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Chapter 42

Ji Zheng’s palace was built very big, it was not as grand as the royal palace, but it very delicate . There’s many pavillion, and garden views with a natural style of Suzhou . Tian Qi strolled for a long time in Ning w.a.n.gfu, but she didn’t finish it . Because, her feet suffered a pain in the end . Ji Zheng led them to stop in front of a small building nearby, where the family arranged the dinner party .

At dusk, the sky began to light up . In the period of time, Ji Zheng ordered people to light more than ten beautiful lights . The beauty lamp is lifelike, it is the size of a real person, and have different shape . There is a huge candle in it . The veil of the lamp is light and thin, so it is much brighter than the ordinary lantern .

Tian Qi can’t help but sigh, this Ning w.a.n.g, really enjoy it .

They enjoyed the meal very much . Ji Zheng ordered people to bring up 20 years of bamboo leaf green wine . Because Tian Qi was not used to drinking, she went on fruit wine . There are two kinds of fruit wine, one is made of pear, the other is made of grape . Tian Qi  thinks that both of them taste good . She drinks a gla.s.s of pear and a gla.s.s of grape . Although the two kinds of wine are not strong enough, they are really fierce when mixed, so she gradually feel little dizzy .

Zheng Shaofeng is very excited . He knocks on the table to sing . Ji Zheng and Tang Tianyuan didn’t stop him . Tian Qi didn’t hear what he was singing at all, but she join him to sing . For a while, two drunks were talking nonsense with their tongues . The two sober ones were still drinking slowly . Tonight, the moon is very beautiful . Ji Zheng has let all the attendants go down first . There are only a dozen beautiful lanterns around him, watching them drink quietly .

Zheng Shaofeng was holding a chopstick and his eyes were straight . He suddenly said, “my father always scolds me . “

Tian Qi replied, “I wish my father would come out of the  ground and scold me . “

Zheng Shaofeng said, “my mother also scolds me . “

Tian Qi replied, “I wish my mother would come out of the ground and scold me . “

Zheng Shaofeng: “my brothers are better than me . “

Tian Qi replied, “I wish my brother could climb out of the ground “

Zheng Shaofeng interrupted her, “why do your family live under the ground?”

Ji Zheng listened to the drunken words of the two men, frowning and sighing .

Tang Tianyuan filled himself with wine and then looked up and comforted Tian Qi . ” Brother Tian, relax your heart . Life is impermanent . Sooner or later, you and I will become dead bones . Why don’t you enjoy the the flower wine while you are alive . “

As soon as his voice came to an end, Zheng Shaofeng suddenly knocked on the plate and began to sing .

Ji Zheng quickly shoved half of the duck’s head into his mouth, which stopped him .


“On the sea, the moon is at the end of the day,” Tian Qi said, looking up at the bright moon in the sky, and suddenly said, “moon, how many people are looking up to you at this moment? “

The moon does not answer . It is high in the sky, quietly to the world to shed light . Moonlight is like mist, like flying frosts, such as gauze, such as flowing milk . Tian Qi reached out and took one, as if holding the soft light in her palm .

She clenched her fist and sighed . Somehow she suddenly thought of the man in the palace . Once when he was watching the moon, she happened to be there and flattered him, saying that if Chang’e in the Moon Palace saw the handsome and elegant emperor, she would certainly falling in love .

How did the emperor answer her then? By the way, “Chang’e should repent of stealing the elixir . She is in a blue sky and night heart . ”

Really, who hasn’t read those two sour books . Tian Qi shakes her head and laughs . Suddenly she feel lonely .  

Will the emperor miss her?

I don’t think so . He’s tired of her .

If someone asks Ji Heng this question now, his answer must be definitely “no”, of course, the consequences should be borne by the questioner .

At this time, the emperor was also appreciating the moon . Concubine Kang arranged a moon-watching platform in the invitation hall . A round moon white curtain was propped up by red sandalwood frame . Behind the curtain, there was a bright candle light . The curtain shone like a huge moon . The shape of the shallow osmanthus tree was embroidered on the curtain, and there was a looming Moon Palace behind the osmanthus tree .

Chang’e doesn’t need to be embroidered because Concubine Kang herself is quite competent .

Ji Heng didn’t like to see Concubine Kang . He came because he  invited, and he wanted to see the moon . He had never been so mindless .

Of course, in the future, he will often feel this kind of thing .

Now, sitting in front of the big moon made of this curtain, he felt a kind of illusion of being on the moon .   

In a flowing white dress, with a double bun and a long silk covering the floor, Concubine Kang dressed up as the image of Chang’e, which often appears in the paintings .

Ji Heng didn’t give her face . “It’s two months before the Mid Autumn Festival . How can you dress like this . “

Concubine Kang, holding a small rabbit in her arms, went to Ji Heng and bowed to him . “Your majesty, please forgives me . “

Ji Heng ignores her, only teasing the little white rabbit in her arms, poking the red nose of the little white rabbit again and again, “little rabbit? “

Princess Kang is a little surprised . Is the emperor talking to the rabbit?

“Little rabbit . “Ji Heng called again, and then he laughed .

Concubine Kang saw the table, and it was clear that the emperor drank a lot and she thought he was drunk .

Ji Heng set up a gla.s.s of wine on the table, and tilted his neck . His lips and teeth were numb by the wine . When the mellow wine pa.s.sed through his throat, it seemed to be the same as white water . After drinking out, he put the cup heavily on the table and said to the maid, “pour the wine! “

The Concubine Kang held the jar and advised, “Your majesty, wine is harmful to your health . You should cherish the dragon body . ” “Nevertheless, she still filled his cup .

Ji Heng suddenly said to himself, “Chang’e should repent of stealing the elixir . She has a clear mind at night . Blue sea, blue sky and night heart . Blue sea, blue sky and night heart! “He kept repeating the last sentence, talking and suddenly laughing .

Concubine Kang looks anxiously at Sheng Anhuai . Sheng Anhuai doesn’t know what to do . He can understand the emperor’s orders, but once the emperor reads the poem, he has no way to understand .

“Sheng Anhuai . ” Ji Heng suddenly called him .

“The slave is here . ”

“Go find Tian Qi . ”

“Your Majesty, the night is deeper, and the palace gates are all down . ” Tian Qi now lives in thirteen houses .

“Go find Tian Qi . ” Ji Heng repeated again .

“Your majesty, please have a rest first . I will find Tian Qi tomorrow . “

Ji Heng suddenly stood up and strode out with his hands on his back . Sheng Anhuai followed closely, worried about the emperor’s drunkenness .

Concubine Kang invited all the people to send Ji Heng away . Seeing that the Emperor didn’t stay, she couldn’t hide her disappointment .

“Where is Tian Qi?” Ji Heng asked as he walked .

“Return to the emperor, Tian Qi is in the thirteen . ” Sheng Anhuai replied .

“Where are the thirteen?”

Sheng Anhuai was stunned . The emperor’s eyes were clear, and he didn’t seem to be drunk . He was a little confused and replied, “Thirteen water shops . ” . The house numbers of the thirteen houses was arranged in thousands of words .

Ji Heng no longer asks, he continues to walk quickly . When Sheng Anhuai saw that the direction was wrong, he quickly reminded him, “Your Majesty, it’s time for you to go back to Qianqing palace .

The emperor did not answer . Sheng Anhuai looks up carefully Where is the emperor!

Sheng Anhuai looked around in fear . He could not see any figure of the emperor at all . He asked the eunuch behind him, s.h.i.+vering, “where is the emperor?! “

The eunuch pointed up . “The emperor is there “

In the dark night, Ji Heng stands on the city wall more than a foot high, with his hand on his back, and sings to the moon . He look like immortal immediately .

“Yuan has Zhi, Li has Lan, but I don’t dare to speak . There are trees and branches in the mountain, but I don’t know if I’m happy with you . “

The breeze smashed his belt, and the red robes flew . It looks like the fire from the deep h.e.l.l . And look like fascinating red lotus under the bright moonlight .

“Your Majesty “Sheng Anhuai was so scared that his forehead was sweating . The emperor drank too much . If he accidentally fell down, the consequences would be unimaginable . Sheng Anhuai, afraid of startling him, coaxed in a low voice, “Your Majesty, please come down “

Ji Heng really came down, but went down to the other side of the wall .

Sheng Anhuai hurriedly summoned the guards around the palace to find him, and feared that the noise was too loud, so they did not dare to be too loud .

When the guards arrived, Ji Heng had already disappeared . They searched around anxiously .

Sheng Anhuai calmed down, thought about the words and deeds of the emperor before he went to the wall, and led several people straight to the 13th house .

The eunuch in the thirteen house was scared to death . .

When they sleep . Suddenly, they heard a movement in front of the window . When they opened their eyes, they saw another man in the room . He was dressed in red, with his back to the moonlight in front of the window . His face was dim . They could only see that his face was white and his eyes were abnormally bright . For example, two small eunuch think of Huang daxian’er who was going to work .

“Ghosts!!! “The two eunuchs huddled together with their quilts .

“Please do me a favor, master ghost . I still have a debt . Please don’t come to me! “Said the eunuch s.h.i.+vering .

Ji Heng doesn’t care about such a name . He swept into the room, three wooden beds, only two people, and the other one, which was transformed into a shelf bed, was empty .

“Where Tian Qi? “Ji Heng asked .

Ah, So he came to ask Tian Qi for her life . The eunuch breathed a sigh of relief and stopped stuttering . “Tian Qi didn’t come back today . “

“Where did he go? “

“I don’t know . Maybe he went to collect antiques from other places . “Baohe shop have eunuchs to doing this .

Ji Heng listened and went out through the window . In the blink of eyes, the figure of the man had disappeared . They believed that he was a ghost .

Sheng Anhuai went on thirteen house . The two eunuchs in Shuizi room have been crowded on a bed . Seeing Sheng Anhaui, they even said that they described the ghost to him in a figurative way . Sheng Anhuai comforted them in two sentences, then came out and looked for four times . Without any result, he had to go back to Qianqing Palace first

The eunuchs on duty said that the Emperor didn’t come back . Sheng Anhuai was suspicious . He broke into Ji Heng’s bedroom and saw that the emperor had quietly climbed back to his dragon bed .

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