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“Yan Shengyu. I have said it before, no matter what your purpose is, please stop here. I will not grant you any request, and if you continue to be so stubborn, then I won't be polite."

The coldness in Shen Qinglan's eyes shocked Yan Shengyu, and the footsteps that he took to continue to follow her stopped there.

This kind of behavior was not what Yan Chengyu would do, but this time, his heart suddenly became curious about this cold woman. That's why he agreed to his roommate's ridiculous proposal and even used this as an excuse to approach Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan was sick and bored of Yan Shengyu. She just came to school on a whim. Now, with such a thing happening, she returned to Jiangxin apartments. She reads books and drinks tea when she had time, and occasionally painted a bit. When she felt like it, she went back home to accompany the two-old people.

She went back to the old courtyard several times, and never saw Chu Yunrong or Shen Xitong. People said that Yunrong was organizing Shen Xitong's personal concert.

Yan Shengyu got Shen Qinglan's phone number from other students, but as soon as he got through, it was hung up by Shen Qinglan. If he called again, he could not get through. He knew that he had been blocked.

Yan Shengyu felt very helpless about this. Is he really that annoying?

Shen Qinglan was lying in the sun on a reclining chair, slowly devouring a book. Her mobile phone rang. She saw the name on the call and reached for it.

“Qinglan, Qinglan, I…” As soon as the phone was connected, Yu Xiaoxuan's excited voice came from the other end of the line.

“Qinglan, I'm so excited. I'm really excited! ”

“I know you're excited. Calm down and tell me what happened that made you so happy. " Shen Qinglan's voice was slow and orderly. The clearer the sound, the better it sounded. Yu Xiaoxuan calmed down at once, but the smile on her lips couldn't be stopped.

“Qinglan, I was surprisingly chosen by the cast!” Yu Xiaoxuan's exciting voice almost penetrated Shen Qinglan's eardrum. She moved her mobile phone away so that her ears would not suffer.

“Chosen by a cast? How did that happen?”

“Well, I was traveling to Jinning. I happened to meet a crew filming. There was a star I liked, An Yue. I wanted to go up and take a picture with her, but she was filming. I couldn't disturb her. So, I waited for her. You know the weather is hot now. I waited, covered in sweat…” Yu Xiaoxuan talked without pausing.

“Straight to the point. ” Qinglan cut her off.

“Oh, the point is that one of the actresses in the crew suddenly got sick, and they recruited actors on the spot. As a result, I was selected. Haha! Qinglan, I'm so excited that I can get to see An Yue up close." Yu Xiaoxuan was beside herself in excitement.

“What would you be doing?” Shen Qinglan asked.

“of course, see someone they fall in love, see a flower they would bloom, see a car puncture its tires … Pa.s.serby A. ” Speaking of the three sentences, Yu Xiaoxuan's voice grew weaker and weaker, like mosquitoes and flies. If Shen Qinglan's hearing wasn't that good, she's afraid she wouldn't hear her.

 (人见人爱,花见花开,车见车爆胎 [Rén jiàn rén ài, huā jiàn huā kāi, chē jiàn chē bào tāi] = "see someone they fall in love, see a flower they would bloom, see a car puncture it's tire"; a comedy skit derived from a poem. Meaning: Loved by the everyone who sees, if seen by flowers, the flowers would bloom, seen by cars, their tires would blow out. An elaborate and prideful way to introduce one's self. Same as saying "drum roll please…".)

Shen Qinglan: “…”. She knew that would happen.

The actors are all pre-scheduled in. Even if the actors temporarily meet an unexpected situation, it is impossible to recruit actors on the spot. Except for ma.s.s performances, like pa.s.sersby or crowds.

“But what does it matter? It's my first time on camera, and I've changed into an antique costume. I have pictures taken. I'll pa.s.s it on to you later. " Yu Xiaoxuan is in high spirits.

This is her first acting job. Although it's as a pa.s.serby, it was still acting.

Shen Qinglan didn't mean to make fun of Yu Xiaoxuan. Such a simple and happy Yu Xiaoxuan is what she likes.

“Qinglan, I can't talk right now. It's my turn. " Yu Xiaoxuan hung up the phone in a hurry. Soon after, Shen Qinglan's messenger sounded.

Shen Qinglan opened it, it was a picture. Xiaoxuan wearing an ancient style coa.r.s.e clothes, with hair ornaments on the head. The face was freely smeared with two strokes, and the makeup was casual. It was obvious that the makeup person was very perfunctory. Yu Xiaoxuan's own face value has been lowered.

Shen Qinglan felt helpless. Is this the super beautiful costume Yu Xiaoxuan talked about?

However, it is rare to see that Xiaoxuan showed great enthusiasm for something. Should she lend her a hand? Shen Qinglan held her cheek and thought about it.

After about an hour or so, Yu Xiaoxuan's call came in. “Qinglan, it's a wrap!”

Shen Qinglan could not help but smile lightly. Well, pa.s.serby A is in the can. So, she should congratulate her, this silly girl.

“Xiaoxuan, are you interested in acting?” Shen Qinglan asked.

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