she started to worry about it.

But Zhao Shaohua's face was livid, and he was unable to speak. His superior only secretly shook his head at him, signaling him not to say anything. From the current situation, it seemed like this Chu person's background was even more powerful.

Captain Xiao was also very speechless. Originally, he thought that there was just one important person in the crowd, but he didn't expect that there were two. He was also very confused. Why do those important people like to cause trouble in this place?

Chu Yunsheng didn't have time to figure out what Captain Xiao was thinking. Since Yu Jian was able to bring two helicopters here, it meant that he definitely knew the existence of Lin Shuiyao, so there must be places for Lin Shuiyao and her a.s.sistant Yangyang on the helicopters. As to how they managed to find him, he didn't plan to ask them at the moment, he simply said, “Captain Yu, I need to take a few more people with me. Can you arrange that?”

Just as Chu Yunsheng finished talking, Zhao Shaohua's face was instantly lit up. Apart from him and his group, who else would be more important than them?

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