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In front of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect, hundreds of disciples were in charge of watching the gates. Things were as intense as ever. Those hundreds of disciples were fighting amongst themselves once more for some unknown reason.

“Quick look! What’s that up in the sky! Aiya!” shouted one disciple.

The disciple who had cried out was given a black eye, and the one who had punched him cursed, “You’ve used that same move for three years against me! Are you calling me an idiot by using it again?”

As soon as that disciple finished cursing, he realized that something was wrong. The other disciples were also looking up at the sky and running. He hastily turned around, only to see a brick flying his way.


The brick smashed down in front of the gates to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect.

“Who is so blind as to attack our Heaven Splitting Battle Sect? Are you tired of living?!” A disciple immediately activated the alarm.

They thought it was an enemy attack, however after activating the alarm, they realized that something was off. When the brick landed, a person came tumbling off of it. That person’s posture was a bit strange, and he actually smashed into a boulder.

That person’s upper body ended up stuck within the rock. It was a bizarre sight.

“Little fellow, hiding your appearance is useless. Report your name!” shouted one of the disciples.

The disciples formed up, ready to face a powerful enemy. They stared closely at that person, but even after waiting for a while, that person didn’t move. It was like he was really stuck in the rock.

“What is going on?”

At this time, Bao Buping and Chang Hao came rus.h.i.+ng over. Upon seeing the person stuck in the rock, they were stunned.

“Long Chen?”

Bao Buping and Chang Hao had been with Long Chen longer than the other disciples. His cultivation of Split the Heavens in particular was different from the ordinary disciples of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. Others might not recognize him, but they instantly did.

When they pulled him out of the rock, the disciples were stunned. It really was Long Chen. However, he was covered in blood, and his aura was extremely weak. He was in a deep unconscious state.

“Seal off the news of this immediately. Buping, go take some people to search the surroundings. See if there’s anyone suspicious. If there is, cut them down immediately. We can’t let people learn that Long Chen has come to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect,” said Chang Hao. Seeing Long Chen heavily injured, he immediately connected it to the news that Long Chen had entered Pill Valley.


Without a another word, Bao Buping set off with a few people. Everything within hundreds of thousands of miles was the territory of the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. If there was someone present, then they had to be enemies sent to keep watch over them. If they encountered such people, they would immediately exterminate them.

Chang Hao brought Long Chen into the sect. He also switched out the disciples guarding the gates and harshly warned them not to mention anything about Long Chen.

He had just reached the inner sect when Boss Bao and the others rushed over after receiving the news. Seeing the dozens of wounds on Long Chen’s body with powerful divine energy fluctuations surging within them, they jumped in shock.

“How did this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d get injured to this extent?!” The old man also arrived, and he was infuriated upon seeing Long Chen’s current state.

“The fact that Long Chen could escape Pill Valley is already fortunate. Take a look and see if you can heal him,” advised Boss Bao.

The news that Long Chen had entered Pill Valley had been spread by Qi Fengxue and the others. When Qu Jianying learned of that matter, she almost pa.s.sed out from rage.

Even the old man had been unable to sit still upon hearing this. He had actually taken the initiative to find Qu Jianying, wanting to go and save Long Chen together.

However, Pill Valley’s grand formation had already been activated. No one could break it. That was a divine barrier powered by divine energy, and it would require an equally powerful divine energy to break.

Despite that, the old man had been about to charge in. No matter what, he had to try. He wouldn’t just watch as Long Chen was killed inside.

It was Li Tianxuan who managed to stop him. Li Tianxuan said that Long Chen definitely had his own methods, or he wouldn’t have charged in. Furthermore, even if the old man went, he wouldn’t be able to help.

Adding on everyone’s advice, the old man finally settled down. During this time, everyone was anxiously awaiting news. All those on the side of the Martial Heaven Alliance were hoping for Long Chen to be fine. He was currently the mental pillar of the Martial Heaven Alliance. If something happened to him, it would be a fatal blow to them.

Although Long Chen’s condition was dire, he was still alive. That was a good thing. At the very least, they could relax slightly.

The old man examined Long Chen’s injuries. Boss Bao and the others asked, “How is it?”

The old man shook his head, causing the others’ expressions to change. “Is there no saving him?!”

“Why would you say something like that? Have I not beaten you recently? Did I say that there was no saving him?” raged the old man.

“Then what are you shaking your head for?” demanded Boss Bao.

“Because the divine energy attacking him has sunk into his blood, flesh, and soul. I can’t do anything about it,” said the old man.

“Doesn’t that mean that there’s no saving him?!”

“Shut up! Although Long Chen’s injuries are severe, his body possesses the ability to heal itself. His body is instinctively erasing the divine energy. Although the process is very slow, there’s no danger to his life,” said the old man.

The others all sighed with relief. The seventh boss said, “Long Chen is a genius at causing trouble. He even caused something so huge.”

“What, you don’t like it? If you don’t even dare to cause trouble, what will you be able to accomplish in your lifetime? Cultivation exists to do what you want to do, to go against fate. Tch, even now you don’t understand what the point of cultivation is. Scram. Just looking at you is a disappointment,” cursed the old man.

The seven bosses rolled their eyes. It seemed that to the old man, other than Long Chen, everyone else had failed to live up to his special expectations.

“Should we alert the alliance head?” probed the fourth boss.

“And tell her what?” snorted the old man.

Hearing that reply, the bosses couldn’t say anything. They knew that the old man was still a bit angry that despite him going to Qu Jianying, Qu Jianying hadn’t led her army to Pill Valley.

The few of them had just left when they faintly heard the old man mumble, “In any case, I won’t say anything to her. If someone’s bored, they can tell whoever.”

The bosses exchanged a smile. The old man definitely had a soft spot for Qu Jianying, but he refused to lower his face.

He wouldn’t tell Qu Jianying personally, but if others told her, he wouldn’t care.

After thinking about it, Boss Bao decided to go personally. He had been thinking of sending Chang Hao, but then he thought that this matter was too important.

When Qu Jianying learned that Long Chen had returned, a weight fell from her shoulders.

In truth, of everyone, the one who had been under the most pressure was Li Tianxuan. Back then, he had sworn that Long Chen had some trump card and would return alive. It was like he had sworn that he would cut off his own head as retribution if he was wrong.

That had been the only way to placate the old man. Without that, even if the Martial Heaven Alliance didn’t take action, the old man would have charged over to Pill Valley on his own.

Although Li Tianxuan knew of Long Chen’s ident.i.ty as a Heaven-Defier, legends were just legends. It was said that such a figure could not die to man. They would only die to the Heavenly Daos. But things in legends weren’t dependable. What if Heaven-Defiers could die to man, what if Long Chen wasn’t a Heaven-Defier? Who could say anything for sure?

If something really had happened to Long Chen, how was he supposed to explain himself to the old man, Qu Jianying, and the Martial Heaven Alliance?

So although he had put on a calm appearance, he was more nervous than anyone. He had been forced to maintain a confident look while so nervous.

“I’m not doing this ever again.”

Upon receiving news of Long Chen, Li Tianxuan finally managed to relax. He silently promised himself something.

News that Long Chen was still alive did not spread to more than ten people within the Martial Heaven Alliance. They were all people that Qu Jianying fully trusted. There was no need to worry about it being leaked.

Furthermore, since the Heavenly Fate Island had been plucked by the roots, no one could calculate that Long Chen had gone to the Heaven Splitting Battle Sect. With the old man standing guard, there was no need to worry about Long Chen’s safety.

However, the curious thing was that although Long Chen had escaped, Pill Valley’s formation remained locked. It was unknown what they were up to.

It was only after seven days that Pill Valley’s divine formation was opened, and the various heavenly geniuses spread throughout the continent. Only then did people learn of what Long Chen had done within the Brahma secret realm. Although they had prepared, they were still dumbfounded by what they heard.

Now they knew why Long Chen was so heavily injured. He had fought thirteen Empyreans with awakened manifestations, killing two of them, and if the divine daughter hadn’t appeared in the end, who knew just how many of them would have managed to survive?

Upon obtaining photographic jades of the events, even Netherpa.s.sage experts shook in fear. This was a true battle of heavenly geniuses. Ordinary Netherpa.s.sage experts had already been thrown into the distance by the uprising generation.

However, after a moment of shock, Qu Jianying and the others’ hearts grew heavy once more. Perhaps even more awakened Empyreans would be appearing within Pill Valley’s camp.

As for the Martial Heaven Alliance, they didn’t have the ability to stimulate the manifestations of Empyreans. The difference between them was silently growing.

Fortunately, Long Chen had ruined Pill Valley’s plans, or it was unknown just how many more awakened Empyreans would have appeared. Their main worry though was Pill Valley’s divine daughter. Once Yu Qingxuan came out, would there be anyone in this world capable of stopping her?

Time pa.s.sed bit by bit. It had already been over half a month since Long Chen had escaped from Pill Valley. Just as rumors were swirling throughout every corner of the continent, a huge phenomenon silently descended, shaking the entire continent.

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