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Chapter 1113: Descend of an Angel

“Oh, Lord…”

Facing Lydia, not only were the soldiers stunned, but the soldiers in the control room observing the situation through the surveillance cameras widened their eyes helplessly. Even though they witnessed the scene through the screens, they felt the formidable, holy energy exuding from Lydia. The t.i.tle of an archangel wasn't just soothing to the ears. It felt so sacred and oppressive at the same time that no one dared to speak a word. Some of the soldiers had even knelt on the ground, gazing at the beautiful image with pious eyes and saying their prayers. Looking at this scene, the supervisor shuddered. After returning to his senses, he hurried forward and ordered the soldiers.

“What are all of you doing!? Fire! Fire!”

Even though he didn't know if the young lady was truly an angel, her emergence in this place wasn't advantageous for them. At this moment, he just couldn't believe in religion anymore!

Are you kidding me? If she's here to destroy my base, do I still have to keep my faith in her? Also, I don't even know if she's a real angel. Maybe she's just a made-up creature from a certain monster and is here to make us lose our will to fight and bewitch us?

“Fire! Fire! That isn't a real angel! Don't be tricked by its appearance!”

The supervisor's scream shook the fl.u.s.tered soldiers to their senses. Some of the soldiers hesitated before laying down their weapons and retreating to the side eventually. The instant they looked at Lydia, they sensed a warm, sacred, and formidable spiritual aura to the extent that they couldn't resist her consciously. The other group of soldiers did the exact opposite. They were full of doubt against this young lady. Upon hearing the supervisor's order, they lifted their weapons, aimed at the target, and pulled the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A barrage of bullets enough to rip apart humans erupted from their rifles. But in the face of this attack, Lydia merely scanned their weapons curiously and moved her hand to the side swiftly. Shortly after, holy s.h.i.+eld flickering in golden brilliance appeared before her, blocking the continuous waves of bullets.

Interesting… Those gadgets can actually shoot metal. They seem like crossbows, but are much stronger and faster. The technology of this world sure is amusing. But…

Lydia gazed at the soldiers silently. Just as Rhode mentioned, even though the weapons were threatening in this world, humans were just too weak in battle strength. Up until this moment, Lydia didn't spot anyone with spiritual powers. This went to show the soldiers were nothing more than commoners in the Dragon Soul Continent. But she didn't expect such commoners to be used to defend such an important area…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of dazzling lights flashed across the room. Then, billows of thick smoke and dust diffused, only to be cleared up by violent gales that rose from the ground.

“This… this…”

Gazing blankly at the unscathed young lady, the soldier couldn't help but stop firing. At this moment, they had lost all intention to resist her. Human technology stood no chance in the face of this young lady. The soldiers had even fired bazookas at her, but she wasn't scratched at all. The bazookas were such a powerful weapon and yet they weren't able to inflict any damage on her!

At this moment, Lydia raised her sword silently, gazing at the soldiers.


Upon witnessing her reaction, some soldiers shrieked in fear, turning around to escape as far as possible. The other soldiers were so terrified that they scrambled on the ground and couldn't even pick up their weapons. They stared in fear at Lydia who floated in midair. Facing these soldiers who had lost their will to attack, Lydia remained silent, shaking her head and letting out a sigh. These humans were too weak. Aside from their weapons, they had no battle strength at all. As an archangel, Lydia wasn't interested in bullying the weak. Therefore, she said nothing. She shook her head, expanded her wings, and flew forward in a flash.

Meanwhile, the control room was in total chaos. After realizing their weapons were useless against the young lady, the soldiers in the control room fl.u.s.tered. They had never witnessed such an unimaginable scene. Moreover, some of the religious soldiers had fallen apart completely. Lydia was like the messenger of G.o.d and now they actually had to attack her? They would be seeking death!

“Set up defense walls to stop her advancement. We cannot let her reach the control room! Inform HQ for reinforcements right now!”

This nearly-hysterical command was pa.s.sed down quickly. In the blink of an eye, the sirens blared and several heavy, steel walls were released from the ceiling to stop Lydia from advancing. But this extent of defense was nothing in the archangel's eyes. The soldiers in the control room witnessed several golden flashes on the screen and before they knew it, the heavy walls were sliced into fragments effortlessly and Lydia showed up once again. Even though the unmanned gun turret was also firing bullets wildly, it was just a boring and meaningless obstacle in front of Lydia.

Looking at this scene, the supervisor gnashed his teeth.

“Blow up the defensive wall in D-3. We shall see if she can survive in s.p.a.ce!”

A series of flares streaked across the air, followed by deep and loud explosions. On the screen, everyone clearly witnessed the wall used to seal-off and resist the harsh s.p.a.ce environment exploded into bits. On the other hand, Lydia also didn't seem to expect this to happen. After a blinding radiance erupted, she was dragged out by the enormous gravitational pull immediately. Staring at the screen, the crowd in the control room put up various complicated expressions. But at the next moment, they shut their eyes in despair.

Lydia continued to hover steadily in s.p.a.ce, flapping her wings gently. Even though ordinary creatures would die instantly to the air-less environment of s.p.a.ce, it was a pity that Lydia wasn't one of them. Not only that, but unsure if it was a misconception, everyone also realized the radiance of the sun illuminating on the moon surface became increasingly brighter. In an instant, a golden brilliance had as though enveloped the pure, white moon surface.

“W-What exactly is… that…”

Gazing at the unscathed young lady who turned around curiously to look at her drifting and flowy long hair and dress, the crowd in the control room almost went crazy. They felt unprecedented fears that was worse than when they saw the enormous dragon. After all, the dragon was a monster so it wasn't surprising that humans couldn't explain the situation using common sense. As for the case with this young lady, she seemed no different from humans!

Perhaps this was why humans were able to interact with animals, but feared people around them with extraordinary abilities. If one wasn't a human, it would be acceptable for one to display abilities beyond human reach. On the contrary, this young lady seemed just like a human, and yet she possessed abilities that humans didn't have. She was a true… monster.

Shortly after, terrified screams broke the dead silence in the control room.

“S-Supervisor… our external communication system has failed. We can't request reinforcements!”

“Send out fighter aircrafts! Fighter aircrafts!”

The supervisor had gone crazy. Instead of being ashamed into anger, he was on the verge of giving up all hope. As the saying 'those whom G.o.d wishes to destroy, he first makes mad' went, this perhaps was the part of that madness. Upon hearing the hysterical command from the supervisor, no one dared to dissuade him. In fact, the soldiers were in a similar mood. They shouldn't have made the wrong decision from the start. But at this point in time, there was no turning back.

The gates opened with fighter aircrafts taking off into formation and flickering in metallic brilliance, flying straight at the young lady in the distance. Shortly after, they locked onto their target and blasted several guided missiles at her.

Even though the missiles came in strong, Lydia disregarded them entirely. It could also be said that she wasn't mindful of the 'cylindrical, metallic object flying in the air' as she curiously twirled her hair and looked at them drifting slowly like in water, which amused her. After all, such an environment didn't exist in the Dragon Soul Continent.

How interesting. If a banquet were being held here, it would surely be fun.


While Lydia had an irrelevant thought in this situation, a fast-moving missile arrived before her and exploded.

The powerful shock waves erupted in flashes, causing the surveillance screen to lose its image due to the ma.s.sive disruption.

The screen flickered in black and white. The crowd in the control room held their breath and stared at it. Even though the young lady didn't react to the missiles and was struck by them defenselessly, they couldn't let their guard down after witnessing her powerful strength earlier.

The disruption lasted for only a few moments. Shortly after, the image appeared on the screen again. Looking at this scene, everyone took in a breath of cold air.

Lydia continued to hover in midair without any change to her expression. The fragments of the missiles were quickly breaking down around her, turning into light dust that vanished into the air. At the same time, Lydia seemed to have realized something. She raised and swung her right hand.

A golden blade ray flashed and faded away quickly. Almost simultaneously, she heard a voice filled with despair.

“Our fighter aircrafts were completely destroyed!”

The control room was in a dead silence. No one knew what they should do. They froze to the spot, gazing blankly at the holy, beautiful, and incomparably powerful young lady. But at this moment, as though a declaration, a loud explosion boomed. Shortly after, the siren let out ear-piercing blares. Everyone turned around instinctively, only to witness a scene of criss-crossed blazing flames and holy beams on the other screen. At the same time, they heard a frantic voice.

“We've been ambushed!”

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