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Chapter 43

This banquet in Ning w.a.n.g Fu end very late .

At the end, even Tang Tianyuan drank a little high and broke a branch to dance a sword dance under the moon . The figure is elegant, and the frost white robe flies in the moonlight .

Unfortunately, Ji Zheng was the only one audience – the other two were too drunk to be conscious . In addition, Ji Zheng also played accompaniment . He patted the table and recited the songs of Chu .

After doing sword dance, Tang Tianyuan’s wine has gone out, and it’s time to go back .

Ji Zheng saw that the night was already deep, and there were two drunken ones, so he let them to sleepover . Anyway, there were many room in Ning w.a.n.g Fu . Tang Tianyuan didn’t refuse either . He went to the guest room first .

Ji Zheng then commanded his servant to take Zheng Shaofeng to the room and when he see another servant want to carry Tian Qi . He waved them back and bent down to pick up Tian Qi .

The person in his arms is very light, soft and warm . Ji Zheng only felt that the heat was transferred to him along the joint of the two bodies, which made his stomach drunk and rushed to his brain . The original Qingming Lingtai was also intoxicated .

It’s true that if you don’t get drunk, everyone will get drunk .

He walked to the prepared bedroom with Tian Qi in his arms . His steps were slow and leisurely, just like walking .

However, at the end, he finally went into the room and put Tian Qi on the bed . Tian Qi sits on the bed and wants to fall back . Ji Zheng quickly pulls her into his arms .

“It’s weird, I’ve been tempted by you,” Ji Zheng laughed, and patted Tian Qi shoulder . “What about you?”

Tian Qi unconsciously arched in his arms .

Ji Zheng added, “you have no father, mother, brother, but you still have me . I love you so much that I want to be with you and protect you forever . Tian Qi, would you like to be with me forever? “

Tian Qi didn’t answer . Now her mind was in a state of confusion, and she frowned uncomfortably, only to feel the hum in her ear .

His sweetheart is in his arms . Ji Zheng has no idea . But he knew it was not the right time, so he tried to suppress his desire . Nevertheless, he wanted to ask for some sweetness . He raised Tian Qi’s chin and pecked her gently on her lips .

Tian Qi didn’t know that she was kissed . She just smacked her lips .

Ji Zheng lowers his head and covers Tian Qi’s lips again . This time, he doesn’t leave so easily . Instead, he slowly licks and kisses each other’s lips, like two fish playing with each other . Tian Qi’s lips were blocked up, so uncomfortable that she frowned and back away . Ji Zheng chased her little by little, holding her lip in his mouth until she could not avoid it .


Tian Qi has difficulty breathing, so she open her mouth .

Ji Zheng immediately seizes the opportunity . Like a snake in a cave, he sticks out his tongue and sweeps and lingers in Tian Qi’s mouth .

Tian Qi really didn’t know what was wrong with her . She could not spit out, something blocked in her mouth . She frowned and tried to push it out with her tongue . However, this action just coincided with Ji Zheng’s intention . His heart swelled wildly and he sucked excitedly, as if to suck the spirit of Tian Qi into his chest .

Both were panting for a moment . One is holding, the other is being hold .

Ji Zheng was afraid that he would not be able to control if he stayed for a long time . It’s to dangerous . He had to put down Tian Qi, help her remove his shoes and cover her with the summer quilt .

When Tian Qi woke up in the morning, she felt that her mouth was dry, her tongue was dry, her head was a little painful, and she was retching . She sat up, her eyes misty, and thought about it for a long time . She only remembered singing with Zheng Shaofeng, and then it was not clear . She looked down and saw that her clothes were good and should not have been found out .

But it’s too dangerous to get drunk . She won’t drink much anymore . Tian Qi is thinking about it . When she hears that there is a servant girl outside to ask if she gets up, Tian Qi responds . The servant girls come in to wait on her and wash her up . Then they lead her to the dining room for breakfast .

The breakfast was very light . There was only Ji Zheng on the table . Tang Tianyuan had already got up early and left . Zheng Shaofeng had not woke up . Tian Qi doesn’t know what’s going on, but she feels that Ji Zheng’s eyes seem to be a little more intimate than before, and she feels uneasily at the back of her head .

After breakfast, Tian Qi also left . Ji Zheng asked people to get a box and said, “this is what you have brought . Don’t leave it . “

Tian Qi saw the box, remember about yesterday’s experience, she can not help but feel pain .

Ji Zheng saw that Tian Qi looked different and asked, “what’s the matter? What is the mystery of this thing? “

Tian Qi talk to Ji Zheng about what happened yesterday, and at the same time, she opened the box and took out the devastated little clay figure to show him .

Ji Zheng takes a clay figurine and weighs it in his hand, looks at it, then puts it down and looks at the other one . After reading it all, he laughs and says, “I will tell you the truth…there a times when you can see it”

“What do you mean? “

“This is not a common clay figurine . This is a court Musical Figurine of the previous dynasty . It should have been 200 years . If you meet an expert, just say 3000 or 5000 liang , and it will be 3000 or 5000 liang, and he must willing to pay for it . “

Tian Qi listens, her heart beating up and down . It’s 3000 Liang Small clay figurine? She touched her chin, disbelieving, “how do you know? “

“I will not deceive you . I have seen it with my own eyes and it is in the palace . At that time, when I was a child . My father gave me this thing to play with . Later, I don’t know who he gave this set of musical figurines to . “

That’s not true . This is clearly someone’s heirloom . How could it ever appear in the palace? Tian Qi was even more unconvinced, pointing to the clay figurines . “You see, the lines are too rough and not delicate . They are not the things of the palace . “

Ji Zheng replied, “freehand brushwork in form, complacent and forgetful . There is such a theory in painting and calligraphy . It’s the turn to be a clay figurine, and there should be such a state . “

Tian Qi doesn’t know how to refute . It’s reasonable to say that Ji Zheng doesn’t need to be partial to her, but if it’s true, such a set of small clay figurines should be at least 3000 Liang silver how can she compensate

As soon as Tian Qi thought of the miserable situation that she had to paid for all the money she had saved, she felt more painful and frowned at the little clay figurine .

Ji Zheng knew that money was the lifeblood of Tian Qi, and said, “why don’t you do this? This clay figurine is predestined on me . Sell it to me . You can charge . “

Tian Qi shook her head . “That’s not good . “

“The fertile water will not flow into the field . “

“But I cannot pit myself . “

Thinking from left to right, Tian Qi decides to ask the middle-aged man who sells the figurines . What if this is not what Ji Zheng saw, but a set of imitations . She was afraid that the other side would not tell the truth, so she deliberately threatened him . “Fang Jun, you said that your clay man is a family heirloom, but I heard that it was originally a palace thing, stolen in the past few years . How do you explain this? “The middle-aged man is Fang Jun .

“I didn’t steal it . “Fang Jun replied .

“How many generations have you pa.s.sed on this clay figurine? “

“From my generation . “

“… “

Tian Qi thought he was an honest man, but she was fooled by him . She said, “where do you get your biography, family and treasure?”? “

“I don’t know . “

“… Are you too lazy to lie? “

“No . “Said Fang Jun, looking down .

The two were originally talking outside, but the house of Fang Jun’s family was windy on all sides . His mother lying in the room had heard the conversation between the two, and shouted to Tian Qi, “he has broken his mind! “

So it is . Tian Qi suddenly felt that this man was pitiful, so he told the truth . Although doing business is beneficial, we should take faith first . She doesn’t plan to trap people, let alone the poor .

Fang Jun learned that Tian Qi was valued at five hundred Liang at the beginning, so he insisted on only five hundred Liang .

It’s a real person . Tian Qi thought about it, and then she thought about a compromise . “In this way, I’ll give you two thousand Liang first . Since you say that you are using money to cure the disease, I’ll invite a friend with excellent medical skills to treat your  mother . He may have a way to deal with the complicated diseases that others can’t cure . “

Fang Jun replied, “You don’t have to give me money t . If you really cure my mother’s illness, I won’t take the money from the clay figurine . ”

He really a dutiful son . Tian Qi then asked the mother’s condition .

How is the disease? how long it has been? How is the treatment?Fang Jun did not answer . The voice of Fang Mother came from inside again .

“I was p.i.s.sed off by him! “

“Seven years! “

“All quacks! “

Tian Qi can’t help but sigh that it’s rare for the old lady to be so mean and full of energy after seven years of illness .

After reaching an agreement, Tian Qi stayed shortly and quickly said goodbye . Fang Jun sent her to the door . Tian Qi just went out, but did not expect that there was a stone in the middle of the road . Seeing that she was about to fall in the dog mud . She held herself, but suddenly she was pulled by her arm . And she stood firm again . Tian Qi turned his head and saw Fang Jun already beside her, kicking the stone to the side of the road .

It’s really strange that they are at least five or six steps apart . How did this person come here in such a short time?

“Do you know martial arts? “Asked Tian Qi .

“I don’t . “He said, turning and walking back to the ruined courtyard .

Tian Qi is full of doubts . Knowing that the other side won’t say more, she won’t ask again .

The little clay figurine is so much damaged due to condition, that it can no longer sell for a good price . Tian Qi gave the clay figurine to Ruyi . Ruyi likes it . Because the clay figurine is slightly bigger than the general one, he must hold it  with both hands . Ruyi went to the Qianqing palace with the most beautiful clay figurine in his hands and asked his father to show off .

In the Qianqing palace, Ji Heng just scolded Sheng Anhuai . He drank too much last night . He had a headache and was in a bad mood . As a result, Sheng Anhui came up and asked if he wanted to find Tian Qi Why he looking him!!

Ji Heng didn’t want to hear Tian Qi’s name now . Because he want to forgot a him, but someone came to him to break it . Just a Sheng Anhuai is gone, another Ruyi is coming . The unlucky child was holding a clay figurine in his hand and smiled sweetly . “Father, Tian Qi give me this, Is it nice? “

Ji Heng didn’t give his son any face and said, “it’s so ugly . “

Ruyi looks down at the lovely clay figurine in her hand . Where is it ugly? Tian Qi is right, Ruyi recalled Tian Qi’s words and said, “father’s taste is very strange . “

“… “Ji Heng suspects that he still drunk, he can’t even understand his son’s words . ” what’s wrong with me? “

Ruyi said, “you are very strange . “

Jiheng finally understood, “I’m strange”

“Yes” Ruyi nodded seriously and was a little embarra.s.sed . He also confused .

Looking at his  son, Ji Heng’s head hurt even more . “I am not a strange, you are strange, you and Tian Qi are both strange! Also,don’t say to Tian Qi’s name in front of me ! Or I’ll cut off his head! “

His father is suddenly furious, Ruyi can’t stand it . He holds the little clay figurine and stares at him .

Ji  Heng is a little guilty after he loses his temper . What should he do to get angry with his son . He gently picked up Ruyi, took the clay figurine in his hand, and was about to praise it, but he thought it was very familiar .

For a moment, good and bad memories came to his mind . Ji Heng was filled with emotion . He put the clay figurine on the table and said to Ruyi, “don’t play with this in the future . I’ll give you a better one . “

“Yes . “Ruyi nodded his head obediently . Although he was a little dissatisfied, her dared not talk about her father’s strangeness .

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