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Chapter 1689: System, Where’s My Goat?!

Rolan personally led a team of 300 elites from the Gray Temple on three eagles to the Thunderstorm Mountains. After seeing the scene, even the most experienced of them threw up immediately.

“Burn all the corpses and bury the ashes. Bring those alive back and lock them up in the secret dungeon. The interrogating will be done by the Information Department. Report straight to me, and no other persons have the right to know about this,” Rolan said with a strict face after retracting his gaze from the devilish altar.

“Yes!” everyone replied in harmony, and immediately displayed their professionalism. They dug out a huge hole, and threw all the corpses inside before a few of the fire magic casters threw a few fireb.a.l.l.s in to reduce the corpses to ashes immediately. After that, they buried the ashes with soil, and the place quickly reverted to a patch of flat land.

“Let’s go back.” After personally making sure that they did not leave out any of the corpses, Rolan led the team back, and no one asked anything throughout the entire journey.

The Gray Temple had dealt with some strange incidents recently, and captured a few strange people. However, they would usually not have to do anything when they were activated, and only had to clean up the scene, just like a team of professional cleaners.

However, these events were considered cla.s.sified information in Gray Temple. It was prohibited to discuss them even between members of the Gray Temple. Once anything leaked out, it would not be a simple disciplinary punishment.

“Sir, this is the statement by those we arrested in the day.” Bolton walked into Rolan’s office, closed the door, and placed a stack of statements sealed in kraft paper on the desk. He looked at Rolan, and hesitated for a while before saying, “The things they said…”

“A part of them is true.” Rolan opened the kraft paper and flipped through the statements.

Bolton’s expression changed slightly. Rolan did not say much, but that meant a lot.

Those fellows arrested in the day were all a little crazy. They honored a certain evil G.o.d, and prayed that the evil G.o.d could resurface on land one day, and turn the entire Norland Continent into burning h.e.l.l, while they would become the slaves of the evil G.o.d, and obtain power and immortality.

One or two of such people might just be a coincidental mental instability, but when there was a group of such people who were not even wavering in their belief, to the extent of willingly giving up their life to release the evil G.o.d, things would become slightly scary.

If such an evil G.o.d really existed, it would definitely be a huge threat to the Norland Continent. Maybe it was even fair to say that once it appeared, it would be an apocalypse.

Bolton was not a timid person. As the manager of the Gray Temple’s Information Department, he was even more aware of what it meant for Rolan to put so much attention on a matter, to the point of listing it as cla.s.sified information.

“Go and interrogate those fellows we brought back at night. Not just their actions and motive, don’t even leave the details of their dreams out. The important information might be in their dreams.” Rolan pulled out a piece of statement paper and pushed it to Bolton.

Bolton picked up that piece of statement paper. Its content was mainly about a ridiculous dream. There was a huge and unknown matter chained and trapped underground. There were a cave a few thousands meters tall and numerous black pathways. A voice was calling him…

He did not know how much value this paper of ridiculous dream descriptions had, but he knew Rolan’s intention clearly. His aim was the evil G.o.d behind these fellows’ crazy dreams.

“Go on. We still have a lot of work to do, and there’s not much time left,” Rolan said calmly as he lowered his head to continue reading the statements.

“Yes, Sir.” Bolton turned and exited the office. He did not know how to explain to his subordinates who had been mentally drained by those fellows. However, the interrogations that were to come might be even more torturous.


The swirling red wine in the gla.s.s and the intoxicating beauty did not manage to make Mag drunk.

He laid Irina, who was knocked out in his embrace, gently on the bed and helped her remove her robe. Mag returned to his room with a smile, locked the door, and closed his eyes as he opened the mutton soup experience bag.

“This fool! How infuriating!” In the room next door, Irina opened her eyes and clenched her fists angrily.

Mutton soup could be found almost anywhere, and had its own variations because of the uniqueness of the different geographical locations.

This mutton soup recipe that the system gave Mag was said to have incorporated the strengths of the different recipes.

Mag was actually quite fond of mutton soup, but the seemingly simple mutton soup actually required a lot of skill because mutton had a very strong smell. Once it was not done well, the soup would have that strong smell which made people steer clear of it.

“Those owners of mutton restaurants that I’ve dissed… they aren’t on the list, right?” Mag raised his brow a little. Things felt a little amiss all of a sudden.

He was not a harsh person, but his expectations were higher than normal people’s. He did not like those internet-famous shops where the owners did not put in effort into the food. He always thought that actions spoke louder than words.

Of course, that would not sound very pleasing to the ears.

It didn’t matter, since he didn’t care if his words were pleasing to others. Just like how he couldn’t control what others were going to say about him, he, too, could express his honest opinions.

“Host, please stop comforting yourself, and quickly enter the test field for the G.o.d of Cookery!” The system’s voice sounded.

“Er… System, can I just express my apologies here? I feel that I was indeed a little too much with my words in the past. Why don’t you go on live so that I can apologize to the chefs I’ve hurt in the past?” Mag said with a smile.

“Those chefs all said that they won’t forgive you,” the system replied.

“Hehe.” Mag rolled his eyes. It was to be expected. He secretly gave the middle finger, and said with disdain, “Isn’t it just a bowl of perfect mutton soup? All you fellows incapable of protecting the recipe your ancestors left behind should wait and see what is really called mutton soup!”

After that, Mag kicked open the door to the test field for the G.o.d of Cookery.

Inside… was very joyous as well.


“This spell formation…” Novan was standing by the altar, looking at the spell formation with a frown while at the same time dispelling the continuous murmuring by his ears.

“Can you solve it?” asked nervously.

Novan shook his head with a grave expression as he said, “It’s very difficult. I am not very good with ancient spell formations, since there are too few records preserved, and the rare few have also been severely damaged. I’m afraid no one in this world has ever seen a complete ancient spell formation, much less done any research on it.”

“If even you can’t do anything about it, I’m afraid no one can,” said with a frown.

“Nothing is absolute. Perhaps there is someone who has done some research on ancient spell formations. We can gather some spell formation masters to study the spell formation of this seal to see if we can find something.” Novan shook his head. He pulled out a photostone and snapped a shot of a corner of the spell formation.


“System, where’s my goat? Where did that huge goat go?!”

The next morning, Mag howled loudly with his eyes glaring at the open fridge.

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