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Chapter 2704 Sovereignless Martial Heaven Continent


The dragon emperor beneath Long Chen’s feet roared. Its tail whipped toward the four of them.


The dragon emperor’s tail exploded, but Long Aotian and the others’ attacks were also blocked. The dragon emperor’s power was quite shocking.

Seeing that it had ruined their plan, the four of them furiously charged toward Long Chen with their divine items in hand.

However, just at that moment, Long Chen’s figure vanished and a towering cauldron appeared in front of the four of them. The Central Plains Cauldron had sucked Long Chen inside.

Yun Tian, Mo Nian, Hu Feng, Nangong Zuiyue, Beitang Rushuang, and the others all appeared around the Central Plains Cauldron, preventing their attacks from landing on the Central Plains Cauldron. At this moment, Long Chen was in an extremely weak state inside the cauldron. Any attack could cause him fatal wounds.


The Dragonblood warriors came charging over. The invisible barrier had been broken by Long Chen, so there was no longer anything blocking them.

Rays of light shot out of the world gates, landing on the Blood Fiend Devil Lord, the Alldevil Heavenwalker, the Nine-Headed Lion, and Ye Ming. After that, their bodies were sucked inside the gates, vanis.h.i.+ng.

As for Long Aotian, one of his ancestral dragons in his manifestation exploded. His body had vanished without a trace along with the dragon emperor’s claw. It was unknown what secret art he had used to flee.

The Dragonblood warriors charged to the front of the Central Plains Cauldron, protecting it. They looked around and suddenly found that the divine families’ experts had also left without a word after Long Aotian fled.

The world gates were still open, but no further attacks came out. Instead, the Nine-Headed Lion’s arrogant voice rang out from one of them. “Sheep of the Martial Heaven Continent, Long Chen has destroyed the karmic luck pearl. Since the Martial Heaven Continent’s karmic luck is scattered, there will be no Sovereign for you in this generation. Hahaha, the lack of a Sovereign means that you are all just sheep to the slaughter.”

“f.u.c.k your mother, even if my boss isn’t a Sovereign, he can beat you into a dog!” raged Guo Ran. The Nine-Headed Lion was the first one to be beaten away by Long Chen, but he still dared to act arrogant here.

Before the Nine-Headed Lion could reply, the Blood Fiend Devil Lord’s voice rang out. “Idiot, you don’t know? For us, becoming Sovereigns of our worlds is inevitable. The only reason we came here for your karmic luck pearl was to give rise to two Sovereigns at once. By gaining the recognition and support of two worlds, we would be unstoppable. However, if the karmic luck pearl is destroyed, then it means that the Martial Heaven Continent cannot give rise to a Sovereign. The moment we become Sovereigns will be the day when the Martial Heaven Alliance is destroyed. Just pa.s.s your final days in terror and despair.”

The Alldevil Heavenwalker also added, “The past invaders had to face Sovereigns that protected this world, resulting in failure. Because the Martial Heaven Continent is the core of a star-field, despite being broken, it was strong like a dying camel, and the Sovereigns that it produced were too powerful. However, we also saw that every Sovereign that appeared was weaker than the last. That proved that we would succeed sooner or later. But who would have thought that the Martial Heaven Continent would be so weakened that it is unable to even give rise to a Sovereign? You are powerless to resist. When the devil race’s army invades, all of you here will be killed.”

“Not necessarily. If you wish, I can turn you into puppets of the Death Spirit race. I’ll bestow you with undying bodies, hahaha!” laughed Ye Ming.

It was unknown if they were simply trying to scare people, but even the Dragonblood warriors felt a chill. The Martial Heaven Continent no longer had any Sovereigns to protect it. But their enemies would inevitably become Sovereigns of their own worlds.

Although Long Chen was strong enough to dominate those in the same realm, once the enemies became Sovereigns, would he still be able to fight them? Even if he could, would he be able to suppress so many of them at the same time?

Feelings of despair crept into people’s hearts. Even though these words clearly had malicious intentions to whittle down their morale, they couldn’t argue against facts.

“You are underestimating the Martial Heaven Continent. Or rather, you are underestimating the five Sovereigns.”

Suddenly, Yun Tian spoke up. He had been silent the entire time, but now his words shook everyone.

Yun Tian was the son of Sovereign Yun Shang. He was the most mysterious amongst all these experts. Other than Long Chen, he was the one that everyone had the most confidence in.

“Hmph, underestimate? Do you expect me to overestimate them? Are five dead people qualified for such an honor?” sneered the Nine-Headed Lion. That mocking appearance infuriated everyone who wors.h.i.+ped the Sovereigns as supreme existences.

Yun Tian lightly said, “Long Chen is the one that the five Sovereigns chose, as well as the one that the Martial Heaven Continent chose. To put it succinctly, he is the chosen of the heavens. He wears black clothes, contrary to the Sovereigns. What does that indicate? It means that he walks a path different from all the Sovereigns. Becoming a Sovereign is nothing more than a formality. Long Chen is already a crownless Sovereign. Look anywhere within the Martial Heaven Continent and ask if anyone can compete with him.”

Yun Tian’s words sparked hope in people’s hearts. Long Chen was the chosen of the heavens, the one that the five generations of Sovereigns thought highly of. Even if he couldn’t become a Sovereign, he would still be the sixth generation Sovereign in their hearts.

The Blood Fiend Devil Lord sneered, “What a joke. If he is not crowned, he cannot condense a Sovereign star. Without a Sovereign star, how can he control the ten thousand laws and Daos of the world? How can he refine heaven and earth into tools for his own use? If he cannot refine heaven and earth, how can he control the power of an entire world? If he can’t control an entire world like we will be able to, then he is a clawless dragon, a fangless tiger, prey to be consumed.”

“Whether or not it is a joke is something you will know in the future. However, Long Chen’s power has proved that before anyone becomes a Sovereign, none of you are a match for him. I still remember when I was a child. I asked my father who the strongest person in the world was. His answer was that there does not exist someone who is always the strongest. Some people unleash limitlessly greater power the more they put on their shoulders. Thus, don’t think that the Sovereigns are always the strongest. Save your big words till after you become a Sovereign, and not for when you don’t even dare to reveal yourself in front of us. Talking big while hiding behind a door isn’t very honorable,” said Yun Tian.

“You! You’re the one talking big! Just wait, on the day I become a Sovereign, I will use your blood to dye this world red!” roared the Blood Fiend Devil Lord.

After that, all the world gates slammed shut, and the world returned to its previous appearance. However, the sky of the Martial Heaven Continent had darkened even more. The darkness shrouded the entire world, preventing people from seeing even a glimmer of light.

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