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Translator: Sweet Bun

Proofreader: Mcsy

“Of course not. That will be so embarra.s.sing. But Xingchen…" Chi Weiyang looked at her tentatively, “Are you sure that you're not moving out because of jealousy?”

Because of jealousy?

Xia Xingchen's heart skipped a beat and looked at Song Weiyi blankly.

“Think about it, are you unhappy because of the President and Song Weiyi or not?” Chi Weiyang urged her, “If that's the reason you want to move out, then… I'm afraid it's not just the atmosphere at home that you wanted to get rid of.”

Xia Xingchen remained silent and fixed her eyes at the egg mixture.

Chi Weiyang sighed, “Xingchen, if you were not my friend, I would certainly encourage you to hang out with the President; that's so cool and every woman in Country S must be dreaming about it, right? However, you are my good friend, I can only advise you that… Don't bring destruction on yourself, or later the only one that suffers will be you."

Xia Xingchen still said nothing, so Chi Weiyang couldn't figure out what she was thinking, but as a friend, that's all she could do.

At the moment, the water began boiling, Chi Weiyang took the noodles out  and put them in the pot. Xia Xingchen also turned on the gas to fry eggs. For a long while, neither of them talked to each other.


On the other side.

Bai Yeqing didn't return to the presidential residence tonight but stayed in the lounge of the office. At two o'clock in the morning, he was still reading the working style rectification doc.u.ments presented to him.

While reading, his attention started to wander. He had asked Xu Yan to translate a doc.u.ment during the day, by then he knew that Xu had taken leave of absence for two consecutive days!

Do they really need that much time to spend together?!

Harboring a testy mood, he turned off the lights, threw away the papers and got up anxiously. He walked to the window, lit a cigarette and had two smokes heavily. Though being immersed in the deep darkness, the gloomy clouds over his head still lingered.

Overlooking the vast starry sky and the whole country belongs to him, what he felt was only loneliness and emptiness: will that woman stay in the presidential residence obediently tonight?

His private phone rang abruptly.

He turned around but didn't answer it immediately. In the deep darkness, the light on the screen was a bit dazzling. There are only a few people who know his number, including her.

As the phone rang the fifth time, he put off his cigarette and picked it up. However, when he saw the number on the screen, a trace of stern gloom appeared in his eyes.

It was not her call, and the name read 'Bai Suye'.

“Night Owl has entered the country.” Reported Bai Suye.


Bai Yeqing didn't sleep well that night. The next day, early in the morning, he stood on the White Feather Palace, watched the flag-raising, and breathed in the fresh air, but he still felt his chest stifled.

He took out his cell phone, rubbed his fingers on the screen for a moment, and finally dialed the number to the presidential palace.

“h.e.l.lo.” The butler's voice came from the other end.

“It's me.”

“Your Excellency.”

“Has little master gotten up?”

“Yes, he's having breakfast now.”

Bai Yeqing murmured for a while and then asked casually, ” Is Xia Xingchen having breakfast with him?”

“No. Miss Xia didn't come back last night. And…” The butler heard the breath on the other end suddenly got heavier, he subconsciously stopped, wondering whether he should continue or not.

“And what?” Asked Bai Yeqing.

“And… When she left yesterday, she said that she wouldn't come back in the near future.”

Bai Yeqing stood there holding his cell phone, and the morning sun that shone on him then turned into a cool mist. For a long time, he adjusted his breath and uttered three words stiffly, “Whatever she likes!”


Bai Yeqing had been away for a whole week. After returning home, Xia Xingchen still didn't return to the presidential residence.

While on the other side.

Xu Yan was recovering soon, and Xia Xingchen would occasionally visit him. That day, he couldn't stand staying in the hospital after he could walk by himself, so he was discharged.

Xu's parents accompanied him back to his apartment. In the evening, they called Xingchen to invite her for dinner. As Xu Yan was discharged, Xia Xingchen at last felt relieved and she didn't refuse their invitation. After work, she went to the supermarket and bought some food before going to Xu Yan's apartment.

After dinner, it was already dark.

Xu Yan was on crutches, but he insisted on accompanying her to the entrance of the community. At the elevator entrance, Xia Xingchen stopped him, “Stop here. You're not fully recovered yet. Your wound may hurt again if you walked too much.”

Xu Yan leaned against the wall and looked infatuatedly at her, his eyes full of wistfulness.

He knew that once she left, maybe she wouldn't appear in front of him again for a long time…

He exchanged his injury for her company during this period of time.

“Well, throw away those pa.s.sionate thoughts and get in now.” Xia Xingchen avoided his stare and pushed the b.u.t.ton to open the elevator.

Xu Yan abruptly reached out and pulled her over. Being surprised, she was b.u.mped into the arms of this man; at that moment, a cold face flashed in her mind, she got anxious and subconsciously tried to push Xu Yan away.

“Xu Yan, you…”

“I'm injured. You can't push me.” Xu Yan whispered to remind her.

Xia Xingchen sighed and remained still, murmuring, “Xu Yan, for me, everything between us has already pa.s.sed.”

He grinned bitterly, “Xingchen, you are so cruel.”

Now they two both leaned against the wall, whispering to each other. There was a dim light on the wall that cast a glow over them, but their expressions were hard to distinguish.

Nevertheless… Their entangled bodies formed a sweet and romantic scene – they looked like a real couple.

Neither of them noticed that not far away, a car was hidden in a corner at night. The man in the car stared at them, and his eyes grew colder and more ferocious.


Xia Xingchen came out of Xu Yan's apartment and got on the bus. Two days ago, she found an apartment and moved out of Chi Weiyang's house.

However, she has not yet adapted to living there alone as she seemed to have been used to the lively atmosphere in the presidential residence. Now when she was lying in the darkness at night, she always felt desolate and empty. 
But I have to get used to these things. She thought, staring out of the window absent-mindedly. At night, there were few people on the bus, and her surroundings were quiet. With the bus driving on, she just felt her eyelids getting heavier and heavier, then she fell asleep in a trance.

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