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Chapter 739 Going Out for Fun Again

“What are you talking about?”

Zhang Guangyou did not know how many times he felt dizzy today.

“What’s going on?

“You went to the Kun Xu World and happened to wander around the Wind Snow School? You even found something you needed and have taken them?”

“No, how did you get into Wind Snow School?” Zhang Guangyou asked blankly.

Each sect’s foundation was the Heaven-earth Formation. Otherwise, no one would be able to stand the two surprise attacks. The Wind Snow School’s Heaven-earth Formation was relatively poor. During the last few years, the Heavenly Knights Sect had broken in and destroyed all the areas outside the main mountain.

It was a pity that their Main Mount had a high-end Heaven-earth Formation, which was also their last defense.

Zhang Guangyou had been thinking about destroying the Wind Snow School in the Kun Xu World before the gate of the small world was opened, but he failed.

It was conceivable that the formation of the Main Mount was very powerful.

How did Zhang Han manage to sneak in?

Zhang Guangyou was remarkably curious about this.

“Using a few tricks.” Zhang Han replied casually.

“The Wind Snow School’s Sky Dragon in the Kun Xu World wants to refine a sixth-stage spirit treasure. He has used most of the spirit treasures in their sect and he still needs more treasure from the Main Sect.”

“What? A sixth-stage spirit treasure?” Zhang Guangyou was shocked. “Wait! Did you see Zhan San who is the Sky Dragon of the Wind Snow School?”

Zhang Li did not understand what they were talking about. “Sky Dragon? Sixth-stage spirit treasure? Boring.”

“Dad, Brother, I’m going to sit over there. You can just talk to each other.”

Hearing what his daughter said, Zhang Guangyou waved his hand because he was paying close attention to Zhang Han.


Zhang Li snorted and walked to Liang Hao with her ponytail swaying.

Seeing that, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“I did not see Sky Dragon, nor did I see the spirit treasure he wanted to refine. However, I saw his method. He refined it by creating the thunder of energy. It’s a standard method. Given more time, he will likely be able to successfully refine a sixth-stage one. Even if he fails, it will be a quasi-sixth-stage spirit treasure. Dad, the Dragon Tooth Knife you used will still be suppressed in front of a quasi-sixth-stage one.”

“Sixth-stage or Quasi-Sixth-stage one. If… If Zhan San possesses such a treasure, we’ll be caught off guard during the battle. No! I’m going to tell Uncle Dong about this.”

Zhang Guangyou could not sit still any longer. He stood up and walked to the First Elder’s villa.

“Wait! Don’t worry.” Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry. He stopped him and said, “I won’t let them succeed.”

“Huh?” Zhang Guangyou looked at Zhang Han in confusion and frowned. “Zhan San wants to refine a sixth-stage spirit treasure which is beyond any divine weapons. The First Elder of the Main Sect of the Wind Snow School led a large number of people there, so he must have a lot of martial arts resources with him. If he succeeds, it will have a great deciding factor on the battle situation. Originally, the top masters can’t do anything to each other, but if one has a sixth-stage spirit treasure… Then the balance will be uneven, which will be a disaster for Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Dad, are you done? They won’t succeed with me around,” Zhang Han said with a wry smile.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Zhang Guangyou came to his senses.

“I need those treasures so I’m going to sneak into the Wind Snow School and absorb the energy used for refining the treasures,” Zhang Han replied slowly.

“No way!”

However, Zhang Guangyou forbade him directly after hearing what he said. “The First Elder of the Wind Snow School and all the other elders will be there. It’s too dangerous. You haven’t reached the Divine Realm yet.”

“Didn’t I say that I have a way to break into their Heaven-earth Formation? I can enter it quietly…”

Zhang Han could not hide this matter, so he gave a series of explanations.

After that, Zhang Guangyou frowned and said, “Let’s think about it first.”

Zhang Han did not want to talk about this, so he asked, “What’s going on with my mother’s injury?”

“Her injury…”

Zhang Guangyou paused and sighed. “It was Qing Zhen Zi who hurt her. Years ago, I was almost killed by him and fortunately, Old Master Chen saved me. However, Qing Zhen Zi secretly attacked your mother. Later, when he reached the Earth Realm, his attack took effect. At that time, the situation was very dangerous. It was Uncle Dong who joined forces with the other elders to keep your mother alive. But the injury recurred this year. We believe that Qing Zhen Zi is going to reach the Heaven Realm. Last month, your mother pa.s.sed out once. It seemed that Qing Zhen Zi was breaking through or he was trying to reach the Heaven Realm. Qing Zhen Zi… is still a talent of the last generation of the Wind Snow School after all. However, when the gate of the small world opens, I will kill him if possible. By the way, you were able to diagnose what your mother’s problem was at a glance. Do you know what kind of poison it is? Do you have any antidote?”

“This is not poison, but witchcraft. When I break through to the Innateness stage, I will have a solution. Maybe I can kill Qing Zhen Zi directly.” Zhang Han replied.

He felt that he had to speed up his breakthrough to the Innateness stage. Now he could not do anything.

“I hope the Wind Snow School can give me a surprise.”

Zhang Han hoped that they could refine some decent treasures, so that the energy of the thunder could increase the number of his thunderclouds.

“Perhaps the powerful Wind Snow School can help me gather 10,000 thunderclouds?”

Zhang Han thought that it was not impossible. After all, it was one of the top sects in the world.

Zhang Guangyou was surprised by Han’s words.

“To break through to the Innateness stage means to have a way to crack it or directly kill Qing Zhen Zi?”

“It seems that the Innateness stage is the same as the Divine Realm.”

“Han, do you know much about the Divine Realm? Or do you know anything about the Innateness stage? The Dantian is very different from the spiritual force in your body, which was the most important thing. Maybe you still don’t know much about it… Eh?”

While Zhang Guangyou was talking, he pointed to his head, indicating that it was about the sense of perception.

But before he finished speaking…


He only felt a monstrous wave surging in front of him, like an entire field of suns.h.i.+ne falling down in an instant and also like a huge wave in the deep sea and he was like a very small boat.

“You, this…”

Zhang Guangyou’s pupils contracted. “What’s going on? The energy is almost as strong as mine. You have not reached the Divine Realm yet, so I’m afraid that… It will be difficult for you to make a breakthrough.”

“It’s indeed difficult to make a breakthrough, but it just needs acc.u.mulation. As long as I want, I can make a breakthrough at any time. The biggest change is not only in my spiritual sense and mind trick, but also in the spiritual force. My meridians will be more stable, and my spiritual force… will become purer. It can also be called Genuine Vitality. This is a qualitative change.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Genuine Vitality?”

Zhang Guangyou patted his forehead and said, “Well, I’m now dizzy. What you said is too much for me. I’ll digest it first. So, just tell me when will you leave?”

“I’ll go to the Kun Xu World tomorrow.”

Zhang Han thought for a moment, then said, “I’m going to play with Mengmeng.”

“Go ahead. I’ll go and visit Uncle Dong.” Zhang Guangyou waved his hand and said.

He thought that it was time to tell Uncle Dong some real significant information.

Therefore, when Zhang Guangyou entered Dong Chen’s villa and saw him, he snorted and said, “Uncle Dong, hearing my son’s background, you’ll be scared to death! He is not a disgrace to my father and he is going to cultivate…”

Zhang Han ran to the pet area and played with Mengmeng. With the addition of PaPa, the little girl smiled even more happily.

In the evening, when they were having dinner in the restaurant,

Dong Chen rarely ventured out. He had always stayed in his villa and was indifferent to everyone.

But this time, he looked a little surprised.

Zhang Guangyou, who was sitting next to him, grinned and raised his eyebrows at his son.

Then Dong Chen’s voice was heard.

“Zhang Han, I heard something about your cultivation from your father. It’s too exaggerated and needs more observation. But I’ll prepare everything for you. As for the trip to the Wind Snow School, I advise you to think it over. If any accident should occur, you should be clear about the consequences. Besides, I won’t take back what I said earlier. As long as there’s one thing that you excel in to a certain level, I’ll personally apologize to you and teach you three supreme secret skills.”

“Why does the old man talk as if he’s a rocket launcher?”

Zhang Han glanced at him and smiled faintly.

“I don’t need your apology. I’m looking forward to seeing your expression when you come to me for a cultivation skill.”


Dong Chen frowned slightly.

He glanced at Zhang Guangyou and left without saying anything.

The corners of Zhang Guangyou’s mouth twitched slightly.

His son really didn’t bow to others…

“Ahem, let’s eat.”

He did not say much. It was understandable that talents were a little arrogant.

After the meal, the whole family returned to the castle, including Zhang Guangyou, Rong Jiali, Zi Qiang and Xu Xinyu. They had an enjoyable time.

Zhang Han took Zi Yan to the guest room on the first floor.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Zi Yan asked in wonder.

“Just give me a kiss first.” Zhang Han smiled and put his arms around Zi Yan’s slender waist.


Zi Yan tiptoed and kissed Zhang Han on his lips. Then she smiled and said, “Are you planning a surprise for me?”

“Um… I’m here just to discuss something with you.”

“What is it?”

“I’m going to cultivate for a period of time in the Kun Xu World. I’m wondering if you and Mengmeng will accompany me. I’ll be worried if you are not with me. As for my cultivation, if everything goes well, I’ll come out four times a month and I’ll stay out for a whole day. How about we stay at Heavenly Knights Sect for a month? It will be a month and a half before Mengmeng goes to school. After that, we can come back without any delay.”

When she heard what he said, Zi Yan hesitated for a moment, then said after thinking, “But isn’t it too early for Mengmeng to be exposed to the martial arts world now? I originally planned to let her get to know about these things at the age of ten.”

“She doesn’t have to be exposed to the martial arts world even though she’s in Heavenly Knights Sect,” Zhang Han said with a smile, “Heavenly Knights Sect is very big, almost as big as the whole Hong Kong Island. If we go there, we can find a residence almost as big as Mount New Moon.”

“How big?” Zi Yan’s small face shrank. She had no objection. “Then let’s go. Just consider the trip as a vacation. By the way, how is the weather there? I’ll prepare clothes in advance. Also, if we stay there for a long time, just bring Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot along. Otherwise, Mengmeng will make a fuss about coming back to play with them in a few days.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. The weather is a little cooler there.”

“Okay, when will we set off?”


“Are we in such a hurry? Well, let’s go out now and tell Mengmeng. She will be very happy because she can go out and have fun with her father again.”

“No, with her father and mother.”

Zhang Han walked out of the guest room with his arm around Zi Yan’s waist.

After sitting on the sofa, Zi Yan told Mengmeng the news.

The result was as they had expected.


Mengmeng stood up on the sofa, raised her two small hands and cheered happily.

“We’re going out for fun again!”

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