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Haydn's 《Violin Concerto No. 1》 inherited its composer's optimism and warmth. As a violin concerto, it showcased the violin's light timbre with a leaping melody.

Such a lovely, lively tune was very suitable for such an energetic event. The audience watched as the violin group drew their bows, pressing their strings in unison, and made this queen of instruments worthy of its name the highlight of the performance.

Those with average hearing could discern only whether the pitch and rhythm were right or not. The college professors and the specially invited maestros, however, with excellent hearing could hear the allure of the violin. This sound that came from the concertmaster, especially, was a stream flowing from the mountain with authentic vitality.

Most gazes were involuntarily drawn to the young man sitting to the conductor's left.

Coincidentally, the part playing now was melodious and the entire violin group had become an accompaniment. Only the youth's violin still sounded its delightful tune.

His fair, slender hands danced along the board, picking out one beautiful note after the next, sowing the seeds of joy.

Everyone was still immersed in the tune even after the performance had ended. Each had smiles on their faces, as if they truly felt Master Haydn's joy that had spanned for over hundreds of years.


That was an excited shout from the violin department, and soon after, roaring applause broke out.

Professor Kawaguchi and Qi Mu bowed to the audience as the applause slowly subsided, waiting for the next performance.

Professor Akkad had already changed seats to one near the left exit of the concert hall. He clapped gently as he watched the brilliant youths on the stage from afar. He blurted, emotionally, "This piece is relatively simple, but the performance is excellent. I didn't expect a college orchestra to play such a timbre, they're really beyond my imagination!"

He had never bothered to keep up-to-date with the college's current affairs, so although he was there for half a year, he had never listened to one of their performances. If it weren't for his student being concertmaster, Akkad would surely be too lazy to even go to the concert hall.

Min Chen nodded silently, gaze locked on a certain someone on stage. "Them being so outstanding… might have something to do with their new concertmaster."

His words, in turn, almost made Akkad choke. After a while, he said dubiously, "If you're heard by someone else, they'll think you're Little Seven's teacher. Seven is excellent, but he alone won't be able to change an entire orchestra in just a week, right?"

Min Chen glanced at him indifferently and said, "Not necessarily."

Akkad: "…"

Okay, fine, great, everything about your lover is beautiful! Do whatever you want!

Three minutes had pa.s.sed since the first performance ended.

In tonight's repertoire, the audience had lone known the orchestra would play two pieces., but it was quite strange. They had already played the first and the second was——

It was blank!

Blank as in "《》" blank!

Many students felt as if their heads were splitting open, trying to figure out what this "《》" meant. Some professors with profound qualifications, on the other hand, smiled mischievesly and said to each other, "Is the piece they're performing next that one?"

Yes, that one.

Just before the second performance began, a handful of members left the stage with their instruments.

It was rare for something like that to happen at a concert.

Sure, many symphonies didn't need many musicians while others needed nearly a hundred. However, when this happened, some members would just sit and not play.

Not actually leave the stage!

This inexplicable situation confused the students and had whispers spread throughout the hall.

Min Chen frowned a little, and realization dawned in his eyes. He whispered, "Is it 《No. 45》?"

Akkad laughed, "Nothing escapes you. Yes, it's Haydn's 《Symphony No. 45 in F minor》."

《Symphony No. 45 in F minor》 had another name, 《Farewell Symphony》.

Now, half the musicians had left, leaving behind only the string instruments and a few of the wind instrument groups.

Kawaguchi turned to Qi Mu, who had sat silently all the while. They exchanged looks and smiled, and that slender baton sharply rose. Music alighted into the hall, soothing the audience's restlessness.

Qi Mu watched his violin as he played, its gentle whisper traced with sadness. The cellos and trumpets whispered to each other, a gentle breeze flowing through the hall, and the violin became even more melancholy.

Though lingering and mild, the melody had an atmosphere of inexplicable loss and forced the audience to focus on the elegant performance. Until——

A trumpeter stood up and left the stage!

Left the stage!



He really left!

Then just take your trumpet and don't ever come back!!!

After a while, a member of the second violin group happily left the stage with their violin. Someone in the audience recovered and exclaimed, "Do they really want to play 《Farewell》 ?"

The 《Farewell Symphony》, like its name, was a beautiful farewell.

As court musicians, Haydn's orchestra was ordered to live in the palace and couldn't return to their home freely. These musicians were sad they couldn't see their families for a long time, and Haydn noticed their melancholy so wrote a humorous 《Farewell》 on purpose.

When they played the piece to Count Nikolaus, the n.o.bleman was even more surprised than the audience was today. The musicians blew out a candle near their seat as they left the concert hall with their instruments, still playing as they left.

More and more had left until there was only Haydn on the stage, bowing respectfully to the count.

What else could he say?

Have a holiday and quickly go see your wives and children!

And right now, the audience in the Paris' National Conservatory of Music's concert hall had the privilege and honor to enjoy this concert full of laughter and tears.

On the stage where the lights were gathered, another trumpeter left followed by two more violinists. One was more devoted than the other and continued playing until they disappeared behind the curtains.

Another two, then three, three again…

All of them!

The audience watched in shock as Kawaguchi walked away from his podium and waved at the two cellists packing up their cellos. The latter didn't spare him a glance at all but directly left the stage.

When the professor turned around, the violinists behind him rushed out.

Then the clarinet, the oboe, and the viola…

One by one, they got up and left, leaving Kawaguchi standing on the stage, wearing a hilarious expression.

The audience also laughed. Finally, only Qi Mu, the concertmaster, was left still in his post. Kawaguchi went over and conducted… with only Qi Mu playing.

On this empty stage, only the conductor and a single violinist played alone.

The students immersed in the scene laughed, thoroughly amused.

However, some professors with sharp thoughts nodded. A violinist that could hold the audience's attention, this student who had taken first place in the a.s.sessment… was really worth his reputation!

Akkad couldn't contain his sigh, "I didn't expect they'd perform 《Farewell》 like this."

Min Chen nodded silently, eyes on Kawaguchi's hand resting on Qi Mu's back. He pursed his lips and remained silent.

When the last note faded in loneliness, the audience gave them sincere applause scattered with laughter, smiling after such a unique performance.

Qi Mu bowed with Kawaguchi, representing the entire orchestra to express his thanks to the audience.

They received a bouquet from a student, then Qi Mu and Kawaguchi exchanged a few words with a smile. Qi Mu suddenly felt he had seen a familiar shadow in the audience. He automatically turned to search, but only saw Akkad's figure.

His heart inevitably beat faster, and after a while, Qi Mu just smiled and tried to slow it down. Berating himself for thinking too much, he turned and said to Kawaguchi, "Professor Kawaguchi, when everything is over, please come over to my house with Dylan."

"Alright. Seven, you're so kind, I'm delighted…"

The applause lasted for five minutes, and Akkad watched his student proudly. Somehow, he remembered his brief conversation with Auston.

Listening to that solo near the end of 《Farewell》, he couldn't help himself from saying, "Auston, I have a premonition… that my student will one day surpa.s.s you."

The man's voice was magnetic, "I know. That day… isn't that far away."

Akkad replied, jokingly, "Do you feel pressured?"

What did that guy Auston reply with again?

Oh, right—— "I'll work harder."

Even after Akkad tried persuading him for ages, Min Chen stood and left without hesitation as soon as Qi Mu's last note ended. They were near the concert hall's left exit, and he left in a flash. Even Akkad could hardly see his shadow.

"Didn't he.. want Little Seven to know?" Akkad asked himself, perplexed. "Oh well. That Auston is weird. Don't want to eat Seven's cooking, well, I won't share it with him!"

How could Akkad, a single dog, understand Min Chen's mood of: "As long as I can see him, I'm content"?

His beloved was progressing so fast, naturally… he couldn't fall behind.

In the car back in Berlin, Min Chen rubbed his eyebrows to relieve the exhaustion of traveling. Before he could drop his hand, his phone buzzed. He clicked it open——

Qi Mu: 【The concert just ended. Master Akkad seems upset that I also invited Dylan and the others. Your rehearsal should have ended by now too, if I'm not mistaken. Rest early, don't be too tired.】

Min Chen's eyes lingered on that phrase "Don't be too tired" for quite a while, then he sighed and replied——

Min Chen: 【You should also rest early, don't be too tired.】

After a pause, he couldn't help but sent another message.

【I miss you very much.】

Qi Mu looked at the words on his screen and couldn't restrain his smile. He replied with another few words then Dylan called him from the kitchen. So, after sending one more text, he turned and entered the kitchen.

The phone's screen soon turned dark, but before it did, its display illuminated the thoughts of these two lovers——

【Me too… I miss you very much.】

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