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Chapter 1825: Paladin

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Water Fairy didn't think she would get out in one piece, but she hadn't given up yet.

It had been a long since someone had so boldly challenged her; the last time was when they had all first joined the game.

She had to retaliate. She had already issued instructions to collect as much information as possible about those players and their sympathisers. These players were all in her blacklist now.

The wrath of these women was to be feared as they would not stop their vengeance once it began.

The ID of the leader was Linghu Scallion, and he was famous. While partic.i.p.ating on a forum, he had gotten into a conversation about how the game should be played, and they talked about how they would get the most beautiful female players.

The topic soon turned to how female players had more charisma.

And no matter what other people thought, Linghu Scallion had always thought that Water Fairy was the G.o.ddess of Charisma, so he secretly launched this 'beauty hunting activity'.

However, when the System saw that a player tried to hara.s.s Water Fairy, it instantly pa.s.sed judgment. The System were monitoring the players' brainwaves, heartbeat and other physiological factors, and used those to determine their intentions. The player was immediately disintegrated and nothing was left behind. Linghu Scallion was so shocked that he warned everyone not to overdo it.

In fact, he was just an otaku that wanted to try something. He didn't intend to commit any crimes.

The situation had long since spun out of control. With the pressure from all the players involved, it was clear that the beautiful women of Drizzle court were being hara.s.sed.

“A little to the left! Charge, fellow Paladins!”

Lu Li had already observed where they should break through. The players standing at that location were in a mess, so they could barely hold them back.

“The long night is approaching. Tonight, I will begin my watch until death. I will take no wife, no land or child. I will never wear a crown or live with privilege. I will do my best in life and in death. I am the sword in the dark, a guard of Darks.h.i.+re, resisting the flames of the cold. I am the light that breaks in dawn and the horn that rouses the sleeping. I dedicate my life and glory to the Night Watchmen, tonight, tomorrow night and forevermore.”

This slogan resounded throughout the land of the h.e.l.lfire Peninsula.

The chaotic sounds were eventually overcome by the uniform rhythm of horse hooves. The

players looked up to see a group of black-clad Paladin charging over on warhorses.

“Is this some kind of play?” someone smirked.

“The performance is actually quite compelling, but surely this is misguided. This must just be a group of paladins looking to get killed.”

The majority of players looked at the Paladins in disdain; everyone knew how laughable their strength was in the current patch.

The game officials must have not liked the Paladins, because they kept getting nerfed.

In the previous patch, Paladins and Shamans were at the bottom, which meant that players like Green Flag Wine, also known as the Tire Killer, couldn't even beat a second-rate Warrior.

hat advantage did they possibly have? Maybe they were handsome?

Or perhaps it was that they were able to acquire warhorses through their quests? However, many Paladins were unwilling to ride their warhorses around, because anyone that saw you were riding a Paladin warhorse would come over and bully you.

Moreover, the Paladins couldn't even fight while mounted.

The Paladin profession didn't live up to its reputation, and was simply a scam set up by the gaming officials.

Even if a large number of Paladins rushed over, there was little that they could do. Perhaps, they could just kill even more of them today to let the officials know about the garbage profession they had created.

However, to everyone's surprise, the Paladins that were charging together were slowly being enveloped in a halo of light. The light was growing more and more intense, and the people watching them couldn't help but avert their gaze.

Who was making such a bright light?!

As long as they kept their cool, they would be able to discover what was happening.

The movement speed of these Paladins was also quite high. Average mounts increased movement speed by 30% while stronger mounts could increase movement speed by 60%. However, these Paladins were travelling with a 100% movement speed buff at the very least.

“Get ready to das.h.!.+” Drifting Rain shouted loudly.

His eyes were red with excited; he couldn't want to tear into the enemies in front of him.

He had joined Ruling Sword very early on and was one of their veteran players, but because of his profession and position, he hadn't become famous. Her Tears was 100 times more famous than him, as were other players like Darkness, Mu Qiu, G.o.d of Destiny.

He was Drifting Rain, the head of the Ruling Sword Paladin Group.

He was the deputy head of the Night Watchmen Corps. A player who had taken up this position had a rank much higher than Lu Li's.

However, what they lacked an opportunity to demonstrate their strength. Today, the Night Watchmen would be immortalised.

The long weapons that they were carrying were now pointed at the enemy as they received the command. The warhorses also all used their Charge skill as they rammed into the formation of Horde players like an arrow.

The Mages sneered at them as they unleashed their Frost Novas.

There was also the Hunter's Ice Trap, the Shaman's Bind Totem, and many other crowd control skills that they were covered with. These Horde players thought that the threat that these Paladins posed was less than the level 60 monsters.

If it really was as they thought, then everything that Drifting Rain and the other Paladins did would be a joke.

But was it a joke?

It was not a joke at all. The Horde players that thought so soon found themselves having trouble laughing.

These warhorses were not affected by the skills at all, not even a little bit. As the yrushed into the crowd at full speed, the players. .h.i.t by the horses were knocked away or were impaled by the long weapons.

“It's the Watchmen Legion of Darks.h.i.+re!”

The truth had finally gotten out.

The Night Watchmen Camp wasn't that strong, but the players it recruited were from the best of many other camps. Their powerful combat ability was not a secret.

This wasn't the first time that Ruling Sword's Night Watchmen Corps had appeared, but it had never been so intense. The players began to feel desperate.

As one wave of Paladins charged into the players, the Horde's formations fell into chaos.

Then, the next wave came, and another.

800 Paladins charged into more than 1000 players. The numbers disadvantage didn't count for anything, as the players found themselves unable to fight back.

There were not many Paladin skills available while mounted on the warhorse. The horses probably just had Charge and Trample. The Paladins had Sprint (which could generate a knock away effect) and Sweep.

Since they all had long weapons, the Sweep skill gave them the biggest advantage.

The speed at which they were killing the Horde players was actually not that high, as their attacks were not that strong even after being combined with the warhorses. Even so, their attacks still seemed effective.

The players quickly lost their fighting spirit and began to turn around to escape.

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