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Chapter 695 What’s This Weird Thing?

In the martial arts world, the youngest martial artists were ten years old, or even six to seven years old. There was always a period for them to get familiar with the martial arts world. Generally speaking, when they were 20 years old, they started to show up. And until they were about 35 years old, they were always called martial artists of the young generation.

They were what people often called strong people of the times, and they were in leading positions among their peers. At North Tiger Gai Xing Kong’s time, he achieved that in his thirties.

The well-known Emperor Qing had been in the peak position since he became famous. He won the throne as one of the best young men with lightning speed. Later, he became an important martial artist. The recognition of the name of Emperor Qing had already explained a lot.

However, Chen Changqing suddenly found that since he and Brother Han got together, he had been admiring Zhang Han for his knowledge, and there were many problems he didn’t understand.

It was like in the northern ice field, when the Ice Wolf w.a.n.g Vern and his gang faced the ghosts and wanted to kill their way out, Emperor Qing followed Zhang Han, who was as relaxed as wandering in the courtyard, and even refined a divine weapon. After pa.s.sing through the ghost area, they seemed to be invisible. They went to the land with two-winged tiger statues and refined another divine weapon, which was left in the relics. After a few days, Zhang Han returned and went to the West. He acquainted powerful Halan Prince there and refined that man into a drop of blood essence.

This was inconceivable. It could be imagined that if the sleeping vampire princes knew it, they would feel cold on their backs.

Why should a vampire as powerful as a prince become someone else’s dish?

Chen Changqing also felt that he knew too little, at least compared with Brother Han. Why did he know so much? Chen Changqing couldn’t understand.

Now, he couldn’t understand the situation or help with anything. He could only worry about it.

After a while, Chen Changqing turned his eyes at Mount New Moon, and he could only see a little scenery of the back mountain.

There was a large area of planting area, as well as the handsome thunder yang tree. The polycrystalline blue plant on the right was Thunder Yang Flower.

“In fact, it doesn’t matter if we give them the divine object.”

Thinking of the battle that day, Chen Changqing shook his head slightly. “But the Man in Bamboo Hat is too greedy. How can we make concessions about Zi Yan and Mengmeng?”

Feeling bored, Chen Changqing began to recall what happened today.

It was Chen Changqing’s habit to do self-examination many times a day in his spare time. Talents were not really amazing and what was more amazing was that they still made more efforts.

While he was thinking about it, a weak voice came from behind. “What’s the time?”


Chen Changqing looked back and saw Zhang Han’s pale face. He was slowly standing up supported by the tree behind him, and his arms were shaking. Seeing this, Chen Changqing rushed to help Zhang Han up.

“Why are you so weak? Do you need some pills or something?”

“It doesn’t work. What time is it?” Zhang Han’s lips were pale, and he asked again.

Chen Changqing glanced at his watch. “Now it’s 3:55 p.m. We reached here at 1:05 p.m. and you’ve been sitting here for nearly three hours.”

“Oh, hiss…”

Zhang Han took a deep breath. “Help me back to the mountain. It’s time to pick up Mengmeng from school.”

“Ah?” Chen Changqing thought he didn’t hear Zhang Han clearly. So he asked, “You need a rest now. I’ll go to pick up Mengmeng. Besides, you look so weak now and my sister-in-law and Mengmeng will worry about you.”

Zhang Han’s face was so sickly that he seemed to be dying at any time.

“It’s OK. I’ll be better after a short rest,” Zhang Han replied stubbornly.

“Why do you bother with that?” Chen Changqing forced a smile. “It’s just a petty thing.”

“It’s nothing more than picking up Mengmeng from school. In fact, Zhao Feng and anyone else can do it for you. It’s not that you will never see her. When Mengmeng comes back, you can get together.”

Upon hearing Chen Changqing’s words, Zhang Han shook his head slightly and gave a weak smile.

“No, no, no, I promised Mengmeng that I would pick her up after school today. I had broken my promise a few days ago. I hope that was the only time in my life.”


Chen Changqing’s hand suddenly trembled along with his heart.


He thought of the figure he had been in contact with for a short time when he was young. Unfortunately, his memory was a little vague. He knew that without the parents’ company in one’s childhood, what kind of change it would bring to him or her. It was an incomplete life.

It was precisely because of Zhang Han that Chen Changqing’s personality gradually changed, and it was precisely because of these reasons that Zhang Han was quite important for him.

“I’ll go with you.”

Chen Changqing withdrew his thoughts and smiled at Zhang Han. Then he supported Zhang Han on the back with his right hand and flew back to Mount New Moon.

“When you have a child, you may know what it feels like.”

Zhang Han looked at the castle and saw Zhou Fei and Zi Yan sitting on the balcony on the fourth floor. They were drinking cold drinks.

Zhang Han thought about it and said, “Slow down. Give me five minutes.”

“Okay.” Chen Changqing landed directly in the dense forest in the back mountain.


“Woof, woof, woof!”

Two voices were heard.


Soon, a black shadow quickly jumped over, which was Little Hei at high speed.

It was originally very happy, but when it suddenly saw Zhang Han, its big tail swayed down directly. Then it leaned towards Zhang Han and sniffed him constantly.


As if feeling its weak master, Little Hei made a deep cry.

Zhang Han was amused. He reached for Little Hei’s head and said, “I’m fine. It seems that you are going to reach the Middle-Stage. Are you going to run out of your gems?”

“Oow?” Little Hei was a little guilty.

It was becoming more and more human.

“I’ll give you more when you eat them up.”

Hearing Zhang Han’s words, Little Hei wagged his tail slightly.

“Ooh? Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei came to this side, sat in front of Zhang Han, made a few gestures, and pointed to Chen Changqing. “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

“Master, has this silly boy bullied you? I’ll beat him!”

Little Hei understood it.

Its tail stopped moving at once. “Beat Chen Changqing? You can do it yourself.”

Zhang Han could understand Dahei’s gestures.

But Chen Changqing, who hadn’t lived in Mount New Moon for a long time, did not understand them and was still smiling.

“Brother Han, your two spirit beasts are very good.”

“Whoa? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa?”

“They’re very human and smart.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa?”

Chen Changqing finally sensed the strange atmosphere.

“Brother Han, what do its gestures mean?”

“Well, nothing.”

Zhang Han’s mouth trembled. He stretched out his right hand and patted Dahei’s forehead. “Don’t be naughty.”

Dahei scratched its head with no more pranks.

“I got some good things back this time, but they’re more suitable for Dahei. Little Hei, I’ll give you a good present next time,” said Zhang Han.

The drop of blood essence was made from Halan Prince and many holy objects. It would bring qualitative changes to Dahei’s body. However, Zhang Han still planned to wait for his recovery in a few days.

The two guys were happy each time they got Zhang Han’s gift. Although there was no gift for Little Hei this time, it was still hopping happily.

With these guys around, five minutes pa.s.sed quickly.

Zhang Han’s face recovered a little, and his lips were no longer pale. He just looked as if he could lie on the ground at any time. Now he looked like he had a cold or fever. He was much better.

“It will be late if we don’t go. Let’s go,” said Zhang Han.

Chen Changqing took Zhang Han’s arm and walked quickly up the mountain.

When they came near the thunder yang tree, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei saw them.

“You are back!”

Zhang Han raised his head and asked, “I’m going to pick Mengmeng up. Are you going with me?”

“Yes. Wait for me!” Zi Yan replied and rushed into her room.

Within two minutes, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei appeared at the door of the first floor.

Chen Changqing looked at the little panda car next to them.

He took over Zhang Han’s key.

They all went to the car. Chen Changqing drove, Zhou Fei sat in the front pa.s.senger seat, and Zi Yan as well as Zhang Han were in the back seat.

When she got on the car, Zi Yan watched Zhang Han closely, and her face suddenly changed. “What’s the matter with you?”

“Nothing serious.” Zhang Han chuckled. “I’m a little bit weak now, of course not that kind of weakness. I’ll recover in a few days.”

Zi Yan was still worried, and Zhou Fei turned to look at them.

Chen Changqing helped Zhang Han to explain. “It’s common for us martial artists to get hurt. Brother Han was not seriously wounded, and it’s just a part of his cultivation. He’ll be fine in a few days.”

He would not, of course, tell the fact that Brother Han was unable to stand steadily just now.

After hearing their explanations, Zi Yan was slightly relieved but was still a little worried.

When they set out, it was 4:05 p.m. Without Zhang Han’s order, Chen Changqing drove at high speed, but the car was very stable.

20 minutes later, they arrived at Saint Kindergarten.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan get off the car. Out of habit, Zi Yan still wore a cap.

They walked into the campus hand in hand, and soon, were over.

“PaPa!” The little girl’s clear and crisp voice sounded, which made many parents look towards them.

“Oh, this beautiful little girl again.”

Many people subconsciously turned around and looked at Mengmeng’s good-looking parents from behind.

Only a few of the other parents knew that Mengmeng’s mother was Zi Yan, the famous star. There were various kinds of gossip about her having a daughter with a talent named Hanyang. Many people questioned it, and more people didn’t believe it.

There was always so much gossip about stars.

As for other stars, occasionally paparazzi would release some pieces of confirmed news. But for Zi Yan, they couldn’t get any convincing information.

In fact, Zhang Han and Zi Yan had been photographed several times at the school gate, but no one dared to disclose their photos!

Under the gaze of these people, Mengmeng ran quickly and threw herself into Zhang Han’s arms.


After hugging Zhang Han happily, Mengmeng pouted. “PaPa, you were not at home in the morning, and Mengmeng cried.”


Zhang Han touched the little girl’s pink face and said, “Now that dad said I would come back to pick you up today, I would not let you down. I’ll be with you tomorrow morning, the day after tomorrow, and three days from now…”

“Mengmeng, look, dad has done what he said. Do you want to praise him?” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Okay.” Mengmeng kissed Zhang Han. “Mua!”

“Ha ha ha.”

Zhang Han smiled happily because of Mengmeng’s kiss.

Then Mengmeng stretched out her little hands again. “PaPa, MaMa, I get a little red flower again.”

“Wow, you are so good. You get little red flowers as soon as you go to school. It’s so great…”

Zhang Han was happy from the bottom of his heart, and his tone was inevitably exaggerated.

Mengmeng was pleased by her PaPa’s praise. She kept smiling and couldn’t stop it.

“Let’s go home. PaPa will make delicious food for my smart daughter.”

Zhang Han and Zi Yan held Mengmeng and left school under the other parents’ gaze.

This time, the three of them sat in the back seat. Although the car had been refitted, the s.p.a.ce inside was still small and crowded with three adults in it. But for Zhang Han’s family of three, Mengmeng’s sitting in the middle turned into a scene of happiness.

“h.e.l.lo, Uncle Qing and Aunty Feifei.”

Mengmeng greeted the other two after getting on the car.

“Well, we missed Mengmeng, so we came to see you.” Chen Changqing laughed while driving.

“I don’t miss Uncle Qing,” said Mengmeng.

Chen Changqing almost stepped on the brake by mistake.


“I miss my PaPa and MaMa.” Mengmeng squeezed into Zhang Han’s arms.

Under the influence of Zhang Han, Mengmeng’s character seemed to be developing in the direction of that of a strange-tempered elf.

Emily, who used to be shy, no longer existed.

“Haha, yes, it’s enough to miss mom and dad.” Zhang Han couldn’t stop laughing.

When he was laughing, he felt a burning sensation in his body and wanted to cough, but he held it back.

It didn’t feel good to be injured, but only when he was injured would he know how wonderful being healthy was.

They went back to the mountain, chatting and laughing. Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei didn’t intend to go. They were going to have dinner cooked by Zhang Han himself.

Originally, Chen Changqing knew Zhang Han’s state, so he proposed to eat in the public restaurant, but Zhang Han still wanted to make the dinner himself.

Eventually, Chen Changqing became Zhang Han’s a.s.sistant.

He went back to the mountain to kill a chicken and take the ingredients.

When Chen Changqing returned to the kitchen, he had removed the chicken’s feathers.

Zhang Han was amused by him and asked, “Why did you do it yourself?”

“I’m your a.s.sistant.” Chen Changqing smiled.

“Tonight, I’ll make fried chicken wings, braised pork feet, sweet potato cake, roasted chicken skin, and steak for dinner. One chicken has only two wings…”

Chen Changqing trembled at the corners of his mouth and retreated.

“I’ll go there again.”

The second time he came back, Chen Changqing took 12 chicken wings, six big pig feet, five sweet potatoes, and a large steak…

“It must be enough this time,” Chen Changqing said.

“Yes.” Zhang Han began to prepare in the kitchen. The kitchen was big enough to allow several dishes to be made simultaneously.

Chen Changqing kept shaking his head. “I didn’t expect that you are really good at cooking, Brother Han.”

“When you have children, you will be good at cooking too.”

“Ha, I don’t know when I’ll have children. Just let it go. Anyway, I have a good relations.h.i.+p with Feifei. I respect her ideas in this respect.”

“It depends…”


While chatting, Zhang Han cooked while Mengmeng came in from time to time.

It was OK at first. After the smell of the dishes filled the whole kitchen, Mengmeng came in again and murmured, “PaPa, I’m hungry.”

“Try the fried chicken wings first. We can have dinner in ten minutes.”

“No, MaMa said it was impolite.”

“Why is it impolite? You are in our own home. Try it.”

Zhang Han used his poor spiritual force to cool down a chicken wing and handed it to Mengmeng so that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable while holding it in her hand. The chicken wing was crispy outside and soft inside. Both the fragrant cortex and the gelatinous chicken wing meat made Mengmeng praise him repeatedly.

“It’s delicious. PaPa is the most powerful.”

The dinner was very sumptuous, with a large table of dishes and two bottles of red wine. They had dinner together in the restaurant on the fifth floor.

They could have eaten more slowly, but after Mengmeng finished eating, Zhang Han accompanied her to play, so the other people’s speed increased.

“Let’s go, Elder Sister Yan. Let’s play with them.”

Zhou Fei took Zi Yan’s hand and walked out of the restaurant, leaving Chen Changqing at the table.

He stretched out his hand. “Well… Should I wash the dishes?”

Well, Emperor Qing was now reduced to was.h.i.+ng dishes.

Fortunately, Chen Changqing could save a lot of effort using his skills. His fingers moved, and he cleaned up the table in a minute.

They played until 9:30 p.m., and Zhou Fei and Chen Changqing went out for a walk. Zi Yan and Mengmeng were lying on the bed, listening to Zhang Han’s story as usual.

After a while, Mengmeng fell asleep.

Zhang Han gently put Mengmeng on her small bed, tucked her in, and went back to the big bed to give Zi Yan a hug.

This time, Zhang Han slept soundly.

He was hurt and tired. And Chen Changqing’s protection made him feel at ease.

This was the first day.

On the next day, Zhang Han looked much better.

On the third day, he looked as fine as usual from the appearance.

So in the afternoon when there was no one else in the castle…

“No! You’re not recovered yet.

“Bad guy, um, hum…”


It was obvious that something cheerful had happened.

But on the fourth day…

After sending Mengmeng to school in the morning and returning to the castle, Zi Yan sat on the chair on the balcony on the third floor. She looked worried as she stared at her abdomen.

Zhang Han gave her a bottle of cold drink and asked with a smile, “What’s the matter?”

“Sweetheart, I seem to be pregnant.”

“Ah?” Zhang Han was stunned and quickly sat up to check her body. “No.”

“Why do I feel sick then?”

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Han asked in a hurry.

“Here.” Zi Yan lifted her T-s.h.i.+rt, showed Zhang Han her stomach, and pointed to the side of her abdomen.

“This is the position of your dantian. How do you feel now?” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan seriously.

“Just a little cool, and then it appeared here. This little black thing has been here for so many days and has not disappeared.” Zi Yan stretched out her right arm, where there was a black mark like a tadpole. It was darker than before.


Zhang Han was silent and fixed his eyes on it.

Before he could say anything…

“Ah! It seemed to move. Am I sick?” Zi Yan was shocked.

“It didn’t move.” Zhang Han looked more serious, and he kept piercing that mark with his soul sense. However, he couldn’t find anything special with the little black spot.

“Try to concentrate on the position of your lower abdomen and the position of your arms.”

“Okay,” Zi Yan replied without hesitation.

But Zhang Han knew she was still nervous from her eyes.

“Take a deep breath. Go ahead and concentrate. Close your eyes. Don’t think about anything, and try to feel your dantian and right arm…”

One minute later…

Zi Yan pursed her lips and answered, “I, I can’t feel it.”

Zhang Han was also confused.

What happened next stunned him.

Zi Yan shook her right arm and said in a dull tone, “What’s this? Why are you on my arm? Can you leave my body?”


With a slight sound, a black shadow slipped down from Zi Yan’s right arm and landed on the ground in front of them.


Zhang Han sprang to his feet in astonishment. “What’s this weird thing?”

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