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The Unparalleled, True Kobayas.h.i.+ Ichirou

It’s possible that I…might be the story’s final boss.

Once that one suspicion stuck, it didn’t leave my head.

Let’s a.s.sume that’s true. If so, then that would explain the various strange events that occurred.

It would explain why a mere friend character was able to trigger flags with the heroines.

Perhaps everything was leading up to this? Maybe I’m the final boss who will stand in the way of Ryuuga and the others──and so, the stage is being set for that.

The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t laugh at the matter.

Upon some reflection, there certainly are…some moments that might indicate this being true. There are at least three matters that made me go “If I think about it, aren’t I kinda strange?”

──Number one. Why was Kobayas.h.i.+ Ichirou able to peep at the battles without being found for a long time?

Ryuuga had told me something before. She said “Ichirou, you’re really good at erasing your presence. You’re even able to take me by surprise.”

Ryuuga, the heroines, and the apostles didn’t notice me. Is there really an ordinary person that can do that?

──Number two. Why did not Kobayas.h.i.+ Ichirou fall unconscious at the karaoke center?

At that time, the apostle let out a hypnotic wave that put the guests and staff to sleep. Among them, I was the only one that was still awake.

Since I was so calm about the matter, it seems that Ryuuga and the others overlooked it. Is there really an ordinary person like that?

──Number three. Why is Kobayas.h.i.+ Ichirou able to sense the ill will of an apostle?

When escaping from the alley while carrying Elmira, I could sense s.h.i.+dora’s ill will as he was chasing me from behind. At the time, I was frantic, so I didn’t pay attention to it, but I shouldn’t have been able to sense it.

I have a sensor that can detect the ill will a peculiarity is emitting. Is there really an ordinary person who has that?

(In the end, there’s only one conclusion I can deduce. Perhaps I’m──not an ordinary person.)

I came across Hinomori Ryuuga, found out that he was a she, then we ended up having an intimate relations.h.i.+p.

I became Yukimiya s.h.i.+ori’s exclusive advisor, Aogasaki Rei’s exclusive coordinator, and Elmira McCartney’s exclusive donor.

Perhaps those were never meaningless events.

Triggering their flags was itself a flag for me becoming the final boss.

(At any rate, I need some solid proof. If I find some, then I’ll just have to bravely resolve myself.)

If I’m the final boss, then there’s one duty I want.

It’s being able to thoroughly injure Ryuuga and the others, then being defeated in the end.

Then, I’d presumably die there. I’d get done in by “Dragon Fang,” and the “Evil Spirit” would disappear as well.

(I feel that I’m a bit too young to die, but if that’s my role…then I’ll so be it.)

I find this strange myself, but my heart has been much calmer than before.

It’s a much bigger relief than having to go around everywhere and lose my mind over the flags.

Each person has a role they’re supposed to fulfill. If that means being the final boss, then I have no choice but to do it. I have to be as bad as possible.

A close person blocking the way as an opponent…also falls within a friend character’s duties, to an extent.

Surely Ryuuga will grieve. It pains my chest thinking about it, but there’s nothing that can be done.

At the very least, I’d like Ryuuga to remember me in flashback.

Kobayas.h.i.+ Ichirou was a frivolous and close friend.

As I made my resolve, Ryuuga and the others suddenly became busy on a daily basis.

I was told that the movements of the “Apostles of h.e.l.l” have become lively again. Perhaps they’re getting closer to the revival of the “Evil Spirit.” In other words, my awakening.

“Ichirou, sorry we haven’t been hanging out recently. I want to hurry and show you my bunny costume…”

I replied to the apologetic Ryuuga with a smile while saying “Don’t worry about it.”

“Kobayas.h.i.+. We’ll win, right…?”

I encourage the uneasy Yukimiya by saying “Have faith in your companions.”

“Kobayas.h.i.+. I wonder what color swimsuits are in fas.h.i.+on this year.”

I told the distressed Aogasaki “Yellow-green.”

“Kobayas.h.i.+ Ichirou. Let me absorb some blood.”

I secretly gave the dependent vampire some blood.

…Meanwhile, I was taking different actions from Ryuuga and the others. I walked around here and there whenever time allowed me to. My aim is to look for the “Apostles of h.e.l.l.”

If I secretly come into contact with an apostle, I can confirm my true ident.i.ty. If my guess is wrong, then I’ll have to escape with a dash.

I haven’t awakened any unusual abilities yet, but it seems possible for me to throw off an apostle…I can manage that much.

(The battle with Ryuga and others is probably entering its climax. I can’t dawdle about.)

I started wandering around town, and then came the fifth day.

On that day, I finally found someone that appeared to be an apostle.

It was past 9 o’clock. I revisited the abandoned factory just in case, and got a result.

Standing there was a female high-school student wearing an unfamiliar uniform──she looks like a normal woman at first glance, but she was obviously not human. Her ill will was lingering.

“…Hmm? A human?”

The high school girl immediately noticed me and raised an eyebrow.

Naturally, the electric lights weren’t working, so the abandoned factory relied only on the moon for lighting. However, I could recognize that she was a pretty girl with a slender physique and had a ponytail to the side.

“Mwahaha…you’re a foolish human for coming alone to a place like this. I was just getting bored, and then comes someone to play with.”

“Before you do that, can I ask you something?”

I approach the girl apostle who was suspiciously licking her lips. I ensured that I had a straight path towards the entrance so that I could escape at any time.

“Oh? Do you comprehend your own standing? You’re going to die here.”

“Take a look at me…do you sense anything?”

An ordinary person stood in front of the apostle while unafraid. As expected, she was confused.

Thanks to s.h.i.+dora, I’ve already gotten used to the ill wills. I was overwhelmed by them in the beginning, but they’re no big deal after experiencing them once. I’m quite adaptable.

“…Wait a moment. Huh? You──”

The girl apostle took a long pause and squinted her eyes. With a puzzled expression, she took a close examination of me.

…So there really is something about me. It seems that s.h.i.+dora wasn’t misunderstanding something.

“So how about it? Are you going to kill me?”

After I got straight to the point, sure enough, the girl apostle shook her head.

“No…that’s impossible.”

“And why is that?”

──Because dwelling within you, is our king, the “Evil Spirit”──

I expected that kind of response, but what the girl apostle said ended up being very ambiguous.

“As for why, I’m a bit stumped. Well, I’m certain it’s because you’re an existence that’s close to us.”

“Is it not because I’m the final boss? Speak frankly, girl apostle!”

“I’m Mion.”

“I don’t need any self-introductions!”

Mion scratched the temple of her forehead as she got closer to me.

She openly made a face that looked as if…she had gotten involved with a strange man.

“Hey, I’m the final boss, right? That’s what it is, right? Put me at ease already!”

“I don’t know what you mean by final boss, but if you’re talking about the “Evil Spirit,” then that’s not it.”

“N, not it…?”

“Right. The revival of the ‘Evil Spirit’ certainly needs a human body as a vessel, but you are not that human.”

“That’s absurd…”

What is she saying?

I took great risks to come into contact with an apostle, and things went completely against my expectations. My final boss prediction was debunked.

“The ‘Evil Spirit’ doesn’t dwell inside me…?”

“After all, we already found what we’re going to summon the “Evil Spirit” with. The resurrection will occur in the near future. I can already imagine Hinomori Ryuuga’s face going pale.”

“So you’ve already found one…”

No way. I’m supposed to be the final boss.

Ryuuga and the others would defeat me in a final battle, then in the end, I’d return to my true self and say “Thank you everyone…I’m free from the ‘Evil Spirit’ now,” while disappearing. Afterwards, Ryuuga and the others would look up towards the evening sky and my smiling face would appear there──that was supposed to be my role.

But that’s not it? That duty has already met its quota? And I’m not a part of it?

“Then what kind of a person am I! What kind of character am I!”

“I, I said I don’t know already! Hey, just where are you touching!”

Mion frantically tries to pull me away as I cling onto her skirt. Despite being an apostle, she’s blus.h.i.+ng and getting feisty.

“Anyways, I’m not going to kill you! I’m not sure about the reason for it either!”

“I’m not giving up! Isn’t it fine? Make me your king!”

“Don’t say such impudent things!”

At an abandoned factory in the evening, an apostle and human were struggling against each other. From an outsider’s perspective, it doesn’t look like some kind of love quarrel.

“Ah, I get it! If I’m not the final boss, I’m an apostle, right? I’m a companion of you guys, right? So that’s why you’re not killing me, right?”

“That’s not…kyaa! Don’t shove your face into my skirt! Don’t look at my panties!”

“An apostle wouldn’t wear panties!”

“Leave me alone! Basically, you’re not anything disguised as a human, okay?! Your figure right now is your true form, okay?!”

“T, that’s…”

“So you’re not an apostle! Alright? You’re a human! You’re in a position to be attacked by apostles! You can’t attack an apostle!”

…With my view having been completely rejected, I noticed that I had slumped onto the floor.

(Not good. I’m at a stalemate…)

I at least wanted to be an apostle. There would then still be a way for an apostle to have the heart of a human and be on the protagonist’s side. If things went well, perhaps I could even return to being a friend character as a peculiarity.

Mion sits down next to me with her back hunched.

“Really…what in the world are you?”

“That’s what I was asking…”

“You can’t just be an ordinary human?”

“Various flags were raised…and now I’m already at the point of no return.”

I desperately strained myself as hard as I could, but I’m really not an apostle. The straining only resulted in a nosebleed.

“I don’t know a lot, but don’t worry too much about it. The world is going to be destroyed anyways once the ‘Evil Spirit’ revives.”

Mion takes out a handkerchief and wipes my nosebleed.

She’s a surprisingly helpful apostle. Oh yeah, and she had black lace panties.

“Well, don’t be discouraged and hang in there, boy. The future will be dark!”

“Hmph. Ryuga’s going to kill that ‘Evil Spirit.'”

“I can’t overlook that comment. Are you Hinomori Ryuuga’s friend, perhaps?”

“Please don’t tell that person about what happened just now.”

“Ah, right. Do you know s.h.i.+dora? He’s my subordinate, and I’ve lost contact with him.”

“Don’t say talk anymore. Or rather, just leave me be.”

“*sigh*, I give up…I can’t kill you, so I’m worried about what will happen if I leave you by yourself…”

So, after a while, Mion let me rest my head on her lap. I was disgruntled at the abandoned factory until late at night.

It was definitely a scene I couldn’t let Ryuuga and the others see.

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