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It was just tea.


However, Si Yaqian was still a little unconvinced, "That's unlikely. I feel that she's not that normal recently."

"Qian-jie, Lily this kid has a lot of friends, he has a lot of boys." Qin Chao recalled the last time he and Yang Li went to's birthday party, and said, "But it seems that there really aren't any boys who are too intimate with each other. "Qian-jie, aren't you being a little too concerned?"

"I won't."

Si Yaqian waved his hand, "I know this girl, Mo Rui. Although Lili didn't say it, from her usual behavior, I could tell that she indeed has someone she likes."

Si Yaqian lightly tapped his own wine cup and said, "Actually, ever since her father left, this child has very rarely revealed a smile. But since the last time she'd returned from her interns.h.i.+p at school, she'd been a little different. I am a woman, I know that. She often lies at the window, looking out, still laughing, and she must be expecting something. "

What Si Yaqian said, shocked Qin Chao secretly.

Isn't that interns.h.i.+p just for escorting Imperial Jade Seal?

Yang Li was her personal nurse back then.

"This child hasn't bought any new clothes for me in the past two years. His makeup is also made up of those that aren't mainstream, making him look really weird." But now, always buy new clothes, makeup is no longer a ghostlike. I knew it. Surely, there was a boy who appeared. "

"How about... Let me ask Lily for you? "

Qin Chao was very clear that this boy was him. But he couldn't exactly tell Si Yaqian.

Stop guessing, your man is me, your daughter and I have almost done it.

Then, he would probably be directly beaten out of the room by Si Yaqian with the wine bottle in hand.

Therefore, Qin Chao hid his true meaning for a while and asked.

"No, she definitely won't say."

Si Yaqian shook his head and continued, "Actually at her age, if you're dating, then dating a boyfriend or something, as a mother, I really shouldn't be stopping her. Because back then, I was also the father who had fallen for Yang Li at this time, but my family opposed me. However, with Yang Li here, there really wasn't any development. I can't just watch my own child become a cripple like that. I have to send her to the capital. "

"Actually, Sis Qian, I can understand everything you say."

Qin Chao's expression turned serious, he sat up and said.

"Although you said that you can understand Lily, in reality, you are still following your old path."

When Qin Chao thought about the matter between him and Fang Wen, he could not help but say this to the mother in front of him.

"Why did you go with Lily's father?"

"Because I really do love her father."

Si Yaqian's eyes flashed, "Although her father was a poor painter at the time, he was still a very charismatic person …"

"That's it."

Qin Chao nodded his head, "Then if what Lily likes is just a poor security guard, can you watch her pursue her happiness?"

"Is it a security guard she likes?"

Si Yaqian's eyes lit up.

"Eh, I'm just making an a.n.a.logy."

Qin Chao's forehead was covered in sweat.

"No, no, no. Little Qin, you're right." Si Yaqian actually stretched out his hand and said, "Last time when she went to that interns.h.i.+p or something, it seemed like she went with a group of security guards to the capital. That's right, she might really have taken a fancy to a security guard! "No, I have to get someone to check it out for me!"

Qin Chao's cold sweat dripped down, thinking that this woman's intuition, was really too strong.

"Qian-jie, I was just saying …"

"Little Qin, thank you for reminding me."

Si Yaqian laughed, "This question has troubled me for a long time, now there is finally a way out."

"Qian-jie, it's not like that."

Qin Chao took a deep breath, and knew that Si Yaqian was already beginning to be stubborn. Thus, with this sound, he brought along the Buddha Energy to wash Si Yaqian's spiritual altar.

"Ah, Little Qin, what do you want to say?"

Si Yaqian regained his senses and looked at Qin Chao.

"Qian-jie, if Lili really likes a security guard, are you going to stop them?"

"Of course, how could I watch my daughter follow a poor security guard!"

Si Yaqian said.

"Qian-jie, then, aren't you the same as your family from back then?"

Qin Chao took a deep breath, looked at Si Yaqian's slightly changed expression, and continued, "At that time, you were also with Lili's father for your own happiness. But now, you want to stop your own daughter from being able to pursue her happiness? "

"Little Qin, I'm doing this for the good of Lily …"

"It's only your wishful thinking."

Qin Chao waved his hand, interrupting the mother and said, "Have you ever thought about whether the life you imagine is what Lily wants? Does she really want to go to the capital? "

Hearing this, Si Yaqian was silent for a moment, then looked at Qin Chao a few more times, and said.

"I think she'll understand."

"Then you are using your own subjective idea to force yourself on Lili."

Qin Chao said bluntly, "Since we are sitting here today, then I will not hide anything from you. Qianjie, I know that you must be very tired these few years, and you have also done a lot for Lily. But Lily wants to have her own life. If you stop her, she might hate you. "

"I understand …"

Si Yaqian's face was pale, he sighed, leaned on the chair and said.

"However, the current society is too cruel. I do not wish for my daughter to live such a miserable life."

"It's like this, Sis Qian."

Qin Chao laughed and said, "I think, if the two of them start fighting with everything they have, from having nothing, to having something. This process is actually very blissful. "

"Little Qin, you don't understand."

Si Yaqian waved his hand, "Lily's father and I had such a long time that we couldn't even eat. "Really, it's very bitter."

"Qian-jie, I've had that kind of life."

Qin Chao shook his empty wine cup and said, "My first girlfriend, because I'm too poor to even rent a house, left me and a rich person."

"Eh, Little Qin …"

Si Yaqian did not expect Qin Chao to have such a history, and could not bear it anymore.

However, Qin Chao waved his hand and said, "It's nothing. This, at least let me recognize some people. Besides, my current girlfriend is pretty good, and I love her a lot. Her family's conditions are very good, and I'm just a poor kid, but she's very determined to be with me. "


Si Yaqian didn't quite believe it, "Now, is there really such a girl?"

"Of course."

Qin Chao thought about Su Ji and his past and couldn't help but feel a little sweetness in his heart.

"From the looks of it, I think I know."

Si Yaqian laughed, "Even if I don't stop Lili, as a mother, I still have to see what her boyfriend looks like, his personality and his personality are like …"

Si Yaqian was a very qualified mother, Qin Chao thought. At least, she would start from her daughter's point of view.

Hearing Si Yaqian's curiosity and worry for his daughter's boyfriend, Qin Chao thought in his heart: Is there even a need to look, aren't you just watching now?

"Mom, what are you guys talking about?"

Just then, Yang Li returned with two bottles of dried red.

"Oh right, how can it be as dry as it was in 2005? There are only two vials of vials of vials of vials of vials of vials of vials of vials of vials of vials of vials."

Yang Li carried the alcohol and could not help but complain.

"Ah, that might have been my mistake. I think I drank it."

Si Yaqian chuckled, Qin Chao knew how cunning his mother was, so he simply chuckled on the side and did not say a word.

"Mom, what did you two talk about just now?"

Yang Li asked curiously, "Did you speak ill of me?"

"How could that be?"

Si Yaqian caressed his daughter's hair, "My daughter is the most obedient, isn't she? Moreover, Mom has something that she won't hide from you. "

she asked, as if casually.

"My good daughter, if something were to happen to you, would you hide it from your mother?"

"How could that be?"

Yang Li waved his hand, "Didn't I tell you everything before?

"Then if you had a boyfriend, would you tell Mom?"


Yang Li tilted his head and looked at his mother adorably, "What are you thinking about? Where did I get a boyfriend? I don't think much of those boys, they're all especially childish, they're so stupid. "

"My daughter has such high standards?"

Si Yaqian opened the bottle of red wine and poured wine while saying, "Then what if the other party is a security guard or something … "I am a.s.suming that if it was a security guard, would you be tempted, daughter?"

"Mom, what are you talking about? It's a mess."

Yang Li pouted, and then, with slight nervousness, glanced at Qin Chao who was at the side.

Uncle, you can't have told my mother something, right?

"Lily, your mother was worried about you."

Qin Chao saw the look in Yang Li's eyes and immediately said, "I'm afraid you know some bad boys."

"So it's like that. Mom, don't worry."

Yang Li said, "If I had a boyfriend, I would have definitely brought him back to show you, okay?"

"Alright, alright."

Si Yaqian laughed and nodded, "This is my good daughter."

The few of them were at the table, eating exquisite western style food while chatting.

Qin Chao felt that the relations.h.i.+p between Yang Li and this kind of mother and daughter was much more harmonious.

And at Fang Wen's home, the pressure on Fang Wen was especially great.

Her parents were both so self-righteous, believing that after giving birth to their daughter, their daughter would be their puppet, and would be at their mercy.

After eating, Qin Chao wanted to help Si Yaqian clean up the tableware, but was stopped by Si Yaqian.

"Little Qin, you're still a customer, so go to the living room and chat with Lily. I'll make it here."

As she spoke, she pushed Qin Chao out.

Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, and sat on the sofa in the living room.

"Hehe, teacher Qin, do you want more tea today?"

Yang Li bent his waist, stood in front of Qin Chao, and smiled at him.

"Cough cough, I don't want to drink anymore …" It would be terrible if your mother saw it. "

Last time they drank tea, in the end Yang Li did a mouth service for Qin Chao.

"Oh my G.o.d, I was talking about tea! Uncle, what are you thinking?! "

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