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This time, escaping from the Brahma secret realm had almost cost Long Chen his life. Evilmoon and the Heaven Flipping Seal had used up all their energy and were currently absorbing the energy of the divine pillars to recover.

However, this great risk had come with correspondingly great rewards. From the start, Long Chen had felt that there was something he needed within the Brahma secret realm.

He wasn’t disappointed. The risk had been worth it. He had obtained many eleventh tier medicinal pills, as well as splitting the pool of the Inverse Dao Water Spirit Flame with the Pill Fairy.

Most importantly, he had obtained the sixth star’s pill formula for the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. He also finally learned the name of the sixth star: the Underworld Gate Star.

As for where the Underworld Gate Star was, he still didn’t know. He would only find out once he consumed an Underworld Gate Pill.

Along with the Underworld Gate Pill’s formula, Long Chen also gained many more memories. In the Yin Yang World, he had obtained a huge amount of unknown medicinal ingredients, and only now did he learn that they were eleventh tier ingredients.

Thank goodness he had managed to pull those medicinal ingredients into the primal chaos s.p.a.ce in the end. Bringing in that entire mountain range had definitely been the right decision.

Long Chen went to the closest city and took a transportation formation to the Eastern Xuan City. Everyone who saw him was surprised and delighted, greeting him.

The photographic jades of Long Chen’s battles within the Brahma secret realm had long since spread throughout the continent. As the most outstanding expert of the human race, he was their pride.

The various monstrous existences that had come out recently included the powerful families from the ancient era, sects with complete inheritances, and different races. Now, it was like the Martial Heaven Continent was their home.

There were only a handful of people who could contend with those monsters amongst the original disciples of the Martial Heaven Continent. One of those few was Long Chen. The rest could only tuck their tails in.

That was why people were much friendlier with him. Long Chen nodded back to them. Suddenly, the s.p.a.ce in the distance rumbled.

“Haha, more fun to watch! It seems someone is challenging the experts of the Ximen family!”

The experts bustling around the city immediately rushed out.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, why don’t you come with us? Someone is challenging the Nangong family’s experts. We can watch together,” said one brazen maiden who walked by Long Chen.

She wore green robes and was followed by a group of other women wearing the same robes. The mark on their sleeves and chests indicated that they were disciples of the same sect.

Long Chen wanted to decline, but seeing their wors.h.i.+pful expressions, he immediately felt bad about directly declining.

“To be able to watch a show accompanied by so many beautiful women is my honor,” said Long Chen.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen is the best! Now we don’t need to worry about being bullied by the others.” The women surrounded Long Chen.

“What? Do people often bully you?” Long Chen looked over them. There wasn’t even one Empyrean amongst them. The one speaking to him was their strongest member, but she was just a rank nine Celestial. The rest were rank eight and below.

“That’s just the way it is. We don’t know where these people came from, but they’re everywhere now. Every time they open their mouths, they say distasteful things, but if you say anything back, they’ll immediately turn hostile and attack,” said one of the women.

“Those hidden sects are trying to show off their power. They intentionally sent a few disciples out to bait others into fighting them. That way, they won’t be nameless n.o.bodies when the real fighting starts,” said another woman.

Long Chen followed them and the crowd. He shook his head. “Truly powerful existences would disdain doing such a thing.”

“Exactly! So it’s strange that there are so many of those vile people. In the end, it’s senior apprentice-brother Long Chen who’s the real expert,” said the first woman. She had just randomly invited Long Chen over, not having expected him to really agree. After all, he was the number one figure of the Martial Heaven Continent’s junior generation. She hadn’t expected him to be willing to accompany them. Even now, as they spoke, he didn’t act like some arrogant supreme expert.

“Ah, you can’t say that, or I might get beaten up by others and you’ll be implicated as well,” said Long Chen nervously.

That appearance of his made those young women laugh. Just who was Long Chen? All his fame was won through fighting. That nervous appearance was especially comedic.


Another powerful explosion shook the s.p.a.ce outside the city, and a dazzling burst of divine light erupted. They hastily rushed over, only to see a figure flying back and hacking up blood.

“You’ve lost.”

Another figure appeared, divine light flowing around his body. Mist shrouded his face so that people couldn’t see his true appearance, but his voice was icy and arrogant.

The person he had just sent flying back was an Empyrean of the Righteous path. That Righteous expert was pale, his arm drooping. Blood slowly dripped down his sword.

The webbing between his thumb and forefinger had split apart, and his arm was deformed. This was the result of receiving a casual, barehanded strike from his opponent.

“You haven’t awakened your manifestation, so I didn’t summon my manifestation either. Do you accept defeat?” asked that man icily.

“I have no choice. I admit defeat.” The injured man nodded. Although he had lost, he didn’t feel that much resentment. His defeat was a complete one.

“Then scram. Go back and cultivate for a few more years. If I was your enemy, you’d already be dead,” said his opponent coldly.

Every one of his words was arrogant. If it was just the last sentence, it would only sound lofty, but as the victor, he had a right to say it. However, adding on the rest, he was simply being insolent. The injured man didn’t say anything. A loss was a loss. The weak didn’t have a right to complain, as that would only make them lose more face.

Long Chen frowned. The victorious person was very powerful. He was an Empyrean with an awakened manifestation, and his cultivation technique gave off an ancient aura. It had a different feel from the experts of the current era.

However, his tone was a bit irritating. Long Chen didn’t say anything though. As he turned to leave, the man suddenly said, “Could it be that the huge Eastern Xuan Region doesn’t have anyone powerful? Every day at noon, I accept your challenges. It’s already been three days, but there hasn’t been anyone capable of receiving a single attack from me. Although it might be a bit rude of me, I’m not trying to target anyone. I just want to say: the people of this current era are trash.”

Long Chen immediately laughed. It had been many years since he had heard such a brilliant thing. Yes, he was treating everyone equally. Everyone was trash.

While Long Chen laughed, others were enraged. He was actually insulting everyone present.

“You go too far! Receive one of my attacks!” An Empyrean summoned his manifestation and slashed his saber. A giant golden saber-image shot out.

The man wrapped in divine light merely snorted and raised a hand. He slammed his palm down, crus.h.i.+ng the saber-image instantly and sending the Empyrean flying. His saber actually flew out of his hold due to the power. He fainted.

Others immediately went to help him. He woke up and gnashed his teeth in fury. However, as the weaker party, there was nothing to say.

“You have a big mouth, but it seems that it’s just the braying of a donkey. You don’t have any power,” sneered the man enveloped in divine light.

“You’re too arrogant!” This time, it was one of the Xuan Beasts who couldn’t bear it. He transformed into a giant azure ape and unleashed a powerful strike with his staff, only to be sent flying with another palm from that person.

“An animal only has brute power and no technique. It’s fated that you’ll never reach my level. Scram back to your monkey hole!” said the man.





Over ten experts came charging out one by one. There were people from the Righteous path, the ancient races, and the Xuan Beasts, but they were all defeated, unable to receive a single blow.

“Is he really so powerful? He doesn’t even need to summon his manifestation to beat them all in one move. If he summoned his manifestation, just how powerful would he be?” The woman beside Long Chen was stunned.

This man had said that he was an Empyrean with an awakened manifestation, but that if he summoned his manifestation, he would be bullying people.

Even without summoning his manifestation, fighting barehanded against divine items, he was defeating everyone in one move. This level of power was enough to make others feel despair.

“Don’t listen to his lies. As an Empyrean with an awakened manifestation, each of his attacks contains a merger of his world energy and his Heavenly Dao energy. Summoning his manifestation would only make it stronger. The power that an awakened Empyrean controls has an absolute suppression effect on ordinary Empyreans, so even without summoning his manifestation, he can still crush these people. There’s a qualitative difference between their energy,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen had fought thirteen Empyreans with awakened manifestations, so he was profoundly aware of just how terrifying their power was when Heavenly Dao energy merged with world energy. Even now, his injuries hadn’t healed.

“So that’s the case. How despicable!” cried the woman.

“Watch out!” Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he pulled her to the side. Startled cries rang out from the crowd as a sharp sword pierced toward Long Chen’s side.

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