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Chapter 65 – Referred to as “Psychosis” (Part 2)

Some matters didn't need to be explained to be clearly understood. Everyone could somewhat see through what happened, and they were clear of the truth in their hearts. In their break times, all the students would gossip that Yun Ruoshan's so called "psychosis" was no more than her guilty conscience acting up because of her wrongdoings. Yun Ruoshan was a typical example of the expression "ghost that come knocking".

After Yun Ruoshan was sent away, there was also nothing wrong with Lin Mumu's body, so she cheerfully continued partic.i.p.ating in military training.

Why did Yun Ruoshan suddenly become insane? Yun ting, Chen Fangya and the others all had a little guess in their hearts, but they still didn't ask Lin Mumu about it.

This life's military training was longer than the previous one and lasted for a whole 20 days.

In the past 20 days, Yun Ting and Lin Mumu also managed to spend a lot of time in private.

The two of them basically didn't have a single proper night of sleep. Every night, after everyone fell asleep, they would sneak out to the river bank and snuggle against each other to have a little nap before running a few laps around the training grounds as they watched the rising sun in the early morning. They were both tired but each of them refused to say anything. It felt like they were stealing a few moments of happiness for themselves at that moment of the night.

The night enveloped them in a tranquil and serene darkness. Everything was quiet, but they felt extremely sweet.

Lin Mumu particularly enjoyed this kind of life.

In the later stages of military training, the contents became increasingly wonderful. The military arranged for the students to visit a real military site and witness and actual combat and military exercise, and take the opportunity to view large weapons that were displayed there. After that, they would train for a whole day before finally taking part in target shooting.

The program was like a marathon. The students had to walk with their bags on their backs for half a day before they could finally get to the shooting range.

This course of events was especially designed as a test of physical strength and endurance.

Lin Mumu's period was already over a long while ago, and her body had completely recovered. Because of her admirable achievements as the most capable person, she already had four medals of merit on her chest.

“Lin Mumu, it can't be you actually came out from the military academy, could it? Your physical strength simply cannot be considered human!”

“That's right, ah, you're even better than the boy!. Sure enough, only someone like Major General Yun could be your man."

Aytise's corner: The military statuses can be somewhat confusing, sometimes they refer to Yun Ting as Major General, senior official, commander, leader, etc. The idea is he basically has higher status because he has troops under his command, also he's part of a special unit of the military that's above the usual units, and it's called ‘the military's special forces'. But from context, some underlines may refer to him as ‘senior official' as military courtesy or greet him as ‘commander' instead.

PS: TOC updated!

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