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Translator: "Pink Tea" Editor: "Weasalopes"

 Dinner at Stalgia household is always lively.
 Father was dancing drunk, Mother was talking to me a whole lot and right beside me Alice was also doing the same.
 Furthermore, recently we were also joined by Toramaru, who was giving high praises like『So tasty, Mother's cooking is the best!』 while greedily consuming the food.
 After eating plenty today as well, Toramaru suddenly goes quiet.

『If you think about it the amount of food I eat isn't a joking matter.』
「Well, you are quite big after all.」
『My amount of work does not match my amount of food… And it makes me feel guilty.』
「If you gonna say that then the same goes for me with my earnings not matching my workload, Yaaay!」

 Taking his clothes off, Father becomes topless and joins the conversation. Though, noticing cold stares from Mother and Alice he immediately put clothes back on.
「But you know, my salary is really cheap…」
「Father, you don't have to repeat yourself, all of us can personally feel it.」
「Please, stop? If you are going to say cruel things with such ultra smiling face even I will be hurt.」

 As Father's tension was lowering, he mumbled that he wants to quit or change his job. Something about his current employment having no future and that it's even possible that there will be cut to salary next year.
 Father's performance was not bad at all, so perhaps it was because his employer wants to cheaply exploit him.
「Then how about opening a shop as your side job? I will supply monster materials. There are actually plenty of those I have trouble handling.」

 I think there is a lot of peculiar monsters in the hidden dungeon. At the very least it has monsters that don't reside in this area so selling those materials to the guild yields mere pennies.
 Then, it is just wasteful. That being the case, selling it ourselves would be somewhat better yet.
 For example, golden slime's jelly should certainly sell for a high price.

「Side job huh, maybe it's not a bad idea.」
「Mother will help as well.」
「When I was strolling through the city I found some vacant land. I bought it with my previous earnings. Can Father take care of pet.i.tion to the state?」
「Leave it to me. What kind of store it's going to be?」
「Curios・Raw materials would be good I guess. The name… Since we have a chance let's throw ideas together and then decide on something.」

 Naming sense is rather important after all. It doesn't matter how good is restaurant if the name is『Hairy Cooking of the Old man with Bushy Armpits』it won't grow popular.
 With Toramaru partic.i.p.ating as well we got five ideas, then everyone shall choose the one they liked the best.
 It is fine to vote for your own or for an idea of another person. The result is this.

(Father's proposal)
The store of the strongest materials of my choice! 1 Vote. 
(Mother's proposal)
Love to you, Love to me. 0 Votes.
(Alice's proposal)
The Secret Booth of Noir and Alice☆ 1 Vote.
(Toramaru's proposal)
Rare Shop Stalgia. 3 Votes.
(Noir's proposal)
Shop of Hidden Curios. 0 Votes.

 To think it would end up with Toramaru on top.
 As Father, Alice and Toramaru each voted for their own idea, and with Mother and I drawn to Toramaru's idea, it became like this.

「After all, it is great that it has Stalgia's name in it. Torchan has a charming taste.」
『Since it was a rare opportunity, I wanted to put the name of this family in there.』
「Though it's sad that the one with the best sense is Toramaru.」

 The three of us were talking peacefully, however, Father and Alice were not quite content.

「I wanted at least Brother's name to be there.」
「No, no, no, Alice? The Secret Booth is too much of brocon. As a father I am worried.」
「Father is good as well, you are already a good adult and yet you put Strongest in there, it pains my heart as your daughter.」
「UUuh…! A, a man always chases the dream!」
「Chasing a dream is acceptable only until you are thirty! If you are already in middle age and doing something then produce results… That's what ladies in the neighborhood were saying.」
「They were not, right?! That's definitely Alice's own thoughts, right?!」
 A really lukewarm air was flowing, unable to endure it, Father picked up a sword and swinging it began to appeal how strong he is.
「I am definitely stronger than some random old man, I am aaaah, ouch, ouch, someoone…」

 It seems he got sudden back pain.
 Father fell on his backside and was asking for someone to help him get back up so I lent him my shoulder.

「Please don't overextend yourself. You are of age already.」
「Aaah, being told that by my own son makes me sad. Even though in the old days, though in the old days I was strong.」
「I noticed recently. The strength is not just about being strong physically. What perhaps, something akin to a strength of the heart is more important.」

 In that respect, as I was a coward I still had a long way to go. But it seems that it resounded in everyone's hearts stronger than I antic.i.p.ated.

「As expected. Brother's words have power.」
「Dear, let's train you mentally from today on.」
『Thus esteemed father will be able to grow as well. How joyous.』
「What is… With everyone, acting like I am immature…」

 Father started to pout so let's stop with a conceited talk at this.

 The next morning, as Alice heads to school I leave for a walk.
 Even if its summer break, not exercising your body is bad for health.
 As we go along the route to school, walking side by side, Alice's expression suddenly becomes clouded.

「Eh? Did I do something?」

 I was surprised since Alice said that in a really fed up tone.

「I didn't mean you, Brother, I meant those people.」

 Alice's gaze extended to the boys in uniform, ahead on the road. Students from the same school as Alice? There is four of them but only one of them has rather big luggage… Or more like he is carrying the stuff of the other three.

「It's not like they are playing?」
「It's not. That short person is an exchange student but he is always treated like that.」

 That blonde boy has his face in order but he indeed gives off a timid impression. Even pushed in a shoulder he only laughs meekly.
 Alice heads towards them to give a warning and I follow along. Boys soon noticed us and changed their att.i.tudes entirely.
 From their behavior, I could tell that all three of them liked Alice.

「A, Alice-san, Good morning.」

 Instead of answering right away, Alice takes a pause on purpose and then greets without sparing them even one look.

「…Good morning, Nell-san, your luggage looks heavy.」
「Ah, em. No, it's not, so.」
「I will help you.」

 When Alice tried to take bags from Nell, the bullied kid, three other boys moved at once. They took their own luggage.

「It's actually ours. Nell was really insisting on carrying it.」
「It didn't seem that way.」
「Oh, oh? More importantly, Alice-san, could it be that is… Your boyfriend?」

 They turned at me eyes full of hostility. Rest a.s.sured, that's not what I am. Alice will tell you, look as she nods and replies firmly.

「I'm not going to deny it.」

 You won't deny it?! Ain't I am your sibling?
 And as expected, the three had faces clearly showing that they were not amused. Without even trying to hide their hostile expressions they, however, strangely wanted to do a handshake.

「So you were a boyfriend. I am Goes. My regards.」

 For some reason, not only him but the other two were grinning as well. I've got bad premonition and took a peek at him with【Appraisal】.

Name: Goes Ovatoria.
Age: 15
Race: Human
Level: 6
Occupation: Student
Stone Bullet, Left hand of Misfortune.

 …That is one unusual skill? It was no coincidence that the other party offered the left hand for a handshake.
 I will confirm it with【Edit】.

 Left Hand of Misfortune
<Arbitrarily bestow【Misfortune】to the opponent who touched the left hand>

 Since it's arbitrarily, then I guess it won't activate if there is no intention for it. This time… He is freaking pumping with intent.

「Sorry, I don't shake hands with people who give others misfortune.」
「Caen? A cane perhaps? You are so young and already need it?」
「I, I'm not! I don't get what are even talking about…」
「By your previous reaction, you do get it. What are you going to do next, maybe attack me with your favorite stone bullet? I don't mind.」

 I guess he thought that he was busted, so his eyes changed. But he instantly hid those eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with hostility and s.h.i.+fted to smiling foolishly, feigning ignorance.
 Most likely trying to put me off guard. And here you go.
「Then I'll attack!」

 Since he shot【Stone Bullet】at me I shall pay him back.
 *Dohew, goh, gah*
 The sound of the stone bullet I shot deflecting Goes' stone bullet and hitting him in the stomach.
 【Stone Bullet】has fixed size of about twenty centimeters. However, in the past, I tweaked mine with【Edit】and made possible size adjustments. This time I shot it at a doubled size, so it's only natural I would win.
 It uses more magic power for its size but since the amount is not that much it's neglectable.

「Goes, are you okay?」

 His friends are not attacking, maybe they got scared. Then, I shall destroy his skill.

<Arbitrarily bestow【Misfortune】to the opponent who touched the left hand>
 『Delete』〈Bad Luck〉…………500 LP

 It demands rather a lot, but I break it without hesitation because malicious skill×person lacking in morals is the worst possible combination.
 I was tempted to destroy【Stone Bullet】as well, but that would be too pitiful after all so I held back.

「Geho, geho, I won't use it anymore, so please forgive me…」

 I laugh at Goes whom, probably afraid of additional attacks, made a complete face turn and was apologizing to me.

「Yeah, I know. You won't be able to use【Left Hand of Misfortune】even if you wanted to so relax. And if you do anything weird to Alice I will grant you【Misfortune】myself.」
「Please, spare me…」

 Looking at how they were running away at full speed it's unlikely they would do something to Alice.

「Did I look like a Grim Reaper or something to them?」
「What I saw was… A G.o.d. From today on I shall call you G.o.d-niisama!」

 Alice-san, Nell-kun is still here so let's refrain from embarra.s.sing statements.

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