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Chapter 97 Fat Cat, Tian’er! (1)

Just before Zhou Weiqing had entered the portal, he had thrown Fat Cat into the Spatial Ring abruptly, and without warning. As soon as she was let out, she instantly gave him an angry growl. However, her attention was quickly drawn away by the surrounding environment, and she jumped up onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, her eyes roaming around.

Zhou Weiqing stroked her on the head, saying: “Previously, Senior Shangguan said that Heavenly Beasts will be affected here. Are you okay?”

Fat Cat gave a low, disdainful wuuu wuuu, lifting her little head proudly, as if to say ‘This place, how could it possibly affect me!’

Zhou Weiqing grinned, pulling Fat Cat from his shoulder into his arms, saying: “Fat Cat, we have been together for almost three years right. These three years, I have treated you so well! Good food, good drinks, everything! Now that we’re finally in this Heavenly Jewel Tournament Finals… it’s time you repay me right? Heh heh heh.”

Hearing his words, Fat Cat looked at Zhou Weiqing warily, giving a low wuu wuu sound as she struggled to get out of his arms.

Zhou Weiqing was holding her with one hand, the other hand unceremoniously on her round little b.u.t.tocks. “Wait, let me finish. Sighh, in truth, I really do not want to say this, as I am afraid that after doing so, it can never be the same between us again.”

Lost in a contemplative deep thought, Zhou Weiqing brought Fat Cat in front of him, holding her to his cheek gently.

Fat Cat’s body stiffened, the wary look in her eyes disappearing. Her howls stopped as well, but a new look of being at a loss appeared in her eyes.

“However, we cannot continue like this forever, right? Furthermore, I do not know if we do so… perhaps one day you will just disappear without warning. After much thought, I finally steeled my resolve to have a good talk with you today.”

As he spoke up to that point, his words grew thicker with feeling. Bringing Fat Cat back into his embrace, he gave the ‘King’ word on her head a soft kiss.

“When we first met, it was not long after I had become a Heavenly Jewel Master, when Bing’er was in danger and I had subconsciously and unknowingly activated the Demonic Change. When the fight had finally ended, you had suddenly appeared under my feet, and refused to leave me. In truth, at that time, I already thought that you approached me with some motive in mind. Although up to this point, I still do not know what that motive is, I am still very confident in my own judgement.”

“As we spent more time together, day after day, I was more and more certain that you were no ordinary Heavenly Beast. These few years, you were always by my side, but did not eat or drink… spending most of the time sleeping even… yet under such a circ.u.mstance, you were still able to evolve! Without question, you managed to gain something from me. However, no matter what, you do not owe me, and I was, and am, more than willing to let you continue gaining what you want from me.”

Hearing Zhou Weiqing’s words, Fat Cat’s eyes seemed to freeze, an invisible pressure emanating from its body, but Zhou Weiqing seemed oblivious as he continued.

“These few years, you have saved my life more than once. If not for you, perhaps I would have died long ago when we faced the Icy Soul Heavenly Bear… not just me, but also Bing’er, and my teachers. Furthermore, you have helped me so many times during Skill Storing, for the Silver Emperor… and even last night. If not for you, even though I have that unknown aura that can intimidate Heavenly Beasts, I still wouldn’t be able to Store Skills from Heavenly King Beasts and higher. It can be said that we have been together for so long in a reciprocity and mutual benefit based relations.h.i.+p, even when you evolved, you brought me along and I actually gained an additional level of Heavenly Energy.”

“However…” Zhou Weiqing stopped suddenly, a hesitant look on his face, but he continued: “However, between us, there has always been that invisible gulf. I do not want to feign ignorance any longer, and I hope that we can be honest with each other, to remove that divide between us. Although I have tried to deny my guesses many times, but after all that we have been true, I am extremely certain that my guess is accurate. Right… Tian’er?”

In the instance when Zhou Weiqing called out the two words, Tian’er, Fat Cat’s hair bristled up as her hackles raised up, staring at him wide-eyed in shock and disbelief.

Zhou Weiqing met her gaze impa.s.sively, saying: “I believe that my guess is accurate.”

There was a moment of silence, the Fat Cat sighed, and she actually spoke out loud suddenly: “When did you know?”

Zhou Weiqing said with a bitter smile: “The first time I saw Tian’er, I had some suspicions. At that time, facing Ming Wu who could have easily killed me, and Tian’er suddenly appeared to tell him that I was already chosen by the Heavenly Snow Mountain. Yet, in all my memory, I knew that I had never had any contact with the Heavenly Snow Mountain; in fact at that point I didn’t even know of the Great Saint Lands. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, even though both your forms, either Fat Cat or Tian’er, might look extremely different, but one thing remains unchanged, your eyes.”

“From the start of my memory, the only purple eyes that I have seen were yours, and having been together for so long, they are naturally well inscribed in my memory. At first, I did not dare believe my ludicrous suspicions; after all, Tian’er was a human, and my little Fat Cat was little white tiger, how could they be the same person? Yet, as the days pa.s.sed, and more events happened, especially when you first faced Shangguan Xue’er, the feelings of your aura and Attributes. Later on, once I heard about the Attributes that the Heavenly Snow Mountain was famed for… and only then did I dare to start believing in my wild speculation. My little Fat Cat was actually that mysterious young girl from the Heavenly Snow Mountain… Tian’er! That was the only explanation for all the strange happenings, the coincidences. After all, that time when you scared Ming Wu away, Fat Cat was not beside me!”

“In the end, the final confirmation to me that you are Tian’er was when Little Witch pa.s.sed me the Demonic Manual, she secretly told me that the Heavenly Snow Mountain Lord was actually not human, but a powerful Heavenly Beast called the Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger, the King of the Beasts.”

“As expected, it was here.” Fat Cat said angrily. “Zhou Little Fatty, get your dirty hands off my b.u.t.tocks!”

A thick purple light shone out from Fat Cat’s body, and in a swift motion, she sprang out from Zhou Weiqing’s arms. The light intensified and spread out, and this time, Fat Cat did not grow larger, slowly morphing directly into human form in the middle of the purple glow.

Even though Zhou Weiqing had already guessed that Fat Cat was Tian’er, but it was still a guess, no matter how confident he had been in it. Now, it was the first time for him to witness the actual transformation with his own eyes, seeing the entire process, and was caught by surprise by it.

White hair, purple eyes, a contrast that accentuated the cold beauty in front of him.

A tall slim figure, yet strangely curvaceous. Tian’er finally appeared in front of Zhou Weiqing once again, but this time, her face was filled with killing intent.

An abrupt intensified flash of the purple light, and Zhou Weiqing felt as if a needle was stabbed into his brain, causing him to feel dizzy. The next moment, a huge force travelled towards his b.u.t.tocks, and his entire body flew up into air, causing him to smash into a huge tree ahead, before he finally crashed onto the ground.

That white clad figure, still trailing purple light, followed closely. Soon after, a series of shrill cries of pain rang out, along with loud sounds of crashes and beating.

“Stupid Zhou Little Fatty, you vulgar, perverted, disgusting person! Hmph! Who asked you to recognize me… who asked you to recognize me…”

“You still have the face to say we are together for three years… and what have you done all this while? Toying around with me, catching me to… to… bathe with you…”

“If you hadn’t revealed who I was, I might still be able to tolerate you. Hmph… very good… since you actually know who I am now, then I’ll deal with you for all the grudges at once!”

“You little rascal, you already guessed I was Tian’er, and know I have a human form, and you still dared to touch my… b.u.t.tocks earlier. Don’t you know a tiger’s bottom cannot be touched?!” 

The pent up anger of the past three years poured out of Tian’er in a torrential flow, as fist ad foot crashed into flesh as she dealt out an angry beating.

Naturally, Zhou Weiqing was extremely cooperative, his hands covering his head as he did not dare resist, just howling in pa.s.sionate cries of agony, as if he was suffering the worst torture in the world. Anyone who heard it might have cried in sorrow.

Tian’er beat him up for several minutes before she finally expended all her anger, finally stopping as she gasped for breath, her impressive chest heaving up and down. Looking down at Zhou Weiqing, her gaze will still angry, obviously she still hadn’t totally had her fill yet.

In truth, although it seemed like she had been beating Zhou Weiqing savagely, that was all purely physical strength, without using any hint of Heavenly Energy at all.

Zhou Weiqing lay on the ground unresisting, his body curled in a ball, just like a well-cooked prawn, moaning sorrowfully.

“Get up! Stop acting already. Don’t think I do not know your stupid thick hide can easily take such a beating without any issues? Hmph!” Tian’er said angrily as she gave his b.u.t.tocks another swift kick.

“Aiyahh!” Zhou Weiqing quickly jumped up, vaulting swiftly as he dodged behind a large tree.

Just like what Tian’er had said, this fellow was totally fine at all. With his physique, and the Immortal Deity s.h.i.+eld to boot, it was nigh impossible for anyone to hurt him without using Heavenly Energy.

Zhou Weiqing looked at her with a depressed look, saying: “Tian’er, you have beaten me up already. For the sake of the fact that I was so cooperative to let you hit me without resisting, your anger should be a.s.suaged by now right. After all, in the past, you were the one who made the move to stick to me, rubbing against me. It was only years after taking you in that I knew you could become human right? When you are Fat Cat, you are so cute and cuddly, as an owner, petting my pet is very normal right? As for touching your b.u.t.tocks, I have to explain it… you cannot blame me, who asked your b.u.t.tocks to be so pert and round!”

As he said that, he eyed the above-mentioned body part.

“Hmph! You little rascal, are you asking to die?!” Tian’er cried out angrily, about to pounce forward once again.

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