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Chapter 62: Accidentally Being Overwhelmed

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

“Kill him and hang his head at the entrance of Cloud Sky City,” Ximen Ju said while pointing at the bird-eyed man.

“Yes!” Immediately, two warriors in black robes moved to drag the victim out to be slaughtered.

“Spare my life, General Manager Ximen. Please spare my life!” The bird-eyed man knelt and kowtowed continuously.

Ximen Ju gave him a brief disgusted glance before looking away. After that, he lightly flicked his sleeve.

“Pu…” A few meters away, the bird-eyed man's head collapsed into a pile of mud within seconds. He was completely dead.

Everyone in the restaurant was breathing carefully after seeing such a fierce scene. Some of them couldn't help but pee themselves. Everyone looked down without even daring to breathe heavily or look at Ximen Ju.

If they weren't aware of Ximen Ju's power in Cloud Sky City, they were surely aware of it now.

Yang Dingtian didn't expect Ximen Ju to directly walk towards their table. His heart was pounding, and his brows trembled a little. Ningning's small hand immediately held Yang Dingtian's palm tightly and even shook a little.

“I came to Metal Sword Fortress for work. I never would have thought that I would into Miss Qin here. As such, I came over to greet you.” Ximen Ju stepped forward and paid his respects to Ximen Ningning. “May I have a seat?”

“You may not,” Ximen Ningning rebuffed. “General Manager Ximen, please see yourself out. Don't interrupt our meal.”

“Two years ago at Northwest Qin City, we met only briefly, but we meet again here today. Is there any reason that Miss Qin came over to my Cloud Sky City's territory?” Ximen Ju asked as he sat down.

Ximen Ningning replied, “I was just pa.s.sing by.”

“Oh.” Ximen Ju's gaze turned to Yang Dingtian and scanned him from head to toe a couple of times. Using the type of gaze that seemed to be able to pierce his mask, he asked, “What's this gentleman's name?”

“Ning Que,” Yang Dingtian replied proudly.

“Blame my poor eyesight, but I have no impression of Mr. Ning, which is strange. If I had ever met such a talented person like you, I would have definitely not forgotten.” Ximen Ju asked, “Where is Mr. Ning from?”

“South Sea, Ning Family,” Yang Dingtian answered.

“That's thousands of miles away. Coming here must have been really tiring.” Ximen Ju looked at Yang Dingtian and smiled. “Both of you please do be careful on the road.”

Then, Ximen Ju stood up and left. Only after his shadow completely disappeared did everyone in the restaurant sigh in relief. However, they still did not dare speak loudly.

Yang Dingtian was just about to open his mouth, but Ningning pinched his thigh lightly and then wrote something on his thigh with her tiny hand: “He left two of his men.”

“Hng, what's so great about him?” Ximen Ningning huffed coldly, acting as if she didn't care.

“What did his last statement mean? Was he threatening us?” Yang Dingtian asked.

The two of them quickly finished their meal and went up to the guest room intending to avoid Ximen Ju's men by pretending to take an afternoon nap.

“I want a room, the most luxurious room possible.” Ximen Ningning then took out a few gold coins. She wanted one room, not two.

“Yes, Miss.” The storekeeper immediately brought the two of them to their most luxurious room that was located on the east side.

It was truly a luxurious room. Within the exquisite s.p.a.ce, all the furnis.h.i.+ngs were luxurious and superior, whether it was the bonsai in the corner, the carpet under their feet, or even the precious jade flower sandalwood incense sticks.

“Why did Ximen Ju come here?” Yang Dingtian asked. “To persuade Metal Sword Fortress to support Qin Shaobai?”

“It is reasonable to think this way,” Ximen Ningning said. “Ximen Ju has decided to marry Tang Xin, which means he is siding with the Yang Family. Logically, it would follow that he would also support Qin Shaobai. However, I can't see through this person. He always plots deep schemes. It was still manageable when foster father was around, but now, I guess there's no one left in Cloud Sky City who can control him.”

“Could it be that he has his own plot? For example, wanting to become Cloud Sky City Lord himself?” asked Yang Dingtian.

“I can't see through him,” Ximen Ningning replied. “Publically, among the young elites in Cloud Sky City, there is no objection to the fact that Ximen Lie is the leader of the black blood troops. However, I've always had the feeling that Ximen Ju is actually the strongest stepson among them. It's just that he is too good at maintaining a low profile. I can't guess exactly how powerful he is. So, you should not solely focus on Ximen Yan as your opponent in one and a half years but also on Ximen Ju and Qin Shaobai.”

Yang Dingtian immediately thought back to what happened just now. Ximen Ju had merely flicked his sleeve lightly and was able to break the bird-eyed man's head. That truly was an extremely terrifying power.

Recalling Ximen Ju's weird expression and his highly-specific words, Yang Dingtian asked, “Could it be that he spotted the flaws in our disguises? His tone was really weird.”

“He is a person with deep plots, which is why it is difficult to discern what he's thinking through his actions and words,” Ximen Ningning answered. “As a result, I also couldn't tell if he was suspecting us or was just showing his power.”

“Has he met Qin Hongmian before?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“He should have. He visited Northwest Qin City as stepfather's representative a couple of times.”

“We only want two demons nuclei. Hopefully, he won't give us too much trouble…” Yang Dingtian hadn't even finished his statement when Ximen Ningning threw her body onto him, cuddling his neck like a snake and pressing her cheek against his, rubbing pa.s.sionately against him.

The entire sequence happened too quickly. After just a split second, a fragrant smell filled his nose, and the feeling of a jade body enveloped his arms.

“There is someone outside….” Ximen Ningning let out a seductive sound and whispered in Yang Dingtian's ears, “They are men sent by Ximen Ju. He is suspicious of us. Quickly, act with me….”

Then, Ningning stuck her curvy body against Yang Dingtian's. Her snake-like movements, the kind that gave one a soft and smooth feeling, instantly lit up the entire room.

“Muah….” Ningning opened her mouth and lined up her lips against Yang Dingtian's. She hugged his head with her arms while making sucking and squeaking sounds.

Of course, she didn't really kiss him but only acted like she did. However, it really looked like they were kissing pa.s.sionately to the men outside.

Ximen Ningning's pink little tongue moved vigorously in step with her voice and the friction of her body. Yang Dingtian's entire body became boiling hot. His breathes became heavy, and his body naturally responded.

Ningning sensed his fiery mood. Her body instantly turned a little stiff. She held her breath, rolled her eyes at Yang Dingtian, and continued acting like they were having a pa.s.sionate kiss while her body continued to move seductively.

Yang Dingtian didn't dare look anymore because Ningning was too tempting at this moment. He quickly closed his eyes and repet.i.tively recited “form is emptiness”. He was neither a hypocrite nor a beast. However, in this world, his responsibilities were already very heavy.

After five minutes, the people outside still had not left yet. They were still peeping and eavesdropping.

If they were to continue kissing, it would cause suspicion. How could a man and a woman kiss for so long and not take the next step?

Ningning suddenly clenched her jade teeth. A pair of jade legs wrapped around and pressed on Yang Dingtian, causing him to roll on to the bed. Then, her beautiful legs slowly moved and straddled Yang Dingtian's waist. Panting, she reached out to take remove Yang Dingtian's clothes. Her actions were extremely wild, but it was extremely awkward when their eyes met occasionally.

Soon, Yang Dingtian was left with only his underwear.

The people outside were still there and were still peeping.

“Sc.u.mbags ….” Ningning clenched her jade teeth, lowered her delicate body, and stuck out her tongue to lick Yang Dingtian's chest.

Yang Dingtian trembled fiercely. He opened his eyes and looked at Ningning in confusion.

“Qin Hongmian is a very prurient woman. If I don't act like this, Ximen Ju would definitely suspect us. That won't just ruin our plans, but would also threaten our lives. This is not Cloud Sky City. If he suspects us, he will definitely kill us,” Ningning said while leaning down on his chest and whispering in his ears. “Little Tian, just think of this as a dream.”

Then, Ningning began to take off her top, her dress, and her trousers. She was only left with her innerwear, which revealed her smooth, slick, and seductive jade-white arms and legs.

Ningning's bosom, although it wasn't as sharp as Yanyans', was very tall and straight like bamboo shoots. Each one's shape was as perfect as the back of a jade bowl.

The people outside haven't left yet, and Ningning was clenching her teeth so hard that they almost bled. However, a determined thought flashed through her mind, and she reached out behind her to unhook her bra.

Yang Dingtian quickly grabbed the quilt and put it over her delicate body to prevent others from seeing.

“Sc.u.mbags, really a bunch of sc.u.mbags…” Ningning screamed and threw her innerwear away. She then took off her pants and threw it away as well. Finally, she took off Yang Dingtian's underwear and threw them away.

The two of them were now naked on the bed. Their hot bodies were intertwined, their flesh pressed together. The entire bed's temperature was infinitely elevated, caused by the extreme temptation that lay beneath the quilt.

Although he didn't see it, Yang Dingtian could still clearly feel every inch of Ningning's delicate body. Every inch was perfect like the curves on a beautiful snake.

Ningning's entire body turned red. Panting, she looked at Yang Dingtian and said softly, “Those sc.u.mbags…. You should treat all this as a spring dream, a dream with sister!”

Then, Ningning held Yang Dingtian's face, opened her tiny mouth, and kissed deeply, sticking her tongue into his mouth.

She opened her beautiful legs and rode on Yang Dingtian's belly, twisting her waist gently and moving her jade hips.

It felt fiery, slippery, wet, and ecstatic!

Yang Dingtian's entire body trembled, and his soul was about to leave his body.

“Treat it as a dream. It is a dream!” Ningning hugged Yang Dingtian and stuck her chest against him. Her hips were shaking faster and faster, with more and more force.

Yang Dingtian did not really enter her body, but their ** were completely stuck together. They frantically ground against one another due to Ningning's movements.

She forgot that someone was peeping outside. She forgot to act. She began to moan, began to tremble, began to go crazy, and began to go wild!

Faster and faster. Hotter and hotter. Greater and greater debauchery!

Her voice was getting higher and higher, more and more ecstastic, more and more seductive.

In the beginning, Yang Dingtian's expression showed that he was struggling. Later, he simply closed his eyes and abandoned all thought, regarding it all as a dream.

From the waters of streams to the big waves of the river to the turbulent waves of the ocean! The feeling of boundless ecstasy madly devoured the souls and rationality of these two.

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