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Shen Qinglan for the first time felt that she seemed to have missed a lot of things in the past three years.

She looked around and didn't seem to notice that someone was walking her way with a lot of books, that was hindering his line of sight.

Suddenly, a ball flew from the field that was coming straight at Qinglan. Qinglan's foot stepped lightly, and her body moved fast. The ball brushed past her body and flew into the lawn next to her.

She dodges the ball but didn't dodge the person coming toward her. Or, perhaps that person didn't expect Qinglan would suddenly appear. He directly collided with her, and all the things in his hand fell to the ground.

“Sorry, sorry, did I hurt you?”  the man had no time to pick up the books on the ground. He asked about Shen Qinglan first.

Qinglan shakes her head, “I'm okay. ” At this moment, they saw each other's faces.

It turned out to be Yan Shengyu. He was the one who came to see Yan Xi that time. Qinglan had seen him from afar. Her memory was good. As soon as she saw him, she identified him in an instant.

She glanced at the books on the ground. It turns out that Yan Shengyu was also in B university.

The truth is, Shen Qinglan never knew that Yan Shengyu was in B university because she never listens to any gossip outside of her dorm. Yan Shengyu isn't only in B university, but he was also someone very popular there. Shen Qinglan wouldn't be aware of it even if she paid attention to it.

It's a pity that Shen Qinglan has never been too curious about these things. So, she is unfamiliar with the famous talent of B university.

Qinglan squatted down to help him pick up the books from the ground.

“Thank you. ” Yan Shengyu accepted and realized that it was Shen Qinglan. The campus flower of B university. “h.e.l.lo Miss Shen, my name is Yan Shengyu.”

“Do you know me?” Qinglan was surprised.

Yan Shengyu laughed, “there aren't many people that don't know you in B university. ” She really doesn't know that she is the campus flower.

Qinglan nodded as if she understood, then turned to leave.

Yan Shengyu glanced at her back, shook his head and couldn't help but smile. “Just like they said, this campus flower is so cold. ”

He didn't know if this collision was destiny. Two people who had never met before would frequently meet in the days to come.

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“What a coincidence. Miss Shen, we meet again. ” Yan Shengyu looked at the girl who was laying on the gra.s.s lawn and greeted her with a smile.

Shen Qinglan didn't feel it when a large shadow came over her. She opened her eyes and saw the visitors clearly. There was a glimpse of some unknown mood in her eyes. This was the fourth time in three days that they met, saying it was a coincidence. Shen Qinglan herself didn't believe it.

Yan Shengyu was also a young handsome man with a few tricks up his sleeve. He looked like an Adonis when he smiled, like the sun, bright and warm. But clearly, Shen Qinglan wasn't interested.

“Unfortunately … Say it, I knew you were following me three times already. What are you trying to do?” Shen Qinglan didn't like to beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

Yan Shengyu froze, an embarra.s.sed expression could be seen on his face.

He rubbed his nose. “Was it so obvious? I clearly planed it well. ”

Qinglan looked at him calmly.

Yan Shengyu felt awkward and went straight to the point. “Well, the Chinese Literature Department and Computer Department are going to hold a social gathering this weekend. I wanted to invite you to come join us.”

“If I remember correctly, you are already a postgraduate student.” What does this social gathering have to do with you?

Even though she didn't say the second part of that sentence, Yan Shengyu surprisingly understood it. “Well, I am still a student here. My younger brothers invited me. I thought it was okay. So, I wanted to see it and look around. Are you going to come?”

Shen Qinglan stood up and turned to leave. “No. ” Friends.h.i.+ps is a junior's thing. She was going to graduate. As a senior who didn't need to partic.i.p.ate, she was never interested in those kinds of events.

Yan Shengyu caught up. “Shen cla.s.smate, this is a rare chance. You're going to graduate next year. You wouldn't get a chance to partic.i.p.ate in these kinds of events in the future. You might as well take this chance to go out and play. “

(TLNote: for acquaintances from school/campus that aren't close will call each other ‘cla.s.smates / Tong Xue = 同学‘, formally in front of the surname.)

Qinglan wasn't moved, she even sped up her steps.

“Cla.s.smate Shen, are you always so cold to other people?”

Qinglan stopped and looked at him seriously for the first time. Her cold eyes pierced his as if she could see his soul through his eyes.

“I have never had a good att.i.tude towards people who approach me with other motives. I don't care what your actual purpose is, but please stop following me. I'm not interested in the games between you rich and powerful young masters.”

While speaking, her eyes landed on the bush behind Yan Shengyu. A place where a few heads that were trying to hide shook.

Yan Shengyu's face stiffened, this time he was really embarra.s.sed. Seeing Shen Qinglan leaving, he didn't follow.

Only when Qinglan's figure completely disappear, did the few people that hid behind the bush stand up.

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