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09 8 / 2018

Chapter 1. Where Am I?


This is my first work ever, I tried to put a lot of things I like through this story. My story might be bad but please bear with me.


This is my first time translating web novel as well. Lol. I hope you guys like it ! I’m sorry if there’s any error with my translation!

“Nngh.. Huh.. Why I.. Did I fell asleep outside?”

When I tossed around in my sleep,my back felt hurt for some reason so I got up, and realized that a vast green forest was surrounding me.

No wonder my back hurts so bad, since I’ve been sleeping on the ground like this.

Right by my side, I see something resembling a lake beside me.

“Huh? I’m pretty sure I went to sleep in my room yesterday.”

Anyway for the time being let’s try to remember what happened yesterday.

“Yesterday I attended my cla.s.s for a whole day, then I went to convenience store at 22:00 and arrived home safely at 22:30. I had dinner, took a bath and I guess I finally sleep at 01:00? Since tomorrow is weekend, I went to bed while thinking about all the laundry I have to do.”

Just my usual day to day life.

“Where am I?!?!?!”

I looked around me hurriedly, suddenly I don’t feel sleepy at all. I thought maybe I was sleepwalking but there’s no forest like this near the city I lived in.

“Just what the h.e.l.l is happening..”

Suddenly I feel some light s.h.i.+ning through me, I was so surprised. I turned to see a sun s.h.i.+ning in the sky. Turns out it was just a sunlight.

“Anyway, just standing in here and doing nothing is useless. I better try to explore this place, I might be able to find someone here.”

I’m looking at the lake right in front of me. The lake is so beautiful, the water is crystal clear I can even see the fish swimming around.

“I’m thirsty. I wonder if the water is safe to drink..?”

I don’t know for sure but I guess it’s been 3 hours since I last woke up? No wonder my I feel parched. I want to drink this water but..but..

“I’m going to drink it! With the water this clear I’m sure it’s going to be alright!”

I walk to the edge of the lake, although I said I’m going to drink it, I still feel a little bit hesitant. I scooped the water with both of my hands. The water feels cold to touch. I gulped the water in one go.

Somehow the water faintly tastes sweet, it’s so delicious!

“Huh? Someone’s here?”

I was so startled when I heard someone speaking. I feel like I leaked a little, I haven’t peed since I woke up. I was thinking to pee after I finish drinking but I guess I need to hold it in.

I turn my body around quickly and I see a handsome middle aged man, around 30ish I think with dazzling brown hair. His face looks like a westerner and he is carrying a fis.h.i.+ng rod with him.

And he is really, really big. Probably around 2 metres?


“It’s okay, I’m not a suspicious person,boy. My name is Malik. Malik Cleva. I’m the guild master from the adventure guild in Pedrell.”

“ah.. My name is Himukai Ren. May I ask where is this exactly? Pedrell ? Where is that?”

I introduced myself to him since I already gave me his name first then I started to shoot barrage of questions to him.

“Himukya? Umm Himukya, right now we’re in a forest by the Pedrell City.”

Malik-san.. he looks like a foreigner so I guess it must be hard for him to say j.a.panese name. It’s Himukai not Himukya.

He said Pedrell City but I never heard about it before.

“Please call me Ren, Malik-san. Actually I was sleeping in my house but when I woke up suddenly I ended up here?”

“I don’t quite understand but I guess you’re lost, huh? Anyway are you hungry, Ren?”

Since I asked him to call me Ren because it’s easier to p.r.o.nounce and I don’t think I’m in the right time or place to correct my name.

And I have zero knowledge regarding survival skill in the forest.

Malik-san doesn’t look like a j.a.panese but his j.a.panese is really good and he seems like a nice guy.

“A lost child? I guess I am. Thank you for the offer! Though, is your house close? Actually I really need to pee right now, is it okay if you wait a little while I go do my business first?”

“Well it’s a little far. You can go pee first, I will wait for you here.”

Since I’ve been holding myself for a while, I run hastily to relieve myself. I’ve said it before but Malik-san j.a.panese is really good! I wonder where am I actually?

When I returned I see Malik-san sitting on a large rock by the lake. Even though he’s only sitting normally, he looks really handsome.

“Thank you for waiting, Malik-san”

“Ah. Don’t worry about it. Come on, let’s walk. We have so much to talk about.”

After 5 minutes of walking, I see a road. I guess I’m not that far deep into the forest yet, huh.

When I left Malik-san to take a pee, I just realized that I’m barefooted.

Afterall, I was sleeping in my room.

There’s nothing I can do so I have to bear with it.

Though I’m sure I’m going to hurt myself by walking barefooted.

At the very least I have to be careful so I won’t stab myself by stepping on a perking twig or something!

I’ve only been walking for 30 minutes but Malik-san have already taught me heaps of things!

Apparently, this world, Alsar is a world of magic and sword where there are elves and monsters roaming around the world. I’m definitely not in j.a.pan. Heck, I’m sure there’s no place like this in earth!

This is a forest next to Pedrell City, in the kingdom of Aspel.

And Malik-san is a local here.

Once every 5 years a person from different world will come to Alstar so this is a normal occurrence. According to Malik-san, it seems I’m one of those other world people. Ah, my head hurts.

What’s more, at first I thought Malik-san was speaking in j.a.panese, but according to him, I’m the one speaking in the official language of Alstar. I guess it’s like auto translator, I hear Malik-san speaking j.a.panese and in return Malik-san hear me speaking in Alstar language.

The legal age in Alstar is 18 years old and Malik-san here is actually 47 years old ! He didn’t look like 47 years old! And sadly, to him I look like around 15 years old.

The average height for a male in Alstar is 2m, for female is 180m. I guess, no wonder he thought I’m still a child since I’m only 175cm tall.

Thankfully this world use the same metric system back in earth and the measurement for time is the same too.

Sigh.. there’s a lot of new information my head feels like it’s going to combust.

Finally we’ve arrived in Pedler City. Thanks to Malik-san, I can go through the gate checking relatively easy. When we go through the market, I see various kind of foods I’ve never seen before. As I was too busy trying to regain myself from the culture shock I felt, suddenly we’ve arrived at Malik-san house. His house was really big and separated from the other town buildings.

“Sorry, I haven’t prepared anything since I didn’t plan on receiving guest today. Please take a seat anywhere you want while I make some tea for you.”

“Ah thank you. Please don’t bother yourself with me.”

Malik-san take me to the dining room, there’s 4 chair so I sit on the chair closest to me.

I look around the house inconspicuously. For a single man that has been living alone all this time, Malik-san house is really s.p.a.cious and tidy. Somehow, I feel kinda nervous.

While I was too busy looking around, suddenly a cup of steaming brown liquid appeared in front of me.

It looks like the usual black tea from earth.

I was extremely parched when I drank the water from the lake, but now that I’m in the right state of mind somehow I feel scared to drink something from another world like this.

Malik-san take the chair in front of me and stare at me, waiting for me to drink the cup he gave me. Since we’ve walked quite a distance, I actually feel thirsty but still, I’m still afraid to take the first gulp.

I lifted the cup with both of my hands gently and blow the steam ‘fuu fuu’ like that.

“Ah! It IS tea! Delicious!”

“I’m glad you like it. Actually this ‘tea’ was brought by an other worlder too, like you. People will feel more at ease if they experience something familiar to them, right? I hope it will calm your nerves.”

“Ah.. yes..”

After I hear that the tea was brought by other worlder, I drink the tea in one big gulp. To think this is actually the same tea from earth..

Malik-san is really a gentleman, he saved me from being lost,he even gave me tea because he wanted me to feel at ease. He is really a kind man.

“Ren, the thing that I told you before, about other worlder, do you understand it now?”

“Umm, when I first heard it I’m feel skeptical afterall to me, you seem to be speaking in j.a.panese. I thought I might be dreaming but the urge to take a pee, the thirst, the tiredness after walking, everything is real. After seeing the city, it finally sinked in. I guess I am in other world now.”

Yes. I have no other choice but to believe that this is not earth.

Afterall, the people in here carries sword like it’s normal, Malik-san included.

What’s more, I’m just an ordinary student, there’s no benefit for someone to try and trick me anyway.

“It’s okay to take everything slowly. I’ve met a couple of other worlder that hurt themselves because they were confused and overwhelmed when they first came to Alsar.”

Well it’s normal to react in such a way.

It must’ve been hard to accept afterall the whole concept of other world seems like something from fantasy.

“I am confused but I have no other choice but to give up and just accept it, right? I’m really blessed to be able to meet Malik-san from the start, thanks to you explaining things to me, I can let the reality sink in.”

I am really blessed.

If I didn’t meet Malik-san, I would’ve went and got myself lost in the forest.

“Ah well, you’re actually my type, of course I would be willing to help.”

“Pardon? What did you say?”

Malik-san said something but he said it in low voice so it’s hard for me to catch it.

“Nothing! Don’t mind it! Anyway, you’re welcome to stay here while you get used to your new life. I live alone anyway and I have lots of empty room for you.”

“Eeeeh? To trouble you anymore than this.. I will look for work that provides a live-in s.p.a.ce for their employee, please I would feel bad if I were to intrude on you.”

After all the things he has done to me, he would still willing to help me more? And what’s more, wouldn’t he feel afraid that I will steal something?I’m a stranger you know!

“You really are very high spirited huh. Well there’s an unspoken rule that the first person that found an other worlder are required to take care of the other worlder until they settle down. After all it’s not everyday you find an other worlder. So don’t mind it.”

Is that so.

To think that there’s such a rule for an other worlder.

“And the people from the other world is much much smaller than the people in Alsar. Ren you look like at most 15 or maybe even 6 years old but you look really seductive! Even though you look like a child, you’re bound to get in trouble somehow. That’s why, it’s okay for you to stay here until you settle in.”

“Se-seductive? I don’t really understand but if there’s such unspoken rule like that, for now I will be in your care.”

When it Rome, do as romans do. I guess I will be in Malik-san care for now.

And so, I’ve decided to crash in Malik-san house.


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