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When Shen Little Demon, struck by the Absolute Delay as she was, saw the three coloured ball of light at Zhou Weiqing's right leg, the shock in her heart was even more overwhelming than when she realised he had so many Elemental Attributes.

Just like how she had used a Dual Attribute Fusion Skill above her level earlier, she could clearly tell that Zhou Weiqing was somehow using a Triple Attribute Fusion Skill!

This should have been impossible! A sight that should never appear on his body! After all, he was only at the three Jeweled cultivation level… and only a Heavenly King Stage Jewel Master should have been able to use a Three-Attribute Fusion Skill!

Thedifference between Three Jewels and Ten Jewels was an immense gap, practically insurmountable. Furthermore, Zhou Weiqing's Heavenly Energy was only at the beginning of the Heavenly Shen Energy stage, he was just too far from being able to unleash a Triple Attribute Fusion Skill! What he had done was absolutely against the natural order of the Boundless Mainland; even if he was in the Demonic Change State, that should never happen!

More importantly, that Skill on Zhou Weiqing's right leg hook actually gave Shen Little Demon a life threatening feel, although she was more than three Jewel cultivation levels above him.

Why? How can this be possible?!

The Absolute Delay was still in effect, and added onto that, Shen Little Demon was almost involuntarily slightly dazed by her shock.

She was not the only dazed one. At this moment, the entire Plaza was deadly silent, even the common audience somewhat understood that this fight happening in front of them was, or should be, impossible. They did not know what was the Demonic Change, nor did they understand the implications of a Triple Attribute Fusion Skill; but what they did know was that the gap between a three-Jeweled and six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master should be insurmountable. Yet, it seemed like the three-Jeweled Zhou Weiqing was actually having the upper hand now… what was going on indeed?

However, for the audience to be stunned, it would at most cause them to miss some exciting fight. Alas for Shen Little Demon, it would have much more dire implications.

His body leaning forward, the current Zhou Weiqing did not give off a human feel, almost as if he were a bloodthirsty wild beast.

The black 'King' word on his forehead was s.h.i.+ning with an almost blinding brilliance, as his thickly muscled arms were also covered with the brilliant lights from his Alexandrite Cat's Eye Elemental Jewels and Icy Jade Physical Jewels.

Amongst them, the greatest change in looks was the three Alexandrite Cat's Eye Jewels around his left wrist. Currently, the three Jewels were glowing individually with different colours, following the three colours of the light ball around his right leg hook; grey, blue and black respectively. As for his Physical Jewel, it sped around his wrist rapidly with a misty feel.

The tiger tattoos rippled around Zhou Weiqing's body in a strange pattern, as his bloodshot eyes stared fixedly at Shen Little Demon; his entire aura felt like a ma.s.sive black tiger ready to pounce.

A series of explosions seemed to burst from right within Zhou Weiqing, and a grey mist emitted from him, with the hint of a blood mist mixed within. A pained expression flickered across his face, but his entire body tensed forth and in the next instant, he spun forward; the raised right leg smas.h.i.+ng savagely towards Shen Little Demon.

That ball of light around Zhou Weiqing's right foot seemed to warp the very air itself, causing several strange mirage illusions as it was expelled from Zhou Weiqing's foot spinning ahead towards Shen Little Demon. It did not seem to move extremely fast, but as soon as it parted from his foot, Shen Little Demon's body was suddenly stained with a layer of grey, as if her own body was drawing the glowing tri-coloured ball of light towards herself.

Shen Little Demon had quickly recovered from her moment of being dazed, and an intense glow shot out from her eyes. This was a critical moment of life and death, and it was also the last second of the Absolute Delay's three-second effect on her.

Taking an abrupt deep breath, Shen Little Demon burst out in a brilliant bright light. At the same time, her left hand struck the Protective Heart Mirror at her chest, and a thick yellow-gold light shot out explosively from the heart mirror, seemingly drawn to the red light, before the two mixed together and struck out towards Zhou Weiqing's tri-coloured ball of light like a golden fire dragon.

Indeed. This tri-coloured ball of light was the new Skill that Zhou Weiqing had just Awakened… his new Demonic Skill… Or perhaps more accurately a three Attribute Fusion Skill, the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning!

This was the first time that Zhou Weiqing had even attempted activating this Skill. However, even though he had never used it before, he did not know why but as he had been planning his attacks against Shen Little Demon, he still felt a strange confidence in it, placing it at a position of utmost importance to deal his final blow. He somehow felt that this was definitely the most powerful skill in his current a.r.s.enal.

At the same time, Shen Little Demon was also pitting everything she had into the final clash; as she struck her Protective Heart Mirror, she vomited out a mouthful of blood as she drew deep into her own potential to the maximum.

If one were to compare Consolidated Equipments, no one could even come close to the Heaven's Expanse Palace. After all, being situated in the Heavenly Jewel Island, they pretty much controlled all the top Consolidating Equipment Masters of the entire continent, and also a vast amount of top quality materials.

Although the Blood Red h.e.l.l was also one of the Great Saint Lands, it was still extremely difficult for them to gather an entire Legendary Set of Consolidated Equipment.

In fact, despite her cultivation level, Shen Little Demon only had two Consolidated Equipment. One was the red short blade, and the other was the Protective Heart Mirror. The Protective Heart Mirror was the G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment, and also a part of a Legendary Set, while they were still in the midsts of gathering materials or creating Scrolls to complete her entire Set. As such, she was in the same state as Zhou Weiqing, with her additional Physical Jewels empty and waiting for the Legendary Set Scrolls to be completed before she Consolidated them.

As such, the Protective Heart Mirror on her chest was the strongest Consolidated Equipment she had, also the core of her Legendary Set. Still caught under the effects of the Absolute Delay,Shen Little Demon couldn't help but expend every last bit of her remaining Heavenly Energy in putting out this final attack of hers; this was not just to deal with his Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning, but also in hopes that it would be sufficient to kill him off as well. Thus, she did not stint on using every drop of her Heavenly Energy, and more so, her life blood for stimulating the Consolidated Equipment. No matter what, she would do everything in her power to obtain victory.

The gold fire dragon looked a lot larger and grander than the tiny little ball that was the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning, and as the two met, it seemed as though the brilliant flames would easily devour the entire ball.

However, when the moment when both skills met, a strange sight occurred.

The una.s.suming, almost weak-looking, Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning abruptly turned a weird grey; and when the two skills met, a large amount of the golden flames vanished. Like a knife cutting through b.u.t.ter, the grey ball sliced right the golden flames before speeding off ahead unhindered.

"… Impossible!" Shen Little Demon couldn't help but exclaim out loud.

Alas, the facts were undeniably right in front her, no matter how much she willed it so. The gold fire dragon was quickly dissipated by the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning, which did not seem much affected, though its grey light started undulating in a strange pattern that seemed increasingly unstable.


A huge explosion signaled the final end of the gold fire dragon, and the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning finally struck right into Shen Little Demon's hands, which she had put up to block as best as she could. The instant when it struck Shen Little Demon, quick observers would be able to note that the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning was a lot smaller than before, almost a third of what it had been when Zhou Weiqing had first fired it out.

After all, their power difference was still three Jewels, and no matter how powerful that Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning was, despite it having sucked him dry of every bit of Energy, even the power deep within his blood, it was still not the full and true power of the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning.

Even so, when the one-third of the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning struck Shen Little Demon, its effect was more than sufficient to shock the entire Plaza once again.

Another explosion sounded out as an inexplicable sight appeared on the stage. The explosion did not knock Shen Little Demon away, instead seeming to come from all around her.

Accompanying the sound of the explosion was the Protective Heart Mirror at Shen Little Demon's chest, which vanished swiftly. Her body seemed to stop, still as a statue as if frozen in place; many small blue lights snaked and crackled around her body, along with a grey-black mist surrounding her. Shen Little Demon's face was frozen in a shocked expression.

Time itself seemed to freeze as n.o.body moved… not even the audience. Three seconds pa.s.sed, as if an eternity had pa.s.sed, then Shen Little Demon's body crumpled to the ground. As she did so, her body started shuddering violently, as her skin started to glow in a grey, blue and black light, looking even stranger than the tiger tattoos on Zhou Weiqing's body.

Even with her Heavenly Xu Energy protecting her body, it was clear that she had not been able to stop the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning from invading her body. No one actually knew what had happened to her.

Zhou Weiqing still stood there on a single foot, maintaining his awkward position. After unleas.h.i.+ng the Dark Demon G.o.d Lightning, he had not moved a single muscle as well. The tiger tattoos on his body slowly retreated back under his skin, disappearing as his original skin colour returned… and his engorged arms and right leg also swiftly returned to their original state.

It was soon clear that he had broken out of the Demonic Change state, and he was soon covered in a layer of grey light, even s.h.i.+ning out from his eyes.

"I… I… I won…" The words were squeezed out from Zhou Weiqing's teeth, as his now-grey eyes stared at the shocked judge who was standing at the corner of the stage.

Perhaps Zhou Weiqing's entire display had just been too strange… too powerful. Sensing his gaze on him, the judge felt as if he had been bitten by a venomous snake. With a quick shudder, he recovered his senses.

Looking at the unconscious figure of Shen Little Demon on the ground, the judge said hoa.r.s.ely: "Fei Li Battle Team vs Dan Dun Battle Team, Fourth Fight, Fei Li Battle Team is the victor. Final result, 3 to 1 in favour of the Fei Li Battle Team. The Fei Li Battle Team is the overall winner of this match."

Hearing the judge's proclamation, Zhou Weiqing's body stiffened momentarily, then it seemed like the tension drained out of him, and in a *plop* sound, he too dropped down to the ground, gasping for air as he lay down. It was clear that he had only been holding himself up through sheer willpower as he had nothing left in his tank.

The judge's words had also roused the entire audience. Instantly, the surrounding Plaza burst out into a commotion, not just the audience, the other Battle Teams in their Rest Houses, even the members of the VIP Stage.

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