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And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Zhen Dong’s return to Taiwan~

Chapter 22

He didn’t feel it when they were together, but once they were apart, he felt the yearning with a wild fervor. Looking at these lovely, naked women, he actually felt extremely bored. His mind couldn’t help but conjure the scene when she fixed the water pipe. Her wet blouse sticking closely to her body made his lower body ache. Right now, he could grab any woman to help extinguish the fire, but he didn’t want to.

He was a hunter, and hunters always pursued their prey, so he immediately set into motion.

“Can you bring me to the airport.” Zhong Zhen Dong packed up his computer and simple luggage as he asked Ge Fu.

“You want to leave?” Ge Fu was stunned in place.

“Yes, right away.”

“You don’t want to leave after eating?” Ge Fu looked at the women he prepared for Zhong Zhen Dong. He actually didn’t want to touch any of them and wanted to leave?

“No need, my food is in Taiwan.” He smiled.

Ge Fu’s eyebrows jumped. “Oh? Exactly what kind of woman can compare to the women I’ve prepared for you, capable of arousing your appet.i.te and making you abandon this luxurious banquet?

“I’m tired of eating lavish meals. Right now, I only want to eat home-cooked meals in Taiwan. In short, I’m leaving.”

Those in the weapons and ammunition business like them only cared about money transactions. They emphasized trust and credit, not personal emotions. Consequently, Ge Fu didn’t make him stay.

Zhong Zhen Dong got on the private helicopter on the yacht, his heart set on speeding home.

Little white rabbit, I’m coming.

Flying for about 12 hours, plus two hours for changing planes midway, by the time Zhong Zhen Dong reached Taiwan, it was already about 3PM the next day.

He returned directly to Tang Xin Lian’s house, and once he opened the door, he instantly felt a sense of relief.

He placed his suitcase on top of the cabinet at the entrance and stood in the middle of the living room, looking all around. This place couldn’t compare to the luxurious hotel rooms worth $60,000 a night. It didn’t have a crystal chandelier or high cla.s.s furniture and wool carpets, or even a million dollar king sized bed. But it could still let him feel a type of incomparable comfort and happiness.

This place had a wife’s touch; the living room was bright and clean, the dining table had freshly baked bread on it, the balcony had already washed clothes hanging, and the windowsill had a few pots of mint leaves growing.

He went back to his bedroom, and as expected, there was a set of clothes on top of it. He’s lived in expensive and high cla.s.s grand hotels, and the hotels had housekeepers who helped guests wash and iron their clothes, but that service was exchanged with money, it couldn’t compare to her kindness and consideration which expected nothing in return.

Zhong Zhen Dong pursed his lips into a smile, itching to quickly see her. When he thought of her, he had decided to return 5 days early. He took out his cell phone and dialed her number.


“It’s me.”

“Big brother Zhong?”

“Miss me?” He really missed her.

“Is there something urgent to discuss? International calls are very expensive! Let’s switch to the internet.”

“No need, I wanted to tell you, I – -“ He didn’t get to finish when she hastily interrupted.

“Sorry big brother Zhong, I’m busy right now. If you have any business, send it through a text message.”

The call was abruptly ended. Zhong Zhen Dong looked at his cell phone with some envy, the little white rabbit actually didn’t miss him one bit. But then he couldn’t help but laugh. It didn’t matter because sooner or later, he would have her underneath him while he ruthlessly loved her until he was satisfied, making her think about him day and night.

He couldn’t wait until she got off work, so he decided to go to the company to find her. He was someone who took the initiative to attack, and he never did a sloppy job at it. After he discovered the little white rabbit’s position in his heart was different than before, he didn’t want to slowly wait anymore. He wanted her to be his woman as soon as possible.

The reason cheetahs were so languid, was because it wasn’t hungry. Even if a small deer pa.s.sed by, it would decide to ignore it. It seemed like a harmless house cat, but once it was hungry, its penetrating eyes would glow. Its whole body would be pumped with energy, its hidden claws would immediately appear, ready for action.

Before he boarded the airplane, he bought a present for her at the airport. In his whole life, this was the first time he personally selected a gift for a woman. In the past, he would just make a phone call to a shop to send one. He wondered if the little white rabbit would be happy to receive his present?

He went out the door and hailed a taxi, telling the driver to go to the little white rabbit’s company. Once he thought that he would see her in just a while, his mood brimmed with expectation and delight. This kind of impatient joy hadn’t happened for a long time.

Arriving at the company, he headed to the young lady at the front desk, and with a gentlemanly asked, “h.e.l.lo, I’m looking for Tang Xin Lian.”

The sudden appearance of such a charming, handsome guy, made the young lady at the counter take in a deep breath while her face reddened all of a sudden.

“Okay, wait a moment.” The lady hurriedly picked up the telephone to dial an extension number.

Many people pa.s.sed by the front desk, and with Zhong Zhen Dong’s striking physique, it naturally attracted a lot of gazes.

Some people didn’t need to rely on clothes, their body was a type of fas.h.i.+on. Even if it were ordinary clothes, if he wore it, it would still look outstanding. This was a kind of natural style and gracefulness, and Zhong Zhen Dong had it.

“Sorry mister, miss Tang Xin Lian isn’t here.” The lady at the front desk politely answered.

Zhong Zhen Dong thought it was strange, so he asked, “May I ask where she went?”

“She has left the company.”

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