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Zhou Weiqing blinked, then said: "Tian'er… in truth…. Look at it this way. See, if I marry you, Bing'er and Little Witch… doesn't that mean I will have the Heaven's Expanse Palace, Heavenly Snow Mountain and Heavenly Demon Sect behind me and supporting me? With such a powerful background, I'll be able to walk around the entire mainland without any fear, and no one can do anything to me. Heh heh heh heh."


"Are you trying to die?"

Both girls cried out angrily. Originally, the lucky fellow Zhou Weiqing who had been enjoying some 's.e.xy times' between the two suddenly felt a sudden sharp pain on both sides of his body as the soft sides of his waist experienced the ultimate move of the ladies, the 180 degree pinch! The next moment, he had been tossed out, smas.h.i.+ng into a large tree in a cross shaped fas.h.i.+on before slowly sliding down.

"You two are too violent, how can you all treat your future husband like this? Sigh… My dearest Bing'er is still the best! She will not treat me like this!"

"Shut up!"

Once again, both girls yelled at him in chorus, causing him to hide behind a tree in fear, afraid to continue speaking.

Little Witch and Tian'er looked at each other, before giving of another synchronized cold humph, turning their heads to ignore the other.

Eight years ago was the previous Five Great Saint Lands gathering. At that time, Little Witch had met Tian'er, and both girls had become rivals as they fought, an enmity growing between them. Although Little Witch was from the Heavenly Demon Sect, which could not compare to the Heavenly Snow Mountain which Tian'er was from, but Tian'er had been a lot naughtier from a young age, not cultivating as hard. As such, at that time, both girls had been pretty much equal in power, fighting each other in an extremely tough fight to result in a stalemate. That had been the start of a rivalry, an enmity, ever since. Every time they had met since that time, their eyes would turn red when their eyes met. 1 Although Tian'er's cultivation level had raised by leaps and bounds after being together with Zhou Weiqing for so long, Little Witch was still not afraid of her.

Of course, in front of Zhou Weiqing, they did not continue their argument any further. It could be said that currently Zhou Weiqing was their common balance point, otherwise these two violent girls might actually have a fight right at that moment, despite the situation they were in.

Zhou Weiqing walked out from behind the tree, helplessly looking at the two girls, one black and one white. Smiling bitterly, he said: "You two, if you continue arguing, I'm going to leave first by myself."

Little Witch said: "Who wants to argue with her, I'm so gentle, kind and cute, I wouldn't argue with some milk cows!"

"I'm a tiger, not a cow. The most n.o.ble Divine Heavenly Spirit Tiger." Tian'er said airily. "I know you are just jealous that your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are too tiny, envying mine… so big sister won't dispute with you. Anyway, I know Little Fatty likes them big… right, Little Fatty? Aren't you very skilled at estimating dimensions? Tell her, what is my cup size?"

Almost subconsciously, Zhou Weiqing exclaimed: "36E, that is truly impressive!"

Little Witch glared at him, saying: "Stupid Weiqing, are you joining forces with her to bully me?!"

Just as the three of them were arguing in a messy entanglement, all of a sudden, a blinding glare intensified through the canopy of the trees, causing the entire area to brighten significantly, drawing all their attentions.

Zhou Weiqing immediately jumped up into the air, striking the tree trunk several times for leverage as he flew up into the tree canopy high above. When he reached the top, he was surprised to see that in the distance, there was a ma.s.s of gold light spreading out throughout the sky.

"What is this?" Zhou Weiqing was extremely curious. Although the gold light was magnificently beautiful, it did not seem to emanate any energy waves.

Little Witch and Tian'er appeared beside him silently, and Tian'er furrowed her brow, saying: "That is the Heaven's Expanse Palace's Summoning Signal Flare, I have seen it once before. Its light rays are very unique, bright and easily noticeable, but without any energy signature which will lower the chances of attracting any Heavenly Beasts attention. They are extremely expensive to make, and for a Heaven's Expanse Palace disciple to use it, there has to be something extremely important. I wonder it could be that would be so urgent? Could it be that one is being surrounded by our Heavenly Snow Mountain disciples? However, the teleportation has just ended, that shouldn't happen so quickly as of yet right."

Little Witch turned to Zhou Weiqing, saying: "Should we avoid it, or go have a look and see what is actually going on?"

Zhou Weiqing was silent for a moment as he pondered the options, before he finally said: "If you two can promise to work together, and not drag each other down, then we can go and have a look. Otherwise, I will turn and run without hesitation, and you both don't have to follow me." As he said that, he had an uncharacteristic serious face, looking solemnly into the distance as he refused to look at them.

Little Witch sidled closer to Zhou Weiqing, saying in a sweet gentle tone: "Weiqing, don't be angry… I won't argue with her anymore, I'll listen to you. I'm not like some others, big breasted bimbos who ignores the general interest of the group."

Tian'er gave a disdainful humph, saying: "I can't be bothered to argue with you. Weiqing, I will conceal myself first." As she said that, she once again morphed into her Fat Cat form, resuming her usual place in his bosom. The other Battle Teams did not know that Zhou Weiqing had such a powerhouse like Tian'er by his side, and keeping herself hidden would undoubtedly give them the greatest possible advantage along with the surprise factor.

Zhou Weiqing still had a scowl on his face, as he said: "Alright then, in that case, let's go." After saying that, he made the first move, jumping back down onto the ground and moving swiftly in the direction of the signal flare.

As he did so, he continued keeping a close watch on his surroundings, but at the same time, he was also laughing to himself in his heart. Towards these two beautiful but deadly 'Black-White Dual Evil Spirits'2, it was clear that he would have to act serious and businesslike to keep them off guard and listening to him. Perhaps that was the benefit of acting foolish most of the time. In any case, no matter what happened in the future, he just needed to get through this Heavenly Jewel Tournament first, and think about the future… later.

"Someone is coming. A lone person." Fat Cat's voice rang softly in their ears. Although these few days she had not partic.i.p.ated in combat, with her incredible senses as a top ranked Heavenly Beast and just her cultivation level alone, she was always able to sense any incoming danger before Zhou Weiqing did, keeping him forewarned. It was not that she didn't want to take action, but rather that she wanted to give him every opportunity to take fights and learn as much as possible. Anytime she deemed an attack was too much for Zhou Weiqing to take, then she would definitely take action. Of course, that had only occurred once, which was the time she had blocked Little Witch's attack. It could be said that with Fat Cat around, although Zhou Weiqing was only at a mere three-Jeweled cultivation level, he had a secret Seven-Jeweled cultivation level ace up his sleeve, a Great Saint Lands Seven-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master!

Upon hearing Fat Cat's warning, Little Witch warped into black smoke, disappearing into thin air. Zhou Weiqing also flash stepped, dodging behind a large tree instantly to conceal himself for an ambush.

Right at that moment, a figure flew in from afar, and Zhou Weiqing could finally see clearly that the person in question was wearing a light blue uniform - a member of the ZhongTian Battle Team!

When Fat Cat had warned him that there was only one opponent, Zhou Weiqing had made the preparations to battle. With Little Witch around, he was confident that the two of them would be able to handle any of their opponents in the Tournament. After all, they would be fighting two versus one, let alone with a hidden Fat Cat as their ace up their sleeves.

The Touch of Darkness intercepted the figure in her path of movement, and in that instant, a strong black light shone brilliantly around her, enveloping her and wrapping around her all over.

*Poof**Poof**Poof**Poof* A long series of explosions sounded out, and the Touch of Darkness was actually only able to cause the swift moving figure to pause a moment, before being shattered by her powerful Heavenly Energy.

The incoming person had an insanely fast reaction. After breaking free from the Touch of Darkness, she did not continue charging forward, instead the tip of her foot touching the ground, her entire body spinning to the side, forcibly changing her own path of movement as she flashed three yards to the left.

Just in that instant, a black light flashed across where her body would have been if she had continued down her original path. In the midst of a swirling black mist, Little Witch appeared once again.

Previously, Little Witch had told Zhou Weiqing that as the daughter of the Heavenly Demon Sect Master, and as the Holy Girl of the Sect, she was not bound by any Darkness Seals. As such, even if she was found to be using the Darkness or Demonic Attributes, much like in Zhou Weiqing's case, the Heaven's Expanse Palace would not do anything to her. This was also the reason why the Heavenly Demon Sect was willing to allow her to come here personally.

Alas, this strike that Little Witch had been so confident in actually landed amiss, not even able to force her opponent to defend herself, and she couldn't help but be startled momentarily.

At this point, Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch could finally see their opponent clearly. It was a young lady, the only lady member in the entire ZhongTian Battle Team.

On the surface, her physical appearance was very ordinary, but when both Zhou Weiqing and Little Witch rested their eyes on her hands, the Physical Jewels around her right wrist, their eyes were filled with intense shock.

The reason was simple. That was because around the young lady's right wrist… Twelve Physical Jewels encircled slowly…

Yup, twelve. Twelve Jewels. Zhou Weiqing did a double take as he stared, jaw agape. Rubbing his eyes furiously, he looked once more before confirming that his eyes had not been mistaken. The Physical Jewels around her wrist were neatly lined in pairs, the one on top was the Waxy Jade type, while the one at the bottom was a Red Jade, both the Pure Colours signifying she was a Heavenly Jewel Master. The only difference was that each Jewel was slightly smaller than an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master's Physical Jewel.

"This is a mutated Physical Jewel, and in this case, a Mutated Duo Physical Jewel! Such a Mutated Duo Physical Jewel is almost as rare as your six Attribute Elemental Jewel, and I have never heard of, let alone seen one. I never expected that the Heaven's Expanse Palace would have a disciple like this."

As Fat Cat's voice sounded in Zhou Weiqing's ear, he couldn't help but put forth the question: "What is a mutated Physical Jewel?!"

Fat Cat said: "In very rare occasions, a Heavenly Jewel Master's Physical Jewels are mutated in some way or the other, and in her case, with double the amount of Physical Jewels, is one of the rarest and most powerful of all the mutations. That is to say, she has two types of Physical Jewels, each as powerful as any of our Heavenly Jewel Master Physical Jewels, giving her a boost of 1.5. For example, you are of the Strength Attribute, and only your Strength is boosted by your Physical Jewels, but for her, both her Flexibility and Coordination are boosted. As such, although you can see that she has twelve Physical Jewels, she is actually at the Six-Jeweled cultivation level. Even so, her close combat skills must be terrifying, not something any six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master can compare to. She is truly a unique close combat or melee type Heavenly Jewel Master. Furthermore, this type of mutated Physical Jewels are only able to Consolidate the two Physical Jewels into a single Consolidated Equipment, but each piece is larger than any ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master's. This person will not be an easy foe."

In the time that Fat Cat and Zhou Weiqing were conversing, Little Witch had already clashed with this young lady member of the ZhongTian Battle Team.

Dodging Little Witch's strike, both ladies' eyes met in mid air, their furious gazes clas.h.i.+ng. On the next moment, they launched their next attacks simultaneously.

Little Witch warped into black mist, directly heading towards the young lady in hopes of enveloping her totally, but the young lady in question was definitely no pushover. Striking both her arms against each other, a strange metallic clash sounded out, and she did not even attempt to dodge the black mist that Little Witch had formed, allowing herself to be enveloped within.

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