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Chapter 329: (Stay tuned on

“So, I take it that your extended stay in the Denoir’s Relictombs estate has been especially…disagreeable,” Nessa said as she gently placed my head back.

“It’s been…fine,” I said calmly, letting my eyes close.

I heard a faint giggle. “Are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure,” I snapped, trying to focus on the suffocating scent of flowers and spices emanating from the plethora of “calming” candles in the bathing room.

“Then can you try telling that to your leg?” Nessa asked, holding in another laugh. “Because at how much you’re squirming, I’m afraid you’re going to wiggle yourself right out of the tub, Lady Caera.”

I peeked an eye open, only now noticing the large puddle of water and fragrant bubbles that had pooled around my bathtub.

Letting out a sigh, I stilled my leg. “Time seems to be moving at a crawl these days, Nessa.”

I closed my eyes once more, trying to relax by focusing on the combination of scalding hot water, sweat, and my dead skin topped prettily with aromatic froth.

Meanwhile, Nessa sat at the head of the bath, working scented soap into my hair and ma.s.saging my scalp between my horns, which were kept imperceivable by my relic, even if she happened to against one.

“Bathing is one of the most potent methods to ease nervousness and soothe muscle fatigue,” Nessa informed me as she continued to work down my hair.

“It feels more like stewing than bathing,” I grumbled back.

“M’hm,” she dismissed, continuing with her work.

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