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Chapter 6

“Oh, by the way, I have an 8-year old son.”

“Oh? You’ve been married before?”

She gently shook her head. “I haven’t, the boy is my older sister’s, and after she died, I decided to raise him.”

“Oh, so that’s what happened.”

“Even though Cheng Cheng isn’t my child, I really love him and treat him as if he were my own.”

As soon as the conversation s.h.i.+fted to her 8-year old son, Tang Xin Lian’s eyes sparkled, just like all the other mothers in the world when they talked about their children. They’d talk about how cute or how mischievous their child was, with words full of motherly love.

Zhong Zhen Dong smiled listening to her narration, while also contemplating how to move in on this little white rabbit. For him, it didn’t matter how many kids she had or whether she’d been married before. He only had one kind of notion towards women, which was whether or not the woman was capable of arousing his desire.

His appet.i.te was very picky. If his desires weren’t ignited, then he wouldn’t even give a second glance. Right now, his mind was only concerned about when he could eat her, and where he was going to start. Once he thought about her appearance underneath his body, his heart burst with a fiery pa.s.sion while an intense heat condensed below his stomach.

It’s been a long time since his frame of mind was like this, just like a 15-year old’s first time experiencing the same pa.s.sion.

Tang Xin Lian was happily talking along by herself, but she suddenly remembered something. Quickly, full of remorse, she said, “Sorry, you must be bored from hearing all that. Parents always have this bad habit; once their child is mentioned, they’ll talk nonstop, not caring if the other person wants to listen or not.”

“It’s okay, since I have to pretend to be your husband, then I’d also have to pretend to be your child’s father. It’s not bad to begin to get an understanding of it now.”

He’s so thoughtful, and such a considerate gentleman as well. Tang Xin Lian once again rejoiced over her good luck. After misjudging men so many times, she’s finally met a good guy for once.

“I think we’ll definitely get along.” She gave a genuine smile containing her relief, while he, on the other hand, gave an even more brilliant smile.

“I also think it’ll be pleasant working together. When should I move into your house? Today?”

“How about tomorrow? I have to tell my son about you moving in first so that he’ll be mentally prepared.”

“Okay, no problem.”

“Oh, by the way, if you need to accompany your boyfriend, it’s okay to not show up at my house for a while. It’s fine as long as you appear and pretend to be my husband when I need you. Ordinarily, you’ll be able to have your own personal life.”

The boyfriend she was talking about was obviously referring to Lin Yu Fan. He refrained from smiling and followed along with her misconceptions.

“Since I’ve already made you a promise, of course I’ll live with you. My boyfriend doesn’t mind. Although he seems solemn, he’s actually very softhearted. As long as I act spoiled or throw a tantrum, he won’t know what to do with me.” He playfully winked at her.

Hearing him say it like that, she felt more relaxed. Observing her facial expressions, Zhong Zhen Dong saw that the more he showed the loving affection between him and his “boyfriend,” the more she felt relieved. He observed all of her pure and easy to understand reactions.

The two people chatted happily, making the arrangement to eat lunch at her house the next day. To experience her cooking skills, Zhong Zhen Dong readily agreed.

When it was approaching noon the next day, Zhong Zhen Dong arrived at Tang Xin Lian’s old apartment.

Once the door opened, what greeted him was a small boy who was most likely the little white rabbit’s son.

Zhong Zhen Dong lowered his head to look at the little guy, while the kid also stared at him, with eyes were full of caution.

“h.e.l.lo.” Zhong Zhen Dong smiled, allowing the little boy to size him up.

In the doorway, the youngster didn’t say anything, and didn’t have the intention to move aside. Zhong Zhen Dong maintained his smile.

“Where’s your mother?”

“Ah, you’re here. Please come in. Cheng Cheng, hurry and invite uncle to come inside and sit.” Sticking out her head from the kitchen, Tang Xin Lian commanded her son while she was occupied with cooking.

The little rascal’s name was Tang Jing Cheng and his nickname was Cheng Cheng. The small body finally moved, withdrawing to one side to allow him in, but his eyes were still full of suspicion.

Zhong Zhen Dong entered the living room, placing his suitcase to the side. Sizing up the 3-bedroom apartment, it appeared to be a very ordinary small household. On top of a wooden cabinet in the living room were an arrangement of many family photographs; all of which were of the little white rabbit and the little boy.

“I’m sorry, I’m still cooking. Why don’t you sit for a while? It’ll be done soon.” Tang Xin Lian carried out two dishes as she apologized. She was wearing an ap.r.o.n and her hair was tied behind her head with a large clip.

He quickly glanced over her home attire. He smiled and said, “It’s no bother, take your time.”

While she was busy preparing food, he inspected the layout of every room until finally, he reached the balcony. He stepped outside to take in the ambiance of the neighborhood. The little rascal continuously followed him ever since he entered the door, and was staring at him with hostility.

“Mom said you were going to pretend to be my father. Is that true?”

Hearing the little boy’s defiant tone, it was clear he was in a bad mood. However, Zhen Dong didn’t mind, and smiled while he asked –

“Your mom said that you wanted to pretend to be my son. Is that true?”

The little boy scowled. “I don’t want you to be my dad.”

TN: Cheng Cheng is referred to as “小鬼头”  which I’m told is an endearing pet-name (so good connotation). I’ll be translating it as little demon , but know that Zhong Zhen Dong means it with love … most likely (」・ω・)」
Update, I’ll be using “little rascal” instead as per Jenny’s advice❤

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