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Chapter 2703 Killing the Dragon Woman

The Blood Fiend Devil Lord was even faster than Long Chen. With his blood sun activated, he smashed his giant tower toward the dragon woman, which then took out and used her dragon bone whip to defend herself despite the suppression of the tower. After the exchange, she coughed up another mouthful of blood as her injuries worsened.

As she flew back, the divine light formed around her once more, and Mo Nian’s arrow was blocked by it.

“I have the protection of the Heaven Devastating Bracelet! You must be dreaming if you think you can kill me!” roared the dragon woman.

Just as she spoke, multiple attacks landed, all bouncing off the protective barrier. Only Long Chen’s Split the Heavens could break it.

Everyone looked at Long Chen, which was completely pale. That last attack left him with less than a tenth of his spiritual yuan, and his Spiritual Strength had run out. The paleness was the result of overdrafting his Spiritual Strength.

At this moment, the divine light around the dragon woman gathered around the karmic luck pearl, squeezing it. It quivered as its energy was forced out.

“She’s rapidly absorbing its energy!”

Based on this rate, it wouldn’t even be half an incense stick’s worth of time before all the energy of the karmic luck pearl was absorbed by her. Then she really would be the sixth generation Sovereign.

Suddenly, a speck of light appeared on her forehead. When that light appeared, the High Priest, Daoist Heavenly Feather, and a few other senior experts turned ashen.

“It’s over. We’re too late. She has absorbed the majority of its power. No one can take it away.” Daoist Heavenly Feather clenched the Northern Source Sword, her expression extremely unwilling.

“Has the Martial Heaven Continent really met its end? Even if Long Chen was in his peak condition, it’s already too late. We can only watch as she becomes the Sovereign…”

“Hahaha!” The dragon woman laughed almost crazily. She was about to become the sixth generation Sovereign, the ruler of this world. “Long Chen, just wait, the first one I’ll kill after becoming a Sovereign will be you. I’ll personally take back the essence blood that you stole from me!”

“It’s all that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Yun Shang’s fault. Otherwise, everything would be under control,” cursed Evilmoon.

Evilmoon had always felt admiration for Long Chen’s control over his energy. If it wasn’t for Yun Shang forcing him to unleash all his power, his attack just now would have been enough to kill the dragon woman.

However, it had been lacking just a bit, allowing her to survive. Hence, now her arrogant appearance made Evilmoon feel extremely irritated, and it blamed Yun Shang for it.

“Boss Yun Tian, what should we do? Should we join forces and try to kill her?” transmitted Mo Nian.

As long as he and Zi Yan joined forces and unleashed the power of two supreme divine items at once, then adding Yun Tian, Long Chen, and everyone else’s attacks, they might be able to kill her.

However, before Yun Tian could reply, Long Chen’s voice rang out in their minds. “Remember to save me in a bit. I’m going to kill her.”

Without having a chance to react, sacred chanting rang out. Following that, a terrifying heat ignited the world.

“The Nirvana Scripture.” The Pill Fairy, who had been indifferent to everything that had occurred, finally revealed a slight emotional flux.

At this moment, a giant flame lotus burst into existence, and its terrifying heat made it feel like the world had turned into a furnace. As the lotus rapidly grew, the invisible barrier was heated to the point that cracks appeared in the air.

That huge lotus dumbfounded everyone. Was Long Chen not supposed to be out of energy? How could he still unleash such a terrifying move?

The truth was that this was only possible due to the final comprehension that the Sovereigns had given Long Chen when they had stabbed their swords through his body.

What Long Chen was using right now was Sovereign Qing Xu’s secret art, one that was capable of borrowing the power of the heavens when the user’s power was exhausted. This technique definitely had some side effects, but Long Chen couldn’t bother about them right now.

Right now, Zi Yan’s Southern Sea Zither had yet to recognize her as master, while Mo Nian’s Central Plains Cauldron had been controlled by the divine families for so long that it was in an extremely weak state. Even if they joined forces, they couldn’t defeat the Heaven Devastating Bracelet’s power.

As old opponents, they were definitely aware of each other’s power. The reason why the Heaven Devastating Bracelet took action now was because it was sure that these two divine items couldn’t threaten it.

Suddenly, countless flaming stars filled the world. On a closer look, those weren’t stars but burning flame runes that were like meteor showers shooting through the air.

“Complicated to simple, simplicity to one. The Dao is formless, the form of formlessness.”

Long Chen’s chanting suddenly changed. This was Sovereign Zi Yang’s mnemonic.

As if reacting to it, the towering flame lotus suddenly vanished. In that instant, the world twisted as the ten thousand Daos cried out.

Long Chen then charged toward the dragon woman, unleas.h.i.+ng a palm that had a lotus-shaped mark at the heart of the palm. Just a glance at this mark caused people’s souls to tremble in pain, as if their souls were lit ablaze.

In front of everyone’s horrified gaze, Long Chen’s palm slammed into the divine light. As a result, the divine light was instantly pierced, and the lotus mark on his palm was unleashed, exploding on the dragon woman’s body.

The dragon woman let out a terrified cry. However, she was stunned to find that no sound came out. She couldn’t make a sound, and she couldn’t dodge. She could only watch as Long Chen’s palm landed.

After that, she didn’t sense any pain. Her body simply exploded in an instant, without mist nor blood. Everything about her was gone as if it had never existed, from body to soul.

What was gone along with her was the karmic luck pearl. Long Chen’s palm continued, and a lotus seal smashed into the sea, creating a giant hole that reached deep into the depths and struck the earth.

At this moment, the earth exploded, revealing a giant golden body. The entire Martial Heaven Continent shuddered.

That was the Heaven Devastating Bracelet’s true body. Long Chen’s attack was so terrifying that it dumbfounded everyone.

After that attack, his aura suddenly vanished and he fell from the sky.

Long Chen was unconscious. At this moment, without knowing whether he was dead or alive, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the Nine-Headed Lion, Long Aotian, and Ye Ming all attacked. This was a rare opportunity for them.

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